rbasakUnit193: any idea why it leaks?00:03
Unit193Bug in wolfssl's compat layer?  Or something?  I tried the latest release and even git HEAD, still issues.00:04
rbasakI'm not aware that "Deiban dooesn't seem to care about that any more" and I'm fairly sure that the position of at least one archive admin is that if Icecast upstream doesn't provide an OpenSSL linking exception then you can't link it.00:04
rbasakI don't think I can give you a +1 without checking with the Ubuntu archive admins and the wider SRU team.00:06
Unit193http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-ftp/2020/debian-ftp.2020-03-13-20.02.html  Well, ideally re-link to openssl instead, but no TLS support would be better than leaky TLS (then they can just use upstream's OBS repo to get TLS support, because browsers are rejecting non-TLS connections nowdays..)00:08
rbasakThank you for the link! I didn't know about that.00:14
rbasakSo just SRU team consultation needed then.00:15
Unit193Sure thing, they never got around to announcing it so it's a bit in limbo, but...I'd really like the feature here for that. :300:15
rbasakAre you going to upload a new icecast2 to Debian that switches back to OpenSSL?00:15
rbasakUnit193: I suggest you get an SRU bug ready00:17
rbasakThen I can ask the SRU team about it00:17
Unit193OK, I must confess I'm not very good at that.  I presume I basically just file an issue for the package and it can be adapted.00:18
rbasakRoughly yes. Use a bug title of "Memory leak when using SSL" or something00:21
rbasakSee what you can do with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#Procedure00:21
rbasakTry to explain why switching to OpenSSL is the most suitable way of fixing the issue00:22
rbasakDon't worry about section headings too much if that bothers you. The important thing is that the required information is discernable from what you wrote, not how you write it.00:23
Unit193Just pushed the fixed icecast2 to Debian.00:38

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