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RoseBusshould I be using the same ssh keypair for multiple unrelated servers00:52
RoseBusor is it better to have a seperate keypair for each sever00:52
matsamanyou probably already know the answer to that00:54
tomreynRoseBus: it's actually quite common to install the same public key on multiple systems for a user to login to. the secret / private key should only be present on a single system or a few systems its 'owner' fully trusts (which are probably systems not shared with others).01:00
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RoseBuswhen i try to export an environmental variable i'm getting a weird error01:20
RoseBusit says "bash: !k: event not found"01:20
RoseBusoh it has to do with the string I'm trying to create for the variable01:21
RoseBusit has a !k in it01:21
RoseBusbut even when I put it in quotations it still doesn't work01:21
tomreynuse single quotes or escape control characters with a backslash01:22
tomreynto get a better understanding of shell scripting do's and don'ts, see the references in the #bash channel /topic01:24
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KE0VVTGreetings. A friend of mine has a thirty two-bit machine. Is Ubuntu dropping the architecture soon?02:09
xbfrogThe end of 32 bit? Magzter june 2020 : https://www.magzter.com/article/Computer-Mobile/Linux-Format/The-End-Of-32-Bit02:13
pavlosRoseBus: does this work? export rose='text !k moretext'; echo $rose02:22
RoseBusthank you02:22
RoseBusi just needed the single quotes02:22
matsamanxbfrog: but not the end of caps in URIs I guess02:22
matsamanKE0VVT: real issue is whether Debian drops it02:23
matsamanKE0VVT: and beyond that, why your friend can't afford to spend $5-60 on a new computer with a well supported arch02:23
KE0VVTmatsaman: I don’t know, but we’ll sort this stuff out when he comes over tomorrow.02:26
matsamanKE0VVT: I have read plain x86 support is discontinued in Ubuntu 20.04 on02:28
matsamanbut Debian will likely support it for a very long time02:29
ROKO__[Office]is it there any way to have a properly working fractional scaling on ubuntu 20.04 gnome? it not seems to work globally but just for some apps.06:47
Maikbecause it's experimental afaik, that's why it's not working 100%06:51
Maiki could be wrong though06:52
ROKO__[Office]Available since years ago.06:55
ROKO__[Office]even it was working properly on unity 7 desktop06:55
Maikmy bad then, i never used it myself, not even on Unity 7 so i can't tell.07:03
aliveHi guys... i have a game related bug, it's caused by *something* in the oibaf ppa. Can you help me out how to gather the correct data and submit the bug?08:37
aliveI know it's caused by something in the ppa because I eliminated everything else one by one. Once I ppa-purged the libs, the game worked well again.08:38
aliveI'm using amdgpu navi10 rx5700, game is factorio. Tried kernel 5.4 (focal), kernel 5.8 (groovy) and mainline-kernel 5.8.13, 5.8.10. linux-firmware from apt  and linux-firmware from git made no difference. Factorio had this persistent screen flickering and severe graphical glitches.08:40
KirejiI've done a 16.04->18.04->20.04 do-release-upgrade on a laptop, and the GUI has stopped working. on reboot, I get the “The system is running in low-graphics mode” error.  **is it possible to "re-do" the full installation process** how do I go through and make sure that I have on the laptop all the packages it needs, and that they are all installed and running correctly?08:47
KirejiI've gone through https://askubuntu.com/questions/141606/how-to-fix-the-system-is-running-in-low-graphics-mode-error from 8 years ago, but given the graphics were all working fine on 16.04, I don't think the solutions offered there are relevant08:48
Kirejiconsidering doing this next: https://ostechnix.com/how-to-fix-broken-ubuntu-os-without-reinstalling-it/08:56
rk4so how viable is using ubuntu with no snaps installed, and just relying on apt for package management?08:59
EriC^^rk4: that works fine09:01
rk4since gnome is in snaps, and it has a giant dependency tree, was all that removed from apt management? [where plausible] or is everything or most things still in apt? even though they may also be in the snaps09:03
Kirejirk4: EriC^^: related::: https://askubuntu.com/questions/866511/what-are-the-differences-between-snaps-appimage-flatpak-and-others (in case anyone else is interested too)09:12
EriC^^Kireji: thanks09:29
DunamsI just installed an m.2 nvme drive, is there a simple way to migrate my whole ubuntu installation to it or is a clean install + moving the home directory a better option?09:52
lotuspsychjeDunams: are the 2 drives equal or bigger?09:52
Dunamsthe new one is bigger09:53
Dunamsit will all easily fit09:53
lotuspsychjeDunams: cool, then you can dd it all to your nvme09:53
lotuspsychjeEriC^^ might hand you a handy dd command09:54
EriC^^Dunams: what's your partition table look like? sudo parted -ls09:54
lotuspsychjei always forget all the arguments09:55
Dunamscan I use dd to do that from within the running OS? I thought these kinds of operations need to be performed by some sort of an external os utility09:55
hejkkihi all09:55
hejkkiis there a maintained alternative to https://sourceforge.net/projects/webcamstudio/09:56
lotuspsychjehejkki: what do you want it be able to do as features?09:56
lotuspsychjeDunams: best to dd from passive devices yea, like an usb/hd dock or external hd's09:57
hejkkilotuspsychje: add some effects like logo and grab the desktop etc09:57
DunamsEriC^^: https://pastebin.com/w5JfPFh609:58
lotuspsychjehejkki: grab the desktop you can do with recordmydesktop or kazam09:58
hejkkilotuspsychje: and forward it to skype?09:58
lotuspsychjehejkki: ah you want something live effects?09:59
DunamsEriC^^: I'm a little worried it can break grub or something though, as I have a Windows installation on another drive09:59
Dunamsubuntu is on /dev/sdc10:01
lotuspsychjehejkki: not sure of many options for those, perhaps check snap find webcam, there is also kamoso as cheese alternate10:01
EriC^^Dunams: you just want to copy ubuntu to the new drive?10:01
Dunamsyeah, I want to get rid of that old drive10:02
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EriC^^Dunams: ok, it's very straight forward for you, dd the whole disk to the new drive (using a live usb to run dd), then you can use resize2fs to enlarge the 2nd partition so it uses the whole space available in the new drive10:03
EriC^^Dunams: if you remove the old disk and insert the new, grub will function normally, as all the partition uuid's and fs uuid's would be preserved, so efi will work as if nothing changed10:03
EriC^^Dunams: the dd command would be "sudo dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sdX bs=4M status=progress && sync"   where sdX is the new drive10:04
Dunamshow can I tell on which device/partition is grub on?10:05
EriC^^(and obviously replace sdc to represent the old disk if it changes when you run the live usb with the new disk inserted)10:05
EriC^^Dunams: for ubuntu grub is on /dev/sdc110:05
Dunamswouldn't I need to change something to register grub with /dev/nvme0n1 instead of /dev/sdc1 after migrating?10:07
EriC^^Dunams: no, the way uefi works is usually there's an entry in the motherboard that has the partition uuid and file path e.g efi/ubuntu/shimx64.efi , and there is a file there that points to your /boot/grub and fs it's on using the fs uuid, once that loads you get the menu10:09
EriC^^Dunams: if you want to see the current entry you're using type "sudo efibootmgr -v" and the currentboot would be it10:09
rud0lfDunams: and remember to update disk UUID in /etc/fstab10:09
EriC^^rud0lf: no need since he's copying the whole disk, fs uuid wont change10:09
rud0lfah okay10:09
Dunamshm sounds fairly simple then, thanks10:10
Dunamsthe uuid isn't being re-generated on the new device? meaning it's hardcoded to the fs?10:12
lotuspsychjeDunams: dd clones everything10:12
lotuspsychjejust the hardware ubuntu will notice its another drive/brand10:13
EriC^^Dunams: yeah, dd literally just copies the disk bit for bit, partition table and everything10:13
Dunamswhat happens if you have several copies of the filesystem on several devices? they all have the same uuid?10:13
EriC^^Dunams: yeah, that could be a problem10:13
Dunamsgot it10:14
lotuspsychjeDunams: nothing can beat a clean install at the end :p10:14
lotuspsychjethats what i would do on a new nvme10:14
Dunamsso I need to make sure to unplug /dev/sdc after dd10:14
