IrcsomeBot1<Swift110> Hello00:13
IrcsomeBot1<murdock86> @Swift110, Hi there!00:32
IrcsomeBot1<Swift110> @murdock86, How long have you been using kubuntu00:48
IrcsomeBot1<murdock86> @Swift110, 0 days so far, im still running mint in a vm. Will play around with Kubuntu, Debian & Ubuntu Mate next week.00:59
IrcsomeBot1<Swift110> @murdock86, Oh ok cool03:37
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> @tomreyn, Try Ubuntu launcher on your android phone. You will get the idea what it is.05:48
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Check out "Ubuntu Style Launcher" … https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kundan.themes.ubuntu.launcher05:49
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Check out "Ubuntu Touch icon pack" … https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.aseman.ubuntu_touch_icons05:50
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Wallpapers in icon pack are cool.05:50
IrcsomeBot1<Edwin Coval> altho I think I have a login error06:20
lordievaderGood morning06:36
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/5EB4pGS6/file_37478.jpg Hello everyone, suddenly wine doesn't work properly on my Kubuntu. It did work for a while then suddenly I couldn't play any games using Lutris. So I uninstalled wine and installed it once more but this is what's happening. I can't do anything else so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.07:49
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> "andyo@andyo-AX370-Gaming:~$ wine --version … wine-5.19 (Staging) … andyo@andyo-AX370-Gaming:~$ winetricks … Executing mkdir -p /home/andyo … ^Z … [3]+  Stopped                 winetricks … andyo@andyo-AX370-Gaming:~$ winecfg … ^Z … [4]+  Stopped                 winecfg … andyo@andyo-AX370-Gaming:~$ winetricks vcrun2010 … Executing mkdir -p /home/andyo … ^Z … [5]+  Stopped                 winetricks vcrun2010 â07:49
IrcsomeBot1andyo@andyo-AX370-Gaming:~$ "07:49
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> I stopped them because after 5mins it just remains idle doing nothing07:50
lordievaderOut of memory perhaps?08:09
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> @lordievader, Fresh install of Kubuntu on a Ryzen 1600X, X370 mobo, 24gb ram, RX 580. Nothing else running in the backgroud either08:38
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> I doubt it's memory issue08:38
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> I am really having a streak of Linux bad luck lately08:38
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> "002c:fixme:winediag:LdrInitializeThunk wine-staging 5.19 is a testing version containing experimental patches. … 002c:fixme:winediag:LdrInitializeThunk Please mention your exact version when filing bug reports on winehq.org. … 0064:fixme:seh:dwarf_get_ptr unsupported encoding 9b … 0064:fixme:seh:dwarf_get_ptr unsupported encoding 50 … 0064:fixme:seh:dwarf_get_ptr unsupported encoding 31 … 0064:fixme:seh:dwarf_get_ptr unsupp08:39
IrcsomeBot1encoding 9b … 0064:fixme:seh:dwarf_get_ptr unsupported encoding 50 … 0064:fixme:seh:dwarf_get_ptr unsupported encoding 31 … 0064:fixme:seh:dwarf_get_ptr unsupported encoding 9b … 0064:fixme:seh:dwarf_get_ptr unsupported encoding 50 … 0064:fixme:seh:dwarf_get_ptr unsupported encoding 31 … 0064:fixme:seh:dwarf_get_ptr unsupported encoding 9b … 0064:fixme:seh:dwarf_get_ptr unsupported encoding 50 … 0064:fixme:seh:dwarf_get_ptr uns08:39
IrcsomeBot1encoding 31 … " … what could this mean?08:39
lordievaderDid you check dmesg?08:39
lordievaderThat console output is really unreadable, please use a pastebin service for console output.08:39
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:39
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> @lordievader, that's just what I get after issuing "winecfg" command08:41
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> Does wine need kvm to be enabled?08:44
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lordievaderNo, not from what I remember.08:49
IrcsomeBot1<Derek Slegr> this is a relative path08:56
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> wine suddenly won't work for some really odd reason08:57
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> I am very new to Linux so a bit thrown off by these sudden surprises after following everything to the letter08:58
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> And I have used wine flawlessly on many other distros without a hitch so this is really irritating08:58
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> @AndyKG, Try to use a little older version of wine(which will be more stable). It should be 1-2 minor versions older.09:18
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Than latest version of wine.09:18
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> @sammy_v, Ok trying out the stable version 1st09:53
viewer|55Bluescreen? does anyone have a wild idea of what this is due to https://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php/77397-Bluescreen-after-login-and-kwinx1111:12
BluesKajHi all11:21
IrcsomeBot1<JPS72> @BluesKaj, Hey11:21
BluesKaj@JPS72, hi11:22
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> (Photo, 591x1280) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/Ub09hGnT/file_37499.jpg13:09
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Ubuntu wallpaper on my redmi note 7s mobile13:10
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Looks cool13:10
oerheks36'C .. cool!13:25
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> i want to compile conky and conky manager on my system and want to install it14:01
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> how can i do that?14:01
lordievaderIt ain't in the repos?14:02
