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xu-irc0whey guys so a quick question. I try to install xubuntu on portable virtual box. it always errors out on installation saying read only directory closer to the end. anyone has clue why? my disc is fixed size 45 gb07:42
xu-irc0wi have logs but im unsure whether they contain any private info i should cut out before sharing07:46
bodicceaI am burning xubuntu 20-04.1. I noticed that there is no checksum (MD5 or SHA) for the ISO image. They exist for the 20.04 ISO. I checked two mirrors (France, USA). I am not sure how to report that. Any idea ?15:13
tomreynbodiccea: where did you download from?15:20
tomreyni see checksums at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/20.04.1/release/15:20
tomreynoh, but indeed only the SHA256sum file was updated, because the other ones are no longe rconsidered proper hashing methods15:21
bodicceaFrance mirror: http://ftp.free.fr/mirrors/ftp.xubuntu.com/releases/20.04/release/. I checked also US mirror: http://mirror.us.leaseweb.net/ubuntu-cdimage/xubuntu/releases/20.04/release/15:21
bodicceatomreyn, your mirror shows the same as mine: MD5 and SHA are for 20-04, not 20-04.115:22
tomreynhttp://ftp.free.fr/mirrors/ftp.xubuntu.com/releases/20.04/release/SHA256SUMS looks good to me15:22
tomreynhttp://mirror.us.leaseweb.net/ubuntu-cdimage/xubuntu/releases/20.04/release/SHA256SUMS also15:23
bodicceaJust check files dates, checksums cannot have been done in April, while 20-04.1 were made in July15:23
tomreyni did15:23
tomreynyou're referring to MD5SUMS* and SHA1SUMS*15:23
bodicceayour last link is 20.04, not 20-04.115:23
tomreynare you referring to the "20.04" in the urll?15:24
bodicceaI refer to both.15:24
bodicceaMy URL has links to both images (20-04", and "20-04.1".15:24
tomreynplease do this:   curl https://mirror.us.leaseweb.net/ubuntu-cdimage/xubuntu/releases/20.04/release/SHA256SUMS15:25
bodicceaYour URL too, and your URL too has only 20-04 checksums15:25
tomreynwhat is the output you see?15:25
tomreynthere should be two lines of output, you can paste them here15:26
tomreynif it's more than two, please use a pastebin15:26
bodicceaMD5SUMS: c8977ce50d175dfce8e309dcaef8f1b3 *xubuntu-20.04-desktop-amd64.iso15:26
tomreynthat's the output the above command provides?15:27
bodicceaNo, yours has 2 lines.15:28
tomreynmaybe you just missed this line (the third i wrote in response to you):15:28
tomreyn<tomreyn> oh, but indeed only the SHA256sum file was updated, because the other ones are no longe rconsidered proper hashing methods15:28
adder`seems like this still hasn't been solved? https://askubuntu.com/questions/1230959/power-management-issues-on-xubuntu-20-0415:29
bodicceatomreyn, it means the links provided in https://xubuntu.org/download are not good mirrors.15:29
tomreynbodiccea: i agree that the MD5SUM and SHA1SUM files should be removed off all mirrors, to prevent confusion, if that's what you're suggesting.15:30
bodicceaWhatever, I checked only 2 methods, SHA1 and MD5SUM, which wwre wrong. Did not check SHA256.15:31
bodicceaThe checksums should either be updated or removed, yes.15:32
tomreynbodiccea: i suggest bringing it up in #xubuntu-devel15:33
tomreyni previously brought this up about a week ago, but i don'T remember where exactly or whom i talked to then.15:34
tomreynand it may not have been xubuntu folks15:34
bodicceaYou did on #xubuntu-devel ?15:34
tomreyni do not remember15:35
tomreynit won't hurt if you repeat it.15:36
tomreynadder`: did you or someone else file a bug report about it, yet?15:42
adder`tomreyn, no, can you direct me to a place where i can file a bug?15:42
tomreynon your computer, you can run: ubuntu-bug linux15:43
tomreynit's good practice to check https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux for similar reports, though15:44
bodicceathanks tomreyn. The good news is that the ISO I burnt has the correct checksum :)15:47
adderm, it just sent my specs somewhere?15:47
tomreynadder: ubuntu-bug will gather some relevant logs from your system and post them to the bug tracker15:50
tomreynit should also open a form to post a bug report (and link it to these logs) in your web browser15:51
tomreynwhere you'd need to login with your ubuntu sso login.15:51
tomreyn(or create one, if none, yet)15:51
tomreyni don't think the logs it uploads are available to anyone other than the system administrators, probably not even the developers, until you logged in and posted the bug report15:52
adderthanks, tomreyn, didn't notice it opened the page, browser was on another workspace16:30
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tomreynadder: your mainboard firmware ("BIOS") is old, you should look for a current one.16:41
addertomreyn, ok, let's google16:43
tomreynhttps://www.asus.com/Motherboards/PRIME-A320M-K/HelpDesk_BIOS/   current: Version 5602 2020/07/27   you have: Version 5207 2019/08/3016:43
tomreynlooking at your dmesg, the main problem seems to be with rtl8822b16:46
adderi downloaded new version of bios, but i don't know how to install it since it's a .cap file16:47
tomreynadder: kind of out of scope here (try ##hardware), but this is the general approach: https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1008859/16:53
tomreynbasically: create mbr partition table on usb attached storage, create ~2 GB partition, create fat32 file system on this partition, copy the .CAT file there. then reboot , eter bios setup, use the ez-flash utility to look for the bios upgrade file (.cat) and apply it.16:56
addertomreyn, no luck :( i updated it, and it turned off, but it took a bit longer to turn back on again, but the problem persists17:14
adderre rtl thing, isn't that like some network thingy?17:14
adderi think that's my new wifi adapter17:19
adder(the problem dates way earlier)17:19
adderso i plugged in vga instead of hdmi and it works17:38
bodicceaMy system currently boots the BIOS way (GPT partitions). I will create a second bootable disk, mostly by copying the first one and changing some stuff, fstab, etc... But I would like the second one to be able to boot the UEFI way. I would like to know what are the steps (beside having the FAT EFI partition) to do this. Googling on the subject did not help a lot...18:14
diogenes_bodiccea, just switch BIOS in UEFI mode and proceed with installation.18:25
bodicceaThe plan being no re-install. No reboot.18:25
bodicceaFrom my current system, I would like to create an UEFI bootable disk.18:26
diogenes_if it's MBR then it most likely won't work.18:27
bodicceaI can do what I want on second disk. No MBR then.18:29
diogenes_if UEFI is not on then grub won't detect an UEFI system and won't create the efi binary.18:30
bodicceaUEFI is just a partitioning type, nothing special on disk, beside that. AFAIU.18:32
bodicceaI mean an "EFI" VFAT" partition in a GPT disk.18:32

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