Zilenc3Still no, I just plug in and out00:00
Zilenc3I figured that would be good enough. I can restart the PC00:00
pavlosZilenc3: you could disconnect (wired connected) and then reconnect (top right of your screen)00:03
pavlosZilenc3: that will force 20.04 to get a fresh network ip00:03
derpadminpavlos, a dhcp request?00:03
troy_cambridge.sh files used to run by clicking in filoe manager.  Now it only asks me what is the default application00:05
pavlosderpadmin: I think it does an ifdown eth0 then ifup eth000:05
derpadminpavlos, most likely yeah00:05
derpadminand a dhclient?00:05
troy_cambridgeI'm thinking bash, but I can't find it as a selection00:06
Zilenc3pavlos, Under Connection Info, I see "more connections" with an old static IP (which I deleted after I switched to DCHP). Also the default route is the old gateway ip00:09
Zilenc3I did what you suggested disconnect and reconnect via top right tray icon00:09
pavlosZilenc3: maybe reboot the router to clear stale info00:10
pavlosZilenc3: top right, there is a network symbol, I click wired connected, turn off, wait 1 sec, turn on, you should have an ip00:11
troy_cambridgeOK  I figured it out.  Thanks00:36
asdfghi get this error https://bpa.st/YEVA after apt update / apt dist-upgrade00:39
asdfghErrors were encountered while processing: grub-efi-amd64-signed00:39
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TJ-asdfgh: possibly you can recreate the fault outside of update-grub to gain more clues as to the cause, using "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-efi-amd64-signed"00:50
asdfghTJ-, /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: grub-efi-amd64-signed is broken or not fully installed00:53
asdfghcan i just remove it ?00:53
TJ-asdfgh: ok, then try "sudo dpkg --configure grub-efi-amd64-signed"00:54
TJ-reconfigure doesn't work if the package has not been previously configured00:54
asdfghTJ-, back00:55
asdfghdid you write anything ?00:55
asdfghnow i have00:57
TJ-asdfgh: ok, then try "sudo dpkg --configure grub-efi-amd64-signed"00:59
TJ-reconfigure doesn't work if the package has not been previously configured00:59
asdfghTJ-, https://bpa.st/P73Q01:01
TJ-asdfgh: I'm looking at the post-install script which is called and it is pretty simple but not clear where it is erroring  https://git.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2-signed/tree/debian/grub-efi-amd64-signed.postinst?h=ubuntu/focal-proposed01:02
TJ-asdfgh: does this file exist: "ls -l /usr/share/grub/grub-check-signatures "01:03
asdfghTJ-, -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 3539 Sep  8 12:22 /usr/share/grub/grub-check-signatures01:04
TJ-asdfgh: ok and how about "ls -l /usr/lib/grub/grub-multi-install"01:04
asdfghTJ-, -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 11895 Sep  8 12:23 /usr/lib/grub/grub-multi-install01:05
TJ-if either of those is not executable that could cause an error, else the script should do "exit 0" not 1 as your paste shows01:05
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asdfghWHAT CAN I DO TJ- ?01:06
asdfghops pardon the caps01:06
TJ-asdfgh: that's what I was wondering!01:06
TJ-asdfgh: I'm guessing one of those commands is returning a non-0 exit code01:07
TJ-asdfgh: so let's run them manually and find out: "sudo /usr/share/grub/grub-check-signatures; echo $?"01:07
TJ-asdfgh: so that is OK01:08
TJ-asdfgh: " sudo /usr/lib/grub/grub-multi-install --target=x86_64-efi; echo $? "01:09
TJ-you should see some messages then the exit code on the last line01:09
asdfghjust 101:09
TJ-can you pastebin the messages if any?01:09
asdfghwhat messages? there are no messagesd01:11
asdfghjust 101:11
asdfghhttps://bpa.st/NK5A :)01:11
TJ-asdfgh: now we need to enable bash shell command echoing so we can find out which line in that shell script fails. "sudo bash -x -c '/usr/lib/grub/grub-multi-install --target=x86_64-efi' | tee /tmp/grub.log "01:12
asdfghTJ-, https://bpa.st/XIYQ01:13
TJ-asdfgh: bah, I got that wrong!01:17
asdfghgrrr... pardon again01:18
TJ-asdfgh: no, it's rather essential!01:18
asdfghhowever "update-grub" works without problems01:21
TJ-they do different things01:22
asdfghi found the issue that seems related to ESP flag01:23
TJ-the 'install' is supposed to write the GRUB core image grubx64.efi into the EFI-SP01:23
TJ-is /boot/grub/efi/EFI/ correctly mounted?01:23
asdfghTJ-, how can i check it?01:24
TJ-asdfgh: "mount | grep efi"01:25
asdfghit is not mounted01:25
TJ-you'll see something like /dev/nvme0n1p1 on /boot/efi type vfat01:25
TJ-ok that is the problem01:25
TJ-so you need to figure out why, and correct it01:25
TJ-is there an entry for it in /etc/fstab ?01:26
asdfghi really have no clues for it01:26
asdfghlet me check01:26
TJ-asdfgh: "grep efi /etc/fstab"01:26
TJ-that's the problem then. Where did that go?01:26
TJ-have you been editing fstab recently?01:27
asdfghno absolutly, it is a dedicated web server with preintsalled ubuntu 20.0401:27
asdfghfstab https://bpa.st/423Q01:28
TJ-asdfgh: what does "sudo blkid" report?01:28
TJ-asdfgh: I think the problem here is that the system is installed to start in BIOS mode, not EFI, but somehow you've managed to start it, or install, the EFI packages. There is no sign of an EFI System partition01:29
jjbuggleI feel like Ubuntu (im technically on xubuntu) handles memory poorly.  Is there a way to file a bug about that?  ubuntu-bug wants a specific package01:30
TJ-jjbuggle: in what way does it handle memory poorly?01:30
jjbuggleTJ-: well, several ways.  The default install (18.04) gave me way too little swap, without giving me any option to change that.  Next, firefox seems to leak memory, and given that it uses huge amounts of memory in the first place, it leaks a lot of memory.  Next, my system seems to try and allocate memory to firefox, even though there isn't any left.  Next, the system doesn't give you any warning at all when you are about to run out of m01:33
jjbuggleemory.  Next, my system just locks up swapping.  Usually it comes back after awhile, but this last time, I just hard reset my computer after at least 20 minutes of swapping.01:33
asdfghhad problem with IRC01:34
asdfgh<TJ-> asdfgh: what does "sudo blkid" report?01:34
asdfgh<asdfgh> https://bpa.st/TUIQ01:34
asdfghlast messages i have seen01:34
TJ-asdfgh: I think the problem here is that the system is installed to start in BIOS mode, not EFI, but somehow you've managed to start it, or install, the EFI packages. There is no sign of an EFI System partition01:34
