mborzeckizyga-x240: maciek@galeon:~ sudo apparmor_parser --version                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         <<< 1 ↵06:15
mborzeckiAppArmor parser version 3.0.006:15
zyga-x240updades :)06:15
mborzeckilet's see if anything is broken06:15
mborzeckizyga-x240: hmm apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="/usr/lib/snapd/snap-confine" name="/proc/4598/attr/apparmor/current" pid=4598 comm="snap-confine" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=0 ouid=006:16
zyga-x240I saw that but I'm not sure when it happens06:16
mborzeckiand apparmor="DENIED" operation="capable" profile="/usr/lib/snapd/snap-confine" pid=4598 comm="snap-confine" capability=4  capname="fsetid"06:16
zyga-x240that's documented on the forum06:16
mborzeckizyga-x240: did we fix taht in master?06:18
zyga-x240I have a vague memory someone did (the 1st one), let me look06:18
zyga-x240but that's an old patch06:19
zyga-x240maybe not released06:19
zyga-x240it's from September06:19
zyga-x240Ian fixed it06:19
zyga-x240rogpeppe: hello06:22
zyga-x240rogpeppe: if you have a moment we could really use your help to obtain a few more logs06:22
zyga-x240brb, logging back to X1107:51
zyga-x240eh, x11 has gpu issues07:59
zyga-x240wayland is ok but has wayland issues07:59
mborzeckizyga-x240: btw. what wayland issues? screen sharing?08:05
zyga-x240mborzecki: 150% zoom makes every non-native wayland thing entirely blurry08:06
zyga-x240code, hexchat all look like garbage08:06
zyga-x240btw, I learned why macos handles this better recently08:06
zyga-x240they scale down08:06
zyga-x240not up08:06
zyga-x240it's such a silly thing08:06
zyga-x240they render at the higher resolution and scale down for fractional scaling08:06
zyga-x240it seems we do the opposite08:07
zyga-x240anyway, X is tearing and leaving glitches everywhere lately08:07
zyga-x240but has different fractional scaling that works better08:07
zyga-x240but is unusable while scrolling anything (garbage on screen)08:07
zyga-x240waland doesn't have that but makes everything blurry08:07
zyga-x240mborzecki: my x240 has a 1080 panel that needs 125%-150% scaling to be sensible08:09
mborzeckizyga-x240: hexchat is still gtk2 right?08:11
mborzeckiand code is electon & gtk2 as well?08:11
zyga-x240no idea, don't care, it's just broken08:12
zyga-x240mborzecki: hexchat links to 76 libraries08:13
mborzeckizyga-x240: yeah, hexchat is gtk2, i mean it's not going to be better if you use old toolkit, same way old apps on windows look blurry08:14
zyga-x240mborzecki: on macos all the apps render sensibly because of what I said08:16
zyga-x240just little annoyances08:16
zyga-x240let alone that nobody uses old toolkits there08:16
zyga-x240mborzecki: I can ssh -X to this machine and get nicely looking gitk08:16
pedronismborzecki: hi, does this make sense https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/9474#issuecomment-706041940 ? or should we chat about it08:18
zyga-x240mborzecki: I take that back, x11 has tearing as well, just maybe less frequently08:18
zyga-x240hello pedronis08:19
mborzeckipedronis: hi, yes, that sounds fine, i'll add some comments around (Managed|Truted)Assets that one can call them without rootdir too08:20
zyga-x240pedronis: do you have an opinion on the need to access the backend in doInstall?08:21
zyga-x240pedronis: should I forfeit that specific refactor or should I go ahead and make that possible?08:21
pedroniszyga-x240: first of all backend is two things, a package and an almost stateless object that exist mostly for mocking convenience (at least originally)08:22
pedroniszyga-x240: so we have some options08:23
zyga-x240pedronis: right08:23
pedroniszyga-x240: can you point me at which bits is called form doInstall, is that the soft check?08:23
