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QianbiaoNGHello, cloud init.12:20
QianbiaoNGhello, when i try cloud init from openstack.12:21
QianbiaoNGbut it seems cloud init does not fetch configs from Openstack12:21
QianbiaoNGlogs: http://paste.openstack.org/show/798946/12:21
QianbiaoNGany idea what is the problem?12:21
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meenaQianbiaoNG: is that the only log you have?14:22
QianbiaoNGmeena I think i find the issue.14:23
QianbiaoNGI am cloud-init a Openstack Ironic node from metadata service14:23
QianbiaoNGand OpenstackDatasource has pre-condition check which blocks the the node loading user-data14:24
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