TJ-jjbuggle: swap size for a partition is usually set to the amount of RAM + a bit (to accomodate hibernation images) . If firefox is leaing memory that is a bug against firefox package01:35
asdfghTJ-, ok so i can remove that package?01:36
TJ-jjbuggle: locking up whilst swapping is expected; you need to alter the swapiness value for the kernel and consider OOM (out of memory) config options.01:36
TJ-asdfgh: yes - but you should figure out how and why it got installed01:36
TJ-asdfgh: what does "apt list --installed grub*" report ?01:37
jjbuggleTJ-: its all the things.  But I would rather have this in a bug, so I don't have to type this out over and over.  Fwiw, I have 12g ram.  Installer game me 1g swap.  Somehow that later changed to 2g, I don't know how.  When I set things up manually, I would do 1-2x of ram01:37
TJ-jjbuggle: is it using a swapfile rather than a partition?01:37
jjbuggleTJ-: I don't think locking up while swapping is something that _should_ be expected01:38
TJ-jjbuggle: if memory is being paged constantly to the storage device then there is bound to be I/O delays01:38
TJ-asdfgh: what does "apt list --installed grub*" report ?01:38
asdfghi do not know what happen on my pc01:39
asdfghi get no connection to monitor01:39
jjbuggleTJ-: all it's done in the past is just kill some random part of firefox to get more ram.  Why can't it do that more quickly?  I can reinstall the entire ubuntu system in the time it takes.  And why not just tell firefox no when it asks for too much memory?01:39
TJ-jjbuggle: I've used Firefox extensively for years. In my experience it isn't a leak it's a web-application (Javascript) that is sucking up memory - figure out which one is doing it01:40
TJ-jjbuggle: presumably you've lots of tabs open in FF and Javascript running in most01:41
jjbuggleI just want to file a bug report.  It's all the things I mentioned.  Even if what you say is true, it shouldn't crash my system01:41
asdfghTJ-, https://bpa.st/TALA01:41
TJ-jjbuggle: as I said, you said FF is leaking, so report against that01:42
jjbugglewindoz figured this out in the 90s by having a dynamic swap file01:42
asdfghTJ-, my pc has some problem too... i get black screen...01:42
asdfghi do not know the reason01:42
asdfghsomething like "no signal" from monitor01:42
asdfghi do not know01:42
asdfghi must restart01:42
asdfghhttps://bpa.st/TALA <--- installed packages01:42
TJ-asdfgh: all the installed GRUB packages are for EFI so do not remove anything - I think you have some major problem on that system if the EFI system partition is missing with no mention of it. Did you move the SSD from one system to another?01:43
asdfghno TJ-01:43
asdfghjust the defautl config of the server01:44
asdfghwith ubuntu 20.04 installed01:44
asdfghfresh install01:44
TJ-asdfgh: then I cannot see how that would even boot!01:44
TJ-asdfgh: your previous pastes did not show an EFI system partition and there is no mention of one in the fstab either, but the only GRUB packages installed are for EFI mode01:45
asdfghwhat about if i reinstall grub01:45
asdfghremove everything and reinstall01:45
TJ-asdfgh: I'm not sure it will help - if this is a fresh install that you have not tinkered with then I cannot think of any explanation for how it could get in this situation, apparently booted in BIOS mode but with only GRUB EFI packages installed, but no EFI-SP01:47
asdfghwhat is happening to my ubuntu 20.0401:48
asdfghi get black screen01:48
asdfghvery often01:48
TJ-asdfgh: what does "lsb_release -a" report ?01:48
TJ-asdfgh: on the server01:48
TJ-because eveything I'm seeing does NOT look like the result of the Ubuntu installer01:48
asdfghTJ-, how can i check what is causing the black screen on my pc? (not server)01:51
asdfghi need to reboot everytime!!01:51
Bashing-omasdfgh: "TJ-> asdfgh: what does "lsb_release -a" report ? on the server" The last request in channel.01:53
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* TJ- thinks someone tinkers too much01:53
asdfgh65I really can't chat01:56
asdfgh65Black screen01:56
asdfgh65Now I am on mobile01:56
asdfgh65Something like no signal I do not know01:56
asdfgh65Cant work on server right now because of those problem on my pc01:57
asdfgh65I think I have to reinstall ubuntu01:57
asdfgh65Sorry thanks you for your help01:58
jjbuggleanyone know a safe way to increase swap or make a new swap file?  It looks like dd is the suggested command, but I have very little experience with dd02:15
rfmjjbuggle, mkswap is the way (whatever recommended dd is not to be trusted)02:17
jjbugglewell, I actually just did it with dd.  I used mkswap as well, but I guess I'm done.  Thanks!02:19
jjbugglefwiw, man mkswap is where I grabbed the version of dd command that I used02:20
tdsmake sure you set sensible permissions on it as well02:21
tdsa swapfile that everyone can read is no good02:21
jjbuggleI used this page as the main guide: https://askubuntu.com/questions/927854/how-do-i-increase-the-size-of-swapfile-without-removing-it-in-the-terminal02:21
tdswhat does `ls -l /swapfile` output?02:22
rfmjjbuggle, ah, ok.  I guess dd is ok (I always used "fallocate" to set up the space)02:22
jjbuggletds: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/FK4rR4k3Vs/02:23
tdslooks good :)02:23
jjbuggleawesome, thanks  :)02:24
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lotuspsychje!info inxi03:51
ubottuinxi (source: inxi): full featured system information script. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.0.38-1-0ubuntu1 (focal), package size 178 kB, installed size 802 kB03:51
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asdfghTJ-, are you there?07:29
asdfghguys i have a problem in my server i noticed that after reboot nginx does not start automatically but when i run /etc/init.d/nginx start07:48
asdfghit works as expected07:48
DanDevWhen i use : ss -4 its shows me all IPv4 and IPv6 Socket Connection. What does ip_adress:domain mean? ususaly it shows port.07:56
TJ-DanDev: :domain means port :53 e.g. DNS - it comes from /etc/services07:59
TJ-DanDev: as "man ss" shows -n means 'do not resolve service names' so 'ss -n' would show the port numbers08:00
asdfghi try adding network-online.target in [Unit]08:04
asdfghand want08:04
asdfghhi TJ- !!! pardon for yesterday, i do not know what happen08:05
asdfghi see black screen often, the pc does not reboot, just blackscreen08:05
asdfghsomething like no signal problem08:05
asdfghbut whne i restart i can see the monitor again -_-08:05
asdfghi do not know what happen in my local ubuntu 20.0408:06
