Mamarokhm, kernel -22 now, still no luck with the NumPad on the external keyboard10:26
Mamarokwhat is weird is that the numpad does work in a shell, just not in the GUI10:28
Mamarokso it must be a driver problem10:28
Mamarokanything I could try in the X configuration?10:28
vipmaybe numlock? ;)10:37
vipdo you see that keyboard in xinput?10:38
Mamarokeverything works, including my variants and switching, just the NumPad is not working, and there is no way to set NumLock via System Settings10:44
Mamarokand the same happend with a totally different brand, too, so there must be something fishy with the libinput driver10:44
BluesKajHi all12:04
vipMamarok: something in `xev`?12:48
Mamarokhm, let me read that manpage first...13:18
Mamarokthose keys produce nothing at all13:25
Mamarokbut again, they work perfectly fine in a shell13:25
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> @Mamarok, If forgot if mentioned already, but is same numpad behavior observed in a live session?14:24
Mamarokhm, let me get a live stick first, I haven't use a USB stick based thing in ages14:31
valoriehmmm, numpad does not seem to work here either18:46
valorieI never use it tho18:46
valoriecorrection: if I use it correctly, it works18:56
valoriebtw my cam started working again18:57
valoriebut onboard sound stopped18:57

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