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motortoHi guys , I am trying to set a static ip addr for my ubuntu server, but after modifying my netplan to this : http://ix.io/2Ahm , and run netplan apply , I get no internet connection09:51
motortoCould you help me ?09:51
motortoMaybe what I am missing / doing wrong09:51
mgedminmotorto: that looks like a YAML syntax error to me; you need a space after the colon in "dhcp4:false"09:54
mgedminyou can check for syntax problems with apt install yamllint09:55
motortoUps , my original file doesn't have that syntax error09:55
motortoI had to transpose the file to my host machine by hand09:56
motortoRunning on a vm09:56
mgedminalso indentation seems wrong (dhcp4 under nameservers?)09:56
motortoThat's the default09:56
motortoIt came like that on default installation09:57
mgedminah! never mind then09:57
mgedmin)although the manual page says that's not valid)09:58
motortoI added rendered line , and of course the settings to enp0s3 (disabled dhcp)09:59
mgedminversion: 2 is also in the wrong place?09:59
motortoOnce again the defaults , didn't modify the structure of the file09:59
motortoAnd netplan try doesn't gives me any errors10:00
mgedminI'm going to assume the file is fine, just you messed up the indentation when copying it by hand into the pastebin10:01
motortoCorrect , netplan doesn't gives me any errors !10:02
motortoSorry just noticed now how bad indented the file I sent was10:03
mgedminah, that's mor elike it10:03
motortoNow its indented as it is on my vm10:03
mgedminwhat's the output of 'ip a'?10:04
mgedminsince it's hard to pastebin without working network maybe you can take a screenshot and upload it to imgur.com?10:04
motortoThanks , you just made my life easier10:05
motortoSorry , changed networks , and had to log out and log in again mgedmin10:10
mgedminwell, so the IP you specified _is_ configured10:13
mgedminhey I only just now noticed10:13
mgedminyou set the gateway address to be the same as the host address10:13
mgedminso it can't reach anything else on the internet as a result10:13
motortoCan my gateway be anything ?10:14
motortoExcept the same as ip ?10:14
mgedminno, it needs to be the correct gateway IP for the network you're in10:15
mgedmine.g. if you rent a VPS from a provider, the provider will tell you what IP, netmask, gateway to use (or they may tell you to use DHCP)10:15
mgedminyou can't just pick random numbers and expect to be able to connect to the internet10:15
motortoHow do I check the current gateway ?10:16
motortoip route ?10:16
motortoI am going to enable dhcp then10:16
motortoreboot and the set the static ip , to the gateway that dhcp connected10:16
mgedminyeah `ip r` will show you the gateway in the `default via X.X.X.X ...` line10:17
motortoIn this case my gateway is
motortoCan I keep the yaml as is  and simply modify the gateway line to ?10:21
motortoBecause I am pretty sure the answer is no ( tried it and no internet connection10:22
mgedminyou can't just pick random IP addresses, you might conflict with some other VPS already using that IP10:23
mgedminbesides is in a different network from
mgedmina gateway needs to be in the same subnet10:24
motortoHum thanks ,for the help !10:34
motortoI am still not succefull , basically what I want is my vm to have always the same ip so that I can ssh into that , independent if my laptop is on wifi or ethernet10:35
motortoBut that's offtopic here10:35
mgedminwait, is it a VM running on your local machine?  I assumed a cloud VPS for some reason10:38
mgedminif you install avahi-daemon in the VM, perhaps you can always ssh using its hostname.local?10:39
motortoYeah , its a local vm on my host machine10:39
motorto*on my local machine10:39
motortoOk let me try that10:40
mgedminwhat virtualization tech do you have?  the hypervisor ought to be able to configure a static IP10:40
mgedminI have a bunch of libvirt-managed VMs with static IPs in my office10:41
motortoI am using oracle virtualbox10:41
motortoJust because it's easier to setup than a libvirt10:41
mgedmin(actually they're static only in the sense that my router assigns them the same IP via DHCP based on the MAC address)10:41
motortoBut there on your local machine you are connected to the same network all the time right ?10:42
motortoUbuntu enables automatically the systemd services ?10:43
mgedminIIRC in virtualbox you have a choice of using bridged vs NATed vs host-only network10:44
motortoI know , bridged changes ip addr all the time10:44
