rutyHello, greetings from Costa Rica. colleagues wanted to make a query, I am a new user of Ubuntu Studio, I study a blender course, but I have a problem. blender works and after a short time it closes atomaticamete. I have all my updates up to date, the addons do not work either, someone help me please05:44
rutyI tried to reinstall it, but it didn't work05:46
corrinado[m]So, it is crashing randomly? You say it closes automatically after a short time?05:47
rutyyes, it closes automatically after a short time....05:50
rghruty: I don't know a solution but here's what I would do.05:51
rghruty: first, report the bug to Ubuntu. Iirc the command would be ubuntu-bug blender05:52
rghruty: then I'd install app from the blender site itself05:53
rutyIt also happens to me when I try to install the keentools facebuilder addon, it does not install it and blender closes05:54
rghBecause it could take a long while before the bug is resolved.05:54
rghI did the "donut tutorial" and I've found that there was a bug in blender at that time.05:56
rghNot a crash, but something not working. Don't remember what.05:56
rghBut that was before 20.0405:57
rghIn short. See if the version from https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/latest/getting_started/installing/linux.html works05:58
corrinado[m]have you checked `dmesg` or any other logs?05:59
rghIf that also crashes there might be something els going on.05:59
ruty@corrinado sorry dude, but I don't know what "dmesg" is I'm a new ubuntu user06:02
ruty@rgh I'm going to take a look at that link06:04
rghruty: dmesg is your system log, it runs in a terminal06:06
rghI don't know if a log viewer is installed by default in ustudio.06:08
rutyI understand, and should I clean the log?06:08
corrinado[m]Clean it?  no not really.  I was just asking if you had check it to see if there was any information that could be relevant. @rgh may be onto something though. It is not an application I use.06:11
corrinado[m] * Clean it?  no not really.  I was just asking if you had checked it to see if there was any information that could be relevant. @rgh may be onto something though. It is not an application I use.06:11
corrinado[m]Sometimes when an application crashes, there are hints to the cause in the kernel logs. That's what dmesg reports06:12
rghIf I have time today, I'll check if blender crashes here too.06:13
rghruty: can you post a link on what course you're following and what addons you are trying to install?06:14
rghI've done the donut tutorial, but I've seen post from blender guru about modeling furniture. Looks like fun.06:15
rghI have been thinking about using blender to render audio plugin UI06:16
rghBut, I'm just drawing flat UI now.06:16
corrinado[m]Since I've last used Blender, they've really expanded their scope in amazing ways. I read about everything they are doing and just remain amazed.06:17
corrinado[m]I think it was 2013 or 14 when I last used the application.06:18
ruty@ rgh I am starting on 3d modeling, I would like to make a profession about it06:19
ruty@corrinado blender is the best , I love it06:21
rutyI want to create games and characters, using unity and blender06:22
rutyHere I am studying a little every day from home, only with free courses and blender guru is the god, there is no money here lol....06:25
rutyWell, it's a bit late around here, I'll make contact again tomorrow, I hope I can talk to you guys, a pleasure06:26
corrinado[m]<ruty "Well, it's a bit late around her"> Peace06:34
rutypaace bros06:34
nae2040I am trying liquorix kernel, why doesn't it show up in grub on 20.1012:52
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