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DeyaaI've just read this wiki page is it true that government can intercept my HTTPS connection? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bullrun_(decryption_program)02:31
pavlosDeyaa: maybe #ubuntu-discuss02:46
* guiverc would think you'd get more in #ubuntu-offtopic or an unlogged channel02:51
hackinghornhi, I can both download discord from the discord website and from software center, which way is better?03:07
lavendereyesthe official .deb package and the snap package are on the same version looks like03:11
lavendereyeshowever the snap package seems to have some problems https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/auto-connections-for-discord/2392/2003:12
lavendereyesso try the version from the website03:13
hackinghornohh thankss lavendereyes03:21
gambl0rehow can i check how a particular application was installed. whether i installed via software centre, snap or some other 3rd party repo?03:49
derpadmingambl0re, : dpkg -l04:21
derpadminnot sure for snap04:21
guiverc`snap list` will list installed snaps04:21
guivercthere is also /var/log/apt/history.log which will have dates etc to see when installed; it doesn't say how (gui, package tool or command really)04:22
herryI want to stress test my vm. Is there any dummy RAM intensive application I can run from the command line?05:22
EriC^^!info memtester | herry05:31
ubottuherry: memtester (source: memtester): Utility for testing the memory subsystem. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.3.0-4 (focal), package size 15 kB, installed size 45 kB05:31
omega_doomDoes anyone know how to connect to vpn via /opt/cisco/anyconnect/bin/vpn with 2FA? I get an error "The requested authentication type is not supported in AnyConnect CLI."05:32
hackinghornis snap replacing apt?06:00
hackinghorni still use apt to install most things06:00
hackinghornohh nice06:01
matsamanno it isn't06:02
matsamanbecause snap is an Ubuntu thing and apt is a Debian thing06:02
hackinghornhmm I see06:02
matsamanand Ubuntu wouldn't survive without Debian, as far as anyone knows06:02
matsamanwon't stop them from pushing snap as hard as they want for as long as it lasts06:03
matsamanbut they don't have the developers to not provide apt & .debs06:03
hackinghornoohh interestingg06:15
matsamanit probably looks nice to upstreams06:16
matsamanbut you should keep in mind that a snap package can be a totally arbitrary filesystem06:17
hackinghornI read that a snap package doesnt depends on any other package and always can run on its own. Is it true?06:17
hackinghorna .deb usually has some dependencies06:18
hackinghornoh and they run on all distros06:18
hackinghornsounds great06:19
TJ-snaps depend on the snap core and API support06:20
TJ-also require kernel support for namespaces cgroups et al06:21
matsamanhackinghorn: a snap package is a big filesystem in a file06:22
matsamanhackinghorn: instead of having deps it clutters your storage with redundant black box nonsense06:22
matsamanyou could put essentially an entire OS into a snap if you wanted06:22
matsamanthe comparison is, therefore, not worth making06:22
hackinghorna whole filesystem06:22
matsamanthere are also no Ubuntu developers reviewing upstream snap files for security issues or the like06:23
matsamanyou're taking a random upstream filesystem and running it06:23
matsamanand hoping nothing goes wrong06:23
hackinghornohh yeahh06:24
matsamaneverybody wants virtualization to be a solution to something, but it's frequently only a hopeful attempt to trade (more) resources for (less) human effort, but importantly ignoring the time it takes to constantly maintain & replace huge virtual systems, and how fsckin' buggy they tend to be06:25
matsamannevermind the potential security issues06:25
matsamanbut whatever06:25
matsamanmost Ubuntu-specific software ends up dying06:26
matsamanthey just don't have a lot of developers, it's a small company06:26
felixiwhat are snaps and what is their use? Sorry for stupid question.06:27
matsamanfelixi: you know how normally a GNU/Linux distro has a package manager that offers lots of prebuilt & vetted packages that put files into particular places on your filesystem to work?06:29
matsamanfelixi: snap packages, instead, or random filesystems the upstreams make themselves, that you download and hope are of good quality, and run06:29
matsamanthey're entire separate filesystems in a file06:29
matsamans/or random/are random*06:30
matsamanso it's basically like .exe's on Windows06:30
felixiso deps contained in hopes for cross-distro compatibility?06:30
matsamanyou download a pile of trash and it does whatever it wants in its area06:30
matsamanI believe cross-distro compatibility _is_ something they try to advertise, yes06:30
matsamanit's software virtualization, basically06:31
matsamanyou're running a filesystem-as-an-app06:31
matsamanand that filesystem is typically provided by upstream, and not built by a human person associated with your distro06:31
hackinghorneh you make snap sound like a bad thing06:32
matsamanso instead of someone who maintains packages for Debian or Ubuntu taking the source code to Firefox and tweaking it to be in compliance with Debian or Ubuntu guidelines and quality control06:33
matsamanand building it professionally for your installation06:33
matsamanand looking out for huge new bugs or security issues06:33