asdfgh(regarding the server with grub efi problem....i tried to reboot and it works!!)08:06
asdfghi have these packages installed https://bpa.st/NQAQ08:06
asdfghok so network-online.target did the work! now nginx starts after reboot08:09
DanDevTJ: What does that mean if there is a IP from Singapure listed?08:09
TJ-asdfgh: sounds like you had gremlins08:13
TJ-DanDev: that there's a connection to Singapore?08:13
asdfghTJ-, what can i check?08:14
asdfghhowever for nginx network-online.target worked08:15
DanDevTJ: But what does that mean? My DNS is german08:15
TJ-DanDev: that your system is connecting to a DNS server in singapore ?08:16
neurewhat shell command would do the same as turning a specific VPN on?08:19
TJ-neure: depends on how the network VPN is managed. If it is a desktop then 'nmcli con'08:19
neureworked, thanks!08:21
asdfghTJ-, are there any log to check what happen ?08:27
asdfghi mean....why the screen becames back with no signal08:27
asdfghif there was a problem with cable or other things08:27
asdfghafter the reset i should have the same problem again08:27
asdfghbut no08:27
asdfghif i do an hard-reboot08:28
asdfghi can see the output in monitor08:28
asdfghso i do not think is a problem of cable or hardware08:28
asdfghTJ-, where should i add those directives: net.ipv4.ip_nonlocal_bind = 1 net.ipv6.ip_nonlocal_bind = 108:33
asdfghfound https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-bind-ip-that-doesnt-exist-with-net-ipv4-ip_nonlocal_bind/08:38
The_LoudSpeakerhey! installed ubuntu 18.04 on laptop, ethernet isn't working. but wifi is. Forgot to select 3rd party drivers but did a sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall and still the same scenario. only ethernet doesn't work08:41
The_LoudSpeakerany suggestions as to what to do?08:42
lotuspsychjeThe_LoudSpeaker: wich chipset is that08:43
The_LoudSpeakerlet me check.08:45
The_LoudSpeakerlspci -vv will have it?08:45
lotuspsychjeThe_LoudSpeaker: or sudo lshw -C network08:46
OEIRASi have an issue with a set of bose headphones. My issue is that on ubuntu, the sound on them is really low08:54
OEIRASand it is annoying because I want to listen to music/sound at a higher volume08:54
OEIRASis there a way to fix this?08:55
OEIRASThis only seems to happen on my Bose headphones08:55
The_LoudSpeakerlotuspsychje: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9SV85S86wN/08:58
lotuspsychjeThe_LoudSpeaker: ok, so its the realtek eth not picking up right?08:59
lotuspsychjeThe_LoudSpeaker: wich kernel version are you, is your system up to date?09:01
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The_LoudSpeakeryeah its uptodate 18.04 system09:05
lotuspsychjeThe_LoudSpeaker: uname -a09:06
The_LoudSpeaker5.4 kernel09:07
The_LoudSpeaker!patience | OEIRAS09:12
ubottuOEIRAS: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/09:12
OEIRAS<OEIRAS> i have an issue with a set of bose headphones. My issue is that on ubuntu, the sound on them is really low09:14
OEIRAS<OEIRAS> and it is annoying because I want to listen to music/sound at a higher volume09:14
OEIRAS* Birosso has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)09:14
OEIRAS<OEIRAS> is there a way to fix this?09:14
OEIRAS<OEIRAS> This only seems to happen on my Bose h09:14
jellyyou said that not 20 minutes ago.  It's still on my screen, OEIRAS09:14
TJ-The_LoudSpeaker: in what way is Ethernet not working?09:15
OEIRASjelly, which is a long time in Portuguese time09:15
jellythis is not a .pt channel.09:16
OEIRASI wrote the question in English09:16
TJ-OEIRAS: there may not be anyone here that understands the issue AND has time to respond09:17
The_LoudSpeakerTJ-: the ethernet wasn't even detected09:24
The_LoudSpeakerI found that installing official drivers from realtek might help09:24
The_LoudSpeakerso I just did that09:25
The_LoudSpeakernow rebooting09:25
The_LoudSpeakerwill keep you posted if it works09:25
mousesdying over here and cannot figure this out - 18.04 install on a digital ocean droplet - https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/zPWWx5nw7r/09:26
The_LoudSpeakerOEIRAS: bluetooth headphones usually give a bit of a problem in linux tbh. But you can try pavu. "sudo apt install pavu" in terminal and then launching the app named pulseaudio volume control and then tweaking in there might help.09:29
The_LoudSpeakermouses: you can try sudo apt update && sudo apt install --fix-broken --fix-missing09:29
mousesThe_LoudSpeaker: no change, sadly :(09:31
The_LoudSpeakerthen a sudo apt autoremove --purge before that perhaps? mouses09:32
mousesThe_LoudSpeaker: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/tcknyB75WN/09:35
bisickcorif i update then install some new package , and then upgrade will it break the deps09:40
lotuspsychjeThe_LoudSpeaker: got it working?10:38
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BluesKajHi all11:23
lotuspsychjewelcome sick_boy11:31
sick_boythank you @lotuspsychje11:32
lotuspsychjehow can we help you today sick_boy11:32
sick_boynot needing help at the moment, thanks for asking. just joined the channel to help others.11:33
ryusakuOn my ubuntu 20.04 installation through proxmox, I have added a interface. It shows up as ens19. On boot, it is down. I have to manually do sudo ip link set ens19 up, and i have to manually do sudo dhclient ens19. How can I make this default behavior of this interface?12:20
ryusakusudo nano /etc/netplan/00-installer-config.yaml  ?12:22
lotuspsychjeryusaku: are you on ubuntu server?12:23
ddubyaI just upgraded to 20.04 and now I'm getting connection timeouts with snap, any ideas12:23
lotuspsychjeryusaku: you might wanna visit #ubuntu-server, but you will prob have more luck on monday, sundays not too much action12:24
ddubyacurl https://api.snapcraft.io works12:26
lotuspsychje!netplan | ryusaku see also12:26
ubotturyusaku see also: Netplan is a network configuration abstraction renderer which uses YAML descriptions of a network to work with either a NetworkManager or Systemd-networkd "renderer". More information at https://netplan.io/12:26
ryusakulotuspsychje : adding the second interface in 00-installer-config.yaml worked :) thanks12:26
lotuspsychjeah great ryusaku12:26
ddubyarelated question, does anyone know why privoxy seems to drop certain https requests and others are fine12:29
ddubyasnap times out after exactly 40s which seems short12:41
ddubyawow it is privoxy again.... why privoxy why?12:44
