parlosGood Morning !09:04
d0ugalparlos: Morning.09:09
parlosThe PXE related part of my maas deployment has stopped working. Nodes boots but report lpxelinux.0 not found.09:23
parlosI saw that I was running 2.7.something, so I upgraded to the 2.8.2 (snap). In the hope, that an upgrade would fix it... sadly it didnt ..09:24
d0ugalparlos: You can best get support via discourse (see TOPIC) or report a bug on launchpad. Adding maas logs etc. should help folks find the issue09:40
parlosOk, I will do so. So its nothing well known problem/issue. Not sure if this is a bug in the software, or just something that was messed up on my deployment (mot likely the latter)..09:51

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