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> well there so many14:03
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> idk which one is original14:03
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> https://github.com/brndnmtthws/conky14:06
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> https://github.com/teejee2008/conky-manager14:06
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> https://github.com/zcot/conky-manager2/issues/1414:06
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> so do i only need to compile only conky manager14:08
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> there is an app image14:11
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> what is that?14:11
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> (Photo, 1280x719) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/j8ETRu9S/file_37503.jpg14:16
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> thats whati get from app image14:16
lordievaderGentoo links to https://github.com/brndnmtthws/conky as the homepage of conky, so I suppose that is the right one.14:22
lordievaderAnyhow, it is in the repos: https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/conky14:23
lordievaderPersonally, I wouldn't bother with an appimage.14:23
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oerheksthere is a ppa for ppa:linuxmint-tr/araclar .. a mint one http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2020/07/install-conky-manager-ubuntu-20-04-lts/14:26
elarsonhey folks! I've been trying to make a switch to kde / plasma. I installed the kubuntu-desktop and things are working as expected, except for my vpn. I have to use openconnect with globalprotect. I've been using gnome previously and things were working, but when I use plasma-nm it looks like it tries to contact the gateway, but doesn't actually pick up the endpoint. this results in a authentication error. does anyone have any suggestions14:27
elarsonfor how to debug?14:27
elarsonI thought it might be a secret manager issue where whatever gnome uses is conflicting with kwallet but I'm doubtful that is it14:28
elarsonI'll also mention that I was also playing around with Enlightenment and the same connection did work when I enabled the systray there and started it up. that said it did use the same dialogs as nm does in gnome14:32
elarsonhmm... so in a moment of inspiration, I see a `vpn-secrets` section of the vpn config that has `lasthost` https: which is what it looked like it tried to connect to . I'm removing that and seeing what happens14:35
elarsonWell, I logged out and logged into plasma and my VPN was still connected so I'm going to see roll with it until I disconect and see what happens :P14:44
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Good for you.14:50
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> ah i need lill help15:19
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> actually i deleted .conky from home15:19
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> and after installing package from directory that folder is not getting created15:20
IrcsomeBot1<murdock86> Synaptic15:38
IrcsomeBot1<murdock86> Is synaptic included in kubuntu?15:38
tomreynmurdock86: it's available, but probably not installed by default15:43
tomreynyou can check what's available in a given (k)ubuntu release at https://packages.ubuntu.com15:44
oerheksconky does not create a conky folder nor ~/.conkyrc15:56
oerhekslongest tread on the forum. 2348 pages ...15:59
tomreynhmm, i wonder which software could have been improved how during the time spent on discussing this. :)16:02
oerheksconky and cron, 1st things i learned programming. conky-manager ruins that experience.16:10
IrcsomeBot1<murdock86> @tomreyn, Thanks!16:13
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IrcsomeBot1<ganug> i shared a folder through samba. but i cannot access it with other device. folder access is denied16:48
IrcsomeBot1<ganug> (Photo, 591x1280) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/ttof1IJF/file_37511.jpg The folders are showing but cannot access them16:49
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> @tomreyn, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5csaCSyfoo&t=559s17:32
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> i followed this tutorial and it sucked17:32
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> now im unable to change the system wigdet17:32
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> also when i run conky or change the conf, two same wedgit overlapping eachother runs17:33
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> and im unable to find how to bring it back to default stage17:34
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> @2tomreyn17:34
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> @oerheks17:34
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> how to completely remove conky?17:42
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Sudo apt-get autoremove conky17:44
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Use it in terminal17:45
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> It will remove all dependent packages also.17:45
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> what about all config files?17:48
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> @sammy_v, nice17:49
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Everything will be removed.17:49
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> If prompted for config files removal, type yes17:49
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> no i didnt get any promt17:50
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> it just removed few packs17:50
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Hmm because it is with sudo auth17:50