EriC^^Dunams: yeah10:14
Dunamslotuspsychje: honestly, that's what I thought. but if the process is fairly simple, it would save me time to reinstall all the packages and configurations I've made10:15
lotuspsychjeDunams: true, for cloning its ideal10:16
Dunamscan there be any performance side effects from doing that though? that's why i'm not a fan of "dirty" installations like that10:17
lotuspsychjeDunams: well as you clone everything, you take all the issues with you, from your previous install10:17
lotuspsychjespace, programs, slowness of startup etc10:17
lotuspsychjebut you can all tweak that afterwards too10:18
DunamsI have some weird slowness issues which I attribute to the fact that the ssd is really old10:18
lotuspsychjeis it 20.04 you are going to?10:18
lotuspsychjeDunams: then thats good news, install preload haveged stacer after your clone, and start tweaking10:19
lotuspsychje20.04 has also an improved speed on systemd compared to bionic10:19
Dunamsi'm surprised by how much difference there is between the performance of regular sata ssd devices, the crucial mx500 ssd I have seems to perform 3-4 times faster in all tests I did than my entique crucial M410:21
Dunamstechnology is moving rapidly :)10:22
sub526tomreyn: regarding "sed --regexp-extended --in-place 's;(PATTERN).*$;\1;' path/to/file" , for example, input file is here https://pastebin.com/M0K4afJz, I want to delete the complete text after ";" in entire file. What is the exact command for this?10:23
tomreynsub526: you're working with assembly but don't know regular expressions, yet? things must have changed in how they're taught nowadays. :)10:31
tomreyni guess this should work10:32
tomreynsed --regexp-extended --in-place 's|^[^;]* *;.*$|\1|' path/to/file10:32
tomreyna much simpler approach would be      cut -d';' -f1 path/to/file | sed 's/ *$//'10:34
tomreyni'm sure this can be done much better, yet, but lack the proficience, too. you can try asking in #bash10:35
erethis anyone here using iwd?10:46
tomreynereth: they do https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/call-for-testing-improved-wifi-via-iwd/1779510:47
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tomreynereth: i think 20.10 will default to it, so you could /join #ubuntu+1 and give the beta a try, too10:49
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erethtomreyn: I'm already using it but apparently having issues with the configuration on EAP-TTLS network (works fine with wpa_supplicant tho)10:51
tomreynhmm, no, with this list of issues i guess 20.10 won'T defautl to iwd.10:51
tomreyneduroam, eh?10:51
tomreyni have no experience with it, try adding yours to said post10:52
erethnot eduroam, home setup with raspberry pi running hostapd10:53
sub526tomreyn: Thanks. cut command worked well.10:59
BluesKajHi all11:26
Dunamsany benefit in changing the default swappiness from 60 to something lower? like 10 or 1? on a workstation with 32gb   │@jose12:03
Dunams             │                | of ramy12:03
Dunamsgah bad copy paste12:03
DunamsI asked that in the wrong channel by mistake12:03
prillian5is there a way to install ubuntu with DE as default keyboard-layout...12:14
prillian5or is there a oneliner (without any prompt) to change layout to de?12:14
prillian5I know the dpkg-reconfigure way, but this needs to interact with the prompt12:14
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tarzeauprillian5: setxkbmap de12:16
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wedrOhhhhh, with the mutter fixed pushed out yesterday, and finally, I rebooted my work computer, I can now see the UI text in its correct font sizes. It's wonderful.13:25
lotuspsychje!yay | wedr13:25
ubottuwedr: Glad you made it! :-)13:25
wedrYeah, it's a shame you can't reboot your work computer while in the middle of crunching stuffs13:26
prillian5@tarzeau : "command not found" on a fresh 20.0413:33
prillian5(sorry, had lost internet-connection by provider, couldn't answer sooner13:34
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Ether_ManIf I make a minimal install from a liveusb. Will I still have everything for USB tethering from an android tablet or would that require the Normal install?14:14
lotuspsychjeEther_Man: whats the purpose of your minimal goal?14:15
Ether_ManTo save as much space on the drive as possible as it's only 64GB and cannot be expanded.14:16
lotuspsychjeEther_Man: i would start normal install, then tweak things afterwards14:16
lotuspsychjeEther_Man: ubuntu desktop asks 8GB+ these days to install on14:16
lotuspsychjeif you start tweaking and purging after, youl get a decent minimal aswell, with working networking14:17
Ether_ManUntil I delete something I shouldn't and end up with a non working system entirely14:18
lotuspsychjeEther_Man: before purging, after will tell you what depends it pulls, if you see basics, dont do it :p14:19
lotuspsychjeEther_Man: another way, is choosing an even lighter !flavour of ubuntu and start tweaking/purging there with bleachbit & stacer14:20
Ether_ManIt's not like it tells you there what is and isn't needed. I've ended up in completely unbootable systems because as an example in one case, I removed ncurses14:20
lotuspsychjeEther_Man: well try to handle things systematicly, start purging unwanted software first and file shredders that cleanup space a safe way14:21
TJ-Ether_Man: in general, removing packages saves very little space. Space eaters are caches, log files and your own data14:23
Ether_ManTJ-: very little space is really all I need. I would like to get above the 55GB free mark, because that's what needed for some stuff I want to install. So it's a very tight fit together with the OS as it is. Every little bit helps14:25
TJ-Ether_Man: compressed file system ?14:27
Ether_ManThat's possible as the root fs?14:27
TJ-Ether_Man: yes14:28
Ether_ManAwesome. I'll look into it14:28
TJ-Ether_Man: Ubuntu has support for ZFS and that supports compression14:28
Ether_ManDoesn't ZFS eat up kind of a lot of RAM?14:29
rk4there stats where as to how many packages are in 20.04 universe?14:33
rk4ah wait, i forgot, i already downloaded the full package list. nevermind :D14:34
rk4it's ~88k, larger than i was expecting14:35
random1Hello #ubuntu. Was needing some help with a USB drive issue. I blacklisted usb-storage under /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf.14:50
random1And now my USB will not work anymore unfortunately.14:51
random1I tried editing it again to delete is and saved it but it still isnt recognizing my flash drives14:51
prillian5are there hints how to lighten ubuntu to get smaller snapshots (server backups)?14:52
pavlosrandom1: did you reboot after the change? you can try, sudo modprobe usb_storage14:54
random1I did reboot. Complete shutdown pavlos14:55
random1Let me try. 1 moment14:55
lotuspsychjeprillian5: for server questions you can try our experts at #ubuntu-server if you like14:56
random1I tried "sudo modprobe usb_storage" nothing returned out of the terminal.14:57
pavlosrandom1: lsmod | grep usb shows modules loaded14:57
random1usb_storage            77824  014:57
random1is what I get14:57
random1I currently have it plugged in as well14:58
pavlosrandom1: and you removed "blacklist usb_storage" from /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf14:59
random1Yes that was my first move. Typically i never have this kind of issue but for some reason its deciding to stay for good *face palm*14:59
pavlosrandom1: the name of the module is usb underscore storage, not usb-storage15:00
random1Was a typo on my part. Yes i had it as "blacklist usb_storage" under /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf15:00
random1Now i went back in with nano and deleted it completely. At first i tried using a # and still had issues. So i deleted it completely and rebooted again and still the same problem15:01
pavlosrandom1: did you make any changes in /etc/default/grub ?15:03
random1I have made no other edits to anything else.15:03
random1Usually your my savior pavlos :P. I know you got the solution haha15:07
pavlosrandom1: lsmod | grep uas  do you have that module?15:07
random1Nothing came up15:08
pavlosrandom1: sudo modprobe uas15:08
random1pavlos: nothing returned15:09
pavlosrandom1: lsmod | grep usb15:09
random1usb_storage            77824  1 uas15:09
pavlosrandom1: test is the usb stick is working ...15:09
random1pavlos: I tried both USB's. I tried before I came on here to do a dual boot off of the USB and my bios is recognizing it. It has another distro on it as well as the other flash disk.15:10
