realtime-neilI'm starting to wonder if13:46
realtime-neilI'm starting to wonder if using the Server rather than the Desktop Bionic installer would be an easier way to get the GA kernel in my installed targets.13:47
xnoxso server images, we do explicitely default to GA kernel; and provide HWE one as an option.16:33
realtime-neilxnox: understood; it's a shame Focal does away with non-live server images16:43
realtime-neilfor me, at any rate16:44
xnoxrealtime-neil:  there is one..... one-off one.....16:44
xnoxhidden at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-legacy-server/releases/20.04.1/release/ and requires a survey as to why you are trying to use it16:45
realtime-neilxnox: that'll work!16:48

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