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lordievaderGood morning06:36
xnoxSoni:  you can specify to use s390x on travis; you can tick the box in launchpad PPA configuration to build for debs for s390x; you can use snap remote build to build for s390x09:35
iceyhey rafaeldtinoco: any updates on the OpenStack packageset updates? Anything I can do to help?11:24
Sonixnox: yeah that's great for testing, not so great for development12:31
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tewardcpaelzer: see my reply to the bug you just poked me on14:57
tewardcpaelzer: short story:14:57
tewardthose paths are necessary for NGINX to operate properly as a service with the Packaging that we have running14:57
tewardif you are trying to run NGINX with custom paths you PROBABLY need to compile it yourself14:58
tewardnamely, if we don't include the prefix paths then it won't pick up plugins, etc. installed by the packaging14:59
tewardthat's all stuff inherited from Debian14:59
tewardalso nginx upstream with their prebuilt package repos does the same thing :P15:03
tewardso Won't Fix because Upstream does similar stuff.15:03
tewardthey want custom compile time options, they can compile it themselves (it's outside the usecase for the packaging as is I believe)15:03
rafaeldtinocoicey: hey.. today is a holiday over here, Ill be doing today/tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.. now it is just a question of going through the package list and checking if someone else already has the resp for the package or not and editing the acls (shouldnt take long)15:05
iceyrafaeldtinoco: no worries, and thanks for responding while on holiday! I just wanted to make sure I don't drop it :)15:06
tewardcpaelzer: we can also call that User Error on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nginx/+bug/1899164 - they can override most if not ALL of those prefix options with the proper nginx.conf options.15:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1899164 in nginx (Ubuntu) "nginx ignores prefix path" [Undecided,Won't fix]15:07
tewardcpaelzer: either way, it ain't going to be fixed in our packaging, the poster needs to override prefixes with corresponding config arguments.  or custom-compile.15:10
teward(many of those compile time prefix areas are *required* for it to compile though I believe...)15:10
cpaelzerperfect, I knew that you'll know better15:10
tewardcpaelzer: also, regarding the triage report you sent, +esm <-- isn't this Canonical?15:10
tewardi.e. some paid support team/repos that only get Security updates?15:11
cpaelzerit is but partially free to use afaik15:11
tewardi thought that was outside the scope of $ALL except for whoever manages ESM stuff15:11
tewardcpaelzer: well, for members, yeah, ESM is available in limited deployment, and for anyone with at least UA-I it gives ESM for 14.0415:11
teward(I've been waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too invested into this lol - for work xD)15:11
tewardthanks for poking it to my attention though that nginx bug :)15:12
tewardcpaelzer: followup reply on ubuntu-server for paper-trail on your email and triage report15:16
tewardcpaelzer: might be worth mentioning also that any time someone rolls a custom nginx.conf that is sparse As Heck like that, it usually will trigger problems ;)15:17
tewardcpaelzer: i meant to reply to that bug when it first came in, and dig, but I got busy.15:19
cpaelzerthank you so much teward!17:24
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jayjoWhat are the differences of booting a VM from an ISO or a memstick? I'm trying to start pfsense on an ubuntu server, but I'm having trouble accessing the serial console, which I believe is because I tried to use the ISO: https://www.pfsense.org/download/#pick-installer18:53
jayjoAre the differences primarily in how this particular project packages those two things, and a differet project could have a memstick and ISO behave identically?18:54
mgedminthere are ways of producing a "hybrid" ISO file that can be booted as an ISO or directly from a flash stick18:58
mgedminit looks like pfsense doesn't do that18:59
jayjoOk, so I'll try to connect via the serial console with the different installer. Using virsh/libvirt, could I use the regular ISO and somehow connect serially over a virtual VGA? I think VGA is what the regular installer supports19:02
mgedminshould be possible, qemu/kvm supports an ncurses mode19:12
mwhudsonjayjo: "What are the differences of booting a VM from an ISO or a memstick?" haha oh boy it's a lot, unfortunately20:36
mwhudsonhttps://wiki.osdev.org/El-Torito is a starting point20:37
rbasakcpaelzer: ah. Did that open-vm-tools SRU have the wrong bug reference? :-/23:06
tewardi'mma just put this out there: email is pain.  >.<23:07
tewardtrying to get a custom mail handler to work with Postfix right and it's pain >.<23:07

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