random1flash drive*15:10
Ether_Manheh... A full install on compressed is actually smaller than a minimal on uncompressed. Compressed install, "62.1 GB / 63.9 GB available" Full install. Awesome :)15:12
pavlosrandom1: we just brought in both uas and usb_storage, it shows modules loaded. exactly as my system15:12
random1pavlos: I am looking at "disks" and nothing pops up.15:13
random1pavlos: weird it just popped up... Ok..15:13
pavlosrandom1: so it works?15:14
random1pavlos: Not sure why but thank you again pavlos for another day of helping. Yes it works15:14
pavlosrandom1: no worries15:14
random1wait.. no it didnt. Im sorry thats my encrypted hard drive that tricked me. Let me show you a picture one moment. I know im not doing this wrong. pavlos15:15
random1Its early and my brain is still waking up so please forgive me on the false success pavlos15:15
pavlosrandom1: reboot, verify both modules are loaded, test with a stick that is fat32 or ntfs15:18
random1pavlos: I will try. I have only 2 flash drives to my name. They both have distros on them. I will try to do a dual boot again. That sound good?15:18
pavlosrandom1: dual boot will bring another OS, we care about 20.0415:19
random1@pavlos : Im confused on the statement you made them about "verify both modules are loaded". Im unsure what that exactly means15:20
pavlosrandom1: lsmod | grep usb15:20
pavlosrandom1: lsmod lists all modules loaded, we filter that list for anything that has usb15:21
random1So boot into ubuntu safe mode with terminal and check "lsmod | greb usb" ?15:22
pavlosrandom1: safe mode? no, just boot into 20.04 and type that command15:23
random1alright. Sorry for the windows terminology been doing my best to make the shift to linux. Will be right back15:23
pavlosrandom1: if you filter for "usb_", it should show one line: usb_storage            77824  1 uas15:25
pavlosrandom1: you can filter for storage, lsmod | grep storage15:26
random1typed "lsmod | grep usb" nothing15:28
pavlosrandom1: so after reboot, it does not load the usb_storage and uas modules15:29
random1Im confused on how to tell if it loads usb_storage and uas_modules except to type it into terminal upon reboot pavlos15:30
random1I just typed in "lsmod | grep usb" and "lsmod | grep uas" still same issue15:31
pavlosrandom1: lsmod | grep storage, that should give you usb_storage            77824  1 uas15:31
random1nothing is come up for either one15:31
random1"lsmod | grep storage" isnt showing anything15:31
random1tried sudo as well15:32
random1this is really confusing on whats happening. Makes no sense pavlos15:34
pavlosrandom1: you can load the modules, sudo modprobe usb_storage; sudo modprobe uas then check they are loaded, lsmod | grep storage15:35
random1https://pastebin.com/At37a7CM    is my blacklist.conf  btw15:37
random1after doing that this comes up usb_storage            77824  1 uas15:37
pavlosrandom1: now test a usb stick, does disks see it?15:38
random1No it only shows my hard drive15:39
random1shows dev/sda1, dev/vgubuntu/root, and /dev/vgubuntu/swap_1 pavlos15:40
pavlosrandom1: ok, I'll have to research this ...15:41
random1let me know if there is anything i can pastebin. I really appreciate your help. Would hate to wipe everything again pavlos15:41
Ether_ManSo I know it's possible to rebind keys on the keyboard. Is it possible to rebind to Fn+arbitrary key? Like say Fn+m even if Fn+m normally has no function attached?15:44
random1fun fact i tried "sudo dd if=linuxmint-18.1-mate-32bit.iso of=/dev/sdb" and my entire system crashed. Was wondering if i could grunt through it. everything just froze16:02
random1hey i forget whos name it was whoever was helping me but dont worry about it. Im going to do a fresh install i guess16:07
cjokeIs there a way of "filter out" with grep the last commands (last hour or so) without log off usersession in gdm3 ?16:37
cjokeI cant see anything in this session in ~/.bash_history16:38
tomreynuse the "history" command instead16:39
cjoketomreyn: ahh, learning something new everyday :) I used tabs in terminal , thats why it did now write to .bash_history. Thanks.16:40
user217_hello. try to format ssd, but get error : /dev/sde1 is apparently in use by the system; will not make a filesystem here!16:40
tomreynyou're welcome, cjoke16:41
user217_also , this is not mount problem : umount: /dev/sde1: not mounted16:41
MacGregorHow do I put a shortcut in the dash in Ubuntu 20.04? I would like to put a symlink to ~/Documents in the Dash.16:42
tomreynuser217_: maybe it's not a file system but it can still be some form of block device layer that's in use, such as a raid array member device, or an LVM physical volume. run  file -s against it to get a better idea of how it may be used16:42
EriC^MacGregor: you could put a desktop file of your file manager with the argument pointing to your /home/user/Doc...16:42
MacGregorEriC^: I know how to make .desktop files. How do I get that in the Dash? Would that .desktop file go in ~/.local/share/applications ? And then from the menu to the Dash?16:46
user217_tomreyn, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/MqTV36Qn9R/16:50
user217_tomreyn, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/dMztxRKqK5/16:50
user217_ ERROR: no btrfs on /dev/sde16:50
tomreynuser217_: did you run file -s against it,t hough?16:51
user217_tomreyn, sdd is empty16:52
EriC^MacGregor: yes, copy the usual filemanager desktop file to your ~/.local.... dir from /usr/share/applications, and edit the Exec line and whatnot, then chmod +x it16:52
EriC^and drag to the dash16:52
MacGregorEriC^: Excellent idea! I was wondering what to write in the .desktop file. Your suggestion is genius! Thank you16:53
tomreynuser217_: sdd? didn't you say this was about /dev/sde1 ?16:53
EriC^MacGregor: no problem16:54
user217_tomreyn, yep16:56
user217_tomreyn, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/K7Hc33d7X8/16:56
user217_tomreyn, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/M3w4SynbFT/16:58
diamondbondanyone here have the dummy output issue on 20.04?16:59
tomreynuser217_: hmm, data is unusual if it had been in use before. what does ths return?    ls -l /dev/sde117:00
user217_tomreyn, brw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 65 жов  8 19:35 /dev/sde117:01
tomreyndiamondbond: imagine you're with a fairy, and sher grants you three questions to ask about understanding and solving this issue, would this be one of your questions?17:02
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tomreynuser217_: hmm ok i guess it's just a standard partition then. can't easily tell how it was used. but rebooting will ensure it's not in use anymore (unless you have it referenced somwhere where it gets activated during boot).17:04
user217_tomreyn, I cant reboot now, becouse I need to backup files to it, becouse I suddenly delete partition table on other hdd17:05
diamondbondtomreyn, yes, its been plaguing me for a few months now and i can't find a permanent fix, pulseaudio -k && rm -rf ~/.config/pulse && sudo alsa-force reload and then rebooting; temporarily fixes the issue but every time i reboot after that my audio output is still "dummy output"17:06
diamondbondonly after running the pulseaudio cmd's 2-3 times then immediately rebooting with my headphones plugged in does the problem no longer persist17:06
diamondbondbut this problem is on two of my machines (Both running ubuntu 20.04 - one with xfce and the other with plasma)17:07
Ether_ManDon't suppose it's possible to get PlayOnLinux/Wine to think the drive is bigger than what it is is there? Have a 64gig drive, using ZFS compression gets me everything I need... Except the game wants 20gig free before it accepts to patch anything and ofc it wants the newest everything... Even if it won't end up using any more and it would have 20gig if it tried with the compression... But because it sees 18, it doesn't even try :/17:07
user217_tomreyn, I re-plug ssd and can format it now. thanks for help17:09
tichunWhat do you think about Ubuntu having 135k open bugs? They are never going to be fixed and the number is growing. Add Debian to this - instead of Ubuntu directly using Debian's repo + custom repos for additional features it doubles the burde = 135k Ubuntu + 84k Debian, instead of having the bugs tracked once, as the difference in packages between17:12
