victorbrcaAnyone familiar with setting up a 3.5 display on Ubuntu 20.04 64-bit on RPIs?00:00
victorbrcaI have the 3B model and whenever I try to enable the display the Pi stops booting.00:01
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auvajshi, I was using two monitors for some time (laptop+external monitor) but now after I restarted laptop the external monitor is not displayed and it's not even shown in the Monitor Settings.. anybody to help me please? I have Lubuntu 20.0400:44
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lightstarGood day, I would like to check regarding an issue using ansible with systemd 245.4. It's related to this bug [https://github.com/systemd/systemd/pull/16424]. It has been fixed in systemd 245.7. Is there any way to check if this has been reported and if a bug is being issued for Ubuntu 20.04? Thanks.02:07
lotuspsychjelightstar: you could checkup the systemd bugs/latest perhaps?02:08
lotuspsychjelightstar: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bugs?orderby=importance&start=002:08
lightstarlotuspsychje, thanks, will take a look there02:08
lotuspsychjelightstar: not sure if related to you, but there's bug #188035902:10
ubottubug 1880359 in ansible (Ubuntu) ""Malformed output discovered from systemd list-unit-files" " [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/188035902:10
lightstarlotuspsychje, yes this is the same one. Thanks02:18
lotuspsychjelightstar: affect yourself on the bug please and dupe your new created bug towards it, tnx for reporting!02:20
lightstarlotuspsychje, reading more into it, it's not exactly the same bug but its in the same vein. Gathering the facts about services is fine but when attempting to change the individual service state it fails. But it's a good start. Thanks again02:22
lotuspsychjelightstar: ok, if its not the same, please apport-collect 1899232 on your new one to pull in relevant info into the bug02:24
DarkTrickQ: I was told, my system uses the old "intel" driver ( https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/1898713/comments/5 ). Is it correct and save to change /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf ?02:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1733292 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1898713 Xorg crashed with SIGSEGV in point_on_screen from miPointerSetPosition from positionSprite from positionSprite from fill_pointer_events" [Medium,Confirmed]02:39
DarkTrickContent of the file: https://pastebin.com/RmyFNGwz02:39
rk4anyone know if the intel T14 certification for ubuntu requires the third party firmware stuffs03:13
lotuspsychjerk4: elaborate details a bit so volunteers can think along with you03:45
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. See `man xorg.conf` for file structure and syntax. For Ubuntu-specific documentation and more information, see also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config03:49
rk4ah, i think the answer is "maybe", https://certification.ubuntu.com/hardware/202006-27980 doesn't actually certify that ubuntu from canonical will work, it certifies that an ubuntu edition with unspecified modifications from lenovo works03:50
rk4"This system was tested with 20.04 LTS, running the 5.6.0-1027-oem kernel.03:51
rk4is an interesting detail, given 20.04 ships with 5.403:52
bumblefuzzso, I'm on this website04:23
bumblefuzzand it's supposed to tell me about what a website can see of my computer04:24
bumblefuzzand it's saying my monitor resolution is 2289x1288p04:24
bumblefuzzfirst, I can't even find this resolution04:24
bumblefuzzsecond, my monitor is supposed to be a 1920x108004:25
bumblefuzzwhen I look at my display settings, it says my monitor is 1920x108004:26
mimi_tomubuntu is love04:42
bumblefuzzthat really helps04:57
mimi_tombucketm0use: im from a heavy arch&debian background for few years but ubuntu "just works" when it comes to 3rd party software and other drivers stuff. it really saves me lot of hair, im back to ubuntu and it is love05:02
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random1Hello. I am having issues with my USB plug and it will not read any flash drives that i plug in. Tried making sure it wasnt hardware related by doing a dual boot and it works then but when I am running Ubuntu. Any advice? Been dealing with this for days05:13
