OvenWerksso falktx has released (is releasing?) a new jackd version .15. I guess controls next will need to depend that or higher.20:05
OvenWerksEickmeyer[kde]: ^^^ so not a worry for  20.10 really (from controls POV).20:06
Eickmeyer[m]OvenWerks: Gotcha. 20:06
OvenWerksI would guess jackd next will make its way through debian fast enough20:10
OvenWerksIn the mean time, I have done the one line mod to my jack_control so it works. I have added a "Session Manager" tab that can start either session manager and turn off self connect.20:11
Eickmeyer[m]Oh cool!20:13
Eickmeyer[m]OvenWerks: Well, jackd isn't sync'd this cycle. See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jackd220:14
Eickmeyer[m]Any time there's an ubuntu revision number, it means it's a direct upload.20:14
OvenWerksSo next sync will be the latest jackd anyway. But that is months away :)20:21

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