callmepkgood morning01:20
dufluMorning callmepk 02:20
callmepkmorning duflu 02:20
jibelGood morning05:10
dufluMorning jibel 05:54
jibelhi duflu 06:03
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers06:07
oSoMoNhey duflu, jibel 06:07
dufluMorning oSoMoN 06:07
jibelSalut oSoMoN 06:10
didrocksgood morning06:42
dufluMorning didrocks 06:43
didrockshey duflu 06:44
seb128hey duflu, lut didrocks, goood morning desktopers06:56
dufluHi seb128 06:57
jameshmorning seb128 and others06:57
seb128hey jamesh 06:57
seb128it's friday! :-) how are you?06:57
didrockssalut seb128, joyeux vendredi06:57
didrockshey jamesh 06:57
seb128didrocks, salut et à toi également ;-)07:01
dufluHi jamesh 07:05
dufluCome here often?07:05
Maikgood morning  everyone07:11
seb128clobrano, hey, I saw the comment on bug #1875993 , while we encourage users to report issues upstream when they can we don't discourage them to report bugs against the Ubuntu package in launchpad since Ubuntu is what they are using07:48
ubot5bug 1875993 in yaru-theme (Ubuntu) "yaru-theme-icon missing category icons" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/187599307:48
seb128ideally triagers would help to review and upstream those as needed though07:49
seb128also reporting upstream requires knowledge and every project has their own infra, users might not want to go through creating stack of accounts to report their issues07:49
dufluIt's also objectively correct to log a bug in Ubuntu first, since the bug definitely exists in Ubuntu at least08:00
duflubut not always in the upstream08:00
Laneysup supo supo sup08:05
duflusup Laney08:05
seb128hey Laney, happy friday to you!08:07
Laneyhey duflu seb128, happy friday indeed08:07
Laneyfeels like a long week this time08:07
seb128time to go back to have fridays off! :p08:08
Laneywhoever came up with 5/2 work/non-work days was wrong :>08:11
Laneyricotz: hey, just wondering about the libreoffice upload in the queue... is your plan to push 7.0.2 final next week?08:34
Laneyactually, looks like 7.0.2 is out now? so should we skip the rc? https://blog.documentfoundation.org/blog/2020/10/08/libreoffice-702/08:35
seb128ricotz, hey, I saw your msg yesterday, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nv-codec-headers/
Laneyah good, we have that clear-old-devices flag set in pulseaudio, was going to ping about that10:25
ricotzLaney, this package was actually meant to be pushed last week, not sure why it got delayed that much11:26
ricotzrc2 == final, so it would basically mean to repack and change the version string11:27
ricotzthere is no need to do this11:27
ricotzseb128, thanks11:28
luna_seb128: Wimpress: Sent in some suggestions for Swedish for the new AD and ZFS Features in the installer now :) 11:39
seb128luna_, great!11:45
Laneyricotz: you don't think there is value in having it labelled as a stable release properly?12:08
ricotzLaney, no12:10
LaneyI can guarantee you we will get complaints / questions / enquiries about that12:11
ricotzLaney, I understand, but there is no real benefit doing so12:11
Laneyworth the 10 minutes work12:11
ricotzLaney, this is not 10 min work12:11
ricotzlikely an hour12:11
ricotzLaney, please accept this package, I will provide a "final" package next week12:17
Laneyok, sorry, I'm watching a presentation at the same time as this12:19
Laneytkamppeter: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/494034809/system-config-printer_1.5.12-0ubuntu1_1.5.12-0ubuntu2.diff.gz lol12:20
tkamppeterLaney, I discovered this today when I checked whether there are still packagges recommending or requiring ippusbxd.12:21
tkamppeterThe -0ubuntu3 is uploaded.12:22
Laneyyeah, that's why I went back to look at the previous upload12:22
Laneyfunny ;)12:22
luna_marcustomlinson: saw your work on better theming support for Snaps listening to this weeks Ubuntu Podcast, looks great :)13:05