matsamanFirefox upstream, Mozilla, makes a snap filesystem06:33
matsamanand you download and run it06:33
matsamanhackinghorn: to me it is a bad thing06:33
matsamanbut also, separately, I doubt it will last long06:33
hackinghornbut developers want to make things that run on Ubuntu that doesnt bother Ubuntu maintainers06:34
matsamansure, upstream developers do06:34
matsamanbut end users do not want upstream's builds06:34
matsamannot smart users, anyway06:34
matsamanDebian package maitainers do not just grab binaries from upstreams and rename them .deb and distribute them06:35
matsamanat all06:35
hackinghornwhat can upstream developers do without snap?06:35
matsamanthat would be a freaking nightmare06:35
matsamanno distro does that06:35
hackinghornohh interesting06:35
hackinghornah I see06:35
matsamanwell they can build their own .deb's06:35
matsamanwhich Debian also still wouldn't use06:35
matsamanor they could use flatpak06:36
matsamanor a .run self-installer06:36
matsamanor a tarball of a binary system06:36
matsamanor any number of other things no sane person would touch06:36
matsamanupstreams are not to be trusted06:36
hackinghornhmm I see06:36
matsamantheir purpose is rarely to have a stable or secure operating system06:36
matsamantheir purpose is only to serve their singular app06:36
matsamanthat's why installing apps on a GNU/Linux distro tends to be a painless dream compared to macOS or Windows06:37
matsamaninstead of grabbing random installers from random upstreams and hoping they won't hose your system06:37
matsamanyou install lovely, purpose-built binaries of open source software06:37
matsamanlovingly tweaked and patched and audited06:37
felixiidk if it sounds bad. It can be a handy way for companies to support linux for their piece of software without having to package it a bunch of times?06:38
felixii mean, ubuntu can't package all the software in the world06:38
matsamandistros -- most distros -- don't use upstream packages06:38
matsamanso it doesn't matter if upstream packages for you06:38
matsamanbecause they make trash builds that nobody uses06:38
matsamanUbuntu can't, but Debian already did for them06:38
matsaman89,000 packages for Debian06:39
felixibut then again, theres things like several versions of a piece of software and pseudo-packages that depend on a bunch of others and a piece of software split into several packages.06:40
matsamanfor more complicated and/or more integral things06:40
matsamanlike python, automake06:41
felixii just hate software being split into several packages. Oh i installed python3 and i dont have pip, or i don't have tkinter. Why? :D06:41
matsamandunno, that's a different issue06:41
hackinghornhmm interesting06:42
matsamanone could argue a lot of people don't use tkinter06:43
matsamanit'd be a strange argument for Ubuntu, though, because so many optional things (such as tkinter support) are already enabled06:43
matsamansince we're dealing with precompiled binaries and it's hard to support everyone's choices without enabling a lot of things06:43
hackinghornit looks like Windows is becoming more like Ubuntu and Ubuntu is becoming more like Windows06:50
ikoniawhat does that even mean ?06:50
hackinghornWindows has a software center like Ubuntu now06:51
hackinghornand Ubuntu has snap06:52
ikoniathey are totally differejt concepts06:52
hackinghorneh really, maybe I'm wrong lol06:52
ikoniaubuntu has always had a software centre, windows has had one since windows 1006:52
matsamanhackinghorn: yeah it does06:55
matsamanon the surface, anyway06:55
felixiis there a source based package manager which could install into home directory? :D I ran into a problem with a piece of software and i ended up building it from source to my home dir.07:00
zetherooInstalled 20.04 on my Thinkpad T440p laptop (previously 18.04). As with 18.04 I boot up the laptop with it docked and with the lid closed, however with 20.04 something new happens right after user login ... the laptop goes into suspend and has to be woken up by pressing the power button on the dock. This behavior is new and did not happen with 18.04.07:18
Majorahi all, just connected my laptop up to a new monitor, the display settings in ubuntu are stuck on mirror screen.. i cant untick the option and its just well, mirroring the screen, do I need to get the monitor drivers or something?07:19
mgedminzetheroo: possibly it doesn't detect the external monitor fast enough?  then it thinks you have the lid closed with no monitors attached and goes to sleep07:19
mgedminzetheroo: you may want to tweak /etc/systemd/logind.conf to have HandleLidSwitch=ignore and/or HandleLidSwitchExternalPower=ignore07:20
mgedmin(systemctl restart systemd-logind.service after editing the file)07:21
zetheroomgedmin: What do those changes do? I don't want to disable Suspend on lid closure altogether.07:22
mgedminhttps://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/focal/en/man5/logind.conf.5.html documents everything07:23
mgedminbut if you don't want to disable sleep on lid closure, don't set HandleLidSwitch=ignore07:23
mgedminthis is a bit complicated: both logind and gnome have configurable knobs for handling lid events07:24
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mgedmin(or at least used to?  I don't remember if gnome still has it)07:25