The_LoudSpeakerlotuspsychje: no idea, it was a friend's system, I sent him the instructions, he followed and rebooted but then he said ethernet was connecting but getting disconnected automatically. somemhow. we checked and made sure that the official driver module was loaded in system and used. everything seemed fine12:57
The_LoudSpeakerdon't know if he got it working after that12:57
vlmis it possible to set some permission on a folder so that all files and folders created inside that folder will be owned by a spesific user?13:05
ddubyavlm, look at setgid bit. https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-use-special-permissions-the-setuid-setgid-and-sticky-bits13:20
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ddubyavlm, that is for group permission however. what you want doesn't make much sense, would take ownership away from the creator13:23
vlmddubya: yeah i tried it sometime ago didnt work quite,but thanks though (,")13:23
ddubyait would be like setuid bit, but appearently doesn't work for directories13:24
vlmddubya: ill give it another go though,yeah i did some light reading i think that was what i got from it aswell13:24
ddubyathe solution is to run the service that creates the file as the user you want to own them13:25
ddubyanot always possible to do, also most file servers have a setuid option13:26
ferzHow can I disable touch pad events?13:29
ferzI've a Sony SVF1521G1EW/VAIO, BIOS R0200DA (03/26/2013) I'm on ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (Focal Fossa).13:29
vlmddubya: yeah just sometimes i forget and use root user to create files with sudo,nice if i could have it just automagically be chown back to regular user =)13:30
ferzFn-F1 doesn't work, it has never worked on Linux.13:30
ferzIf Linux cannot intercept bios Fn-F1 to disable touchpad, can I stop touchpad service or can I drop its driver?13:32
ledeniferz: witch DE and version of ?13:33
ledeniferz : settings --mouse & touchpad disable touchpad13:39
ferzledeni: ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (Focal Fossa)13:55
ferzledeni: which is the cmd line to disable touchpad and leave usb mouse working?13:56
ledeniferz: just open settings go to mouse & touchpad and disable touchpad13:58
ferzledeni: thank you14:01
ledeniferz: you're welcome14:02
ferzledeni: now I've to discover how "settings" have been translated in ubuntu-mate :D14:03
ferzI hate translations :-/14:03
ledeniferz: run in terminal 'gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.peripherals.touchpad send-events disabled-on-external-mouse'14:12
matkorHi what is arduino package present in Ubuntu 20.04 ?   It installs arduino IDE but in version 2:1.0.5.   On https://www.arduino.cc recent is 1.8.13 :/14:27
ioriamatkor, snap find arduino14:29
matkorioria: So package is very old 1.0.5 version?14:29
ioriamatkor, you can use the more recent one with snap14:31
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DWSRHey all, I'm having an issue with getting Bluetooth working properly on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. The BT chip in question is a combo WiFi/BT Realtek RTL8821AE. When using a Bluetooth headset, I can get A2DP mode working correctly, but I can't get HSP/HFP mode working, meaning I can't access the microphone. Any thoughts?14:41
jellyDWSR, I've seen something similar with 18.04 + 5.4 hwe kernel; trying to switch the device to HSP/HFP a couple times repeatedly and eventually it succeeded, for no good reason14:49
jeremy31DWSR: Actually I have no idea.  I tested my Sony BT headphones on Ubuntu and was able to switch audio profiles easily14:49
DWSRIt looks like the FW for my BT card is missing? Seeing this in dmesg: [    8.912421] bluetooth hci0: Direct firmware load for rtl_bt/rtl8821a_config.bin failed with error -214:50
mgedminany interesting error messages in journalctl around the time you try to switch profiles?14:50
DWSRmgedmin: Nope14:51
DWSRI assume you mean in bluetoothd journal?14:51
jellyDWSR, is there anything in /lib/firmware/rtl_bt/ dir at all?14:51
mgedminoh, does it have a separate log file?14:51
mgedminapt-file search rtl8821a_config.bin says there's no package shipping that file14:52
DWSRjelly: Yes.14:52
DWSRI keep seeing mention of a package called "firmware-realtek", but that's not available for Focal14:53
mgedminI thought pulseaudio was responsible for dealing with BT audio profiles14:53
juliandroskeit's from kernel package14:53
juliandroskeyou can download kernels from ubuntu mainline page, with modules and firmware14:53
mgedminI've had some snags from time to time, but switching between A2DP and HSP/HFP and back would usually make things work...14:54
DWSRmgedmin: How are you switching them? I'm trying to switch via blueman14:54
jellyDWSR, firmware-realtek is a package for Debian, Ubuntu seems to keep all of those in linux-firmware package14:54
juliandroskethat's it14:54
jeremy31That rtl8821a_config.bin doesn't exist upstream in linux-firmware either14:55
DWSRI've been staring at this for a little bit and part of the problem is that I keep running into instructions for e.g. 16.04 or 14.04, which clearly don't apply. :P14:57
juliandrosketried 20.04, but only find config.bin for rtl8821c14:57
DWSRInterestingly, it appears that duplicating that file might work: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=89391214:58
ubottuDebian bug 893912 in firmware-realtek "firmware-realtek: Failed to load rtl_bt/rtl8821a_config.bin" [Important,Open]14:58
DWSRAlso `rtl8821a_fw.bin` exists in `/lib/firmware/rtl_bt`14:59
jellyit seems to be missing upstream... https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git/tree/rtl_bt15:00
DWSRHrm, I'm going to try the suggested workaround in that bug15:01
* jelly slow15:01
mgedminDWSR: system preferences -> sound -> there's a dropdown15:01
ace_meAny hint to reduce -> systemd-analyze blame ... 2min 823ms ifupdown-pre.service15:01
ace_mejournalctl -b0 _PID=1 | grep Failed15:01
ace_meoct 11 17:39:23 K123... systemd[1]: ifupdown-pre.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.15:01
ace_meoct 11 17:39:23 K123... systemd[1]: Failed to start Helper to synchronize boot up for ifupdown.15:01
ace_meoct 11 17:39:23 K123... systemd[1]: apport-autoreport.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.15:01
ace_meoct 11 17:39:23 K123... systemd[1]: Failed to start Process error reports when automatic reporting is enabled.15:01
DWSRmgedmin: Ah, yeah, I can "change" the option in that dropdown, but when I subsequently test the audio, it's still high quality (indicating it's still in A2DP mode)15:02