marcustomlinsonluna_: thanks :) big up to jamesh for doing most of the work ;)13:23
oSoMoNseb128, I prepared the shared-mime-info update in salsa, do we want to preventively upload to ubuntu before it's in Debian?14:49
seb128oSoMoN, wouldn't hurt since we are getting close from release?14:50
oSoMoNseb128, would you mind giving it a quick review?14:51
seb128oSoMoN, let me review14:51
oSoMoN(I verified that it builds on all arches and installs fine, ofc)14:51
seb128oSoMoN, seems fine to me, I will sponsor to Debian a bit later but feel free to upload to ubuntu as 0build1 or 1~fakesync15:21
seb128(I tend to do 0build1 so it got automatically synced without manual intervention next cycle)15:21
oSoMoNok, I'll do that15:22
Laneyboth versions achieve that, only the string 'ubuntu' stops auto-sync15:23
Laneyonly saying because it read like a claim the second one does too, maybe that wasn't the intention15:24
oSoMoNso semantically speaking, using ~fakesync is more correct, right? (because it's not a no-change rebuild)15:33
seb128Laney, thanks, I didn't know *ubuntu was special, I though *build was, I learnt something :-)15:35
seb128oSoMoN, yes, I just though that it wouldn't be automatically overwritten15:36
Laneysome people don't rev the number at all, they just re-target the _source.changes for ubuntu (syncpackage --no-lp)15:37
seb128that feels weird to me :p15:38
Laneyme too, but I see the logic as it's unchanged and not a rebuild, kind of morally a sync15:38
Laneywouldn't do it for syncs from new though, as they could end up being rejected and then you would be lying about the contents15:39
didrocks999"I didn't know *ubuntu was special, I though *build was, I learnt something :-)" +1, I was thinking *build was special-cased15:40
seb128speaking of updates I started on an hackish script to automate some of the steps to do GNOME updates15:40
seb128I will try to clean that up next week and share it15:40
seb128didrocks999, still not land line for internet?15:41
* didrocks999 high five back (999 times)15:41
didrocks999seb128: no, but TBH, with 4G, I have 50Mb/s, where DSL here is 2…15:41
Laneyscript> niceeeeeeeee15:41
oSoMoNseb128, that script sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing it15:41
didrocks999the only issue is stability with those micro-cut15:41
seb128wouldn't be an issue on mattermost :p15:42
didrocks999BUT that doesn’t impact TV or HO, only IRC15:42
seb128we need that to replace IRC15:42
didrocks999TBH, browsing and all the rest is great15:42
didrocks999only IRC sucks (and lack of static IP for my server)15:42
didrocks999I wasn’t expecting such reliable bandwidth (also, I’m aggregating 3 frequency bands)15:43
didrocks999with TV and due to all-day HO with j_ibel, I’m topping 300Gb/month for 16€…15:44
didrocks999so, I think, I’ll wait for fiber (it’s now only 150m away!) to get wired15:45
* didrocks999 sees fiber going from one house closer to the next one :)15:45
oSoMoNseb128, ready for sponsoring: https://people.canonical.com/~osomon/sponsoring/shared-mime-info.debdiff15:46
seb128oSoMoN, did you apply for moday's dmb meeting yet? ;-)15:47
seb128and did you corner didrocks or Laney to get extra endorsements?15:48
oSoMoNseb128, no, I'm waiting for at least a third endorsement (gotta ping my favourite coredevs again), and I'm afk on Monday anyway15:48
Laneyyou need to give N days notice anyway (7?)15:48
LaneyI will do it :>15:49
Laneyneed to check what I sponsored15:49
oSoMoNLaney, didrocks999: this is the perfect task for a Friday afternoon, right before opening a beer: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OlivierTilloy/CoreDevApplication15:49
didrocks999afternoon? is it still afternoon? :p15:49
oSoMoNalrighty, I'm off for three days, have a good week-end everyone17:16

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