BluesKajHi all11:42
Mamarokoh brilliant, now I have no sound whsatsoever, niether the built-inb audio card nor the USB plug card are seen on Groovx :-(12:38
Mamarokat least Plasma loads correctlx now, nut why is the sound gone?12:38
BluesKajMamarok, intel audio ?12:39
BluesKajnot the usb, but the onboard12:39
BluesKajMamarok, if you upgraded to a new kernel lately then perhaps the old intel bug is in effect, sometimes the driver doesn't load 12:41
Mamarokoh crap, yes, that's the -21 kernel, the 20 had serious problems loading everything, now at least it is jsut the sound12:42
BluesKajso run sudo modprobe snd_hda_intel, if it loads properly there will be no output from the command, then a reboot might be needed12:42
Mamarokmeaning I have external keyboard and mouse working now and Plasma loads correcltly, which the -20 kernel never did12:42
Mamaroklet me check12:43
Mamarokbtw, how can I make sure the WiFi card is activate on startup? That is another thing which is highly annoying since 20.0412:44
BluesKajMamarok, I have the same network start problem with my laptop. clicking on the netwoek manager and choosing your listed router should worl. i haven't found a method yet to tell network manager to autoconnect wifi 12:49
Mamarokright, let's reboot to try getting some sound...12:49
Mamarokgood, sound is back, but the Plasma loading issues are back as well, maybe some conflicts on startup? takes roughly 25 seconds to load the panel12:54
Mamarokthe externsl sound card is not seen at all, strsngelyx I can sue the buttons on it to change the volume, but the sound card doesn't appear in the devices list12:56
BluesKajrun lsusb to se if the external sound card is listed12:57
Mamarokit is listed12:59
BluesKajperhaps it shows with F6 in alsamixer12:59
BluesKajyou can choose it there13:00
Mamarokyes, that works, now let's see if that helps...13:00
Mamarokdoesn't help, though, I can't get any output through it, or do I need to reload Plasma?13:02
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BluesKajMamarok, you may need to choose it in pavucontrol as well13:05
Mamarokit still doesn't show in pavucontrol :-(13:07
BluesKajhmm, wonder if it needs to be chosen in the efi/bios 13:09
BluesKajthat's a bit of a pita tho13:09
Mamarokoh my, that would be a first, that just worked previouslx, why would this have changed= I have never chosen a soundcard in the Bios on this machine13:10
Mamarokhaving to choose USB plugs in  the bios makes no sense13:10
BluesKajok, well then my knowledge about outboard sound is rather limited, unless you know how to use jack, something i have no clue about13:12
MamarokI think I will leve it for now, at least it recognized the HDMI output again so I have sound on the display13:14
Mamarokwaiting for the new laptop to arrive and see if the idsues persist on the AMD machine13:14
BluesKajwhat do you use the outboard audio for?13:14
MamarokI plug in the external speakers and microphone, as the laptop sound card is rather very basic and has no wayx to plug in external speakers13:16
BluesKajcan't you plug the external speakers into the audio out on the laptop?13:18
BluesKajsame place where you plug the neadphones13:19
Mamarokyes, but then I would ahve to plug in the headphonbes on the speakers aas well for the mic, whcih is a bit of a cable mess13:19
Mamarokalso I have better sound through that external sound card13:20
BluesKajsometimes intel audio distorts the input audio volume if it goes above 80% in alsamixer13:21
Mamaroktrue, and even a cheap external card is better in that regard13:26
Mamaroklooking forward to that AMD machine... hopefull arriving next week13:26
Mamarokyes, Ryzen5, the 7 laptop ones are not available until next year13:27
BluesKaji use a hdmi to my avreceiver from this pc, but it's spdif so it's a totally digital stream thru the onboard intel audio, so the D/A conversion doesn't happen in the pc at all and the audio is really quite clean on all codecs. I don't use my laptop for audio listening at all. 13:33
BluesKajthis setup is basically a HTPC 13:34
BluesKajgetting an occasional FF freeze up here, any ideas?14:35
BluesKajon GG14:35
ricktimmisA kubuntu user emailed the list about no Sudo for Dolphin or Kate. I've managed to solve kate using sudoedit, any ideas on how to approach file management with sudo ?18:01
Mamarokoh well, it's a KDE decision, advanced users can always handle their files with the command line18:07
Mamarokit's too risky for most users to have sudo access in Dolphin, the risk of actully totally ruining their system is too high, I think it's legit not to make this too easy to use18:08
ricktimmisYes, I read Martins blog which makes sense.18:08
Mamarokand experienced users know how to circumvent that anyway18:09
ricktimmisI was thinking of perhaps having an admin file manager solution in the K Menu. Obviously not Dolphin18:09
ricktimmisYes that is a good point18:09
ricktimmisThe user who emailed pointed out that they don't want to use the CLI for this. 18:10
Mamarokthey don't have to, but as I said, if they know what they are doing they have sudo access on the GUI18:10
MamarokI remember back in RedHat 5 times the root GUI was dark red overall :-)18:11
ricktimmisWow! Red Hat 518:11
ricktimmisThat is a long time ago18:11
ricktimmisI think I started with RH718:11
ricktimmisI was using SuSe before that18:12
Mamarokthat was my first Linux installation, and it took me like 3 months to get X working18:12
Mamarokthen I switched to SuSE too18:12
ricktimmisYeah, I tried Mandrake which I got in a box with about 12 3.5 disks18:12
ricktimmisNever got it workingh18:12
Mamarokonly to develop a deep hatred for Yast...18:12
ricktimmisI still have found feeling for SuSe18:13
Mamarokand then I tried Debian, and soon discovered Sid and as happy for a long time18:13
Mamarokwith some experiments with Gentoo and Mandrake, and Mepis18:13
ricktimmisSimilar deal here Mandrake 'Fail' -> SuSe (Yay! ) RedHat (Yat! ) -> Gentoo ( Ouch, Ooo, Fail, fix, Yay!) - Debian -> Ubuntu -> Kubuntu ( Home )18:15
ricktimmisAh ha18:19
ricktimmisThanks @Mamarok - Found a pkexec solution based upon your hint18:19
ricktimmisNow I feel like I know what I am doing18:19

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