mgedminthe default should be "do not go to sleep if lid is closed but you have an external monitor attached"07:25
mgedminin these smart HDMI cable times the laptop can sense when the monitor is turned off or switched to a different input source07:25
mgedminI've a laptop connected to my TV, and when I switch the TV source to a different input, my laptop used to go to sleep until I tweaked logind.conf07:26
mgedminso as I said before, I _think_ what happens is your system boots and notices the lid is closed before it can detect the external monitor07:26
zetherooit's frustrating that things break that used to work :/07:26
mgedminoh yes07:26
zetheroowell it's not right after boot - it's after the login07:27
zetheroothe login screen shows up on the external monitors fine07:27
mgedminoh?  interesting, let me check07:27
mgedminok, if you run `gsettings list-recursively org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power` in a terminal07:28
mgedminI see 'org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power lid-close-suspend-with-external-monitor false'07:28
mgedminwhich means it shouldn't be going to sleep when the external monitor is connected07:28
mgedminis that setting false for you too?07:29
mgedminI see that it is07:29
mgedminfile a bug?07:29
mgedminlet me quickly try if this works for me07:30
zetherooI guess .. I can never remember how Ubuntu bugs are filed ...07:30
ikoniaon launchpad.net07:30
mgedminubuntu-bug gnome-settings-daemon in a terminal07:30
mgedminit'll collect some information and open a browser window07:30
zetherooah lovely :)07:31
mgedminso, I closed the lid and my laptop didn't go to sleep07:31
mgedmin(this laptop doesn't have any logind.conf tweaks)07:31
mgedminbut I haven't actually tried to log in with the lid closed07:31
mgedmin(I'd hate to close all my windows)07:31
mgedminlocking/unlocking works fine with lid closed07:32
Majorahi all speaking of monitors, I connected a 32 inch 4k monitor to my laptop.. im not sure if its detecting properly, Its stuck in Mirror screen and the display options only show 1 monitor being displayed when i clearly have two (including my laptop screen).. is this related to my video card? Geforce gTX 1050 mobile? I am using the Nvidia driver metapackage from nvidia atm..07:33
mgedminnvidia is special, so that's likely, but I'm not sure I can help with any specifics07:35
mgedmin(I avoid nvidia because it always has compatibility issues with Linux)07:35
mgedminif you're using the proprietary driver, try nvidia's own configuration tools07:35
Majoratrying to figure out where the problem is... in monitor preferences I click Detect monitors.. nothing shows besides one screen that says 'Mirror Screens'07:35
Majoraoh man... i just figured it out07:36
MajoraI had 'Same image in all monitors' ticked07:36
zetheroobug report completed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/1899435 :)07:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1899435 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "laptop (docked w/ lid closed) suspends after login" [Undecided,New]07:39
mgedminzetheroo: you may also take a look at journalctl around the time you log in, see if there's anything interesting07:44
mgedmine.g. a reason for going into sleep07:44
mgedminmessages like07:45
mgedminspal. 11 22:07:08 bigas systemd-logind[763]: Lid closed.07:45
mgedminspal. 11 22:07:08 bigas systemd-logind[763]: Suspending...07:45
zetheroomgedmin: good point. I had a look but I don't know how to interpret all the info there ...07:55
mgedminjust did a test: logged out and logged in with lid closed and external monitor connected07:58
mgedminlaptop did not go to sleep at any time07:58
zetheroook, I'll try that here as well ... bbs07:59
zetheroologout -> sends me to login screen -> OK08:02
zetheroologin -> laptop suspends -> not OK08:02
zetheroopress power button of dock -> screens show logged-in session08:02
pyzozordhey my chromium ignores my /etc/hosts could it be related to the fact that the chromium is a "snap"?08:04
guivercpyzozord, chromium is a snap for me, but it's not letting me go to facebook, and I suspect that's only blocked by my /etc/hosts file08:07
Mystified1234how do i fix this error 'Target Packages (main/binary-all/Packages) is configured multiple times in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list:3 and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google.list:1"08:12
rk4Mystified1234: how did those files get there08:16
Mystified1234rk4: don't know08:18
rk4Mystified1234: do you have a google-chrome deb installed?08:19
Mystified1234not sure whats happend but i have 'google-chrome         google-chrome-stable'08:20
Mystified1234just removed stable08:21
rk4Mystified1234: check what crontabs those packages installed, i think google-chome has daily crontab that'll keep adding its repo back to your apt sources08:21
Mystified1234how to check08:22
rk4dpkg -L google-chrome for installed package, for uninstalled unsure off the top of my head, i used ar x, tar tf, but there's probably an easier way08:24
Mystified1234dpkg-query: package 'google-chrome' is not installed08:26
xMeiaPLEASE HELP! I wan't to disable/uninstall my CD-ROM from my laptop10:19
xMeiaI wan't it still attatched to the laptop as it's looks complete and whole that way but the CD ROM doesn't work and makes sound when you start the computer and such, annoying10:20
