HanHi there, I uploaded my source package a few hours ago but there's still no packages available in my repo. https://launchpad.net/~hboetes/+archive/ubuntu/samba-mit-kerberos/+packages17:49
HanI didn't receive an error, the upload went fine. Is a few hours normal?17:50
sarnoldHan: iirc almost all errors are emailed, except for problems with signatures on packages; have you checked email recently? if there's no emails, then double-check that the package was properly signed by the key that's listed in your launchpad profile19:14
Hansarnold, I received an initial email when I did dpkg-buildpackage, then I figured out I had to add the -S option, So build  again with dpkg-buildpackage -S and dput the changes file, which asked me to sign the upload which I did and then uploaded the source packages.19:19
HanAnd after that I received no Email.19:20
HanI signed by simply entering the password when asked.19:21
Hansarnold, I think I found the problem, I forgot to add the repo name to the dput command.19:41
HanLet's see what happens.19:41
sarnoldHan: aha :) lets hope that's it19:44
HanThe first source package is already there.19:44
Hansarnold, one failed with the error: "Path format mismatch." No idea what that would refer to.19:47
HanAh, there was something before that: Launchpad failed to process the upload path '~hboetes':19:50
wxlhey folks i'm trying to sent out ballots to all the ubuntu members for the ubuntu community council election. through launchpad, i'm manually sending contacts to the few people that don't have public email addresses. i have 17 more to go but i've reached the quota for contacting users. any chance we could lift that temporarily?19:54
sarnoldHan: this *might* mean something in your ~/.dput.cf is incorrect, but I haven't got a clue what to suggest :(19:56
Hansarnold, I don't have a .dput.cf...19:57
sarnoldso, there's some instructions on https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading20:00
sarnoldmy own ~/.dput.cf is probably more confusing than useful :(20:01
Hanthanks for that. Odd that it works with bionic, but fails with focal20:04
HanAh! Now it works. Go figure.20:05
sarnoldhah, mixed, now youv'e got a build error to track down :) cool though, it souds like you're up and working?20:09
HanYes, thanks a bunch20:12
HanI bet I missed a dependency20:12
sarnoldif you've got enough local machinery, you might be able to find these faster, by doing something like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SimpleSbuild20:14
HanI should have remembered which packages I added, should be in the history. Currently they both complain krb5kdc isn't installed, but that's not installed on either host.20:15
HanAh krb5-kdc20:17
HanMan, this proces is really pedantic.20:32
sarnoldwell, the end results are used directly by millions of people to run half the public internet, cars, industrial robots, etc20:33
HanI doubt that counts for my ppa :P20:34
sarnoldtoday :)20:34
HanYou are overly optimistic. :-)20:35
HanI can't overwrite an existing package, now I have to increase the version number, which I don't want to do since it's identical to the existing release.20:35
Hanah, I could change it from 1 to 1.1 instead of 220:37
HanI suppose20:37
sarnoldHan: it's common to use ~test1, ~test2, etc for this kind of task -- when you're happy with the package, then you can strip off the ~testN version and be on your way20:38
Hanthat sounds like a tight plan indeed.20:40
Hansarnold, yay: https://launchpad.net/~hboetes/+archive/ubuntu/samba-mit-kerberos/+packages =)21:11
sarnoldHan: hooray! :D21:12
Hansarnold, Now all I have to do is figure out why the key I uploaded is accepted but can't be found on the keyserver.21:41
HanOh, patience is the trick21:43
sarnoldespecially with keyservers, I think the gossip bit has been turned off most places22:21
HanI just rolled out the repo with puppet on quite a few machines, and had quite a few WTF!! moments.22:35
Hanthe ubuntu keyserver probably has 2 or 3 mirrors behind a reverse proxy, and they are not in sync.22:36
sarnoldhah, yeah, that's bitten me before :(22:40

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