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xu-help29wHey, everyone! Can't find much about xubuntu 20.10, will there be any significant updates (like xfce 4.16 or anything)?17:58
xtaothere's a 4.16 already?18:00
xtaousually they take about 5 years for a new release of xfce18:00
xu-help29wnm, just realized it's not going to be released until after.18:02
xu-help29wregardless, any significant updates?18:03
xtaostill. that's interesting. 12 was in 2015 and 14 in 201918:03
Maikxtao: Xfce team sped things up now everything has been ported to GTK318:08
xtaoexcellent. i look forward to 4.16 then :)18:10
Maikthey said last year we would see 4.16 in 2020 https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2019/08/xfce-4-16-release-planning18:11
xu-help29wrc1 was releases last month, looks like maybe final is next month?18:13
xu-help29wk. but. How about xubuntu 20.10? ;)18:13
Maikwon't make it into 20.1018:14
xu-help29wI know that now, just wondering about any notable changes to 20.10 over 20.04.18:14
xu-help29wAnything worth upgrading to?18:14
brainwashmaybe wait for the actual release18:15
brainwashand then decide18:15
xu-help29wSo...nobody really knows? Which means, probably not a lot.18:15
brainwashplenty of articles will be written for the 20.10 release18:15
Maikxu-help29w:  iirc the xfce team only releases their DE when its ready. We'll see.18:15
brainwashit will have a new wallpaper18:16
brainwashbut that is not reason enough to upgrade :P18:16
xu-help29w* downloading NOW...18:16
Maikxu-help29w: download the Beta and have a look or read it's release notes18:16
xu-help29wI'll sacrifice everything for a new xubuntu wallpaper.18:17
xu-help29wMost important.18:17
xu-help29wOk, I just figured someone here might have a bit of info, since it's pretty close to standard release time.18:18
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