tichunthe two is small, unjustifiable small compared to the cost. BTW why distros are happy to increase the number of maintained packages? It should be the reverse, look at windows, they carry less than 1000 programs, I guess. Meanwhile distros with waay less resources are trying to carry around 50k of packages. Why should they even provide anything17:12
tichunbeside a bare system? Anything else could be provided from an additional repository, like PPA/Flat/Snap/Google Play/ MS Store/AppImage/steam/websites etc.17:12
MacGregorEriC^: I'm now very happy that I learned how to write my own .desktop files instead of using a menu editor :)17:14
EriC^MacGregor: great, good to hear :)17:14
ohmyfromageis there a better notifications app for ubuntu than the standard one?17:15
TuxCrazywhich official flavour of Ubuntu 20.04 would be suitable for a laptop with just 4 Gigs of RAM?17:15
MacGregorTuxCrazy: I would say Xubuntu17:15
MacGregorIt uses the XFCE desktop environment.. which is less resource heavy17:16
TuxCrazyMacGregor, how about Ubuntu Mate, Budgie or Deepin?17:16
* tomreyn on the phone, brb17:16
MacGregorTuxCrazy: I know nothing of Budgie or Deepin, but Mate is technically a fork of gnome 2.x17:16
TuxCrazyI have never tried Budgie and Deepin.17:16
TuxCrazyMacGregor, ok17:17
MacGregorTuxCrazy: LiveUSB.. the wonderful way to test before installing :)17:17
TuxCrazyare Ubuntu Cinnamon and Deepin official flavors of Ubuntu?17:17
TuxCrazyif not, when will they become official flavors?17:18
MacGregorI' not sure about "official" falvors, but I believe Cinnamon is a Linux Mint product17:18
TuxCrazyMacGregor, https://ubuntucinnamon.org/17:19
MacGregorTuxCrazy: Cinnamon, Budgie and Deepin are just desktop environmnets. I suppose you could install them in Ubuntu itself17:20
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MacGregorTuxCrazy: It's good to think about machine specs, but I feel it's also good to use that which is easiest for the user17:21
=== ace_me1 is now known as ace_me
TuxCrazyMacGregor, ok17:23
MacGregorTuxCrazy: One of the many reasons LiveSUB is so helpful17:25
TuxCrazyMacGregor, ok17:25
TuxCrazyMacGregor, but, after installing the packages later the distro may become heavy and sluggish on such machines with limited resources.17:26
MacGregorTuxCrazy: Yes, it would take up HD/SSD space, but a desktop that isn't running isn't really tking up RAM memory, is it?17:26
TuxCrazyMacGregor, ok17:27
jpmhI am grabbing some randomness with: hexdump -C -n 8 /dev/random -  I check the entripy before and after - seems that more entropy than should be is being consumed, please see: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qMhympRbxh/17:27
tomreynuser217_: sorry, had a phone call incoming - glad you solved it!17:33
jpmiller25I had some trouble with booting to usb previously, I've given up on that and dual booted my windows machine, however now my grub / boot config is all jacked up, can I get some help fixing it?17:35
jpmiller25https://pastebin.com/EMbC9nP1 boot-repair report17:35
jpmiller25The automatic boot-repair script fails17:35
tomreyndiamondbond: sorry, been on the phone. what i meant to explain with the fairy tale is that it's much preferred here to ask specific questions about your very situation, rather than to make it a poll. the poll can seem like a nicer way to start the conversation, but most people on this support chat will prefer you getting straight to the point.17:35
tomreyndiamondbond: the problem where alsa does not detect your playback sink or sound chip is unknown to me. the way you describe it, it sounds like a race condition. firmware updates *may* help there, or you can try to gather some info on the hardware ynad environment you have there, using the alsa-info script.17:39
tomreynbut i'm pretty bad at sound debugging, so don't expect much from me there.17:39
tomreyn!sound | diamondbond17:39
ubottudiamondbond: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.17:39
diamondbondthank you tomreyn :)17:39
tomreynjpmiller25: we only support ubuntu here, please check the website of your linux distribution for available support channels, or install ubuntu  - then we can support you here.17:42
tomreyndiamondbond: you're welcome, good luck!17:43
jpmiller25Shoot, right I forgot in trying different things to get it to work I ended up on mint...  my bad17:44
tomreynno problem, jp ;)17:45
tomreyn##linux is another option17:46
MibixI can not fix this damn dependency issue and therefor can't upgrade my ubuntu heh https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/fMTBWwHcJb/17:48
MacGregorMibix: Why aren't you using zoneminder from the repos?17:50
Mibixits from their PPA17:50
MacGregorMibix: Right, but have you tried using the one in the repos?17:51
* MacGregor feels that we shouldn't use a PPA for something that is in the repos - the present case is why17:51
Mibixnah i set this up a long time ago and it took me forever to get working so i would rather not mess with it17:51
MacGregorWell, you're going to have to do something now17:52
Mibixi dont think the one in the repo was working17:52
Mibixthe repo version uses the same dependencies though17:54
Ether_ManIs there any way to trigger a ZFS recompress after changing compression from the default?17:54
bluetemplarhi, how can I set back the application search keyboard shortcut to "Super" only ?17:54
MacGregorMibix: The zoneminder in the repos uses the deps from the repos.. that's the whole purpose of repos17:55
MacGregoryour problem is a deps problem due to unmet dpes from the repos17:55
tomreynMibix: which ubuntu release are you on, and which repository is configured, and how, where you pull this 'zoneminder' package from?17:56
MacGregorbluetemplar: If you do that I don't think you'll be able to use "Super" for anything else - i.e. for Super+H to open the home folder17:56
Mibixim stuck on 18.0417:56
bluetemplarbut it worked before ? (IIRC when "Super" was released ?)17:57
MibixAPT-Sources: http://ppa.launchpad.net/iconnor/zoneminder-master/ubuntu bionic/main amd64 Packages17:57
Mibixthat is from the apt show zoneminder17:58
MacGregorWhoa, no inxi app on 20.04?17:59
MacGregorMibix: I'm wondering if you have mixed repo resources17:59
tomreynMibix: did you    sudo apt update     before trying to install this?17:59
pavlosMibix: use Isaac's repo, add-apt-repository ppa:iconnor/zoneminder-1.3418:00
tomreynhttps://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/libavcodec57 shows that libavcodec57 should indeed be on version 7:3.4.8 in bionic (amd64)18:00
tomreynbut you have 7:3.4.6-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 installed instead18:01
Mibixyeah i just did a sudo apt-update18:01
Mibixsudo apt-get update18:01
Mibixthen i did a sudo apt-get update libavcodec57 and no updates18:02
MacGregorold PPA?18:02
tomreynand    sudo apt-get update    ran without reporting any errors or warnings?18:02
tomreynnote that "apt-get update" does not take additional (non option) arguments18:03
tomreyn!repositories | Mibix18:04
ubottuMibix: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.18:04
tomreynyou lack important apt repositories, szuch as those providing security updates18:04
tomreynor so it seems18:05
tomreynsudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo grep -hEv '^([ ]*#.*)?$' /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/*.list} 2>&1; sudo apt-get -y update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog && rm /tmp/aptlog18:05
tomreyn^ this would tell18:05
MacGregorMibix: How did you run that sudo command without the need for a password?18:05
TheWild1folks, do you remember? https://pasteboard.co/JuibGwL.png18:06
TheWild1that ugly scrollbars on i3. I found out it looks almost good when running "gnome-settings-daemon". What the heck is going on here?18:06
TheWild1and how to fix it?18:06
=== TheWild1 is now known as TheWild
Mibixtomreyn i did not have enough of those boxes checked off18:07
Mibixseems to be working now :D18:07
Mibixlmao wow18:10
Mibix800mb of updates18:10
Mibixim a moron thanks tomreyn18:10
MacGregorMibix: I'm hoping that resolves the deps issue18:10
Mibixit did18:11
tomreynit probably also resolves a lot of other (security) issues.18:11
Mibixhaha for sure18:12
Mibixit looks like it was only downloading updates from the custom PPAs i added18:12
MacGregoryeah, since y ou only had those checked18:12
analogicalplease tell me how do check available disk space using the terminal18:13
tomreynif this system was connected to the internet directly for a while in this configuration, you may want to just do a fresh install now.18:13
