lubot<HMollerCl> @The_LoudSpeaker [should we also have a default lxqt related theme in libreoffice for future relea …], we have00:17
lubot<HMollerCl> I mean, we changed the default00:17
lubot<HMollerCl> (Photo, 445x358) https://i.imgur.com/ERPgqCx.jpg I don't remember how we do it but we did in old phab,00:32
lubot<HMollerCl> (Photo, 445x358) https://i.imgur.com/l6W1jhK.jpg00:32
lubot<HMollerCl> maybe @wxl23 xl or @tsimonq2 remember ...00:32
wxlin default settings?00:32
lubot<HMollerCl> I look at it and didn't found something I think is for it.00:35
lubot<HMollerCl> was old task 96, we couldn't recover it.00:36
lubot<HMollerCl> found it! it was seed https://phab.lubuntu.me/rSEEDe36f3c2f194882802b1d904983f0edfb1d5a830300:43
lubot<kc2bez> Oh wow! Cosmic. What a blast from the past.01:16
wxlhas anyone tried a focal→groovy upgrade recently? there's a bug saying qps fails to upgrade which i am highly suspect of18:42
lubot<teward001> wxl: i'm clearing out disk space to make space for more stuff on my system, I can do a test upgrade in KVM18:46
lubot<teward001> gotta clean up 250GB of space tho xD18:46
lubot<kc2bez> I am updating a 20.04 vm now. I can give it a go too.18:47
lubot<HMollerCl> I updated a couplwe of weeks ago, and had no problem.18:48
lubot<HMollerCl> (electron tray icons work now)18:48
wxl@HMollerCl you think you can change dpkg/apt logs and see which qps you changed from/to? 18:53
lubot<HMollerCl> I'll try18:53
lubot<HMollerCl> @wxl23 I did … grep -ri 'qps' … in /var/log/apt and fonf nothing, any other idea?19:01
wxl@HMollerCl likely not that simple as older ones are gzipped. you should see if the ones from a couple weeks ago haven't been recycled by now19:13
wxloh nevermind i just realized @leokolb already tested upgrades (see the testing checklist) on the 8th19:18
lubot<kc2bez> Mine is doing its thing in the background. More tests can't hurt.19:19
lubot<Leokolb> @kc2bez [Mine is doing its thing in the background. More tests can't hurt.], I can test this again on different machines..early AM19:34
lubot<franksmcb> Still getting the TimeZone bug (LP#1898501) on the daily installs.19:34
lubot<kc2bez> @franksmcb [Still getting the TimeZone bug (LP#1898501) on the daily installs.], Yeah, that one is weird. Not sure I have a solution since it seems to happen on 20.04 too.19:36
wxli wonder if it isn't an issue with the api changing in a breaking way19:41
wxli believe we have to set the key we're using19:41
lubot<kc2bez> Possibly the output format changed for `timezone` from here https://ipapi.co/json19:51
wxlwell we're supposed to use country in welcome19:51
lubot<kc2bez> Yes, that too.19:52
wxlthe locale module uses the time zone19:52
lubot<kc2bez> Right.19:52
wxlwhy are we using ipapi and not e.g. https://geoip.kde.org/v1/calamares?19:54
wxlor https://geoip.kde.org/v1/ubiquity19:54
wxlthese are what upstream is using19:54
lubot<kc2bez> I think this applies https://phab.lubuntu.me/macro/view/4/19:56
lubot<kc2bez> But in consultation with [ade] the examples in the the config are just examples.19:57
tsimonq2<lubot "<kc2bez> I think this applies ht"> XD19:57
wxlah they're not testing them eh19:57
lubot<kc2bez> I do know there was an issue with the kde thing a bit ago so no guarantees on that working.19:58
wxlcheck this out: it appears that there may be an issue https://github.com/calamares/calamares/issues/124019:59
ubot93Issue 1240 in calamares/calamares "GeoIP seems not to work in locale module" [Closed]19:59
wxlthe theorized fix is in 3.2.31 which we ain't got yet https://github.com/calamares/calamares/commit/0a1dc77f9be6b4c696e05fe218f7ff525d5bc70219:59
ubot93Commit 0a1dc77 in calamares/calamares "[locale] Hang on to GeoIP::Handler just once"19:59
lubot<kc2bez> Oh weird. 1240 got closed a year ago.20:01
wxlalso interesting, look at the last session.log on the bug https://launchpadlibrarian.net/501661670/session.log20:01
wxl2020-10-12 - 01:58:24 [2]: virtual QString CalamaresUtils::GeoIP::GeoIPJSON::rawReply(const QByteArray&) WARNING:Invalid YAML data for GeoIPJSON20:02
wxlTHAT is weird20:02