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> yeah17:51
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> (Photo, 1280x719) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/i8DXyRLA/file_37512.jpg17:51
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> @sammy_v, but17:51
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> these17:51
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IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> (Photo, 1280x719) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/p0DDtPIY/file_37513.jpg17:51
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> ?17:51
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Reboot and check.17:52
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Why don't you use sysmon which is default app for kde?17:52
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IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/fvA4pIoQ/file_37514.jpg I have uninstalled and tried stable, development and staging. I deleted all traces of wine including the default prefix created. I have done everything but this is always the end. Any help before a switch distros?18:03
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> @sammy_v, i still have those folders18:03
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> What is inside the folders?18:04
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> config files18:04
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> in 1st one18:04
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> in 2nd extra skins18:04
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> @AndyKG, I used wine on opensuse leap 15.2. It works perfectly fine.18:05
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> but i think the issue is solved18:05
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> @SharGen19, Try manually deleting the folder.18:05
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> cant it denies18:06
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> can i delete it from terminal? with sudo?18:06
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Wait18:06
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> @sammy_v, I came from using Manjaro for over a year including all those updates and never faces any issue like this. Installs but won't work, it's strange.18:08
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Use sudo dolphin explorer to delete the folder.18:08
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/eVMzWUIS/file_37515.jpg What does this mean?18:08
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Graphics error.18:09
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> @sammy_v, I play emulators at 4k res pretty smoothly18:10
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> Rpcs318:10
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> And yuzu18:10
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> @SharGen19, File manager -super user mode or sudo mode.18:10
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> You will have to change directory to the folder. Then give delete command.18:11
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Use sudo in the command.18:11
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Best way is use file manager in sudo mode.18:11
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/8dgTOtOV/file_37516.jpg 😅 works after sudo😂 I have never had to use sudo for wine stuff before😂😂😂 strange18:17
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> @AndyKG, Did you download the present wine installer from wine website or repository?18:17
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> @sammy_v, winehq18:18
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> something's not right huh?18:18
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> If yes, better download wine from opensuse repository. This wine version will be supported by opensuse and work well.18:18
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Use package manager to search and install wine from kubuntu repository.18:19
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> I downloaded wine from opensuse repository for my opensuse desktop. It works perfectly.18:19
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> So for your kubuntu desktop use wine from kubuntu repository. It should work.18:20
IrcsomeBot1<AndyKG> I will look into that, I prefer stuff from creators source mostly18:20
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> It is not tested for particular distro and hence fails to perform.18:21
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Stick to distro repository  for stable performance.18:22
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> @sammy_v, uhm what?18:54
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> @sammy_v, how?18:55
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> (Photo, 1280x719) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/2kpdjat2/file_37526.jpg18:56
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> ahhh18:56
IrcsomeBot1Tgvvv Ffvgg was added by: Tgvvv Ffvgg19:13
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> @SharGen19, It is there in your start menu applications19:15
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> @SharGen19, You are doing it all wrong19:15
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> It is not a terminal command19:16
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Dolphin is name of kde file explorer.19:16
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> First get your basics right. Please go through the kde and kubuntu documents properly.19:16
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