tomreynMibix: ^18:13
MacGregorRight, due to security vulnerabilities that went unpatched18:13
Mibixwasnt connected directly18:13
tomreynanalogical: df -h /path/to/mount_point_or_directory18:13
plujonI have a lubuntu VM that lacks an ip address after boot.  dmesg shows nothing I can identify as problematic.  What ordinarily causes networking to start?  Where should I look?18:14
Mibixi wonder how this got turned off18:14
analogicaltomreyn, I want to check a hard drive nothing else18:14
tomreynanalogical: you mean the physical capacity of a disk, not the remaining capacity of a file system (a formatted partition)?18:15
MacGregortomreyn: the link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources that the bot posted is really old info. Do you know of a more recent page?18:15
tomreynanalogical: let me rephrase this: you mean the total capacity of a physical disk, not the remaining capacity of a file system (a formatted partition)?18:16
analogicaltomreyn, I want know how much available free space there is on my hard drive is that so strange?18:16
pavlosplujon: did you assign a network interface to the VM (bridge, NAT)18:16
analogicalmaybe that isn't possible with linux18:17
tomreynanalogical: i have not fully verified it, but on a quick glance this looks like the default sources.list file of ubuntu 18.04 LTS: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/h0bbel/4b28ede18d65c3527b11b12fa36aa8d1/raw/314419c944ce401039c7def964a3e06324db1128/sources.list18:18
tomreyn(for a system close to ths US(A) mirror server)18:18
tomreynanalogical: sorry, this wanst for you18:19
tomreynMacGregor: see above18:19
MacGregortomreyn: Thank you18:19
Mibixif im using Cinnamon as my desktop evnironment am I going to have issues when i upgrade to 20.04?18:19
analogicalI want know how much available free space there is on my hard drive how do I do that from the terminal?18:20
tomreynanalogical: unless you have a file system directly on the raw disk, which is not very common (but possible), yes.18:20
MacGregorMibix: Are you using Linux Mint?18:20
plujonpavlos: Yes, the networking used to work fine for the VM.18:20
Mibixno ubuntu 18.0418:20
Mibixi just switched the DE to cinnamon18:20
MacGregorMibix: I do remember there being large issues for users upgrading to 20, but that was in the Mint community.. I'm not sure if it happens here18:20
plujonpavlos: I did some package trimming yesterday in the VM, IIRC; perhaps I removed too much..?18:20
tomreynanalogical: i think you probably want to run something similar to    df -h | grep ^/dev18:20
pavlosplujon: "ip a" shows ...18:21
TheNikHi! I have been following a guide for a piece of software (https://bitbucket.org/Freetz-NG/freetz-ng/src/master/ in case its relevant). I have not much of an idea about Linux yet, but a command "make menuconfig" yields me the result "Please set umask to 022 and then unpack/checkout again in a directory having no uid-/gid-bits set.". As far as I can tell this relates to permissions somehow. I used "umask 022" in this18:21
TheNikdirectory, but that was apparently not enough. How do I know if that is the issue or if the directory I am in has uid-/gid-bits set?18:21
MacGregorMibix: If it were me, going from 18.04 to 20.04, I would make backups and do a fresh install. If for no other reason than to just clean the system out18:22
TheWild /var/lib/command-not-found/commands.db: regular file, no read permission18:22
TheWildis this correct?18:22
TheWildpermissions are: -rw-------   root:root18:23
Mibixno way i have way too many things configured18:23
Mibixi did make a backup though18:23
pavlosTheWild: perms should be 64418:24
plujonpavlos: Well, I manually assigned an ip address using ip addr add ... , but before that, it showed (diggging...)18:24
MacGregorTheWild: I'm on 20.04 and I have: -rw-r--r--  1 root root 3.0M Oct  7 18:31 commands.db18:24
plujon(it showed no ip address for the enp3s0 interface)18:24
tomreynTheWild: which ubuntu release is this, and is this ubuntu at all?18:24
TheWildrecently updated from 18.04.1 LTS to 20.04.1 LTS18:25
MacGregorAnother reason to do a fresh install between major versions18:25
tomreynhmm strange that you got different permissions set,t hough18:25
TheWildMacGregor: yeah, I think to do that. My /home is on separate partition so there shouldn't be much pain.18:26
TheWild(because I have some little but annoying GUI breakages)18:26
MacGregorsudo chmod a+r /var/lib/command-not-found/commands.db ## this would fix that issue18:27
TheNikPerhaps to elaborate on my question, I think I am missing what exactly the uid and gid bits are? Do they mean the UID and the GID, and if so can those be "unset"?18:30
TheWildMacGregor: yeah, I already did it. Thanks.18:30
tomreynTheNik: normally, when you create a new file on linux, or, more specifically, ubuntu linux (but not ubuntu bash on windows, i think), it will be owned by the user (and this users' primary group) you're working as.18:32
tomreynTheNik: the message you encountered suggests that an override on this may be in effect for the directory you're working in.18:33
TheNikThat makes sense, yes18:33
MacGregortomreyn: So, the "u" in UID mean s "user"?18:33
MacGregormakes sense18:33
tomreynit means "user id"18:33
TheNikUser ID and Group ID, I think18:34
MacGregorTheNik: Ah, yeah18:34
TheNiktomreyn: How could such an override look like? The directory has my uid and gid, as I would expect18:34
TheNikThe directory I am working in, that is18:35
tomreynTheNik: this 'override' would be set the uid/gid unix 'permissions' bits on the directory, so that the user/group ids set on the directory are applies to all newly created file system objects (such as files) within this directory.18:35
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tomreynread section "SETUID AND SETGID BITS" of the "chmod" man page.18:36
TheNikMany thanks, will do18:36
tomreyn!man | TheNik18:36
ubottuTheNik: The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/18:36
tomreyn"man 1 chmod"18:37
tomreynTheNik: hmm, actually you'd ened to read the full man page, and it's not easy to understand. so maybe we should look into this more with the example at hand18:39
tomreynened -> need18:39
TheNiktomreyn: Looking just at the section you pointed me at, it suggests that cd ..; chmod u-s dir; chmod g-s dir; should do the trick?18:40
TheNikI wouldn't say that I properly understand the first paragraph of this section yet, but that should be something I can fix if I apply some Google to the problem :D18:41
tomreyni don't think you need to change out of the directory initially, but otherwise i guess so, yes18:41
TheNikCan I chmod on "."?18:41
TheNikAlright, never thought of that18:41
TheNikAlso makes sense18:42
Mibixwait upgrading from 18.04 and it says its going to remove nodejs, python, thelounge18:42
tomreynTheNik: ./ or /absolute/path/to/directory should also work18:43
Mibixwhy thelounge :(18:43
tomreynMibix: in fact, for a good chance to have your release upgrade work out, you should purge all packages and package versions (which may have replaced original ubuntu package versions) from third party repositories before you start the upgrade.18:45
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html18:45
TheNiktomreyn: After "umask 022; chmod u-s .; chmod g-s .;" (each of which return no feedback), I run "make menuconfig" as stated in the guide, and get the same message. Let me paste the full text: "Makefile:113: *** Wrong build directory permissions. Please set umask to 0022 and then unpack/checkout again in a directory having no uid-/gid-bits set. Stop."18:46
Mibixoh its a bit too late for that heh18:46
Mibixi only had a few though18:46
MibixPlex, Zoneminder, err18:46
tomreynMibix: i also like to recommend apt-forktracer as a utility to identify any leftover foreign packages and package versions *after* removing all those third party repositories18:46
tomreynTheNik: some file systems will fail silently on this chmod change, because they do not know how to do this, not supporting UNIX ACLs18:49
tomreynTheNik: do you know which file system this is?18:50
tomreyn"mount" may tell.18:50
MacGregorsudo updatedb doesn't work, I'm guessing the slocate database isn't installed in 20.04?18:50
tomreynTheNik: also, feel free to show the output of    ls --numeric-uid-gid --directory     against the directory.18:50
tomreyn!paste | TheNik18:51
ubottuTheNik: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:51
MacGregorAh, the mlocate app isn't instaleld by default. Guess I no longer need to worry about it18:51