mgedminhuh, for me there's a very noticeable drop in quality15:02
mgedminwhat happens if you select your BT headset as the input source?  it should switch to HSP automatically15:03
jeremy31DWSR: according to the source code the config.bin isn't needed15:03
mgedminlol I tried to take a screenshot with alt-printscreen, and it screenshotted just the dropdown itself15:03
DWSRmgedmin: It's missing from the input source selection15:05
DWSRjeremy31: I believe you, but the logs tell a different story.15:05
mgedminwhat's the headset?15:06
DWSRAnker Soundcore Life Q2015:06
mgedminoh hey the file chooser in my chromium is missing all the icons15:06
jeremy31DWSR: It that file was really needed, the bluetooth wouldn't work at all15:07
DWSRjeremy31: Again, I believe you, but your statement and my reality are not in line15:07
DWSRGoing to restart real quick15:08
DWSRSee if copying that file over did the trick15:08
DWSRFWIW, `bluetoothctl` lists the appropriate BT modes for HSP/HFP support15:09
garttHas anyone used a "vanilla"/public ubuntu version with a high-end Dell workstation? Like the Precision 5xxx or dual xeon 7920s? I know it's possible to throw Red Hat, Ubuntu, Suse enterprise, etc on them, but I've read that these are "tweaked" by the manufacturer to work well15:13
DWSRWelp, no change.15:13
DWSRThough the error message in `dmesg` is gone15:13
DWSRAnyway yeah, the headset microphone is missing from the Input dropdown in the Sound panel.15:14
garttI was wondering how much "tweaking" they actually need to do and if the normal publicly downloadable ubuntu versions work out of box well enough15:14
DWSRAh! Got it: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Bluetooth_headset#HFP_not_working_with_PulseAudio15:15
DWSRApparently the Q20s only report as HFP, not HSP.15:15
funnybunny2Is the new version out now?16:05
funnybunny2Also, want to know if the installer supports full disk encryption.16:06
mgedmin20.04 has been out for almost 6 months now16:08
mgedmin20.10 will be out by the end of this month16:08
mgedminthe installer supports full-disk encryption16:08
mgedmin(at least if you don't try to install side-by-side with another OS)16:09
random1Hello I am on Ubuntu 20.04 and everytime I type a sudo command i get feedback that says "sudo: unable to resolve host localhost.localdomain: Name or service not known". It doesnt effect my sudo commands and they execute with no problem but I am curious why I keep seeing this pop up every time and how to stop it.16:11
tomreynand you did a web search on it?16:12
mgedminrandom1: what does the hosts: line in /etc/nsswitch.conf look like?16:15
DWSRmgedmin: Big asterisk on "the installer supports full-disk encryption"16:15
mgedminmine is 'hosts: files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns mymachines'16:15
mgedminDWSR: that's a guide from 2019?16:16
DWSRMatches my experience using the 20.04 installer, though16:16
random11 moment let me pastebin16:16
tomreynthe above guide is on how to encrypt as much as possible. what the desktop installer does is to encrypt the root file system16:16
mgedminI went through it two days ago?  select LVM, check [x] encrypt entire disk, type password, done16:17
tomreynfull-disk-encryption is a bit of a misnomer.16:17
DWSRmgedmin: I did it last week. I know which boxes you're referring to, they don't do what they say they do.16:17
mgedminyes, okay, they leave /boot and /boot/EFI not encrypted16:18
random1https://pastebin.com/CdSng2xK mgedmin16:18
DWSRWhich is literally not "full disk encryption"16:18
mgedminI don't have any secret files in either of those partitions16:18
random1also my /etc/hosts is https://pastebin.com/DE9rnCv216:18
mgedminand I don't think it's even possible to encrypt the EFI partition?16:18
mgedminrandom1: weird16:19
random1mgedmin: Yeah im lost on this one -_-16:19
mgedminrandom1: by which I meen: everything looks normal, why would sudo fail to resolve the hostname16:19
random1Not sure. The sudo commands go through no problem but i get that message popping up every single time16:19
DWSRAnyway, regardless of what the installer claims to support, any kind of non-default disk partitioning is much easier to do ahead of time instead of relying on the installer.16:20
random1mgedmin: Any clue on what to do? o.O16:23
mgedminrandom1: debug!16:23
mgedminrandom1: is it just sudo that has the problem?  what happens if you do `host localhost.localdomain`?16:23
mgedminrandom1: what happens if you do `getent hosts localhost.localdomain`16:23
mgedminrandom1: what does `hostname` output?  `hostname -f`?16:23
random1mgedmin: Only sudo does it.16:24
random1mgedmin: it outputs localhost.localdomain16:24
mgedminfor me `host localhost.localdomain` outputs https://termbin.com/uxnb16:26
mgedminmeanwhile `getent hosts localhost.localdomain` produces `::1             localhost.localdomain`16:26
random1mgedmin: Yeah im unsure whats going on. A bit baffled on this16:27
mgedminrandom1: what does `hostname` output?  `hostname -f`?16:27
mgedminmaybe you do need to adjust your /etc/hosts to have 127.0.1 localhost localhost.localdomain16:29
mgedminanyway, what's in your /etc/hostname?16:29
random1mgedmin: https://pastebin.com/8xh16DPb16:31
mgedminthat's /etc/hosts16:32
mgedminI asked about /etc/hostname16:32
random1oh 1 moment sorry16:33
mgedmincan't reproduce your sudo troubles in lxd16:36
ikoniathat's not a standard host file16:37
mgedmina hostname of 'localhost' is weird; your /etc/hosts indicates that it used to be 'user'16:37
ikoniathis is also no localhost.localdomain entry so it will never resolve16:37
random1-_-  not sure. above my pay grade on this matter16:37
mgedminso the thing about that is I also have no localhost.localdomain entry in my /etc/hosts, but it resolves just fine16:37
ikoniaI suspect because of the resolver suffix16:38
ikoniaif you did ping localhost.localdomain does it resolve ?16:38
random1it goes through16:39
ikoniaso what happens if you do 'sudo cat /etc/hosts'16:39
ikoniait's resolving the ipv6 address16:40
ikoniaso that's working fine16:41
ikoniawhat's the problem ?16:41
random1not sure what this is but i exited sudo and i got https://pastebin.com/UFzhBE32  . Not sure if its relevant16:42
mgedminyou had a vim process backgrounded16:42
ikonianot really, suggests you where backgrounding some stuff in your shell that terminated16:42
ikonianot sure why you're 'root' though16:42
random1Im a bit of a newb with this so im not sure either lol...16:43
ikoniawho do you login to this machine as ?16:43
