lubot<matkoniecz> Yes, it works 100% fine in such case00:00
lubot<matkoniecz> My dumb guess is that it detects external monitor and crashes on connecting00:01
lubot<matkoniecz> Lubuntu needed Nvidia drivers to connect to it (though on old Lenovo laptop the same screen worked fine with standard drivers)00:02
pcmc3aHi, How do I configure Lubuntu to use a static IP for wireless and ethernet? Thanks!00:13
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guivercpcmc3a, assuming lubuntu 20.04, right click nm-tray icon on panel, edit connections, select & go to IPv4 or IPv6 tab & enter addresses you want.00:39
pcmc3aguiverc, Thanks! Can I use netplan to define it?00:40
lubot<teward001> not without disabling network manager first (removing all network manager components)00:40
lubot<teward001> if you use nm-tray or any kind of network manager components in the GUI it will override the Netplan config00:41
lubot<teward001> you can use Netplan to configure, or GUI to configure, not both.00:41
lubot<teward001> pcmc3a: ^00:43
pcmc3aHow do I disable network manager?00:45
pcmc3aThanks! I got it to work using the nm tray icon. It is easier that way.01:11
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lubot<matkoniecz> For now I opened https://askubuntu.com/questions/1283386/what-should-be-done-with-laptop-bootlooping-iff-monitor-is-attached-dell-lapto09:11
lubot<matkoniecz> If anyone has any idea how to fix it or what is missing in my info or how to handle GRUB bugs I would appreciate it.09:12
lubot<matkoniecz> I guess that next Googling round is in future, I cannot be the only person with weird GRUB issues.09:12
lubot<matkoniecz> There is manual somewhere for handling brokenish GRUB that I need to find.09:13
gemWhat is Quassel IRC? I am new to Linux09:52
lubot<matkoniecz> From looking at vhttps://duckduckgo.com/?t=canonical&q=Quassel+IRC&ia=web it seems to be an IRC client, program allowing you to use IRC09:55
LimeOnits the default IRC client in lubuntu09:55
gemOkay. Thanks.10:02
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Mike62Can I know what are the minimum hardware requirements for installing Lubuntu 18.04 version?14:03
lubot<teward001> https://askubuntu.com/questions/206407/how-do-i-find-out-which-version-and-derivative-of-ubuntu-is-right-for-my-hardwar has an answer that explains that.14:05
lubot<teward001> but you should keep in mind that 'bare minimum' is not enough to get you into a usable state ;)14:05
lubot<teward001> CPU: The minimum specification for CPU is Pentium 4 or Pentium M or AMD K8. Older processors are too slow and AMD K7 has problems with flash video.14:05
lubot<teward001> RAM: For advanced internet services like Google+, YouTube, Google Docs and Facebook, your computer needs at least 2GB RAM.  For local programs like LibreOffice and simple browsing habits, your computer needs at least 1GMB RAM.14:05
lubot<teward001> disk I'd say at least 25GB of disk (though any system in the past decade will have more than that available)14:06
Mike62Thank you lubot14:06
lubot<teward001> you mean to thank teward001 - who is on the other side of lubot right now on Telegram ;)14:06
teward... or you could just poke me here, because I'm also on IRC14:06
tewardbut I was in telegram at the time when I replied ;)14:06
tewardpoint not withstanding, 2GB is the bare minimum for RAM I would say14:07
lubot<matkoniecz> 2GB is enough to run stuff, even visit website. But opening multiple tabs will be too much14:55
lubot<teward001> correct14:55
lubot<teward001> that's why i said "bare minimum" is usually not sufficient for regular use14:55
lubot<matkoniecz> Doing some non-website stuff may work, as long as software is well optimized and does not require large memory14:55
LimeOnwith 1.5gb you can do some basic things too14:57
LimeOneven in 20.0414:57
lubot<teward001> but that's very basic things14:59
lubot<teward001> the average user probably needs more resources14:59
lubot<teward001> also what systems in the past decade come with anything less than 4GB RAM standard I wonder o.O15:00
lubot<teward001> (excluding RPi i mean)15:00
LimeOnof course, it will be a bit limiting, but at least you could use the pc15:01
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lubot<Jose from mexico> Can anybody help me with openvpn? It just restarts and I am not seeing the tun0 interface anymore : (19:59
LimeOnHello Jose. I suggest you to ask in #openvpn20:03
LimeOnits an exclusive canal for OpenVPN support20:03
lubot<emergencyrussia> This practically means one needs to switch to IRC, is this correct?22:13
LimeOn_what you mean?22:20
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lubot<emergencyrussia> I mean #openvpn is not available here on telegram, is it?22:38
LimeOni ont think so22:40
LimeOnyou can use kiwi irc22:41
LimeOnand join freenode there22:41

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