TheNikmount returns a lot of info18:51
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TheNikI am not sure if it is supposed to do that18:52
MacGregorTheNik: Same here, and this is a new 20.04 install18:52
tomreynTheNik: that's normal, much of it will be snap mounts. you can try    findmnt   (optionally with suitable arguments according to --help) instead.18:54
plujonHow do I temporarily set a dhcp server?18:55
plujonvi /etc/resolv.conf # warns me not to edit...18:55
plujonOh, well, editing /etc/resolv.conf works apparently.18:56
MacGregorplujon: You need to use sudo when editing a system file18:57
plujonMacGregor: Thanks, I did.18:58
TheNiktomreyn: Here are the outputs of the two commands you suggested: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2FJ2p7bYFq/ I was trying to find a legend for the output of ls -l and failed at that, but I can say that the second column which says 12 for "freetz-ng" says 2 for all other directories in my home dir18:58
tomreynTheNik: so this directory seeems to be on the ext4 file system mounted at / - you don't seem to have more mounts below that for nikita's ~/freetz-ng, which is probably at /home/nikita/freetz-ng19:02
plujonRebooted, lost IP again.  Hmm.19:02
TheNikTo be clear, a mount is a handle in the file system for a device?19:03
tomreynTheNik: and the freetz-ng directory does not seem to have sticky UID/GID set19:04
plujonhttp://ix.io/2A7M # ip addr (none)19:04
plujonsystemd-networkd[258]: enp0s3: Gained carrier # does not occur.  Hmm.19:06
tomreynTheNik: yes, i guess you can say so.if you're familiar with file systems on windows, you may know that you can assign a drive name (C:/D:/E: ...) to a given directory to be able to address it easier. "mount" basically does the opposite, takes another file system (a formatted partiton and the data on it) and makes it available at some existing (usually empty) directory in the existing directory tree.19:07
tomreyni'm not sure this was a helpful explanation. :)19:08
TheNikIt definitely was, thank you :-)19:08
TheNikSo I take it that as far as you or I can tell, the issue is not with the umask, the setgid or setuid?19:11
tomreyni think the most important thing to understand about the file system hierachy whem you're coming from windows to linux is that "drive" on windows is a terrible misnomer (for historical reasons). it really refers to a file system on top of (most of the time) a partition on a (partitioned) physical disk most of the time. but when you say "drive" in a linux environment, everyone will just understand "physical disk drive".19:13
tomreynTheNik: yes, i don't see a problem with those19:13
tomreynthis said, i'm not sure which exact directory this "build directory" message refers to19:14
MacGregortomreyn: Agreed.. a terrible misnomer19:14
TheNikThat [the drive-misnomer thing] makes sense. So if I have a physical disk drive with multiple partitions, Linux will still treat it as a single drive, but assign the partitions to different mounts?19:18
MacGregorTheNik: yes, similar to /root and /home being on the same physical device19:19
=== manopola-2 is now known as manopola
TheNikAs for the error I am getting, no worries. I frankly did not expect the software to work in the end anyway ;-). Just that perhaps I did not expect it to fail before I could even try using it. In any case many thanks for the help you provided19:20
MacGregorTheNik: /dev/sda is a device, but /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2 are two partitions on that physical drive19:22
tomreynTheNik: if you can't find help with freetz in their official channel (i *think* they have one), try #ubuntu-de-offtopic (if you speak German, I'm assuming you may), you'll find peoplle using it there.19:24
TheNikI may look for a freetz channel, but I wouldn't expect there to be one19:25
MacGregorfreetz may also have forums somewhere19:25
TheNikThere is a fritzbox channel on freenode, though.19:25
TheNikFritzbox being the hardware that freetz runs on, for anyone not familiar19:26
tomreyngive it a try there, then19:26
londeenis there a channel for multipass?19:27
TheNikI will. :-) Thank you very much!19:27
tomreyn!alis | londeen19:27
ubottulondeen: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"19:27
tomreynyou're welcome, TheNik19:27
tomreynyou're welcome, londeen19:30
DerHorstWhere can I find the files that get applied to the /etc directory when a packeage gets installed? For example I am looking for the default setting of apache2, the files in /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/ . I cant find those files in the apache2 packahe itself, therefore I think the settings are managed by the package manager? Where does the package manager gets the default settings files?19:30
tomreynDerHorst: if you'll look closely, you'll notice those aren't files19:31
DerHorstI need the files in somethig like an online repository where I can link to it so that a person can read the default config independent of his/her operating system19:32
tomreyn(they're symbolic links)19:32
DerHorstin /conf-enabled they are. They link to /conf-available19:32
Mibixwow this upgrade process takes a long time19:33
DerHorstin /conf-available there are files19:33
Mibixgonna suck when it breaks everything after lol19:33
DerHorstwhere do those files come from?19:33
DerHorst(and, as a bonus: where do the symbolic links come from?)19:34
DerHorstAm I right that the package manger creates them somehow?19:34
tomreynDerHorst: i haven't verified this, but i assume the syminks are set by the post-install script which is part of the debian package, and the actual files will come from the data archive in the debian package.19:34
MacGregorDerHorst: Some of that is created by the post-install scripts when the package is installed19:34
DerHorstWhere can I find thos scripts?19:34
MacGregorin the package19:35
MacGregorThe package has a file system tree and you can simply right-click and "extract here"19:35
DerHorstAt the moment I am looking here:19:36
tomreynafter installation, you'll find a copy of the postinst script at /var/lib/dpkg/info/PACKAGENAME.postinst19:36
MacGregorDerHorst: isn't that link to a source package that builds the binary?19:37
MacGregorI see make files19:38
tomreynit should be so19:38
DerHorstI think so19:38
MacGregorI don't think that's a normal package19:38
tomreyndepends on whether, to you, 'normal' packages are binary packages only. ;-)19:40
MacGregorYeah, that's a build package: https://git.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache2/tree/include?h=applied/ubuntu/focal19:40
MacGregortomreyn: Ah, good point19:40
MacGregorThat looks a lot like what I did when experimenting with LFS19:42
DerHorstthe files I am looking for are mentioned in the postins file. But not the content :(19:42
mindofmateoI have a keybinding in sxhkd to open openshot-qt (it is: super + o ; e).  If the keybinding is set to "openshot-qt", it does nothing, but if I set it to redirect stderr/stdout to a file with "openshot-qt &> /some/file", it works normally.  Why is this?19:44
DerHorstMy assumption (that totally could be wrong) is, that the defalt config-files have to be somewhere inside the package19:44
tomreynDerHorst: this is pretty much outside of Ubuntu support IMO, but have a look at https://git.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache2/tree/debian/config-dir/conf-available?h=applied/ubuntu/focal and then we can move to #ubuntu-discuss or something.19:45
tomreynor #ubuntu-app-devel19:45
MacGregorDerHorst: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/a/apache2/19:45
DerHorstThats exactly what I was looking for! the debian/config-dir just has the answers19:46
DerHorstI just need the link to the security.conf default file19:48
DerHorstBecause I write a thesis about IT security and I mention that the default config does not disable directory listing for version control meta-folders (like for example .git or .svn). I have seen that the necessary setting is in the security.conf, but it is commented out19:50
DerHorstMacGregor, tomreyn, thank you bot a lot for guiding me through the package and helping me to understand the packages a little more!19:51
MacGregorDerHorst: you're welcome. I learned a lot too, thank you for posting the questions :)19:52
DerHorstI really like this! In the beginning I just wanted to see that file, now, thanks to you guys, I learned about post install hooks and where they come from19:52
