MauroGaspari[m]Eickmeyer: another fresh install of Ubuntu Studio 20.10 , no issues so far. All the little plasma papercuts I had before with dev-branch a few months ago, seem to be disappearing.09:17
MauroGaspari[m]So far no specific issue/bug to report. All the Studio controls, Carla, LSP plugins seem to be working just fine09:17
RikMillsEickmeyer: new kdeconnect in proposed. please see it that still has your bug? (I fear it will)14:03
RikMillsI think a fix has been made in their master branch, but not backported to the current stable one for some reason14:16
RikMillsTrying to find out why.....14:16
Eickmeyer[m]RikMills: Think it can be cherry-picked?14:47
Eickmeyer[m]Mauro Gaspari: That's great news. I saw a weird glitch with Plasma the other day that seems to have resolved, and could've even been a one-off with my system acting weird. Didn't bother to report since I suspected it was a one-off.14:50
RikMillsEickmeyer[m]: possibly. I am trying to find out if there was some reason it was not backported, or if the fact it wasn't was just an oversight14:53
MauroGaspari[m]<Eickmeyer[m] "Mauro Gaspari: That's great news"> I had freezes in ssdm that did not let me login. had to drop to tty2, login, restart sddm service, and then it would work. that seem to be gone14:54
RikMillsthe MP just says "The release/20.08 branch needs a similar fix"14:54
MauroGaspari[m]also openvpn profile import did not get TLS key direction from config file. that seem to be fixed too14:54
Eickmeyer[m]Mauro Gaspari: Bug reports on that kind of thing (ubuntu-bug sddm) are welcome. I think something is wierd with sddm right now, since that behavior is reported in Fedora as well.14:56
MauroGaspari[m]<Eickmeyer[m] "Mauro Gaspari: Bug reports on th"> yes I did report that one. 14:56
Eickmeyer[m]RikMills: Welp... smh. As far as Mauro Gaspari 's issue, were you aware of that one?14:56
RikMillsdon't think so14:58
nae2040are there any advantages to running the liquorix kernel, and how14:58
nae2040it is available in a ppa for 20.1014:59
Eickmeyer[m]!support nae2040 15:04
Eickmeyer[m]!support | nae2040 15:04
ubottunae2040: This is the Ubuntu Studio development channel. Our official support channel is on #ubuntustudio. Also see https://askubuntu.com15:04
Eickmeyer[m]nae2040: Long-story short, unsupported. You're on your own.15:04
MauroGaspari[m]Eickmeyer: this is the bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sddm/+bug/189330215:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1893302 in sddm (Ubuntu) "SDDM freezes on system boot" [Undecided,New]15:05
Eickmeyer[m]Mauro Gaspari: Yeah, I don't experience that one. Usually only when logging-out is there trouble logging back in.15:05
MauroGaspari[m]however since I reinstalled the beta, I have not seen this (yet). does not happen every time so I need a few days to make sure it is gone15:06
Eickmeyer[m]My issues were on Fedora, not on Ubuntu.15:06
Eickmeyer[m]Yeah, I haven't seen the issue here myself.15:06
Eickmeyer[m]Good to keep an eye on though.15:07
nae2040ok excuse me15:07
Eickmeyer[m]nae2040: This channel is for development collaboration, not questions like that. Are you here to help?15:08
=== Eickmeyer changed the topic of #ubuntustudio-devel to: Ubuntu Studio Development Collaboration | Support in #ubuntustudio | http://ubuntustudio.org/contribute/ | Testing: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ ~ http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/
MauroGaspari[m]Eickmeyer: experimenting with that little script to autostart and minimize carla on login. Seems to work well so far. Documenting it so I can add it to my tutorial, or write a new one15:24
Eickmeyer[m]Mauro Gaspari: Awesome! I'm sure falktx would love to hear about it.15:24
MauroGaspari[m]cannot upload it here15:24
Eickmeyer[m]Yeah, that's fine. So much as a pastebin or git repo link would be fine if you've got something.15:25
MauroGaspari[m]those wait times are to make sure jack starts first, and then carla loads project15:28
MauroGaspari[m]Eickmeyer: Also if someone reports to you that a madman is spamming Ubuntu Studio love in Telegram groups and Mastodon... well... that madman might or might not be me 😅15:42
