IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> Issues with 20.10 so far: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/g2zQ3dMCd8/01:13
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> Trying to file a bug against Kubuntu bluetooth mouse connection failure but none of the installed bluetooth module seem kubuntu specific: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ZvbWWd3DMM/01:29
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> I don't understand how Ubuntu 20.10 can work fine but not Kubuntu 20.10 without something differentiating the KDE packages.  Booting back to Ubuntu 20.10 to compare the list... brb01:31
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> BT list from ubuntu 20.10: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QpDv3NRdqh/01:39
IrcsomeBot1* DarinMiller has trouble reading, sometimes.... comparing the Ubuntu vs Kbuntu lists I see that the qt/qml vs gnome differences.  Filing but now against qml-module-org-kde-bluezqt/groovy...01:44
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> BT scan bug filed: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42752602:05
ubottuKDE bug 427526 in general "Bluetooth mouse not visible when attempting to pair in FW 5.74" [Normal,Unconfirmed]02:05
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> BT mouse is now working?!  Strange, possible intermittent behavior.  I closed the above case until I can determine are more repeatable failure.05:42
BluesKajHi all11:23
santa_hi everyone13:21
santa_Mamarok: hmm ... you had a problem with the keyboard?13:22
Mamarokstill do, the NumPad doesn't work at all, it works with Windows, so not a hardwre issue13:25
Mamarokit's a Logitech MX keys13:25
Mamarokthe same happened with the Cherry MX13:25
MamarokI suspect a driver issue, even when selecting a Generic 105 keys model or any of the Logitech ones, no dice13:26
Mamarokthis is an external keyboard to the laptop, connected with the universal USB plug, that does work out of the box with both the mouse and the keyboard, the Cherry is a USB model13:28
Mamarokone mention: it takes roughly 25-30 seconds until both mouse and keyboard are responsive on startup in the SDDM login screen13:29
MamarokIIRC the current driver is evdev, right?13:31
Mamarokor is it libinput?13:31
santa_I don't know, nevermind it's just that I hit this thing https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=16482013:45
santa_Mamarok: another thing I noticed is that I got some extra stuff installed automatically, which shouldn't be there afaik (ibus)13:47
santa_that's because ibus-data had a "Recommends: ibus", but that was fixes13:47
santa_so you might want to remove ibus and do "apt autoremove" but I doubt that's going to solve your problem13:48
Mamaroklet me check...13:49
santa_btw RikMills and everyone else: I finished this morning the last KDE Frameworks 5.75 so it should be ready to test in the staging PPA13:50
Mamarokno ibus here, other than ibus-data13:51
Mamarokhm, I have both libinput and evdev installed, maybe there is a driver conflict...13:55
BluesKajMamarok, no ibus panel in your system tray?13:55
Mamarokhow does that look?13:57
BluesKajthere might be an icon there, or in the system tray list13:58
Mamarokapparently not13:59
Mamarokwhat is this supposed to do?14:00
MamarokThis is not the keyboard layout switcher, isn't it?14:03
Mamarokwhich I need daily14:03
Mamarokwell, I don't use any Asian language that apparently needs it14:04
BluesKajdon't think i really need it anyway 14:04
Mamarokcan I remove evdev without braking something? I suspect a driver conflict14:06
MamarokI have libinput, kbd and evdev installed, libinput is apparently default14:07
BluesKajyeah same on my laptop14:13
BluesKaji have an outboard mouse for the laptop which works fine, but no outboard KB14:17
BluesKajnot a touch pad user....can't seem to get the touchpad to work for me due to my stiff fingers14:19
BluesKajtouch of arthritis doesn'thelp14:19
Mamarokditto, I am a mouse person14:23
RikMillssanta_: thanks14:32
santa_RikMills: I have another pending things, for instance KA 2.3: I think I'm going to release 2.3 this afternon (finally!) do you have any urgent issue to be fixed? note that we can, of course, have 2.3.x point releases for easy low-risk bugfixes14:57
IrcsomeBot1<RikMills> don't think so15:16
valorieMamarok: I'm also having problems with sound and my cam in 20.1020:38
valoriethe beta at first was fine, but now th cam is not detected and just doesn't turn on20:38
valoriemy usb headset works, but plugging and unplugging it is undetected, which is v. strange20:39
valorieI can control it in pavu but cam isn't seen except by lsusb20:39
valorieand another weirdness: screen brightness can no longer be controlled20:40
valorieand the alt+f5/f6 for volume control no longer work either, but the little popup showing "change" still pops up!20:41
valorieI will file bug reports but have no clue against *what*20:41
valorieI got @DarinMiller 's bug about "sleep" which somehow got turned in in systemsettings -- and caused me to have to quit via the power button20:42
valoriemy son thinks that is an nvidia driver bug20:43
MamarokI don't have a NVIDIA card and wouldn't touch one with a ten foot pole20:46
Mamaroklooking forward to the new laptop that should arrive sometime next week20:46

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