tomreynyou may want to read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deb_(file_format)19:53
MacGregorI just assumed it was a .zip file with a changed file ext19:54
DerHorstI will, thx19:54
jpmhI am grabbing some randomness with: hexdump -C -n 8 /dev/random -  I check the entripy before and after - seems that more entropy than should be is being consumed, please see: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qMhympRbxh/20:07
Mibixhaha this 20.04 updater is serious its been going for about an hour and 1/2 now and its only here https://imgur.com/a/BfFF5G720:17
Mibixim hoping that status bar isnt accurate20:17
tomreynif you disk is a bit slow (classic 5400 rpm hdd?) or you are short of ram, it can take a good while.20:20
tomreyntry closing some other applications if you have any running20:20
TheNikThe status bar: Is it moving? No? Should it? Yes? Apply WD-40!20:21
Mibixthe OS is on solid state and I have close to 100gb of ram20:22
masonMibix: Anything in logs?20:24
tomreynhmm, maybe there's not much space left or you don't fstrim?20:24
Mibixnah only using like 1/5 of the drive20:26
masonMibix: look for errors near the end of dmesg, look for oddities in logs20:26
Mibixnot even sure where the logs for this thing would be20:27
Mibixits not letting me open anything anyway heh20:28
tomreynctrl-alt-t; journalctl -f20:29
masonMibix: switch to a virtual console maybe - control-alt-f2, say - and log in, dmesg, tail /var/log/syslog, etc.20:30
TJ-If apt is running, look at "ls -latr /var/log/apt/"20:31
Mibixoh i swear it wasnt letting me open a terminal earlier heh20:31
masonbbiab, meeting20:32
mindofmateoIs there a persistent way to run scripts or commands when files change like with `entr`? eg When a config file is changed, it is reloaded by the program which uses it.20:41
tomreynthe something that would make this happen would need to be triggered via inotify (like entr is), then know which service the file which changed belongs to, and then know how to make this service reload. i'm not aware of an existing software that does all of this, independently of the service.20:48
=== MrC is now known as MrSpooky
tomreynIt's probably also a good way to trigger a DoS situation20:49
halfbitis there a guide on creatnig a custom installer iso for 20.04?21:01
halfbitI did it with 18.04 with a script that extracts the iso, does some mods, then recreates an iso with an updated preseed, the cloud-init yaml for 20.04 though is confusing, its not clear where that can go21:01
halfbitthe autoinstaller docs suggest its another disk mounted along side the normal install iso21:02
oerhekscubic perhaps?21:07
KirejiI've done a 16.04->18.04->20.04 do-release-upgrade on a laptop, and the GUI has stopped working. on reboot, I get the “The system is running in low-graphics mode” error.  **is it possible to "re-do" the full installation process** how do I go through and make sure that I have on the laptop all the packages it needs, and that they are all installed and running correctly?21:21
KirejiI've gone through https://askubuntu.com/questions/141606/how-to-fix-the-system-is-running-in-low-graphics-mode-error from 8 years ago, but given the graphics were all working fine on 16.04, I don't think the solutions offered there are relevant21:21
Kirejiconsidering doing this next: https://ostechnix.com/how-to-fix-broken-ubuntu-os-without-reinstalling-it/21:21
Kirejiany suggestions would be greatly appreciated! ty21:23
Morteza24is xubuntu still lighter that kubuntu or are they almost the same now?21:25
en1gmai have ubuntu 20.04 amd64 desktop on both my laptops. one of my laptops is tethered to my phone (usb internet) and then on that same laptop i created an AP so my other laptop can connect to it. what i want to do is force link speeds. i know on the laptop with the wusb600nv2 it can do 300mbps (2 antennas) abgn and my AP laptop has Intel wireless 7260 which can do 768mbps and does abgn/ac21:32
en1gmai would like to force the AP and the Client to 300mbps and 5ghz N only21:32
en1gmai might need to set the MTU but thats a different story21:33
en1gmacan someone help me do this?21:33
en1gmai been trying to do this for a couple days now and reading quite a bit. im pretty sure the nm-connection-editor dont let us manually change those settings21:34
Mibixreally!? after hours of upgrading https://imgur.com/a/kZO1csR21:49
Mibixtomreyn you still around21:50
tomreynMibix: depends, what's your question?21:50
Mibixcheck that screenshot21:51
Mibixmy upgrade failed :(21:51
tomreynsorry to hear this. i'm afraid you had already started your upgrade by the time i told you about the needed precautions.21:51
Mibixits an error with grub-pc21:53
Mibixim scared lol21:53
tomreynyes, i didn't see this one coming. there was a problem with old installations where grub was installed in a special mode which was never recommended (i forgot the term for it, embedded or something?), and there was a bug report about it. but i think it was fixed before the upgrade was enabled, so maybe this is something else really.21:55
tomreynyou should probably review what went wrong exactly, logs are in /var/log/release-upgrade i think21:56
Mibixhmm it is booting...21:57
Mibixgrub seems different but still working21:57
tomreynand once the installer quits after its clean up attempts, you should ensure apt is in a good state (apt sources point to focal, "apt update" runs without warnings or errors, "apt full-upgrade" succeeds) and then reinstall grub21:57
tomreynoh you already rebooted.21:57
tomreyni guess i'm typing too slowly21:58
Mibixhaha im just being a bit careless i think :p21:59
en1gmai wonder if anyone seen my questions as it seems it was quiet for a long time before i got fully connected?21:59
Mibixit is working....21:59
Mibixfor the most part at least21:59
tomreynen1gma: your questions made it through, no one has responded so far21:59
en1gmaok just checking because the irc server said something about running a scan on my ports or something. thanks22:00
tomreynthat's normal, ask in channel #freenode if you want more details about the scan22:01
tomreynen1gma: i'm not able to guide on your specific setup, but a general recommendation: use ethernet where you can, wireless only where you strictly have to. wireless has a tendency to behave in unexpected and uncontrollable ways, like a bad of flea. there are methods to exercise some control on it but debugging, at least with non professional gear, is difficult if not impossible.22:04
tomreynso if you like stability, use wires.22:04
en1gmawindows can set the rate and modulation? cant ubuntu 20.04?22:05
en1gmai would like to test to see what happens on 2.4ghz and 5ghz @ 300mbps22:06
Mibixtomreyn its still having that error with grub-pc install22:21
tomreynMibix: then it will help to get a better idea of what "that error" is about22:21
Mibixnstalled grub-pc package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 122:22
Mibixthat is all im getting :/22:23
tomreynMibix: if you run    dpkg --configure -a    do you get better output?22:26
tomreynif not, edit /var/lib/dpkg/info/grub-pc.postinst and append " -x" (without the quotation marks) to the ent of the first line22:27
tomreyn... and run     dpkg --configure -a    again22:27
Mibixk one second22:27
Mibixdoing an autoremove have a ton of stuff in there22:28
jwashhi everyone, i lose my sshfs mounts after a few minutes, and lose my ssh sessions the same22:30
jwashis there a way to prevent it? a server setting, keep the connection alive?22:31
tomreynyou can't fix unstable network connectivity by software22:31
tomreynyou can play with the TCPKeepAlive ssh client option22:34
jwashwill that work for sshfs also?22:34
tomreynalso with the ServerAliveIntervalssh client option22:35
tomreyni assume either will also apply to sshfs.22:35
jwashgood tips, thank yo22:35
tomreyn(if you're setting the connection up with the same ssh profile)22:35
tomreynthough if your connections hits the tcp connection timeout, which they seem to be doing, then you really need to identify and try to solve the underlying network issue.22:37
tomreynor rather face the fact that networks are unstable and handle it by scripting / automation.22:37
Mibixtomreyn https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/G3ZrnbmQ38/22:38
Mibixwhen i added -x22:38
tomreynyou have plenty of disks!22:38
MibixI do :)22:38
Mibixdo you see any problems im not really understanding most of this heh22:39
tomreynit's pretty long, i'll try to understand where it fails22:40