Eickmeyer[m]Mauro Gaspari: Ubuntu Studio Love? I was unaware of such a Telegram group.15:42
MauroGaspari[m]I am spamming my love for Ubuntu Studio on various Telegram groups15:43
Eickmeyer[m]OHHHHHH Ok15:43
Eickmeyer[m]Trying to drum-up some Patreon support myself.15:43
MauroGaspari[m]you working to make some nice perks?15:44
MauroGaspari[m]actually it is about time I get a baseball cap or t-shirt or mug, then I can spam that on Telegram and Mastodon too 😄15:45
Eickmeyer[m]Mauro Gaspari: I'm thinking of adding stickers, since I already have a ton of them. :)15:52
Eickmeyer[m]Sadly, I don't have control over the merch store... yet.15:52
MauroGaspari[m]baseball cap baseball cap baseball cappppp 😄15:55
MauroGaspari[m]is the merch store a decent way to get some funds into the project?15:56
Eickmeyer[m]Not yet. Sadly, ttoine (former team member) still has control over it.15:56
Eickmeyer[m]We've talked in the past about handing me control, but that stalled-out. I emailed him again, no response.15:57
MauroGaspari[m]items here look quite nice. good colors I see people getting some of those sweet items15:57
Eickmeyer[m]For the hellotux shop, Gabor Klum and I are already familiar, so he's working on piping the funds to the ubuntustudio paypal account that I set-up.15:58
MauroGaspari[m]ok I will wait  before I puchase/promote then, would not want funds to end up in the wrong place15:58
Eickmeyer[m]Yeah, I'm thinking of removing the merch store until that situation gets sorted.15:59
Eickmeyer[m]But.. keeping the HelloTux shop.15:59
MauroGaspari[m]that sounds sensible yes15:59
* Eickmeyer[m] gets right on that.15:59
MauroGaspari[m]*is pondering on the fact that he came here to help, and ended up giving more work to Eickmeyer ... this is not going to end well for Mauro16:01
Eickmeyer[m]Mauro Gaspari: A good leader is one that is willing to do the work that is necessary to make the project succeed. :)16:02
Eickmeyer[m]That said, I officially consider you part of the team.16:02
MauroGaspari[m]oh... thanks! I appreciate that. I deal with business and cashflow at work all the time. If you want to brainstorm or need help on that side of things, happy to help16:03
Eickmeyer[m]Mauro Gaspari: You already are. :)16:04
MauroGaspari[m]Mauro Gaspari, [09.10.20 00:09]16:10
MauroGaspari[m]Today, spamming spreading my love for Ubuntu Studio Groovy Gorilla on Mastodon. The team there is doing great amazing work with their new Plasma desktop, JACK, Carla, LSP plugins etc. If you have a few minutes to spare, feel free to drop your loooove16:10
MauroGaspari[m]the spam must go on . don't know what they put in my coffee today, but it works 😄16:10
Eickmeyer[m]And that got a boost.16:13
MauroGaspari[m]I'll give you the trivia to boost the fun in here16:17
MauroGaspari[m]so as I was writing my tutorial for Ubuntu Studio Installer, I was taking screenshots and I had my face glued to microphone, headset on, and I was making fun noises to let those graphs on the plugins move, so I could take a better looking screenshot16:18
MauroGaspari[m]my daughter, Luna, which is 7, was passing by my room16:18
Eickmeyer[m]I usually just tap incessently on my mic. 😃16:19
MauroGaspari[m]she stopped, looked at me like 😑 "daddy, what are you doing?"16:19
MauroGaspari[m]I explained and she was like ... ahhh I can help you with that. I take the Microphone, you keep the headset on.16:19
MauroGaspari[m]I thought, wow so nice16:19
MauroGaspari[m]and suddenly she screams16:20
MauroGaspari[m]and runs away16:20
MauroGaspari[m]had I not configured the compressor.... my head would have exploded hahahahah16:20
MauroGaspari[m]so.... yes.. that is how good quality content is made. with kids screaming farts in my microphone16:21
Eickmeyer[m]RikMills: bugfix to kdeconnect was ineffective. ☚ī¸18:54
RikMillsEickmeyer[m]: if I don't get a reply from their devs by tomorrow, then I will try a build with the patch in their MP18:57
Eickmeyer[m]RikMills: Sounds awesome. :)18:57

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