ikonia(what's the username)16:43
nhkaysfg will foregound processes16:43
ikoniarandom1: so why are you 'root' if you login as 'codelife'16:43
random1ikonia: i was in "sudo su"16:44
ikoniawhy did you do that ?16:44
ikoniaand if you did that - why are you typing sudo commands, you're root alreadu16:44
random1I thought i was supposed to. Im a bit green to linux16:44
ikoniaok - so if you're new, never use 'sudo su'16:44
random1I created a second user for security purposes. I was reading that I should have a second user from my main one16:45
ikoniawhy ?16:46
ikoniawhat securty problem does having a second user fix ?16:46
random1some manual i read online. not sure. something about keeping malicious code away from root16:46
ikoniayou shouldn't be root - ever16:46
ikoniahence why I asked who you logged in as and why you did 'sudo su'16:46
random1When i installed ubuntu my first user was "anonymous" and then i created "codelife" and never use "anonymous"16:47
random1let me show u the guide that i seen that said about that one moment16:47
mgedminyeah, why use sudo su when there's sudo -s? ;)16:48
random1I didnt know haha. Whats the difference?16:49
random1at #15 was where i got that idea from16:50
=== Dragonslicer is now known as Dragnslcr
mgedmin#15 is implemented by default on ubuntu: the root account has no password and you're supposed to use sudo16:55
random1I got you16:56
random1learned something today :)16:56
mgedminthat guide is full of slightly weird statements, I wouldn't trust it too much16:56
random1also for some reason im not getting that error anymore16:57
mgedminyou fixed it! :)16:59
mgedminprotip: install etckeeper16:59
mgedminit'll keep a history of all the changes made to /etc (daily commits from cron + every time you install or upgrade anything with apt)17:00
ikoniathat guide is terrible17:00
mgedminwhen something mysteriously breaks (or mysteriously gets fixed), it can be useful to look at config file changes17:00
random1mgedmin: lol i dont know how i fixed it but ok :p17:00
sunrunner20spreading this around, hopefully somebody knows: why does my smokeping install look like this: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/407265509931745281/764900488025997322/unknown.png17:27
mgedminlol how A2DP won't work on my headset (but HFP works)17:29
mgedmineventual success (turned off headset, turned on headset, couldn't reconnect, had to pair again; wtf)17:34
leibniz[m]Anyone can explain this scary error while updating a package? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/FZdgwJzdXk/17:57
ferzledeni: thank you17:59
ferzledeni: but 'gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.peripherals.touchpad send-events disabled-on-external-mouse' doesn't disable laptop touchpad yet.18:01
hackinghornI cannot find my ubuntu software center anymore :/18:03
mgedminleibniz[m]: https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ap-pkg-diversions.html describes the dpkg-divert mechanism18:08
mgedminleibniz[m]: but basically it looks like there was a bug in the maintainer script in whatever PPA gave you your vim package18:08
mgedminleibniz[m]: and it looks like the upgraded version had that bug fixed, so it's all fine in the end18:09
shayhi guys, did anyone here tried a Dell Latitude 2020 model (Latitude **10) on ubuntu by any chance? I try to verify that Latitude 7410 will work well for me18:16
leibniz[m]mgedmin: thanks18:25
leibniz[m]Just saw you message here :D18:25
fribhow I can I use talk on ubuntu ?18:35
Maikfrib: talk?18:37
fribman talk / sudo apt install talk talkd18:38
fribcant get it to work18:38
mgedminmesg y?18:38
fribwhy do I get kex_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer when connecting through a port opened using ssh -R ?18:42
ikoniatalk is long dead18:43
fribok what is it replaced by18:44
mgedminmaybe nothing is listening on the port you're trying to tunnel18:44
ikoniafrib: what are you actually trying to do, what's the end goal ?18:44
fribchat with other users on the same machine18:45
fribLISTEN   0        128  *18:45
ikoniathat's listening on locahost18:46
fribthats a different end goal18:46
ikoniayou'd be better off setting up a small light weight chat server18:46
ikoniathan using talk18:46
fribfor an ssh reverse tunnel18:46
fribthe port was in response to mgedmin18:46
strivefrib: That looks like a TCP wrapper issue. Do you have anything set in your /etc/hosts.allow or /etc/hosts.deny files?18:57
peter22222Hi folks, when i want to log in to guest session, i get "could not update .ICEauthority file /run/user/999/ICEauthority". I googled it but didnt find much, just the information that it could be a kernel bug (2 years ago).18:59
fribstrive, I assume you mean on the host I'm trying to connect to19:03
friblocally I dont have anything in hosts.allow or deny19:03
strivefrib: Your remote system.19:11
fribits a raspberry pi19:11
fribthose files havent been edited19:12
fribits an issue i've run into a long time ago trying to do ssh -R but don't remember the solution19:12
=== Wanderer is now known as WanderingLich
strivefrib: So you're trying to setup a tunnel?19:37
fribstrive, yes19:38
striveLook up remote forwarding.19:38
fribi usually use ssh -R19:38
pavlosfrib: see pm19:54
linuxnoobnicole sucks big black cocks :)19:55
fribpavlos, I saw20:06
=== KE0VVT_ is now known as KE0VVT
peter22222anybody has an idea how to solve that "could not update .ICEauthority file /run/user/999/ICEauthority" bug?20:36
TheWildis 2 GB not enough for Ubuntu Server 16.04.6 32-bit?20:45
peter22222probably not TheWild20:45
TJ-TheWild: for RAM or root file system?20:46
TheWildTJ-: for post-installation image.20:47
TheWild(that is, as a HDD. Root file system in other wods)20:47
summonnerdisk space is extremely cheap20:48
TJ-TheWild: well the container images are around 750MB minimum so add some space for kernel and headers and 1.2GB might be doable20:48
TheWildTJ-: actually the installation breaks but it doesn't tell explicitly that it is out of space20:49
TheWildtrying with 4 GB20:49
summonnerTheWild, why are you even jumping through those hoops? Even the Raspberry Pi recommends a minimum of 8GB20:49
TJ-TheWild: start with an LXD container image and add the kernel and GRUB :)20:50
TheWildooh man. Actually I need to boot "headless" (the VGA cable is damaged) PC and the only "USB stick" I have at the moment is 2 GB SD card.20:50
summonnerpeter22222, did you find anything on DDG/google? Looks like a permissions issue?20:51
peter22222summonner yes i search google for hours20:52