rk4well that's a fun glitch, my i5-10210U is stick at 800MHz, so i switched it to the performance cpu governor...still at 800MHz, noticed it thought the max and min freq were both 800MHz hence powersave or performance its not going to change. so i was like...oh...there's 5.6.0 oem kernels in the default repos, so i tried the latest of those, which had no change05:36
plujonOn Ubuntu 18.04 LTS desktop, what ordinarily causes dhclient to run?05:54
plujonOn one VM, for reasons I can't yet fathom, dhclient does not run, and the machine gets no IP address after boot.  If I run dhclient manually, it gets an IP.05:54
EoflaOEplujon: Have you tried opening "sudo nano /etc/rc.local" and put the dhclient command that you use before the "exit 0" statement?06:07
plujonEoflaOE: No.06:08
plujonI don't use /etc/rc.local06:08
EoflaOEplujon: Alright. Then, pastebin the output of /etc/network/interfaces to see if the auto configuration lines is missing06:12
plujonEoflaOE: /etc/network/interfaces is completely commented out on 3 different ubuntu machines, 2 of which fully functioning DHCP.06:14
plujon"ifupdown has been replaced by netplan(5) on this system..."06:15
plujonThe bad machine has /etc/netplan/01-network-manager-all.yaml .  Hmm.06:16
plujonBam, that's it.06:17
plujonThe fix: rm /etc/netplan/01-network-manager-all.yaml, and suddenly dhcp works again.06:17
plujonWhy the heck was that file there?  No idea.06:18
plujonThanks for the tip.06:18
EoflaOEYou're welcome plujon. Enjoy and have a good day.06:18
random1hey its me again. basically i think i got hacked. my ufw logs are showing some sketchy stuff06:23
random1pretty sure its my roommate. anyone able to tell me if that looks off? it shows its on my wifi06:23
rk4how exciting!06:33
rk4well, that's a multicast address fora  start06:35
random1what about  https://pastebin.com/6znNEXxK  thats my auth.log06:35
rk4who/what is and friends would be my first step06:36
random1i live in a dorm type of setting with 3 houses under the same network06:37
rk4so what i think is happening from a skim of your fw logs, is that you're dropping a bunch of incoming traffic. i don't know much about multicast, but that its showing up as being blocked is not indicative of being hacked. if it didn't show up at all! now that would be more scary06:37
rk4https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1886913 ah apparently proto=2 is IGMP06:40
random1Ok. I appreciate you rk4 :)06:42
rk4that guys theory of a router is possibly a little off, you have quite a few of these packets from hosts all in the same small /24 subnet06:42
rk4if it's legal, i'd nmap one of them and try to find out what it is06:43
random1tell me what to type rk4 i am giving it all to you lol. Im lost at this point06:43
random1im not that experienced in these matters. In the process of learning06:44
rk4well, this sort of traffic isn't very helpful to log every few seconds, the only threat i see so far is that it adds so much log noise that you'll miss important things, and that it'll suck disk space up06:46
rk4while you're into the nmap, it would be worth getting someone on the network to nmap /you/, just to make sure your firewall is happily configured to drop everything incoming that's not related to an existing outgoing connection06:47
rk4nmap does service version detection [-sV] and os detection [-O] so can be handy for trying to work out what something is06:48
random1i need to get familiar with nmap then06:48
rk4nmap many years ago was how i learnt about ip/tcp/udp etc, :)06:50
random1I appreciate you rk4 :)06:51
CtrlCDo I have to have any sort of special setup on my server to be able to use "ssh -D"?07:08
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blb4393hello, i'm trying to install ubuntu onto the same disk where windows is. I shrinked the disk, created a small partition for rootfs and a big one for home. During installing ubuntu server live I noticed that the installer want to use existing /boot/efi as boot. Will it destroy my windows boot?07:43
EriC^^blb4393: no07:51
EriC^^blb4393: unless you specifically instruct it to format it07:51
EriC^^blb4393: im assuming you mean it wants to use it as the efi partition and not /boot07:51
DeyaaCan I ask a network related question?07:55
DeyaaWhat's going to happen if I set  facebook.com ip to webproxy?07:56
blb4393EriC^^: it wants to use it as /boot/efi. So, efi then07:57