zyga-x240I think we could construct the backend in doInstall or create a 2nd object that is 100% stateless and only used by doInstall for that single request08:23
zyga-x240yes, correct08:23
zyga-x240specifically the snap run lock is acquired around the cgroup scan08:24
pedroniszyga-x240: is this comment we are talking about: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/8573#discussion_r497444927 ?08:25
zyga-x240pedronis: yes08:26
pedroniszyga-x240: that bit respect dirs.GlobalRootDir right? so it wouldn't really need a lot of mocking?08:27
zyga-x240indeed they do08:27
zyga-x240both of them08:27
zyga-x240(locking and scanning)08:28
pedronisanyway to me it mess that WithSnapLock could be simply a function the backend package08:28
pedroniss/mess/seems/  (that is a weird typo)08:28
zyga-x240ok, let me try that quickly, I think this is fine08:29
zyga-x240we could create a concept of an early request backend if we have more methods that need to be called when constructing tasks08:30
zyga-x240but for now I think that's not required08:30
mborzeckipedronis: do you think you'll be able to take a look at https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/9443 ?08:51
pedronismborzecki: maybe, it also needs a 2nd review08:52
mborzeckipedronis: yeah, i'll poke claudio about it08:53
ijohnsonhi pedronis good morning! do you think you will be able to give a quick look at #9418 today?09:38
zyga-x240hey ijohnson09:41
ijohnsonHey zyga-x24009:44
pedronisijohnson: I didn't do a proper review but left some comments09:49
pedronisijohnson: I also answered maybe your question about how postponent work09:50
pedronisijohnson: I made a comment also in the fakestore one09:51
ijohnsonI'll look now09:51
mborzeckizyga-x240: little something for you https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/9484 (cc ijohnson, you have a beefy machine iirc too)10:07
zyga-x240mborzecki: oh10:07
zyga-x240I'll check perf shortly10:07
mborzeckiit's run as part of run-checks --static now, so every second matters xD10:07
zyga-x240mborzecki: the biggest bottleneck is seccomp tests10:08
zyga-x240those are sequential10:08
zyga-x240due to how the test is written10:08
mborzeckizyga-x240: and they have system wide side effects too :/10:08
zyga-x240mborzecki: do they?10:08
zyga-x240bulk of the cost is compilation of C10:08
zyga-x240I really doubt they do10:09
zyga-x240they run as user10:09
zyga-x240not as root10:09
mborzeckizyga-x240: they do on my system, apaprently some weird address faimilies are tried what triggers modules to be loaded10:09
mborzeckilet me grab a log10:10
zyga-x240that's one time10:10
zyga-x240but wierd still10:10
zyga-x240IIRC most of those are just compile time costs10:11
zyga-x240and can be ran in parallel with some changes to the test10:11
zyga-x240it'd be nice if check supported that10:11
zyga-x240IIRC testing supports sub-tests and parallelism10:11
zyga-x240but it's not surfaced to check10:11
mborzeckizyga-x240: lsmod and ip a before and after: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qymsZGcMqH/10:11
zyga-x240mborzecki: sure but the only question is: do those matter for speed10:12
zyga-x240they run either way10:12
mborzeckizyga-x240: idk, it's just annoying, that's why i don't run snap-seccomp unit tests often10:12
zyga-x240doesn't happen here, probably not blacklisted on arch and blacklisted in ubuntu10:12
zyga-x240mborzecki: hmm10:13
zyga-x240the patch is not doing much for concurrency, does it?10:13
zyga-x240it's still sequential shellchcek10:14
zyga-x240there's a thread executor hidden10:14
zyga-x240that makes sense now10:14
zyga-x240it's always surprising that python list.append does not require locking10:14
zyga-x240implicit mutex at the granularity of several micro-ops10:15
zyga-x240anyway, looks good10:15