oerheksxMeia, not really an ubuntu issue, is it? replace the cd-rom device?10:22
xMeiaI don't want/need the CD-ROM to work, only to be disabled or uninstalled (completely undetectable or unusable)10:23
xMeiawhen inside the laptop10:23
oerheksthere is no such option, besides replace it or remove it completely10:25
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tomreynxMeia: you could try asking about this in ##hardware to get your laptop model, use:  journalctl -b | grep DMI:10:53
WalterEgossonhi! I have ubuntu installed on two disks in RAID-1 mode. We had to replace one of the two disk today but the EFI partition was on it, my dumbass forgot to backup the EFI partition. Now we get a "UEFI shell" when booting our server (not even grub). Is there a way to rebuild it?10:59
mgedminboot from a USB drive, make sure there's an EFI partition on the hard disk(s), install grub into it11:01
WalterEgosson@mgedmin: what would be that way?11:01
mgedminif you need specifics, you'll have to tell us more about your partition table layout and such11:03
mgedminone tip: if your USB drive has grub on it, you can get the grub shell and tell it to boot your main system11:04
mgedminand then do the repairs there, without having to muck with live sessions and chroots11:05
mgedminlike with (grub) configfile (hd3,msdos1)/grub/grub.cfg11:06
BluesKajHi all11:21
Nitish159Hi, I had a query if anyone could help, when I run a VM using VMware player, my ram consumption according to the system monitor remains almost unchanged. However, I can see it increased when using htop. Any reason why system monitor is showing a different value?11:26
oerhekshtop in the vm, or on the host?11:26
alekksanderhello. how to check if system is using ntfs-3g for my old disk with ntfs fs?12:23
derpadmintry to mount your disk with ntfs-3g12:24
alekksanderi know there is a gui tool to change it: https://launchpad.net/disk-manager/+download but how just to check current driver?12:24
derpadmindpkg | grep ntfs12:25
derpadmin*dpkg -l | grep ntfs12:25
oerhekswhat other ntfs driver would you expect?12:26
oerheks!info ntfs-3g12:26
ubottuntfs-3g (source: ntfs-3g): read/write NTFS driver for FUSE. In component main, is standard. Version 1:2017.3.23AR.3-3ubuntu1 (focal), package size 380 kB, installed size 1488 kB (Only available for linux-any; kfreebsd-any)12:26
oerheksstandard installed.12:26
alekksanderi'm not well informed perhaps. but there was old ntfs driver, and ntfs-3g one. i wish to make sure which one is used for my ntfs disks12:27
ikonia why ?12:27
ikoniawhy do you care ?12:27
ikoniawhat's the problem you're trying to prevent12:27
alekksanderhaving some iowait issues. trying to narrow down the cause12:27
ikoniaso why does the file system drive matter in that situation ?12:28
oerheksrun a fsck on that ntfs disk.. or better, from within windows12:28
derpadminis your ubuntu system recent alekksander ?12:28
alekksanderi had no problems on 18.04. upgraded to 20.04 and for no apparent reason there is 100% iowait time to time causing my system to freeze for ≈5seconds12:29
ikoniayou're not running your OS of NTFS are you ?12:29
ikonia(or trying to)12:29
ikoniathe nfts drive is just a second/spare drive ?12:29
oerheksit would be the same driver, 18.04 <> 20.0412:30
en1gmaim running ubuntu 20.04 amd64 desktop and am having a heck of a time getting the wifi hotspot working (CORRECTLY). i have it running fine but i get no Wireless N Mode. i been researching and the best info i found is that i need to edit "/etc/hostapd.conf" and add "hw_mode=g, ieee80211n=1 and ht_capab=[SHORT-GI-40][HT40+][HT40-][DSSS_CCK-40]" but i dont have "/etc/hostapd.conf"12:30
en1gmathose directions were for 14.0412:31
alekksanderikonia: ofc not :) ntfs are two externaldisks i used to run on windows years ago. one is for backup, other is for media (mkv, flac and such). i don't have another device to backup my 2tb of data, change fs and copy it back, therefore ntfs12:31
en1gmais there something more recent for 20.04 and maybe enable wme_enabled=1?12:31
en1gmai mean why cant i create a connection (not AUTO) but when i select either A/5ghz or B-B/2.4ghz and the channel12:32
oerheksno Wireless N Mode .. i read "hw_mode=g " ???12:32
en1gmathere is no area to select Wireless N only B or G12:32
en1gmakeep on reading12:32
oerheksif you limit to G, yeah, i understand you find no N.12:32
en1gmayea in the ubuntu 'nm-connection-editor' and also in the gnome network manager12:33
en1gmaneither let you configure for Wireless N (which is pretty stupid)12:33
en1gmathen i find instructions from 3 years ago when people are using ubuntu 14.04 https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/184175/how-to-set-up-wifi-hotspot-with-802-11n-mode12:34
oerhekson ubuntu, i think you want /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf"12:34
en1gmaok let me check that location12:34
alekksanderor the driver is not an issue in my case… how else should i try to hunt 100% iowait on cpu? systemd-cgtop -c and htop do not show anything. i watched for the usage with iotop but nothing irregular there12:35
en1gmaoerheks i dont see it in /etc12:35
oerheksif it does not exist, creat it? touch  /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf12:37
en1gmanormally but im reading now i think its a package i might need to install12:38
en1gmawhich might create it. checking now12:38