blb4393EriC^^: well the installer says /boot/efi has been selected as a boot device, grub will be installed onto this partition. I'm kinda unsure08:10
EriC^^blb4393: sounds like the efi partition, i was thinking earlier that other distros could use efi partition as /boot also, i think ubuntu is just like /boot/efi -> efi partition08:14
EriC^^blb4393: if you want you could always backup your efi partition to a file and restore it, or if you have a windows iso you could always reinstall it from there no worries08:16
luckylinuxHi. Is there a gnome "widget" (for lack of better term) that shows you when updates are being installed? I absolutely don't like the software updater and would prefer to automatically install the updates (via CRON, SALT, ...). Any utility/applet/widget that could show up in the notification area showing the progress ?08:40
palimaarhi, I'm trying to set up a samba share in my machine to share across a home network. I've created a specific user to use it, and added it via smbpasswd. Clients can see the shares listed, but cannot authenticate against it (password prompt just keeps reappearing). What could be causing this issue? This is the smb.conf bit I added to it https://termbin.com/w3ly08:44
palimaarI ommitted the rest of the config, but can share the full extract if needed08:44
palimaarI also chmod'd and chown'd everything to make sure that SMB user had free access to the shared directory, but still no way to access it from outside. Tested from another 20.04 machine08:45
luckylinuxpalimaar, yz mismatch maybe (different keyboard layout) ? Restart samba ?08:46
luckylinuxinstead of public I have guest ok = no08:47
luckylinuxinstead of writeable I have read only = no08:48
luckylinuxnot sure if your settings are invalid, just comparing ...08:48
palimaarluckylinux: ok thanks for the review08:48
mgedminanything interesting in samba's logs?08:48
palimaarI did notice that smb.conf has some pretty ambiguous syntax/values08:48
luckylinuxmost importantly make sure you have08:48
luckylinux security = user08:48
luckylinux        and not ---> #security = domain08:48
palimaaroh thanks08:49
luckylinuxand server role = standalone08:49
luckylinuxthose should be the basics thing to check08:49
palimaarmgedmin: nothing, actually. When client attempts connection it says something like connection opened, followed immediately by connection closed08:49
palimaar(would you like to take a look, anyway?)08:49
luckylinuxHeck I wanted to setup AD but that didn't work out very well, so I just resorted to standaalone for now08:50
palimaarluckylinux: ok, those are in the other parts of the config, right?08:50
palimaarBecause basically i just added this [share] bit and left everything else untouched08:50
luckylinuxsecury and server role are in the "general" section, not the per-share setting, yes08:50
luckylinuxpalimaar, defaults might not always be the best :D08:50
palimaarthat's true, indeed08:51
luckylinuxI also had this for ACLs: vfs objects = acl_xattr08:51
luckylinux        map acl inherit = yes08:51
luckylinux        store dos attributes = yes08:51
luckylinuxyou could possibly also have ip configuration issues (duplicate IP), firewall, etc, so let's rule out the obvious first08:52
luckylinuxi'd suggest you post your full configuration on a pastebin08:52
luckylinuxRemove any sensitive information if any08:52
palimaarluckylinux: will do08:54
luckylinuxmaybe also this can be helpful08:54
luckylinux        protocol = SMB308:54
luckylinux        server max protocol = SMB308:54
palimaaralso, before we move on, what's that 'yz mismatch' you mentioned?08:54
luckylinuxah I use swiss French/German keyboard, but by default on some systems I get US08:55
luckylinuxso y and z are reversed08:55
mgedminnetwork problems are unlikely if you get a password prompt and you see a connection in the server logs08:55
luckylinuxyou could also maybe have numlock issues (sometimes I have wrong status reporting)08:55
palimaarAh! I see! I actually use the standard US-105 keyboard, so I guess that's not an issue08:55
palimaarah true08:56
palimaarhttps://termbin.com/p8nv  -- this is the full one08:56
luckylinuxbut I'd say some configuration issue wrong in the smb.conf file08:56
luckylinuxdo you have the same workgroup everywhere? WORKGROUP is the default08:56
luckylinuxI don't have these password sync things08:58
palimaarI always left WORKGROUP as default08:58
mgedminI wonder about the "   valid users = %S" bit, given the comment above08:58