mborzeckicuts down the execution on my system a bit too10:15
zyga-x240mborzecki: btw, is findfiles change actually useful?10:15
zyga-x240ah, I misread the diff10:16
zyga-x240man I'm useless today10:16
mborzeckizyga-x240: heh tell me about it, i got up at 5am :P10:16
zyga-x240cold and tired10:16
mborzeckifun, shaves off 1m off the unit tests run on github10:17
mborzeckioff of10:17
mborzeckioff from?10:17
ijohnsonmborzecki: nice, I do see somewhat of a speedup as well, real time of 72s -> 62s10:21
mborzeckiijohnson: cool, thanks for checking10:21
ijohnsonthat's amazing that it shaves off 1m from the github changes10:22
zyga-x240brought a lot of hot tea10:23
zyga-x240maybe I won't spill it today10:23
zyga-x240it's cold so I might as well boot my desktop10:23
zyga-x240it's a small heater after all10:23
zyga-x240I'll post my numbers in a moment10:24
mvomborzecki: nice on in 9484!10:24
zyga-x240hey mvo, good morning10:24
mvohey zyga-x24010:24
zyga-x240(well, so-so morning for me but that's not a general statement) :D10:24
zyga-x240(lots of frustrating things in the morning)10:25
zyga-x240(before work)10:25
mvozyga-x240: oh, sad to hear that10:25
zyga-x240mborzecki: how do you measure time?10:31
zyga-x240with time10:31
mborzeckizyga-x240: /usr/bin/time -v10:31
zyga-x240my baseline was real 49s, user 2m19s10:31
zyga-x240with your branch real 34s (same user value)10:33
zyga-x240ah wait10:34
zyga-x240stupid vm10:34
zyga-x240mborzecki: I think there's something sequential still10:36
zyga-x240mborzecki: cpu load that's actually parallel is pretty short, bulk of the work is not concurrent10:36
mborzeckizyga-x240: yes, the sections in a file are processed sequentially10:36
zyga-x240mborzecki: 42 seconds10:36
zyga-x240worse than before?10:36
zyga-x240user 3m8s10:36
mborzeckizyga-x240: hm?10:38
zyga-x240there's an all-core load for about 2 seconds10:38
zyga-x240then lots of sequential work10:38
zyga-x240as in, really most of the time10:39
zyga-x24040 seconds on 2nd run10:39
zyga-x240it's not important, just wondering what's going on10:39
mborzeckizyga-x240: right, you can run ./sprad-shellcheck --verbose, my bet is it's still processing the sections of spread.yaml while the reset of the files is already done10:40
mborzeckizyga-x240: so it'd be nice to call checksection() in parallel too10:41
mborzeckizyga-x240: feel free to play with it ;) it's a nice distraction10:42
zyga-x240fixed process pool to work10:47
zyga-x240mborzecki: made some improvements we discussed, 9seconds10:55
zyga-x240now all cores do light up10:55
zyga-x24049 seconds down to 910:56
mborzeckihaha nice10:56
mborzeckizyga-x240: the sections now run in parallel right?10:56
mborzeckii mean suites10:56
zyga-x240i rm'd the file!10:57
zyga-x240one moment10:57
zyga-x240cp wrong way10:57
zyga-x240ok restored10:58
zyga-x240thank god for good undo in code10:58
zyga-x240mborzecki: can I push back to your PR?11:00
mborzeckizyga-x240: i'll land 9484 and we can iterate on top11:00
mborzeckizyga-x240: landed, open a PR please11:01
zyga-x240mborzecki: 948511:02
zyga-x240I have black re-format stashed as well11:02
zyga-x240ijohnson: could you run my version as well11:04
zyga-x240I wonder how that improves things on your machine11:04
ijohnsonwhere is your version11:04
ijohnsonoh 9485 ?11:04
mborzeckizyga-x240: nice, 28s here11:07
mborzeckihaha Percent of CPU this job got: 1241%11:07
zyga-x240that's down from what?11:08
zyga-x240good enough for now11:10
ijohnsonvery nice11:10
ijohnsonall my cpu utilization's light up bright red :-)11:11
mborzeckipoor chaps with systems having only 2 cores11:16
mborzeckizyga-x240: have you tried running it on x240? :P11:17
zyga-x240mborzecki: ope11:17
zyga-x2402 cores11:18
mborzeckihah my i7 x250 hit thermall throttling right away11:19
zyga-x240unfortunately idle power usage is so low it's not a good room heater11:19
