LubunHi ! Any speak spanish01:50
lubot<N0um3n0> In #lubuntu-es01:53
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lubot<matkoniecz> Can you recommend some good alternative to qterminal? I want to use bpytop but packaged qterminal has bugs breaking it and I see no sane way to upgrade it. … I got bitten by https://github.com/lxqt/qterminal/issues/710 (appears to require switching to short-lived non-LTS version of Ubuntu 20.10). … It also has https://github.com/lx05:35
lubotqt/qterminal/issues/685 that remains completely unfixed.05:35
guiverc@matkoniecz, the best for you may depend on what other toolkits/libraries/applications you have installed, eg. konsole uses KF5 (https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/konsole) so will be heavier, as may occur with other alternatives.. your chosen apps will likely dictate the lightest/best for you.06:05
Leon01hola alguien para una consulta?08:09
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pcmc3aHello, My connection manager shows that my system is connected to a Wireless network. But, I cannot access the internet. I can access the net through an ethernet interface from the same router. What could be the issue?09:11
lubot<matkoniecz> For start, is any other device able to use this wifi?09:15
pcmc3aYes, All other devices are working fine on this WiFi09:15
pcmc3aAnd, my system is able to connect to other WiFi networks, like my phone's hotspot09:15
lubot<matkoniecz> Is there some filtering enabled on router? Filtering by MAC or something?09:15
pcmc3aSo it's got to do something with that specific router/connection09:16
pcmc3aNope, no filtering enabled on the router09:16
lubot<matkoniecz> From other obvious issues: what is the system version? If old and EOL then upgrading is recommended and may fix the issue09:17
pcmc3alubot, Thanks!09:17
pcmc3aanyways, figured it out09:17
lubot<matkoniecz> Also, maybe you entered wifi password and it had some typo? (I had this problem)09:17
lubot<matkoniecz> pcmc3a: what fixed it?09:17
pcmc3athere was some static address configured for that WiFi09:17
lubot<matkoniecz> On laptop?09:18
pcmc3aremoved it, and it is working now09:18
lubot<matkoniecz> Or on router?09:18
pcmc3aon laptop09:18
pcmc3aI went to 'edit connections', selected the network, then 'IpV4'09:19
pcmc3athere were some addresses entered, removed them09:19
pcmc3arebooted, and it is working again09:19
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ali_how are ya10:44
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lubot<matkoniecz> I have a new computer and Lubuntu is EXTREMELY laggy. Backspace in qterminal takes up to two seconds to react.18:30
lubot<matkoniecz> Also, see screencapture - reaction to mouse movement takes sometimes several seconds.18:30
lubot<matkoniecz> Also, Lubuntu is not detecting a monitor detected on a separate computer.18:31
lubot<matkoniecz> Also, GRUB start bootlooping - (GRUB screen blinks with full black, waits several seconds, blinks with fullscreen black again and so on, with never booting)18:32
lubot<matkoniecz> [bootloops stop when monitor is disconnected]18:32
lubot<matkoniecz> Win10 works normally, without any issue whatsoever18:32
lubot<matkoniecz> WTF is going on?18:32
lubot<matkoniecz> It is a Dell Latitude 748018:33
lubot<matkoniecz> I went to "additional drivers", Additional Drivers (where on my previous computer Nvidia driver was selectable). Nothing present there.18:39
LimeOnmatkoniecz maybe the driver is not installed18:55
LimeOnso you have that missing option and the pc goes slow18:56
lubot<matkoniecz> Any idea what is the proper installtion method?18:56
lubot<matkoniecz> And I have SOME driver installed, otherwise nothing would display in GUI mode (and maybe even in CLI)18:57
LimeOnlet me check, i dont know really18:57
LimeOni found this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1054954/how-to-install-nvidia-driver-in-ubuntu-18-0419:00
LimeOnthe 1st answer could solve your problem19:01
LimeOnit explains how check the lasts drivers19:01
LimeOnand if they are supported19:01
lubot<matkoniecz> lets see whatever it works on modern Ubuntu version19:01
lubot<matkoniecz> (20.04)19:01
LimeOnyes, i dont know if it works19:02
LimeOni didnt tried it19:02
LimeOnwith the command inxi -Gx you could see some important information about your nvidia card i think19:04
LimeOn"inxi -Gx"19:04
LimeOnyou will need to know the model of the graphic card19:05
lubot<matkoniecz> Intel HD Graphics 62019:19
LimeOni see19:21
LimeOncheck if you have installed mesa-utils19:21
LimeOnyou can see that in the same command too19:22
LimeOnit will say" mesa intel HD graphics 620"19:23