luckylinuxI guess I have an old base based of Gentoo Samba 4.3 or something :D08:58
mgedmingiven that your share is \\server\NAS, and the user connecting is not NAS08:58
mgedminI guess valid users is a space-separated list?  are you connecting as 'pi' or as 'flyingtoaster'?08:59
luckylinuxlog level = 3 passdb:0 auth:0 winbind:0 vfs:008:59
luckylinuxTry to put this below log file08:59
luckylinuxand restart samba08:59
luckylinuxthen try again08:59
mgedminah, never mind, the valid users in [NAS] should override the valid users in [home]08:59
luckylinuxincrease the log level so we see more info09:00
palimaarOk, I'll add that to the bottom of the file and see what comes out of it09:00
luckylinuxpalimaar, nooo09:00
luckylinuxpalimaar, if you add it at the bottom of the file I think that is only a share specific directive, not sure if you can put log settings there09:01
luckylinuxput it in general just below log file setting09:01
palimaarok, so outside of the share definitions09:01
luckylinuxthat's what I would do, yes09:01
palimaarok, restarting samba and trying again09:02
luckylinuxfor the share follow symlinks = yes might be useful if you have some symlinks or maybe samba on NFS or smth09:02
luckylinuxbut I'm not sure you have that09:03
luckylinuxIt's also possible my file is half standalone half AD so not all of it would be required for a proper configuration09:03
palimaaralso, mgedmin should I remove that 'valid users' line? I have not used it in the past, but tried it today since the share was erroring09:03
palimaarluckylinux: I don't think I do, it's a very simple setup09:03
palimaarbut I guess it can't hurt09:03
mgedminno, that was a red herring09:03
luckylinuxmaybe ... username map = /etc/samba/usermap.conf09:04
luckylinuxI just name myname = Myname but not sure if you have these low/upper case issues09:05
luckylinuxCan you try again and see if you get something ?09:06
palimaarsmbd[4274]: pam_unix(samba:session): session opened for user flyingtoaster09:09
palimaarand then 'closed'09:10
palimaarwhere else can I check the logs?09:10
luckylinuxI'd say get all the last 20 lines or so ...09:10
luckylinuxI have several files in /var/log/samba09:11
palimaarI don't have a usermap.conf file09:11
luckylinuxBut maybe for you it's different09:11
luckylinuxI don't think the usermap is an issue for your setup, just something different I have on top09:11
luckylinuxI don't have pam anywhere in my logs09:12
luckylinuxNot sure about that09:12
palimaarahh, yes, I guess I was looking in the wrong location for system information09:12
palimaarI'll attempt again and share the log here, one second09:12
luckylinuxMaybe you also have something in /var/log/messages09:12
palimaarThese are the logs https://termbin.com/nvh709:13
luckylinuxWell it seem no username is provided09:15
mgedminso heyyyy the pam_unix(samba) message about "session opened" seems to indicate that the password authentication was successful09:17
luckylinuxIf it doesn't work the traditional way try with cifsutils from shell09:17
luckylinuxput in fstab to try maybe smth like09:17
luckylinux/ServerIP/ServerShare                                      /mnt/test       cifs                noauto                   0       009:17
luckylinuxdouble slash in front of serverIP09:18
palimaarhow could this be, though, authentication works, and I do provide both username and password when attempting to connect to the shares09:18
luckylinuxthis got trimmed by IRC09:18
palimaarshould I try using smbclient instead of the file manager?09:18
luckylinuxpalimaar, did you try to provide username as WORKGROUP\username ?09:18
luckylinuxI would try with cifsutils first09:18
palimaaralso, the other client is an iPad, no idea how that would play out09:18
palimaarno, let me try being more explicit09:18
palimaarthere is a line for the domain, and there it's defined as workgroup09:19
mgedminyeah, smbclient //server/share could be a good way to test this09:19
luckylinuxyeah I know but sometimes (mostly with windows) you still need to do09:19
palimaarWORKGROUP\username doesn't work either09:19
palimaarmgedmin: I can log in with smbclient! But every thing in there seems to return NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED09:23
mgedmingood!  so you have filesystem permission issues09:24
mgedminon the server, via ssh, try to sudo -u flyingtoaster ls /media/pi/FTOASTER09:24