motortoNAT , it's what I am currently using with port-forwarding10:45
motortoBut that doesn't seem to be working10:45
mgedminwhat is your goal?  ssh into your VM from the host?  ssh into your VM from other machines on the LAN?10:45
motortossh from my host to the vm10:47
mgedminthat's certainly simpler10:49
mgedmindoesn't virtualbox allow you to specify a static (internal) IP for the VM?10:49
mgedminthen inside the VM you can use DHCP and you'll always get the right fixed IP10:50
mgedminand outside you can add it to /etc/hosts, or set up an alias via ~/.ssh/config, whichever you like10:50
motortoCan I delete  the yaml , and on bot it will be recreated ?10:59
motortoOn ubuntu server 20.04 can I still use the /etc/network/interfaces instead of netplan ?11:09
motortoSo I created a adapter on virtualbox, and it has the following settings:11:23
motortoipv4 address:
motortoipv4 network mask:
motortoipv6 addr fe80::7727:807e:68e8:755e11:24
motortoipv6 prefix length: 6411:24
motortoNow setting the adapter on netplan , doesn't seem possible ... Can't find a network mask adapter11:24
motortoOption on netplan11:25
RoyKfe80:: is just link local11:30
samba35how to optimize  /auto tune swap usage on ram / swap on hdd ?12:24
ice9after upgrading to 20.04, I get this error during 'apt update': https://bpa.st/OLZA   any idea?12:30
lotuspsychje!crosspost | ice912:31
ubottuice9: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.12:31
RoyKiwell,  that's a ppa, not supported12:35
oerhekswireguard ppa is no longer needed.12:36
mgedminhmm, I cannot apt install atop inside an LXD container?15:27
tomreynis that because when you try to, you computer mutates into a coffee machine?15:36
tomreyni assume it is not, but you didn't really tell us what happens whenyou try.15:38
mgedminsorry, the postinst script fails because the atopacct.service unit fails because15:39
mgedminatopacctd[1839]: receive NETLINK family, errno -215:39
mgedminfound a workaround: systemctl mask atopacct.service before the apt install15:42
Aisonhello, one of my ubuntu servers (btrfs as root) refuses to boot. The boot process ends with initramfs and the busybox console. The last message I can read is run-init PID must be 115:42
AisonI tried to mount the real /dev/sdb2 (the real root) on /root and then do run-init /root /sbin/init15:44
Aisonbut this is not accepted with the same error PID must be 115:45
Aisonor how can I manually continue from busybox?15:46
Sonithese tests take 2 hours to run on qemu-system-s390x15:46
Sonithey take 2 minutes to run on CI15:46
Sonibut that's x86_64 CI, not s390x15:46
Soniwe haven't tried running them on x86_64 locally...15:47
Sonilet's see how fast they run locally...15:49
Sonioh yeah15:53
Soniit runs in minutes locally15:53
Sonidone in 86 seconds15:54
Sonianyone got an s390x box we could use? .-.15:58
Sonican we get that box *and* finish running tests on it *before* this run finishes? it's at 1300 seconds, so we have a little over an hour to do all that16:02
Soni(yeah, this is ridiculous. :/)16:02
tomreynSoni: i'm not sure what the context is of what you're saying, but other than the s390x resources i believe canonical and ubuntu have available via launchpadbuild nodes, a couple other open source friendly projects also got some, and share them.16:25
Soniand how do you use those with a fork? https://github.com/WebAssembly/wabt/pull/155716:26
tomreyntravis ci should work, i guess16:27
Sonijust, anything that would get rid of 2 hour test times .-.16:27
tomreynis this on github build infrastructure?16:28
Soniideally a shell would make this easier but eh w/e16:30
tomreyni see. well, you could try on travix ci, launchpad, osuosl, i think obs, too16:31
Sonilinuxone community cloud?16:45
uboneinstalled mailman319:22
ubonehttps://ubuntu.com/server/docs/mail-mailman and postfix's master.cf says there should be /usr/lib/mailman/bin/postfix-to-mailman.py but there is not19:22
ubonenor in mailman319:23
ubonea bug from 2004 ...19:42
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tomreynubone: there is in package "mailman", on 18.04 (and maybe other releases). you did not state which ubuntu release you'Re using.21:47
tomreynmost likely, though, you're looking for a wyay to do it with python 3, and /usr/lib/mailman/bin/postfix-to-mailman.py will be python 2.21:49
uboneyep i used mailman3 not the legacy one22:00
uboneit's 180422:01
tomreynno, no, it's 202022:02

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