oerheksi would expect hostapd to creat it too, but it is not :-(12:39
en1gmaim installing it now. i bet im going to have to disable alot of networking stuff in ubuntu12:39
oerheksthis page is down from here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessAccessPoint12:39
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en1gmaoerheks im just worried ubuntu 20.04 is going to be fighting for control of the wifi hotspot that is already created12:40
en1gmahmmm i just need to enable those wireless N extensions12:40
oerheksi would use networkmanager for this.12:40
en1gmabtw in Automatic mode it does connect at higher speeds like it is suppoed to i just want to pick either the 2.4ghz or 5ghz and thats when it gets messed up12:41
en1gmanetwork manager done have the enable wme or the 40ht wide12:42
en1gmanot that i have found12:42
en1gmawell /etc/hostapd/ifupdown.sh was created. dont see any hostapd.conf yet12:43
en1gmai think im going to reboot12:48
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HugLifeTiZHi there. I have been trying my absolute damndest to get a Xubuntu 20.04.1 install working on my laptop. It failed to install the bootloader during the graphical installer, and I was able to take it from there to a much better state to where GRUB is installed and it can *attempt* to boot, but it stalls waiting for every single drive in /etc/fstab and then eventually just fails to mount all of them.13:11
HugLifeTiZI feel like the bootloader installation may have failed because my main partition is a dual-device striped BTRFS filesystem. But I am typing this from hexchat inside a working Xubuntu 18.04.13:14
summonnerHugLifeTiZ, I had lots of problems too with 20.04, and just downgraded to 18.04 where everything was working fine. I'll wait until the next release before trying again.13:23
oerhekssummonner, simmulaar problem with BTRFS ?13:23
summonnernot specifically with BTRFS, mine had to do with devices, graphics were glitching, wifi was dropping continuously and other weird behavior13:25
summonnerHugLifeTiZ, which kernel are you running on 18?13:25
oerheksthat does not meet his issue.13:25
peter22222anybody knows how to set default search engine on firefox via command line?13:27
ikoniaI didn't think you could set firefox params like search enginer with the command line13:28
summonnerpeter, I think it's    sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser13:28
ikoniathought you had to ship the config file/db13:28
ikoniasummonner: that doesnt' change teh search enginer in a browser13:28
summonnerah, I misread that. I'll stick to one thing at a time then :)13:29
oerhekspeter22222, if you find the answer, let us know13:30
peter22222firefox --preferences only opens preference window13:31
rud0lfi'm moving ubuntu to a new disk with rsync, will update-grub under new disk chroot suffice or do i need to run grub-install too? (the system is UEFI)13:32
rud0lfi think all grub-install does is installing MBR code, but i'm not 100% sure13:33
ikoniadepends on where your bootloader is13:33
rud0lfon windows disk13:33
HugLifeTiZsummonner: I tried both stock 5.4 and liquorix 5.813:33
HugLifeTiZFunny thing is, the exact same kernels are present in both 18.04 and 20.0413:33
summonnerpeter22222, the option is present in the search.json file - but the search engines themselves are "hashed" as the reference to the search and options. for instance, mine is -  "currentJ__hash":"GPq3LPtYCKxOFFkcmKJd45f0SEWxDunuZvg9Kt9=  It seems this behavior was changed in version 34 onwards, in an attempt to restrict it through the default choice (google)13:40
summonnerHugLifeTiZ, have a read through this first - https://logan.tw/posts/2015/05/17/grub-install-and-btrfs-root-file-system/13:47
summonnerHugLifeTiZ, seems a little excessive to follow these steps, but I found other web pages commenting on difficulties with grub2 and btrfs if it's the boot partition13:48
HugLifeTiZsummonner, I did basically all of that, and that got me a working GRUB 2.04 for Xubuntu 20.0413:48
HugLifeTiZBut regardless of if I boot the kernel through GRUB, or do so directly with rEFInd, it just stalls out and fails to mount any of my partitions13:49
HugLifeTiZI'm starting to feel like Arch Linux will be less trouble, lol.13:49
HugLifeTiZOr at the very least, if I go through that process, I might discover something to help me get a 20.04 working. I always wanted to have Arch again but I also wanted to have a stable base next to it that I could boot into instead.13:50
summonnerHugLifeTiZ, one trick I did not so long ago was to specify the partitions in the fstab instead of using the UUID, and that worked... old skool style13:50
HugLifeTiZsummonner, Old school as in /dev/sda1, etc? Right now, I have my fstab entries by PARTLABEL=whatever.13:51
summonneryup, actually specifying the partitions in the grub file and fstab, that worked for me. obviously make a copy and comment-out the line in case it doesn't work so you can revert13:52
HugLifeTiZI have a multitude of fstab backups, haha13:52
HugLifeTiZmy btrfs partition has subvolumes, @xubuntu-1804, @xubuntu-2004, @home, and I've got a few snapshots of each right now13:52
BoldMoveHello I have an issue with my screen output. I have 3 screens and 2 of them won't work https://www1.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=43144048 https://www1.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=36531445 https://www1.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=2016702113:54