mgedminyou'll probably get a permission denied09:25
palimaaralright, that's a little weird, I did chmod'ed everything to 777 as a test there09:25
mgedminfigure out what directory (or parent directory) is not allowing flyingtoaster access09:25
palimaarbut yes let me try09:25
mgedminparent directories need to be at least +x for the user (or group)09:25
palimaaraaaah gotcha09:26
luckylinuxNot sure if you need setfacl / getfacl instead of chmod. I seemed to have that issue at least ...09:26
palimaarI've pinned down the issue, and it was mostly my naivete09:26
palimaarFTOASTER is 777 in permissions09:26
mgedminit's confusing when file permission issues result in a new password dialog09:26
palimaarbut /media/pi is not!09:26
mgedmintesting with smbclient was a good idea09:27
palimaarok, last check, I'll allow directory +x in the pi directory09:27
mgedminI'm pretty sure I once wasted months on this very same issue09:27
palimaarlocally it works, now up to try with the clients09:28
luckylinuxSame around here :(. Maybe I solved it by luck ... Still NFS can give similar issues. Like you chown -R user:user /mnt/test when mounted but it still refuses to set the proper permissions. In that case you have to unmount share, chown user:user /mnt/test, then mount it again. Quite tricky that one :D09:28
palimaarmgedmin: man, I do feel your pain09:28
palimaaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back09:29
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palimaarhey luckylinux, mgedmin thanks so much for helping09:29
luckylinuxpalimaar, you're welcome, in the end I didn't do so much, it was mostly mgedmin ;)09:30
palimaarluckylinux: thanks for your tips with smb.conf, I really need to look more into afterwards if I'm planning to do anything more complex with this tiny NAS. Your comments were definitely not in vain09:30
palimaarand thanks for the suggestion too mgedmin09:30
palimaaryou guys rock09:30
* palimaar virtual brofists luckylinux mgedmin 09:31
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emu_spyhow active is this place?10:03
lotuspsychjeemu_spy: 24/710:05
oerheksactive, when a support issue comes by10:06
Lopeanyone here tried cryfs? do you think it's stable enough to use?10:32
oerheks!info cryfs10:32
ubottucryfs (source: cryfs): encrypt your files and store them in the cloud. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.2-3build1 (focal), package size 1368 kB, installed size 6485 kB (Only available for linux-any)10:32
oerhekswhy another encryptiontool?10:32
oerheksoh, spamming the same question in multiple channels, boring10:37
lotuspsychjewe have seen Lope trolling before..10:37
oerheksfun detail; he never answers in all those channels10:39
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Lopereading thru the github issues is scary, I'll avoid it until it matures.10:54
Lopeasking for opinions on multiple channels isn't spamming. SPAM is advertisement. I'm not advertising, lol. try dictionary.com10:55
rk4it's spamming.11:05
ubottuPlease don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.11:06
oerheksabuse of volunteers, it si.11:06
LopeI disagree that asking an opinion is crossposting, but if that's what you think, alrighty.11:07
LopeI asked for a simple opinion but instead you mislabel it as spam and fill the (currently dead silent) channel with your bureacratic nonsense. Try thinking outside the box a little, you might feel liberated.11:09
blb4393apt has 'or' semantic for packages dependencies. If I do 'apt install xorg' it would install gnome-terminal which I dont want but if I do 'apt install xterm xorg' the gnome-terminal won't be installed. Is there a way to get a list of alternative dependencies before installation somehow, so that I can choose myself what alternative to choose?11:20
guivercblb4393, https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/xorg shows the *depends* rules etc for a package... they are defined in the package itself11:23
blb4393guiverc: yesyes, i mean generally, if i install huge nuber of packages at the same time11:24
guivercif you look it doesn't require gnome-terminal, it can be satisfied with xterm, or x-terminal-emulator, but gnome-terminal is default if non are chosen11:24
guivercif you install loads of packages at the same time, check before you enter the command; OR read the output before you hit "y" yes proceed11:25