zyga-x240oh intel11:19
mborzeckistill 73s total11:20
zyga-x240mborzecki: what's a better upgrade, 8core 4800u amd laptop or 16 core amd desktop (5950x)11:21
mborzeckizyga-x240: not sure about the laptop, from what i read the last series of mobile apus had driver issues11:23
zyga-x240mborzecki: really? I heard only good stuff about this lineup11:28
zyga-x240(we had those thinkpads in cert lab for months)11:28
zyga-x240mborzecki: maybe 3000 series had issues, don't know about htose11:29
mborzeckizyga-x240: haven't had one myself, mostly following /r/Amd11:29
zyga-x240mborzecki: as kissiel, he has one at home11:29
zyga-x240mborzecki: not sure if 4800u or 4700 or other11:30
* zyga-x240 ran away from the office11:30
zyga-x240too cold, need to turn on heating11:30
mvocmatsuoka: silly question, do we ever call UnlockVolumeIfEncrypted() with "lockKeysOnFinish != true"? or is there a use-case for this :) ?12:34
cmatsuokamvo: currently not because we only have one encrypted partition, but with ubuntu-save things can be different12:35
pedronismvo: not right now, but it's a complicated question12:35
pedronisdepends on the final api and how we do save12:36
mvocmatsuoka, pedronis thank you!12:36
* zyga-x240 looks at unexpected test outcome12:37
zyga-x240I found a real bug :)12:41
zyga-x240(real bugs are the best)12:41
mvozyga-x240: nice12:43
zyga-x240pedronis: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/8573 is ready for review again12:49
zyga-x240I will pick up the next branch now12:49
pedronisok, I put it beack in my queue12:50
zyga-x240thank you12:51
zyga-x240I'll follow up with this plan now: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/7700#issuecomment-70616224012:51
zyga-x240oh standup is soon12:52
zyga-x240mvo: are you going to the resource utilization session?13:28
mvozyga-x240: when is that? now?13:28
mvozyga-x240: aha, the limit snap resource usage?13:29
mvozyga-x240: definitely will be in this one13:29
zygamvo 16:3013:42
zygasorry, I was in the kitchen13:43
zygagreat, see you there13:43
ijohnsondegville: I made a couple edits to the system options page again, could you take a look when you get a chance? I added the system.watchdog.{runtime,shutdown}-timeout and system.journal.persistent options there15:08
degvilleijohnson: yes, of course - thanks for adding them! I'll look now.15:08
ijohnsonthanks degville I had difficulty finding good docs upstream about the watchdog ones, I mostly used the language from https://manpages.debian.org/jessie/systemd/systemd-system.conf.5.en.html because that came up first in my google searches15:11
degvilleijohnson: thanks for the man page link - that was super helpful.16:14
ijohnsonnice, yeah it's not super well documented and actually the option name might have been changed to something else in newer systemd releases I think16:15
* zyga just got a note that his imac is fixed, 5 working days and they kept that, wow :)16:40
zygabrand new screen, free of charge16:40
zyganeed to pick it up tomorrow16:41
ograif youo're sill allowed to go outsde by then at least16:43
ogra*you're still16:43
zygaogra I can just put some cloth on the imac and make a tent16:49
zygaand read greek philosophy to dogs that want to eat me16:50
pedronisijohnson: I asked a question in your SU notes19:07
ijohnsonpedronis: looking now19:07
ijohnsonpedronis: yeah sorry meant ubuntu-boot19:08
pedronisah ok19:08
pedronisthat makes more sense :)19:08
ijohnsonhaha yes indeed19:08
pedronisijohnson: anyway we store model and we need to store encrypted keys there possibly19:14
pedronisso we might need one, though it could be quite tiny19:14
ijohnsonpedronis: ah ok actually that makes things a lot easier if we need to store something there19:15
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