tomreynMibix: try running:    sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow grub-pc22:41
tomreyndoes it prompt about the disk to install to?22:41
Mibixit returns /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: grub-pc is broken or not fully installed22:42
tomreynhmm, the easiest option may be to just purge all grub* packages you have installed, then reinstall those you have now.22:43
tomreynsudo ap list --installed grub*22:43
tomreynsudo apt list --installed grub*22:43
tomreynsudo apt purge --autoremove grub*22:44
tomreyntake note of that is being removed22:44
tomreynthen reinstall those22:44
tomreynnote that this puts you in a situation where you won't be able to boot22:44
tomreynjust while those packages are gone22:44
Mibixlol when listing Listing... Done22:46
Mibixso none installs?22:46
tomreynhmm, try    dpkg -l grub* | grep -v ^u22:48
Mibixi did the sudo apt purge --autoremove grub22:48
Mibixand it returned way too much for my buffer heh22:48
tomreynwhat's the output of:    echo -n 'This system booted via: '; [ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS22:51
MibixThis system booted via: BIOS22:51
tomreynit would appear that the attempt at purging the grub* packages failed.22:52
tomreynmaybe undo the edit to the postinst script22:52
tomreynthen try to purge again22:52
tomreynedit to the postinst script again and place this in the very last line (add a new line): exit 022:55
tomreynthen run    sudo apt purge --autoremove grub*     (with the * character this time)22:56
Mibixexit 0 is already the last line22:56
Mibixlook at this answer here tomreyn https://askubuntu.com/questions/636456/14-04-upgrade-triggers-grub-pc-failure22:57
Mibixi think we needed to add grub-pc22:58
tomreynthat's a different problem, but the suggested workaround is quite similar to mine: purge, then reinstall grub packages22:59
Mibixthat looks like it works22:59
Mibixshould i continue?22:59
tomreynthis is at least closer to the command i suggested you run22:59
tomreynbut it will likely fail the same way.23:00
Mibixwell i did run the one you said and it didnt do anything23:00
tomreyni don't think you did, you seemed to have omitted *23:00
MibixE: Unable to locate package grub*23:01
tomreynfull input, full output, please, always.23:01
tomreynsorry, my bad. it'll be 'grub.*' (including the ticks) then23:03
tomreynactually, do ti with dpkg23:03
tomreyndpkg --purge 'grub*'23:03
tomreyn+ sudo23:04
Mibixdpkg: error: --purge needs a valid package name but 'grub*' is not: illegal package name in specifier 'grub*': character '*' not allowed (only letters, digits and characters '-+._')23:06
Mibixthat was from sudo dpkg --purge 'grub*'23:06
tomreynhmm okay, then specify all the grub packes manually23:06
tomreynor just try this first answer on the askubuntu you pointed to23:07
tomreyni'm not even sure you need and want to install grub to sda, though23:07
Mibixno i dont23:08
tomreynso make sure you edit this line23:08
Mibixso i did sudo apt-get purge grub-pc grub-common and this popped up https://imgur.com/a/peWVAWR23:10
tomreynMibix: maybe open another temrinal now and back them up elsewhere23:12
tomreynbut generally i think you want them gone for now.23:12
Mibixok so im to the sudo apt-get install grub-pc grub-common step23:13
tomreynMibix: did you start it, yet?23:14
tomreynMibix: if not, run     dpkg -l grub*    first23:14
Mibixdo people really install grub to all their drives?23:17
tomreynnowadays, booting in uefi mode is becoming more common, where you have the efi system partition on one disk only23:18
Mibixmy boot drive is a raid array though23:19
tomreynbut is it partitioned?23:20
Mibixyeah its not even an option though23:20
Mibixso i guess i gott pick something else23:20
tomreyngrub should likely be installed on the MBR23:21
tomreyn... of the disk your bios is setup to boot from23:21
Morteza24hi guy. I've recently installed ubuntu but it's so heavy for my cumputer and I want to install a lighter distro but I can't choose between Arch and Kubuntu. Can you guys help me please?23:21
Sven_vBI'm using Ubuntu focal and have a udev rule >> ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="net", KERNEL=="p2p-dev-*", NM_UNMANAGED=1 << but still after reboot, "nmcli device" shows "p2p-dev-wlp2s0  wifi-p2p  disconnected  --" i.e. not "unmanaged" as with loopback adaoter "lo". Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?23:22
Mibixheh it works differently with the softwware raid23:22
Sven_vBMorteza24, if you want to go light-weight, Xubuntu might be better23:24
Sven_vBtomreyn, oh, of course. thanks!23:25
Sven_vBMorteza24, you can also try Arch of course, but afaik it's not supported here.23:25
Morteza24Seven_vB, but I've heard that xubuntu looks outdated; is that right?23:26
Mibixhmm ok im not getting any errors anymore23:26
Mibixkinda scared to reboot lol23:26
tomreynMibix: which grub* packages are installed now?23:27
Sven_vBMorteza24, I'm not sure what you mean with "looks outdated". do you mean the simple look of the default user interface? I consider that elegant. also of course fancier graphics are heavier on your machine. I heard people talk about Mate being light-weight but I never tried it, and from other stuff I heard I'd guess it's heavier than Xfce.23:30
tomreynMibix: nice. and    sudo update-grub   runs without any errors?23:31
Mibixyeah but its really weird23:32
Mibixwhen i tell it to reboot now it just goes to the lock screen23:32
tomreynMibix: sudo grub-install /dev/...     (set the propoer target device), too?23:32
Sven_vBMibix, against the fear of rebooting, make a USB thumb drive with Super GRUB disk and put Xubuntu in <some disk>/boot-isos :)23:32
Mibixlol wtf it will not shut off23:33
tomreynMibix: and you really want grub in the MBR, not embedded on the MD23:33
tomreyn(i think i told you embedding was never well supported)23:33
Mibixi dont think you can install grub on a mdadm drive23:34
Sven_vBI always just devote the first MB to a bios_grub partition just in case.23:35
Morteza24Seven_vB yes user interface is what I was talking about. from what I've read on the internet, I consider kubuntu to be sth between light-weight and fancy ui; that's why I chose it23:35
tomreyn<Mibix> heh it works differently with the softwware raid23:35
tomreynwhere did you install it to?23:35
Mibixi installed it to both the mirror drives of the mdadm drive i dunno23:35
Mibixthis is odd23:35
tomreynso i'm assuming you're saying you installed grub to the MBR of the two drives which contain the partitions forming the raid emmbers of the /boot or / array23:36
Sven_vBMorteza24, well, why not load all those ISOs and try them? see my SGD / boot-isos hint above for a really easy way to boot ISO images23:36
Sven_vBif you store the ISOs on an SSD it will boot them even quicklier.23:37
Mibixyeah tomreyn23:37
tomreynthat should work. so i'd manually grub-install there (the raw disk) again, just to be sure it works, then update-initramfs -k all -c23:38
Morteza24Sven_vB I'm new to linux so I'm not sure if I'm able to do that, also I don't have ssd23:39
tomreynand when all of this runs without errors, and the recovery usb is prepared, it's a good time to reboot23:39
Sven_vBMorteza24, in that case, feel free to ask for detailed help in #sgrub23:39
Sven_vBMorteza24, as for SSD, no problem, even a rotating HDD is (in my experience) way faster than booting the ISOs from USB.23:40
Mibixlooks like it worked tomreyn :D23:40
Mibixugh i have so many other things to fix23:40
Morteza24 alright thank you so much <3 <323:41
Mibixlol the reboot and shut down button in the desktop environment take me back to the login screen23:41
Mibixi had to sudo reboot23:41
Mibixwell ty tomreyn23:44
Mibixon to the next issue :p23:44
tomreynyou're welcome, Mibix. i recommend you clean up packages more. i previously suggested how to do so (things to do before starting the release upgrade)23:46
Sven_vBtomreyn, I added the ENV{} and quotes, rebooted, still "disconnected", not "unmanaged". how do I check whether the rule was triggered?23:46
Sven_vBmaybe I should try a rename rule23:47
tomreynSven_vB: i think it says in the journal, but not sure.23:48
Sven_vBseems udev can only trigger SUBSYSTEM=="net" on network devices that are in /sys/class/net/, i.e. wlp2s0 but not p2p-dev-wlp2s023:54
Sven_vBand "find" can't find any other *wlp* in /sys/ :( what other ways are there to tell NetworkManager to not manage the p2p-dev-wlp2s0?23:55
Sven_vBI'll try the ifupdown hack again23:57

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