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gabrielmartinshi good night02:05
gabrielmartinsHi. good night. I would like to know how to access privacy to avoid entering password. I would like a longer time. I would like to do this through the GUI because I am learning. I searched for tutorials in my language and only found information for ubuntu. I liked xubuntu. thank you.02:24
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xubuntu_10_yearshi easy question: What is the best remote desktop app to use with Xubuntu?20:15
diogenes_xubuntu_10_years, i prefer anydesk.20:24
xubuntu_10_yearsok diogenes likes anydesk for remote desktop never heard of that one, looking it up now20:28
xubuntu_10_yearsI will also look at grdesktop. Anydesk and gr desktop. If anyone else has favorite remote desktops that work great with xubuntu, please share23:00

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