peter22222summonner thank you. pity there is no command that can change it on terminal...:-)14:00
BoldMoveHello I have an issue with my screen output. I have 3 screens and 2 of them won't work lspci: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/zsFnXFF7Mn/ ,  https://www1.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=43144048 https://www1.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=36531445 https://www1.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=201670214:08
dkaWhat is the cmd to install docker ce on ubunti 16.04 ?14:16
dkaI am building a docker ubuntu image, and I need docker-ce in it.14:16
dkaENV GITLAB_RUNNER_VERSION=12.10.3 , ENV DOCKER_CE_VERSION=19.03.13~3-0~ubuntu-xenial14:16
dkaand curl -fsSL https://download.docker.com/linux/ubuntu/gpg | apt-key add - && \   add-apt-repository "deb [arch=amd64] https://download.docker.com/linux/ubuntu $(lsb_release -cs) stable" && \ apt-get update && \   apt-get install -y docker-ce=${DOCKER_CE_VERSION} => E: Version '19.03.13~3-0~ubuntu-xenial' for 'docker-ce' was not found14:17
dkaWhile it seems to be listed here: https://download.docker.com/linux/ubuntu/dists/xenial/pool/stable/amd64/14:17
oerheksmaybe 'apt-get install -y docker-ce' is enough for v19.0314:23
dkaI want to have fixed version in my Dockerfile14:24
oerhekserr installing docker-ce *inside*  docker???14:28
dkaI got it , the proper version is : 5:19.03.13~3-0~ubuntu-xenial14:28
dkaI have used a docker container and run the apt-get update in it14:28
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boolmanhi guys! how do I disable sshd during ubuntu 20.04 autoinstall?16:05
oerheksssh service in an auto-install?16:09
oerhekstell us more?16:09
boolmanwell, im building a template with packer using autoinstall. and i dont want it to listen to sshd until it reboots into the target16:10
boolmanhttps://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/general search for "Connecting to the installer over SSH"16:11
oerheksi think ssh is not running standard during install, and packer is somthing i don't understand.16:12
nbusroneI simple question , should I upgrade 18.04 to 20.04.1 ? currently on 5.4.0-42-generic.I know some will suggest to clean install but the current condition is 18.04 just install 2 months ago.16:14
oerheksupgrading is no problem16:15
boolmanoerheks: well okay...16:15
mgedminboolman: ask in #ubuntu-server maybe?16:20
mgedminor on discourse16:20
mgedminfrom what I see on https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/autoinstall-reference there's no way to turn that off16:20
mgedmin(unless maybe by doing something like service openssh stop via early_commands)16:20
boolmanI was able to solve it by running a early-command: [ systemctl stop sshd.service ]16:22
bostongeek36my trackpad stops working randomly16:26
bostongeek36ive deleted libinput install synspatics deleted synaptics reinstalled still not fixed16:26
bostongeek36anyone know what the issue is?16:27
kinghatcan i mount an ssh fstab entry via hostname vs the lan ip?16:50
nbusroneoerheks : any critical bug on 20.04.1 ? will hold on if there is a critical bug such as kernel affected on SSD data corruption .16:51
veryloudHi, is there a dedicated channel for Ubuntu 20.10 Beta?16:52
chilverscAnyone know what is going on with the libprotobuf10 package? 20.04 seems to have just completely dropped it and only has libprotobuf17 with no backwards compatibility?16:52
EoflaOEveryloud: #ubuntu+116:52
veryloudEoflaOE: cheers!16:52
EoflaOEHave a nice day16:53
strivekinghat: Are you trying to mount a remote drive to your local system? If so, you could look into 'automount'.16:56
oerheksnbusrone, upgrade path is out, so i do not expect such issues16:57
strivekinghat: Also referred to as 'autofs'.16:57
nbusroneoerheks : what do you mean by ' upgrade path is out'16:57
kinghatis that used because you cant mount via hostname in fstab?16:58
oerheksnbusrone, why else would you ask that?16:59
strivekinghat: There's also cifs16:59
striveAdd remote entry into your local /etc/hosts, then you'll be able to mount via hostname.17:00
oerheks20.04.1 point release means stable enough to upgrade/use in production.17:00
kinghatwhat if i have it set at the router?17:01
nbusroneoerheks : I was thinking of bug issue happen on old 16.04 LTS when get upgrade with conflict.Ok , will upgrade it but do I need to update 18.04 to latest kernel or I can direct upgrade to 20.04.1 ?17:01
oerheksjust hit the upgrade button, and the message should appear.. else reboot after that and try again :-P17:03
strivekinghat: You have DNS set at the router level?17:03
oerheksand read the releasenotes17:03
ubottuFor release notes of a given Ubuntu release, please refer to the 'Docs' column on the 'List of releases' table at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases17:03
strivekinghat: I wonder how your local system will interpret ip to hostname...17:04
kinghatstrive: I have my router assigning a static LAN ip to those servers hostname. or maybe it uses it's mac address to pair the hostname and ip. either way.17:05
chilverscis libprotobuf.so.17 compatible with libprotobuf.so.10? can I create a symlink or something to solve my issue with the missing library?17:06
nbusroneoerheks : thanks :)17:06
