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luna_Kernel 5.9 released07:25
luna_Hello, where do i report kernel problems ?16:48
gpiccoliluna_, you mean *Ubuntu kernel* issues? You can use Launchpad, to open a bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+filebug16:49
luna_gpiccoli: alright tried to manually update to kernel 5.9 using these packages: https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/daily/current/amd64/ but dkms did not load the zfs modules so i got stuck with an angry message in busybox, no zfs modules loaded16:50
gpiccolihmm...so, did you install the headers packages to allow dkms to build zfs?16:51
luna_gpiccoli: yep installed the headers_all package16:52
gpiccolidid you manage to check if dkms built the zfs module for this kernel version? The suggestion I can give you is to reboot in a working kernel, and be sure dkms can build the zfs module for the daily 5.9 kernel luna_ 16:53
luna_gpiccoli: i did reboot to the 5.8 kernel now, how can i check if dkms can build for 5.9 ?16:54
gpiccolitry this: find /lib/modules/ | grep -i zfs16:55
gpiccolilet me know the results16:55
gpiccoliok, clearly you don't have zfs modules to 5.9.x 16:56
gpiccolionly for 5.8.0-18 and 5.4.0-4216:56
gpiccolican you pastebin the output of "dpkg -l | grep -i zfs" ?16:56
gpiccoliwhat is the output of "dkms status" luna_ ?16:59
luna_virtualbox, 6.1.14, 5.8.0-18-generic, x86_64: installed17:00
luna_virtualbox, 6.1.14, 5.8.0-19-generic, x86_64: installed17:00
luna_virtualbox, 6.1.14, 5.8.0-20-generic, x86_64: installed17:00
luna_virtualbox, 6.1.14, 5.8.0-21-generic, x86_64: installed17:00
gpiccolinow, last pastebin: "dpkg -l| grep -i dkms"17:03
gpiccolihmm..you don't have even a dkms zfs package, it seems. Try to run "apt-get install zfs-dkms"17:05
gpiccolilet's see how it goes17:05
gpiccoliAfter if finishes the installation/build, if all goes fine, try again: "find /lib/modules/ | grep -i zfs"17:05
gpiccolisee if there are zfs files under 5.9.x/ folder17:05
luna_still missing17:11
gpiccolitry "apt-get install zfs-linux" then, please17:12
luna_apt could not find that package17:13
gpiccoliyeah, I'm sorry..it's a source package, my bad17:13
gpiccoliDo you have any logs from dkms ?17:13
gpiccolilet me try to install the same kernel you're trying and see if I can have zfs installed too17:14
luna_gpiccoli: sure i guess so but not sure where they are located /var/log/something ?17:14
gpiccoliBTW, are you using Ubuntu 20.04 luna_ ?17:14
luna_nope, i am trying out 20.10 17:14
gpiccoli20.10, great! 17:14
gpiccolilet me try here, will get back to you17:14
luna_using rolling rhino :p 17:15
luna_alright :)17:15
gpiccolidkms logs should be on /var/log17:15
gpiccolifind /var/log | grep -i dkms get you nothing ?17:15
gpiccoliBTW, did you install both headers packages luna_ ?17:16
gpiccoliThere is a _all and a -generic  that must be installed17:16
luna_ah that might be the problem then17:16
gpiccolitry that, while I'm trying here hehe17:17
luna_did not install the -generic one 17:17
gpiccoliand now, after installed the -generic one, did it work ?17:18
luna_still installing17:18
luna_dpkg failed installing it17:19
gpiccoliif possible, please pastebin the logs17:20
luna_got an error message in Swedish so not sure how helpful that is17:21
gpiccolihmm..yeah, not useful for me lol17:21
luna_saying something about dependency problems 17:23
gpiccolihmm..odd! So, the steps to make it work are: you need the following packages properly installed : https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/wCSSpr6Dn4/17:25
gpiccoliafter that, if zfs-dkms is already installed, it should build you zfs for that kernel17:26
gpiccoliif not, installing it will trigger the build17:26
gpiccoliyou can try now to remove/purge the 5.9 kernel of your system and reinstalling it using the "dpkg -i *" in a folder with the 5 necessary DEBs17:26
gpiccoliI'm still running this process17:27
luna_making a second try here now too17:29
luna_nah getting some problem while trying to install linux-headers-5.9.0-050900daily20201012-generic and dkms does not want to do its thing :(17:31
luna_gpiccoli: sticking with 5.8 for now, but thanks for the help in trying to troubleshoot17:32
gpiccolimy VM is slow and still building dkms, let's see how it goes17:32
luna_alright i will stick around 17:33
gpiccoliif you want to continue trying the 5.9, you could change your locale to english and pastebin the outputs, we can try to make that work17:33
gpiccolishould be a harmless process...17:33
gpiccoliit's very common to install kernel packages17:33
luna_getting a bit too tired, will just stay around with 5.8 until you push 5.9 in the repos later17:34
gpiccoliHmm..I think the problem is this:17:35
gpiccoliLoading new zfs-0.8.3 DKMS files...17:35
gpiccoliBuilding for 5.4.0-48-generic 5.9.0-050900daily20201012-generic17:35
gpiccoli[...] <succeeded in building for 5.4.0-48>17:35
gpiccoliBuilding initial module for 5.9.0-050900daily20201012-generic17:35
gpiccoliERROR (dkms apport): kernel package linux-headers-5.9.0-050900daily20201012-generic is not supported17:35
gpiccoliError! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 5.9.0-050900daily20201012-generic (x86_64)17:35
gpiccoliConsult /var/lib/dkms/zfs/0.8.3/build/make.log for more information17:35
gpiccoliI'll read the logs, but seems zfs cannot build in this kernel version17:36
luna_ guess you Kernel, ZFS and Canonical people have something to work on then :D17:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1899515 in linux (Ubuntu) "ZFS Modules Missing" [Undecided,Incomplete]17:36
luna_if you wanna add something more sensible to my bug17:36
gpiccoliok, I'll do!17:37
gpiccolithanks for reporting the bug17:37
luna_no problem, have fun working on it17:42
gpiccolithanks luna_ hehe17:44
gpiccoliKeep following the LP! Let's see how it goes17:44
luna_will do17:54
tjaaltonthe zfs module always needs porting to a new kernel version20:45
tjaaltonaiui that work has only started for 5.920:46
JanCyeah, that's always an issue with out-of-kernel modules22:39

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