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CurlyQuestion! If I sudo apt-get update and upgrade, is that the same as installing the latest version of Xubuntu?01:22
CurlyI don't have any problem with my install.01:23
CurlyI don't think it would make a difference.01:23
CurlyNot sure if there is a technicality.01:24
CurlyThe above question is subjective. Upgrading a ( version ) keeps up with the latest of that version but does it put it on the same  par  with the latest upgrade or version.01:31
CurlyI am using IRSSI  IRC  Client01:36
CurlyI guess everyone is watching CNN with the TRUMP dilema.01:40
CurlyCovid-19 is getting to everyone.01:40
CurlyAccording to the statistics, Covid is not going anywhere anytime soon.01:41
CurlyEmpty channel01:42
CurlyHave a nice day folks.01:43
xu-help87wI just upgraded from 18 to 20 xubuntu, and now the default font  is displaying in HEX i cannot find a solution to this issue16:13
xu-help87wall help is appreciated16:14
xu-help87whello is there anyone here?16:16
xu-help87wplease help I cannot even read on my system to fix the issue16:22
gnrpxu-help87w: What do you mean displaying in HEX?16:45
xu-help28wI am trying to download the Xubuntu  20.04 release for an operating systems class as ASU.   I keep getting a Failed - Network error during the download.   Any ideas how to correct this problem so that I can download it17:45

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