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pboxhello, hope everyone is OK! I am having trouble with the lubuntu installer - I can boot fine from the USB but when I try to partition the hard drives the installer crashes16:19
pboxI wonder if there's a way of starting it from the command line and see if there are error messages along the way - or other forms of troubleshooting16:20
pboximage checksum matches and the initial filesystem tests do not return any errors16:21
LimeOnyou have problem to create the "/", "/home" partitions or you cant give space to linux from your hard drive?16:33
pboxthe installer allows me to select replace partition16:34
pboxbut once i do it it crashes16:34
LimeOnyou have something else in that partition?16:34
LimeOnlike windows for example16:34
pboxyes, it's a dual boot machine16:34
pboxbut im replacing a previous lubuntu artition16:35
LimeOnoh, i see16:35
pboxwhich boots fine16:35
LimeOnhave you tried to delete those and re-make them?16:35
LimeOni mean, dont relplace, but make them from "free space"16:35
LimeOndont replace*16:35
LimeOnsomething like: delete old lubuntu partitions and then create them again16:36
pboxI thought about doing it with fdisk but decided that i should check before deleting the working system16:36
LimeOnyes, thats the problem16:36
LimeOnyou will delete the working one during the process16:36
pboxanyways, I will give it a try16:36
LimeOni remember do what you want and dont have problem16:36
LimeOni mean, re-install lubuntu16:37
LimeOnbut you could try that16:37
pboxyes I find it strainge as well, thats why I was wondering if I could check the error logs16:37
pboxif there are any16:37
LimeOni really dont know that, im sorry16:37
pboxor if it crashes silently.16:37
pboxno problem16:38
LimeOni suggest you to search in askubuntu16:42
LimeOnmaybe the answer is there16:42
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MrCollinsHello! Can anyone point me at a link for setting up lubuntu without a gui, but easy to configure BIND or DNS server for my home network?23:29
MrCollinsOr perhaps an ISO that has a streamlined linux os that is setup with BIND or another DNS server?23:29
MrCollinsI guess I should state my goal. I have about 7 or 8 old boxes sitting around, and I wanted to make use of a few of them.23:31
tomreynMrCollins: you could install ubuntu-server on them, then the software you want.23:36
tomreynthat's basically like any ubuntu flavour just without the graphical interface23:37
MrCollinsok 10-4.23:38
MrCollinsdoes lubuntu havea  server or its just ubuntu itself?23:38
tomreynnetwork management works differently on the server than on the desktop by default (can be changed, if needed)23:38
tomreynthere's just ubuntu-server, which also has an irc channel here23:39
MrCollinsOK. Thank you for your help. Its going to be on older hardware but should be sufficient for my local home network needs.23:39
MrCollinsjust DNS serv, thats all I want it to do.23:39

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