strivekinghat: I think your local system needs to know what the hostname is to your remote system's IP. Unless there's another technical way to use the router's information.17:08
kinghatI ssh via hostname to that machine so I'm just wondering if I can use the hostname in fstab vs the LAN ip in case I change it so I don't have to update fstab is what I'm getting at.17:08
striveJust change it in /etc/hosts once.17:09
strivee.g:    server17:09
striveIn /etc/fstab you could use the hostname.17:10
striveIf the IP of the remote system changes, you'll need to update only the /etc/hosts file with the correct IP.17:10
striveAs long as you keep the hostname in /etc/fstab, then it should be all good :)17:11
kinghatso hostname in fstab will only work if you have it specified in /etc/hosts?17:12
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striveI believe so.17:12
kinghatgot ya. I'll just leave it as is then.17:13
striveKeep it simple, I say :)17:13
striveThere's also the /etc/nsswitch.conf file that you could edit to use dns in favor instead of the hosts file.17:14
striveI'm unsure if that'll grab the ip to hostname config from your router.17:15
strivekinghat: If you're up for tinkering, you could give that a try and let us know how it went.17:16
striveOtherwise, I'd just stick to the /etc/hosts file.17:17
kinghatill just stick to fstab if i have to update it manually anyways 🤷‍♂️17:23
striveYeah :)17:23
random1hey im running ubuntu 20.04 and for some reason my entire hard drive just got filled up. I only have 2gb of freespace left. I was using bleachbit to wipe everything when this happened. Any ideas?17:33
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striverandom1: How long has it been since you ran Bleachbit to do its dirty work?17:40
mgedminrun baobab or a similar tool, look at what uses disk space17:44
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mgedminI twice had jenkins fill up ~20 gigs of logs overnight17:45
strive20gigs of logs? Holy smokes.17:51
mgedminsome stupid java dns problem that kept getting retried with the stack trace including a chain of all previous stack traces (yay O(N²))17:56
xbfrogI just want to read an ebook i purchased on kobo. apparently it has drm and the only way to read it is to have a win or mac machine which i have neither. so it says install wine/winetricks and have on hand, adobe digital editions/mircoft.net package i have done this.  and now more and more and more add this, change that. Its gotten rediculous, is there no other solution for drm on linux but this?18:02
xbfrogor dual boot?18:02
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xbfrogthe instructions on what to do next are not easy for me to understand https://patdavid.net/2018/05/installing-adobe-digital-editions-on-linux-with-wine/18:18
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HugLifeTiZHi there. I've repaired a Xubuntu 20.04 installation that crashed when trying to install the bootloader. I can get into it now and run it, but I notice in my xfce4 settings an icon to permanently install the system, and in addition, it does a file system check every single boot. So what was left to do after installing the bootloader that I still18:34
HugLifeTiZneed to do? Maybe some packages that need uninstallation?18:34
mgedminuh, it sounds as if you're booting into the live session instead of your main system18:43
mgedmindid you chroot before running grub-install?18:44
HugLifeTiZmgedmin: I did, yes. The live media is not connected to my system at all.18:51
Kali_Yugadoes anybody know what distro that is: https://www1.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=2088858118:53
Kali_Yugaif it even is a distro18:53
mgedminlooks like an unfinished prototype18:53
Kali_Yugasomebody sais it's on an Hp laptop or something and we can't even access the terminal18:55
xbfroghere is what adobie barker in the forum said: as long as only a infinitessimally small fraction of people even use a desktop Linux to do stuff, there is no point even discussing this. (talking about support for linux)19:18
xbfrogwhat a maroon19:19
oerheksgood thing we don't have to support wine apps and games in this channel19:22
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu19:22
buzelUnfortunately, compatibility issues like those are the nature of DRM, and there isn't much Ubuntu can do about it. If they have a web reader using EME, that might be a better option than running the Windows app via Wine. I can't comment whether the DRM they use will allow itself to be run inside a VM19:31
kmlbazzHello guys19:47
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seepel1Hi, I'm trying to use debootstrap to install ubuntu from another linux distribution following these instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/amd64/apds04.html, but when I chroot into the installation the apt command doesn't seem to exist anywhere.19:58
GumaI am looking for industrial microSD card for my IoT project running Yocto. Is any of you aware of any SD cards that can be checked programaticly about their health? Trying to be proactive to know early when they "could" fail20:10
olivier6655Has anyone tried to make 10s of thousands of concurrent network requests? I'm running into limitations that i think are around my ulimit settings20:16
johnjaydid the original ubuntu 20.04 fail with "Ubi-partman failed with exit code 10"?20:29