LimeOnin a part that says OpenGl: Renderer:19:23
lubot<matkoniecz> `mesa-utils` is already installed19:25
LimeOnwhat about the part that says "display"?19:26
LimeOn(in the command that i said beofre)19:26
lubot<matkoniecz> Display: x1119:32
LimeOnwhat about "xserver-xorg-video-intel"?19:33
LimeOncheck if you have that package installed19:33
lubot<matkoniecz> yes, it is19:36
LimeOni see19:37
LimeOnso you have the drivers i think19:37
LimeOnmaybe the problem is in anothe rplace19:38
LimeOnanother place*19:38
LimeOnbecause the command detects it19:38
LimeOni suggest you to ask in #ubuntu, maybe somebody know whats the problem19:38
LimeOnsorry, but i dont know what it is19:39
lubot<matkoniecz> Thank for your help, I manage to get external monitor working20:00
lubot<matkoniecz> Still, why GRUB falls into bootloop on start if external monitor is attached?20:01
LimeOnmaybe that is related to the bios setup20:02
LimeOnor the uefi20:02
LimeOnbut im not sure20:02
JimL37I am seeing a weird problem with Ubuntu/lxqt and Lubuntu where (in VirtualBox) at random times the backspace key starts typing ^H. stty erase ^H does not keep it fixed. Seems related to typing Ctrl-V or using New Window for a new terminal.22:20
wxlyou just posted on the forum, right?22:20
wxllook at the reply22:20
JimL37Oh OK sorry22:20
wxlin general i would advise against asking everywhere all at once22:20
JimL37I didn't realize it was the same group of people my bad I apologize22:21
wxlit's not necessarily the same group of people but it22:26
wxls all related to the same purpose: lubuntu support22:26
MrCollinsI am currently using lubuntu 14, how do I initiate an upgrade to 20.04? I have googled this and cant seem to find it.22:55
LimeOnhello MrCollins, i think its better to download the 20.04 iso and make a clean instalation22:57
MrCollinsI cant sir.22:57
LimeOnyou will have some problems in the upgrad ei think22:57
MrCollinsOld hardware, long story. and I just installed this version.22:58
MrCollinsI cant. this older box doesnt have a dvd and it wont boot from usb22:58
LimeOnyou need 64 bits to run the last version22:58
LimeOnit does not support x32 anymore22:58
MrCollins700mb cd is all I can use in it. I dont have an IDE controller in my better pc lol22:59
MrCollinshow do I upgrade to latest greatest thats 32bit22:59
LimeOnbut you know if you processor is x32 or x64?22:59
MrCollinsits 32 boss23:00
LimeOnyour version should be the 18.04.523:00
LimeOnbut the image is 715mb23:00
MrCollinsthats why I want to upgrade :)23:01
LimeOni remmeber there's a way to install it with less size23:01
LimeOnlet me find hwo was that23:01
MrCollinsyes using a mini23:01
MrCollinsmini cd. I just want to upgrade :)23:01
MrCollinsI just spent 3 hours downloading everything. I just want to initiate an upgrade. It asked me to upgrade a minute ago but apt-get was locked23:01
MrCollinsso it quit and I cant get that screen to pop up again.23:02
LimeOnthats the guide i think23:02
MrCollinsok thank you very much for your help23:05
MrCollinsok. I want to make this box a headless dns server for my home network. I have dns installed. how can I turn x11 from auto starting? Is there anything I need to do to configure dns server?23:07
LimeOni dont know that really23:08
MrCollinsno problem. thank you for your help anyway! :)23:09
LimeOnremember that you will need to install the lubuntu desktop after that mini instalation23:09
LimeOnbecause that's the ubuntu mini setup23:09
LimeOnremember to choose 18.04 x3223:09
MrCollinsok boss man :)23:11
LimeOnno problem!23:11
lubot<matkoniecz> What is the proper way of upgrading.debugging GRUB issues? It falls into bootloop if monitor is attached to laptop (later screen works fine).23:18
lubot<teward001> withotu knowing your bootloop error messages it's impossible to say - bootloop with monitor attached sounds like a BIOS level firmware problem though not an Lubuntu issue23:20
lubot<teward001> and debugging GRUB issues can be tricky and very intense23:20
lubot<matkoniecz> There is no error message at all - laptop screen flashes black after about 2 seconds of GRUB screen and it stops reacting to a keyboard input23:28
lubot<matkoniecz> @teward001 [and debugging GRUB issues can be tricky and very intense], That is why I want to try upgrading GRUB (maybe BIOS based on your info) first.23:29
lubot<matkoniecz> So I guess that first step would be getting any error message - and maybe it will hint what happens23:29
lubot<teward001> you say it works fine when you don't have an external monitor attached at boot?23:30

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