wxl2020-10-12 - 01:58:24 [6]: setGeoIP(Config*, const QVariantMap&)::<lambda()> GeoIP result for welcome= "" 20:02
wxl2020-10-12 - 01:58:24 [6]: void setCountry(Config*, const QString&, CalamaresUtils::GeoIP::Handler*) Unusable country code "" 20:02
wxlthat's definitely not right20:02
wxland there's only one set of the results, meaning that it tried to get the country (welcome) but not the timezone (locale)20:02
lubot<kc2bez> Yeah for sure.20:02
lubot<kc2bez> It puts the welcome stuff into the global store I think.20:03
wxlso i would suggest we grab 3.2.31 and/or master and run it through in debug mode and see what we're getting20:03
lubot<kc2bez> We should have it in CI. I can test it from there. I am the worst person to test though since I am in NY XD20:04
wxluse a vpn :)20:05
lubot<kc2bez> I have to VPN somewhere to fake my location.20:05
lubot<kc2bez> :D20:05
wxlriseupvpn has no node in ny that i know of fwiw20:05
wxlalso it might be interesting to test different formats. xml, csv, yaml, and jsonp are all options20:05
wxl(that's the "style" configuration key)20:06
lubot<kc2bez> Good point. It might read a different format better.20:06
wxlit looks like only json or xml are acceptable by calamares20:07
lubot<kc2bez> right. I can try xml20:08
wxlfor anyone that was bothering with the upgrades, nevermind. they somehow had a version of a core qt library that is higher than anything in the repos.20:19
lubot<kc2bez> wild.20:35
lubot<kc2bez> I broke my VM. Turns out you need disk space to do an upgrade. SMH20:36
lubot<kc2bez> I was wondering why it was taking so long.20:36
wxlwow, weird, go figure XD20:41
lubot<Leokolb> @wxl [<wxl> for anyone that was bothering with the upgrades, nevermind. they somehow h …], ok was 1/2 way through,,good to check anyways:)20:55
wxl@leokolb indeed. i'm glad you're doing upgrade testing regularly. this is often something that's an after thought when testing20:57
-queuebot:#lubuntu-devel- Unapproved: calamares-settings-ubuntu (groovy-proposed/universe) [1:20.10.9 => 1:20.10.10] (lubuntu, ubuntustudio)22:34
Eickmeyer[m]^ forgot to upload before the beta. I'm a bot. >.<22:38
lubot<franksmcb> FYI I've added calamares from the unstable-ci PPA and still have the timezone issues during installation.22:58
lubot<kc2bez> @franksmcb [FYI I've added calamares from the unstable-ci PPA and still have the timezone is …], Do you still have the log file handy? If so can you provide a paste?  Thanks for checking Bill23:03
lubot<franksmcb> Give me a few and I will23:10
lubot<kc2bez> Awesome thanks.23:10
wxl@franksmcb if you still have that up and running we could suggest a couple variables to twiddle which might make a difference (see earlier discussion re: formats and/or perhaps different geoip services)23:18
lubot<franksmcb> i've got a live system up and running wxl right now23:19
lubot<Leokolb> @wxl [<wxl> @leokolb indeed. i'm glad you're doing upgrade testing regularly. this is …], upgrade via term -ok - graphical running - good night23:26
lubot<kc2bez> @Leokolb [upgrade via term -ok - graphical running - good night], Thanks!23:26
wxl@franksmcb sorry for the delay23:41
wxlso if i remember correctly at /etc/calamares/lubuntu/modules there should be a bunch of conf files23:42
wxltry changing the "style" key under the "geoip" section to "xml" and also change the "json" in the "url" key to "xml" in both welcome.conf and locale.conf and see if that helps23:43
lubot<franksmcb> I'll give those a shot wxl and let you know23:44
wxlyou can also try using "https://geoip.kde.org/v1/calamares" as a url for locale with "style" "json" and/or "https://geoip.kde.org/v1/ubiquity" with "style" "xml" for either of the modules but the "selector" on that one would need to be "CountyCode" for welcome and "TimeZone" for locale23:46
wxlregardless of the results, grep the log file for "GeoIP" as there really should be two sets of results, one for the country code (e.g. "US") and one for the time zone (e.g. "America/Los_Angeles"). if there is only one, it would be good to know which one and it would be good to know if there are any errors23:47
wxlthanks in advance!23:47

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