peter22222but everythin I try doesnt work.20:52
TheWildTJ-: rather: Install on VM with 8 GB HDD; extract all the files, chroot, apt purge what's not needed, copy all the files to 2 GB SD card, grub install, grub update.20:53
peter22222I dont have an .ICEauthority file in my home folder20:53
peter22222which is the blueprint for the skel20:53
TJ-TheWild: sounds like a painful way to do it!20:53
peter22222i changed kernel to 5.8, then back to 4.18 .... nothing works20:53
peter22222i made a fresh install and enabled guest session... same issue...20:54
peter22222seems to be a bug20:54
TJ-TheWild: it takes about 5 minutes to create a container, add kernels and GRUB, and write it to a VM/USB image that can be booted20:54
peter22222i really dont know what i can do else but downgrade to 18.0420:54
TJ-peter22222: what's the issue you're stuck with?20:54
summonnerpeter22222, and you saw this advice, yes? https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=184145720:54
peter22222when i want to log in to guest session there is a message: "could not update .ICEauthority file /run/user/999/ICEauthority"20:54
TheWildI'm not into containers yet20:55
TheWildand knowing "mentality" of Linux, learning it will take more than 5 minutes.20:55
TJ-peter22222: ahhh, and is there a pre-existing /run/user/999? ?20:55
summonnerpeter22222, did you try logging in with a different shell choice at login?20:56
peter22222summonner: yes i know that.. but: I dont even have a file called .ICEauthority. I created one with touch and changed owner (though i was the owner already)20:56
peter22222TJ- i made a fresh install... there should not be any pre-existing user... if i get you right...20:56
peter22222summonner... how can i do that? the dm is lightdm20:57
peter22222using mate20:57
peter22222using chsh /bin/bash $USER ?20:57
summonnerpeter22222, what's the chmod of the Iceauthority file?20:58
peter22222summonner since I created the file by "touch .ICEauthority" i am the owner (like peter:peter)20:59
summonnerpeter22222, is it 0600 ?20:59
peter22222the thing is i can log in as user "peter". the error message only comes when trying to login as guest user21:00
peter22222summonner I changed it even to 777 already21:00
summonnerooooof yeah for files that are responsible for Interprocess Communication, they don't like 77721:00
peter22222summonner well u see how desperate I am LOL21:01
peter22222this seems to be a bug after default installation21:01
fribi had someone connect to me and open a port using 'ssh -R PORT:localhost:22 them@me' and the port is listening for connections but I get an ssh error when trying to use the tunnel21:01
peter22222maybe it is a bug in MATE....21:02
summonnerpeter22222, I'm reading the best thing to do is to make sure all the X window sessions are shut-down (boot to single user mode) and then change the permissions of the file to  user:user and 060021:02
peter22222i might try out gnome...21:02
frib"key_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer"21:03
peter22222thank you summonner.21:04
summonnerfrib, you're trying to do a tunnel? what exactly are you attempting to do?21:06
TJ-peter22222: when I was asking about the existence of /run/user/999/ I mean a directory - the '999' is the user ID and I'd expect that to be systemd-network or similar user, so that'd explain why the guest user account might be failing21:08
TJ-peter22222: user IDs below 1000 are by convetion 'system' service accounts not 'real' users. I'm not sure how the guest account is supposed to be handled though21:09
TJ-peter22222: find out which user with "getent passwd 999"21:09
peter22222TJ- thank you.. well then I am wondering why the guest session tries to use the UID 999....21:10
peter22222ok hold on21:10
TJ-peter22222: maybe thats intended. user IDs on different systems might be different to the IDs on mine, although usually these system user IDs are chosen not to conflict and ares statically defined in each package21:10
peter22222TJ- indeed 999 is the guest-user!21:11
TJ-peter22222: interesting - I don't have a user ID for a guest user in passwd - using Xubuntu though21:11
TJ-peter22222: in which case you'd check the directory for any files NOT owned by that user with "sudo find /run/user/999 -not -user 999 -ls"21:12
TJ-peter22222: if there are some that could be the problem - they should be owned by that user and writable by that user too21:12
peter22222i ll run that now hold on21:12
peter22222TJ- since I had to log out to guest session due to the lack of sudo privileges of the guest account, i did the command "sudo find /run/user/999 -not -user 999 -ls": file or directory doesnt exist21:15
peter22222so the guest session creates a user with UID 999 which is already blockd or non readable...21:16
peter22222really strange... this error is showing up and when i click "close" it takes 2 Minutes then i have a desktop21:16
peter22222in guest session21:17
TJ-peter22222: /run/ is a tmpfs in RAM only, and yes we'd expect the /run/user/999/ directory to be created and removed on login/logout - start a guest session nd let te error occur then switch to another VT with Alt+Ctrl+F3 login as your regular 'sudo-power' user, then re-run that sudo find ... command whilst the guest user is active21:29
peter22222TJ- ok now it s getting really strange..: i switched to another TTY, logged in as my normal user with sudo privileges. put in the command that you gave me: "not authorized"... ok then i did "sudo su" to become root user... did the same command and: AGAIN: "not authorized"21:34
peter22222as root user!??21:34
TJ-peter22222: "not authorised" sounds like something coming from sudo, or policykit21:34
TJ-peter22222: if it was a file-system message we'd expect "denied"21:35
peter22222"find /run/user/999/gvfs: no authorisation"21:35
peter22222well it s in german: "keine Berechtigung"21:35
TJ-oh! for gvfs that makes sense, Gnome Virtual File system21:35
peter22222even root is not authorized?21:36
TJ-peter22222: find is scanning all the other directories and files and not finding a problem else it'd report them21:36
peter22222oh ok21:36
TJ-peter22222: GVFS is not a real file-system, it's an interface that Gnome backend creates21:36
peter22222aaaaah... ok :-)21:36
TJ-peter22222: so we're not finding any problems on ownership for .ICEauthority - is that report still occuring?21:37
peter22222TJ- yes..21:37
peter22222every time i try to log in as guest user21:37
peter22222then i click "close", wait 2 Minutes and the desktop is starting....21:37