blb4393mmm, some packages have dependencies to other packages and so on and then down below some package has this 'or' rule i wan't to play with.11:25
blb4393and normally i wouldn't even know by installing that there's such 'or' semantic there11:26
blb4393you understand?11:26
guivercYes, that's the great thing about Ian Murdock's package system, it caters for everything (though yeah others aren't fans like you of course)11:26
blb4393so by installing some packages first I could avoid installing unneeded packages11:28
guivercI personally see it as a benefit; as it's predictable11:28
oerheksIn output of apt-cache depends pipe character is the prefix denoting that the package on that line and the one on the next line are alternatives11:28
guivercYep; if depends rules are met; it won't install other packages11:29
oerheksfor " apt-cache depends xorg " there are a lot of terminals11:29
blb4393I have a line 'apt install package1 ... package1000' right? So you suggest I check all 1000 packages manually?11:30
oerheksyes, only if you don't trust the distro.11:31
guivercI would have thought about that in creating a list of 1000 packages..  a bit late to start planning now11:31
* guiverc would probably setup a VM & execute them there, and peruse the effects of the `apt install` to look that way for unwanted... then work out why..11:32
blb4393look, im trying to say tath rearranging packages in my install list i get different results, right? So I simply want to get alternatives list from my list of packages so that I could install only what I need11:34
guivercif the list is all in the same `apt install` command I would expect the same results every time (for same system, same release, same pre-installed packages)11:35
guivercsame list, even in different order11:35
blb4393I gave you an example with the xterm11:35
blb4393if i wouldn't put it in front of xorg the gnome-terminal would be installed11:36
guivercI gave a web page that provides depends; oerheks provided a command11:36
oerheksfrom; https://askubuntu.com/questions/99601/how-apt-get-selects-from-a-list-of-alternative-dependencies11:36
guivercblb4393, what release are you using, `apt` is still being improved, so if using an older release it won't be as powerful as apt-get was11:37
guiverc2004?  4.10?11:37
oerheksapt is now superior over apt-get, like aptitude was11:38
blb4393im using apt only11:38
guiverc20.04 won't be an issue; i was wondering if 16.04 where it wasn't as advanced.11:39
BluesKajHi all11:42
silverstoneHi. I'm having some issues installing ubuntu using debootstrap on this system. The BASH scripts worked fine on 3 past systems, but on this one it seems like grub stubbornly refuses to find the /boot partition (on ext4) and expects it to be on bpool (ZFS)11:53
silverstoneIs there some magic that I'm missing like a GPT partition type / boot flag ?11:54
silverstoneGPT Partition with #1 BIOS, #2 EFI (in case I want to convert later, now booting as BIOS), #3 as /boot ext4, #4 as luks (and ZFS once that has been unlocked)11:55
silverstoneMaybe some chroot magic (since it's listed in /mnt/ubuntu as mountpoint in zfs cache file )?12:08
ice9after upgrading to 20.04, I get this error during 'apt update': https://bpa.st/OLZA   any idea?12:30
lotuspsychjeice9: wireguard is on the ubuntu repos already, did you add the ppa externally to your system?12:31
lotuspsychje!info wireguard | ice912:32
ubottuice9: wireguard (source: wireguard): fast, modern, secure kernel VPN tunnel (metapackage). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.20200513-1~20.04.2 (focal), package size 3 kB, installed size 17 kB12:32
ice9lotuspsychje, I don't remember as I installed WG from long time;  can I just delete "/etc/apt/sources.list.d/wireguard-ubuntu-wireguard-bionic.list"?12:34
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | ice912:35
ubottuice9: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html12:35
ice9lotuspsychje, is it wrong to just remove that source list file manually?12:36
oerheksas that ppa did had no candidates, yes.12:37
ice9oerheks, seems ppa-purge has failed! https://bpa.st/HHMA12:39
oerheksthere is no candidate installed, an no key. so remove that list12:41
DJonesice9: I think you've missedpart of the command, looks like it should be ppa-purge ppa:wireguard/wireguard12:41
oerheksrelease-upgrade removes packages too, i think12:42
ice9oerheks, i tried now with "ppa:...." but still the same issue, so I will remove that repo file ok?12:42