johnjayi googled it and it's saying i need to create an EFI partition to get around this error20:29
oerheksjohnjay, indeed, you booted in UEFI mode, that is oke20:30
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI20:30
Bashing-omjohnjay: EFI endowed machine - GPT partitioning (preferred) ?20:30
oerheksit should be the first 512 mb partition on the beginning of the disk.20:31
johnjayisn't that the partition step though?20:31
johnjaymaybe if i select try ubuntu first then install20:31
oerheksboot in live mode, and maybe yes, GPT is a good start20:32
Bashing-omjohnjay: The mode that you boot the installer is how the install will go.20:32
johnjaywell i have no idea. i'm trying to install ubuntu 20 in qemu20:35
oerheksoriginal ..20:37
Bashing-omjohnjay: Never experienced qemu - I can not relate here.20:38
johnjaywell i made an EFI partition. so it just tries to boot from it and fail. If I enable the menu I can tell it to boot from the cd which seems to work20:45
johnjaywell it just took me to the Live Ubuntu not the installer. :/20:46
johnjayoh wait nvm20:46
johnjayit didn't give me the error. but idk how ti decides bios or efi mode20:49
summonnerjohnjay, your bios boot settings do that, you mark which disk boots into UEFI or legacy boot. Also, if you have UEFI enabled, check your settings about secure boot too21:34
marcurlingHello, does CopyQ works on focal/Ubuntu 20.x ?21:36
jeremy31johnjay: the installer installs in whatever it is booted in to, if it boots in UEFI mode, it installs that way21:37
johnjayah ok. so i need to fiddle with qemu then21:39
johnjayi thought it weird ubuntu installer immediately crash because no efi parttiion exist21:40
johnjayalso... openssh-server not installed by default either. maybe because i chose minimal install? idk21:40
jeremy31johnjay: the server isn't installed by default21:42
lapidaryI can not connect to a server on the local network; I try opening an ssh connection to my desktop; after 10 seconds it prompts for password then I can open the connection the other way21:50
lapidaryotherwise I get Connection refused21:50
lapidaryafter a few minutes, all open pipes close, and I can not connect again.21:51
lapidarylog file has a bunch of errors about the bitcoin daemon; but that is running as a local user account, it can't affect ssh right?21:54
tomreynlapidary: there's no bitcoin daemon installed on ubuntu by default, and i don't think there's one in the repos. maybe you're using some snap. anything that depletes the systems' resources could affect ssh.22:02
tomreyn(bfgminer and cgminer are in the repos, but i suspect that's not what you're referring to.)22:04
dontlookis there anyway to boot (over PXE via iPXE in this case) and use the iso-scan arg to find the iso?22:38
dontlookinstead of just pulling the squashfs only from http/nfs22:38
jayjois there a way to determine if my machine is capable of Wake On LAN (WOL)? My ethernet NIC is on my motherboard, with the LAN spec Atheros GbE LAN chip (10/100/1000 Mbit)22:43
oerheksjayjo, sure, "sudo ethtool -s INTERFACE wol g" https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-enable-wake-on-lan-in-ubuntu-server-18-04/22:46
jayjothanks for that! Unfortunately "Cannot set new wake-on-lan settings: Operation not supported"22:51
jayjotime to investigate some cards, that's a pretty great feature22:51
oerhekscheck your bios too?22:52
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ToadisattvaI'm running into a weird issue when I start up ubuntu (20.04) the text is really really tiny, if I alter the display size and then switch it back it has the text normal size, or if I alter the "large text" option in universal access it makes it large, or the appropriate size it should be depending if I turn it on or off, but it always defaults to the super tiny text when I restart it23:16
Toadisattvaanyone know what might be causing that?23:16
JakethepythonI have 2 internal HDD's on my computer one for Linux and one for Files. it seems like my files all became read only on 1 drive out of no where23:33
fribJakethepython, do you change username?23:33
fribI would check the permissions23:34
friband how you're mounting it can also affect both permissions and whether its read only or not23:34
fribthat would be /etc/fstab23:34
xbfrogwine 5.0.2 and wine tricks and installed adobe digital edition had what seemed like all the right popups and answed all questions. Still ADE wont run. any ideas where i should check?23:39
JakethepythonPARTUUID=9ff09325-cbba-43c4-8051-617ce848723a  /boot/efi  vfat  umask=0077  0  023:40
JakethepythonUUID=96b7939b-16fd-44c7-a051-3cffe76042e4  /  ext4  noatime,errors=remount-ro  0  023:40
Jakethepython/dev/mapper/cryptswap  none  swap  defaults  0  023:40
guivercJakethepython, a RW flips to RO if a problem is detected to prevent data loss.  Checking logs for reason will tell you why, but a FSCK is the normal fix (from *live* media; I'd also check drive health (`smartctl` etc) if cause is unknown..23:43
dionysus69how do I disable iface eth0 inet static at boot?23:53
dionysus69int network/interfaces23:54
dontlookOk, so it boots with BIOS - but I just get a blank screen(the machine shuts down?) via UEFI they are both pulling the same kernel and initrd23:57
dontlooksame arguments passed for nfsroot23:57

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