peter22222could it really be a bug? since i did fresh install twice21:38
TJ-peter22222: lets' check that file from the VT console. Can you do : "sudo ls -al /run/user/999/ | pastebinit"21:38
TJ-peter22222: 'could not update' suggests some process has it open exclusively so another process cannot write to it21:39
peter22222TJ- "Bad API request, invalid api_dev_key"21:41
peter22222and again "no authorisation"21:41
peter22222TJ- sounds ... i can cd to /run/user/99921:43
TJ-peter22222: the pastebinit API error suggests that package has been altered and they broke it. This is Ubuntu Mate ?21:43
peter22222and list it but not pipe the output to pastebinit21:43
peter22222there is a file called "ICEauthority-c"21:43
TJ-hmmm, not sure how that is altered versus standard Ubuntu but it feels like someone that doesn't know what they're doing has modified the standard config without understanding the implications21:44
peter22222TJ I think I ll try another flavour of ubuntu on a fresh install21:46
peter22222thanks so much for your help21:46
TJ-peter22222: Xubuntu is worth a look21:50
peter22222TJ- i ll try that out thank you!21:52
hackinghornhelp! I can't open my software center22:01
hackinghornso I'm installing this package called ubuntu-kylin-software-center22:02
hackinghornI hope this is it22:02
hackinghornnah, it looks wrong ..22:09
hackinghornthere was a Ubuntu Software Center on my sidebar but something happened and its gone :/22:09
TJ-!info gnome-software | hackinghorn22:14
hackinghornI'm installing another package called ubuntu-software, hope it works22:14
ubottuhackinghorn: gnome-software (source: gnome-software): Software Center for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 3.36.1-0ubuntu0.20.04.0 (focal), package size 871 kB, installed size 6647 kB22:14
TJ-hackinghorn: yes, ubuntu-software Depends: gnome-software22:14
hackinghornhow did it get uninstalled, I'm confused..22:15
tomreyni think that's the "old" one, and now the "snap-store" snap is default22:15
tomreynat least on 20.0422:15
tomreyni.e. this https://snapcraft.io/snap-store22:16
tomreynthis is not a recommendation22:16
hackinghornwah wut22:16
hackinghornmaybe it didn't get uninstalled, I just cannot find it :/22:17
TJ-tomreyn: OMG what? Ubuntu has gone to the dogs!22:17
jellyhackinghorn, it gets uninstalled if you do a 18.04 -> 20.04 release upgrade22:17
hackinghorneh wut22:18
hackinghornI got 20.04 from the start. Maybe something else happened22:18
hackinghornanyway, I got this gnome-software, they look kinda like the usual one, just I'm using unity so the icon is wrong..22:19
hackinghornsoo, how do I get the "unity-software"22:23
hackinghorneh, every software is on snapcraft.io?22:24
oerheksfirst kylin, now unity-software?22:25
Bashing-om!info synaptic22:26
ubottusynaptic (source: synaptic): Graphical package manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.84.6ubuntu5 (focal), package size 606 kB, installed size 3300 kB22:26
hackinghornoh oh, nice22:28
hackinghornyeah, I just want the usual one, that I lost..22:28
hackinghornmaybe I will use the gnome one22:31
tomreynhackinghorn: do you remember where you downloaded this ubuntu installer?22:35
hackinghorntomreyn, there was a "Ubuntu Software Center" on the sidebar before, but  now its  gone, I just want it back..22:37
hackinghornI searched but couldnt find so I think its uninstalled22:37
tomreynhackinghorn: you said so, but i'm trying to understand which desktop environment you actually have22:38
tomreynnc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "Session: $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";echo Shell: $SHELL)22:38
hackinghornoh it's just Unity22:38
oerheksremoved from the sidebar is not a problem, it stays installed in your menu, hit the left bottom icon22:38
tomreynhackinghorn: can you run this command ^^ , it posts some system info to termbin.com, and you can share the url here22:39
oerheksand you can drag it back22:39
hackinghornoerheks, yeah true, I clicked left bottom, then I search, I type in search "Software Center" but nothing was found. Now I have the gnome one, only it is found22:40
hackinghornoh just "software"22:41
hackinghornyeah there is "All" but I cannot see it22:42
hackinghornwait, I think its updated to Snap Store22:46
hackinghornyeahh maybe thats it22:46
hackinghornit got a different icon22:46
hackinghornha, its called Snap Store now, thankss22:49
Durentucan someone point me in the right direction?  I'm looking for software that I can install on my apache/python server, for django web development that there's also a VS code extension so that it will be easy to deploy web projects.23:14
Durentuthe web server is in a private lan, simulating a working environment23:15
derpadminnot sure I get your question Durentu , you seem to have all your technological stack...23:22
derpadminI saw VS code have a remote option so you can change stuff directly on the server23:23
derpadminnot sure if that help you23:23
Durentuderpadmin, for example, if the uses finish their project,  is there a thing to deploy to the wbe server, or do I go and copy files and run scripts ?  - I was thinking maybe there was a web deployment app that runs on top of apache23:28
derpadminso a deployment software23:30
derpadminwell, yes23:30
derpadminbitbucket pipelines, ansible, chef, chef-solo/zero, puppet23:30
derpadminpick your poison23:30
derpadminaws code deploy23:30
Durentuok keyword deplorment software, go ti ..23:31
Durentuany of them the most popular ?23:31
derpadminwell, if the project is in bitbucket, pipelines can be useful, you can add unit test and prevent merge/deploy if tests fail23:33
Durentuah interesting23:33
derpadminansible is quite flexible and written in python, you could deploy with it on a server beside and test23:33
derpadmin(what I use right now to deploy my flask app)23:33
tomreynthis might be more of a topic for a software development channel.23:35
derpadmincorrect tomreyn23:35
DurentuI wasn't sure who to ask for deplyment software on a web server I'm building23:36
Durentuit's like few different channels at once23:37
Durentubut thanks for the pointers23:37
tomreynFor some search terms, you're looking for a django CI/CD solution. Maybe start in #python23:40
Durentutomreyn, thanks!  yep I'm asking there23:43
Durentutomreyn, for future referece would questions about django ci/cd be best asked here or in a diff channel, you think ?23:52
tomreynDurentu: elsewhere.23:53

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