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stevildeadneed a hand with my xfce install from synaptic14:10
oerhekssynaptic > search > xfce gives 'xfce4' or one better uses xubuntu-desktop14:18
stevildeadits asking to pick between gdm3 or lightdm as the default14:21
stevildeadim second guessing which to pick14:21
oerheksfor xubuntu it is lightdm, i guess14:22
stevildeadyeah thats what i was figuring since its designed to be lighweight, but having ubuntu 20.04 already and it asking for the default display manager which would be gdm3,.. i just wasnt sure if its saying default overall, or for the xfce4 soley14:26
oerheksi would not mix desktops, IMHO14:29
stevildeadim adding it as an alternate session choice from the login screen. is that what your referring to not mxing?14:36
oerheksyes, that method is not side-by-side.14:37
mgedminthere can be only one display manager on a machine14:43
mgedminand then you select which desktop you want inside that display manager, when you log in14:43
mgedmin(e.g. gdm shows a little cog icon in the bottom right corner after you enter your username)14:44
mgedminnote that gnome sessions won't be fully featured if the display manager is not gdm14:44
stevildeadwhy do you not recommend that if you dont mind elaborating? asking cuz back when ubuntu 16 came out i had added xcfe and kde14:44
juliandroskecould i run different display managers on different tty? so that i can use different desktops :)14:45
strivejuliandroske: Sounds like a hacky project.14:45
striveTo get that to work14:45
oerheksThis is why i choose install desktops side-by-side. and no clutter apps from other desktops14:54
oerheksadding a desktop is no problem, removing one is interesting.14:54
NTQHi. I've got a snap application (DBeaver) which can not access a lot of files I want to open with it. I always get an "Permission denied". Why is that and how can I change it?14:56
NTQIt seems not to have the same permissions as any other application running as my user.14:56
EriC^NTQ: you could change the permissions of the files to match access for the other user14:57
NTQEriC^: It has the correct permissions. It is just on an other drive and I linked it in my home directory.14:58
EriC^NTQ: what filesystem are they on?14:58
NTQI even can't access the other harddisc. All ext414:58
NTQBut the issue only happens with snap applications.14:59
EriC^NTQ: paste the output of 'mount'14:59
NTQEriC^: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QTYfs98BWK/14:59
NTQI can not access data on /media/nicolas/FastData15:00
NTQBut /home works fine15:00
HugLifeTiZHi there, I just tried to install Xubuntu 20.04.1 on a dual-device BTRFS striped filesystem. It seemed like it was going well, but Ubiquity crashed when trying to install the bootloader. It left behind an "@" subvolume, an ubiquity-apt-clone directory with a .tar.gz in it, and a var/lib directory that was empty. What's my next step?15:02
EriC^NTQ: type "ls -ld /media/nicolas/FastData"15:03
HugLifeTiZMy current Xubuntu 18.04 is safe, being in a @xubuntu-1804 subvolume. That's where I'm at right now, and I can chroot into the root of the failed installation and potentially do the rest. I just don't know what the "rest" is, aside from installing the bootloader.15:03
NTQEriC^: I just got it to work with this: snap connect dbeaver-ce:removable-media15:03
EriC^NTQ: ah great15:04
NTQShouldn't that be a default?15:04
oerheksNTQ, maybe it is a snap permission thing, softwarecenter > installed > dbeaver-ce > permissions , i see; access files home and removable storage15:05
oerheksthat is the snap confinement, bugging :-P15:06
NTQoerheks: You mean the Snap Store? I never used it but seems conventient for changing the permissions. I am a terminal guy. But snap is relatively new to me and I always run into trouble with them.15:08
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adder`it's been a while now, seems like this still hasn't been solved? https://askubuntu.com/questions/1230959/power-management-issues-on-xubuntu-20-0415:24
xbfrogis there anyway to increase he video resolution output through hdmi?15:27
oerheks!info cups-bjnp15:58
ubottuPackage cups-bjnp does not exist in focal15:58
oerhekssure it does15:58
ioriaoerheks, maybe you're looking for cups-backend-bjnp ;  cups-bjnp is the source package16:02
ioria!info cups-backend-bjnp16:02
