auvajshi, I was using two monitors for some time (laptop+external monitor) but now after I restarted laptop the external monitor is not displayed and it's not even shown in the Monitor Settings.. anybody to help me please? I have Lubuntu 20.0400:45
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lubot<Sergio_Security> @Michaël Van Bogaert [can you open cli?], Yes, control+alt+f2 always works... I can open OpenBox but just right click shows menus. Unfortunately no GUI runs properly. I installed gdm3,  removed and purge lxde but no luck. So I reinstalled lxde-session and the rest of the stuff bit still not working.01:17
lubot<Sergio_Security> I went to the cli, and run startlxde01:18
lubot<Sergio_Security> (Photo, 1280x559) https://i.imgur.com/M1sPItT.jpg01:22
lubot<Sergio_Security> Could you show me your /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/desktop.conf please?01:24
lubot<Sergio_Security> (Photo, 1280x564) https://i.imgur.com/WZkXIbV.jpg01:34
lubot<Sergio_Security> If I do sudo lxdm start … And then startx I can run gnome or cinnamon, but no lxde01:57
guiverc@Sergio_Security, LXDE is supported by Lubuntu only in 18.04 (and historically prior releases). Lubuntu switched to LXQt in 18.1002:52
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random1hey im curious if anyone can tell me if my firewall logs look off. im pretty sure its someone on my wifi attacking my laptop.06:28
random1would greatly appreciate it.06:28
Maikrandom1: don't cross post please, asking for help in one channel, like you did in #ubuntu already, is sufficient enough06:36
random1sure thing. i do apologize maik. :/06:37
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> @Sergio_Security [Could you show me your /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/desktop.conf please?], I can't … I use lxqt08:41
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> If you install sddm  … and enable it … I can show you what its config file should be … since the display manager/login manager provides you with a certain session after you log in  … @Sergio_Security08:44
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> `sudo apt install sddm` … `sudo systemctl disable gdm`  … replace gdm with what you're using currently … `sudo systemctl enable sddm` … sddm its config file for me is08:48
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> (Photo, 509x132) https://i.imgur.com/PRXKENV.jpg08:48
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> if lxqt is installed properly this should provide you with a gui08:49
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> @Michaël Van Bogaert [<reply to image>], judging by its config file  … one could easily guess why it's called … simple desktop display manager 😁08:53
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akemI have a a bug with packaged gimp, i create a new A4(300dpi) picture then i open a photo, if i do ctrl+c on the pic to copy it in the buffer, gimp crash. It works ok with the flatpak though...But its very annoying.14:44
LimeOnjust tested it, the same problem14:49
LimeOnCtrl+C crashed the app14:49
lubot<HMollerCl> it seems to be a qlipper problem14:55
akemIt only affects Lubuntu and not Ubuntu?14:56
lubot<HMollerCl> I think ubuntu doesn't use qlipper. You can close qlipper14:57
akemI'm gonna test that, brb.14:59
akemYes, it works fine if i close qlipper.15:03
akemSo, i just disabled it from autostart applications for now...I don't think i really need it anyway.15:04
akemShould we report this issue somewhere, so it gets fixed?15:04
lubot<kc2bez> Yes, file a bug please. `ubuntu-bug qlipper`15:06
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