ricktimmisTime appropriate greetings. I have updated the website with details of the Kubuntu Focus Model 2 which was launched yesterday.14:02
ricktimmisI have also scheduled an article for the News page, to go live tomorrow. I wanted to ensure Groovy Gorilla got a full week at the top of News14:04
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Nice @Sick_Rimmit14:11
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> ricktimmis !14:11
ricktimmisYes, I am also back on IRC14:11
ricktimmisUsing Konversation14:11
valoriericktimmis: welcome back!18:36
valorieI saw the new GG mascot and was not impressed18:36
valoriebut maybe by the time our creatives finish with it, it will be kool18:36
IrcsomeBot1<Sick_Rimmit> ?GG Mascot18:37
valoriegroovy gorilla18:37
valorieit was on discourse18:38
ricktimmisAh right, apologies18:38
valoriebut where to get the b/w versions etc. I didn't see18:38
ricktimmisCan't believe I didn't equate GG with Groovy Gorilla18:38
valoriealso good news about konvi18:39
valoriesomeone picked up the job of release manager18:39
valoriewhich should pick up development a bit18:39
ricktimmisOoo that reminds me, I need to go check in on Muon18:40
ricktimmisSo how are things with you valorie18:47
valorieway too busy this week!18:54
valorieI was elected VP of my genealogy society and am busier than a flea in a pack of dogs18:55
ricktimmisOh yes, I remember you talking about that work in the past18:55
valoriewow, we feed the birds here and for a few weeks, scant interest18:58
valorieall of a sudden the blackbirds show up en masse18:58
valoriegreedy buggers18:58
ricktimmisInteresting, we had a similar scenario here a  couple of weeks back. Bird feeders left mostly untouched.18:59
ricktimmisI wonder if it has anything to do with Fruit season19:00
valorieI'm sure that part of the year there are more tempting offers than bird seed!19:01

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