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Unit193jphilips: 'extras' is new stuff, 'staging' is backports to focal, 'experimental' is 4.15 stuff.02:26
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jphilipsUnit193: thanks. guess i'll stick with enabling staging. any plans to get thunar-shares-plugin into the ISO as its the only new thing in extras now and definitely would be a good easy addition to have enabled by default in xubuntu?11:16
Unit193Staging isn't for testing purposes, but alright.  Nope.11:23
jphilipsstaging description: "The packages are uploaded for the convenience of people testing these new package versions and features in an otherwise stable environment."11:57
jphilipsjust fixed the 18.04 download links which were broken for the last 2 months and we should look into a means for these links not to get broken like this when the .torrent files are removed20:44
jphilipsbluesabre: is 18.04 running gtk2 xfce?20:45
Unit193brainwash: Actually, you seem quite interested in that plugin, if you can come up with a longer description, I'll package it for 'extras' :321:25
brainwashlonger description?21:27
brainwash'A modern, docklike, minimalist taskbar for XFCE'21:27
brainwashthat is too short?21:27
brainwashtaken from the github page21:28
brainwashthe features could be listed to fill description space21:29
Unit193That's about what I used for the sort description, and sure that'll do for now maybe.21:31
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xubuntu40Hi everybody, i want to ask, what is the first thing you want to tell your friend when he goes from windows to xubuntu OS ? 23:40
Unit193I'd be curious why said friend made the change, I guess.23:41
xubuntu40sorry i didn't make myself clear, i mean any tips any guidelines or something to first look before goes crazy with his new OS, something like that23:43
Unit193Heh, I have things I do to customize it, but that's not really fitting for anyone else.  I'd mainly just tell someone to not be afraid to tinker and customize it to however they like it.23:46
Unit193I don't think he liked that answer.23:56

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