ubottucups-backend-bjnp (source: cups-bjnp): printer backend for Canon BJNP protocol. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.3-1 (focal), package size 26 kB, installed size 77 kB16:02
oerheksoh good spot, ioria16:04
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magic_ninjawhat is that command to write all changes in the queue to a removable drive17:29
magic_ninjathat's it. thank youi17:30
t432I'm starting the program on my development environment with cmd (whilst inside the project dir)  "gradle bootRun". Production Server resides in the cloud (Digital Ocean) and when I connect from a terminal and move the program over to production and run the normal way. The app is terminated when I close the terminal. Any way to create a systemd script for above command? Right now as a workaround I manually create the .war18:35
t432 file and inside systemd script I do "ExecStart= /usr/bin/java -jar /home/me/foo.war"18:35
analogicalhow do I clear the dns cache?18:45
TJ-analogical: "resolvectl flush-caches"18:48
t432TJ: any suggestions?18:49
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Deyaa What is the difference between mitmproxy and squid proxy?19:36
oerheks1 is a hacker, 2nd is a legit programm19:38
jess-o-lanternmitmproxy is meant for intercepting traffic to analyse it and it does this by being a http proxy19:40
jess-o-lanternsquid proxy is just a proxy, no toolset for traffic analysiss19:40
Deyaaoerheks: jess-o-lantern thank you19:55
Deyaajess-o-lantern: I want to build a proxy server should I use squid..19:57
Deyaajess-o-lantern: I think mitmproxy can't handle many requests19:58
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tomreyn_vaibhavingale_: can you try fixing this connection, please?21:39
DeyaaWhat is the difference between http request and http proxy request?22:35
DeyaaI want to understand the difference between the two communications ..22:35
derpadminlol wut?22:39
derpadminplease reformulate question in way me can understand22:40
pavlosDeyaa: http requests get a page, http proxy requests goes thru a proxy server and then gets a page ... the proxy server can do things (filter,alter) to that request before it gets to the Internet22:43
Deyaapavlos: what if I pointed a domain IP to a proxy server . Would the domain requests use the proxy server automatically?22:45
pavlosDeyaa: you described reverse proxy ... proxy is from client->server, rproxy is from server->client22:48
Deyaapavlos: I'm sorry I'm a newbie I'm trying to figure things out22:49
pavlosDeyaa: reverse proxy is used for (load balancing, caching static content) among other things ... this is more for #ubuntu-discuss22:52
Deyaapavlos: thanks I appreciate it22:53
pavlosDeyaa: no worries, keep learning22:53
Deyaapavlos: sure22:54
Zilenc3I'm having an issue where an ethernet cable is working on my laptop (Win10) but when I pass it to my PC (ubuntu) the network is somehow connected to nothing. It appears as a connection and at times has made it to the internet, but 99% failures.23:21
Zilenc3I can ping the router, ping google, sometimes get onto youtube, but then at some point it drops23:24
Zilenc3Using the same connection on my laptop it's stable23:25
jeremy31Zilenc3: using a virtual machine?23:26
Zilenc3For some reason youtube is working, crippling slowly,but nothing else. Again same cable on the laptop works for everything23:30
Zilenc3and is quick23:30
Zilenc3Before I had a static IP, which has been changed to DHCP.23:31
jeremy31Zilenc3: can you set a static IP on the router for the MAC?23:33
TJ-Zilenc3: sounds like there may be a physical media layer fault23:37
Zilenc3I just did a ip addr and it looks like the port still has attachment to several old IPs23:39
Zilenc3Not sure how that's possible23:39
jpmiller25Any tips on a window issue I'm having with darktable? The program opens at the wrong screen size, wider than screen and shorter than screen height. No maximize button, only min and close. Can't resize window.23:45
jpmiller25i'm running Darktable 3.2.1snap1. But the deb version does the same thing23:46
jpmiller25Ubuntu 20.0423:46
pavlosZilenc3: when you connect the cable to the pc(ubuntu), do you restart network?23:58
Zilenc3I do not. You mean my router and all?23:58
pavlosZilenc3: no, just the pc. The router offers ip's to systems, with win10 all is good, with pc, not good23:59

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