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ItzSwirlzHey guys, a while back GitHub said that they'd remove the 'master branch' or rename it due to slavery reasons. Well, they just did-when creating a new GitHub repo the default will be 'main'. So 'git push origin main'16:16
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relrodHow can I find the package maintainer of python-virtualenv in Ubuntu? Launchpad says the maintainer is Debian Python Modules Team; the bug I'm inquiring about is already fixed in Debian. I'm looking to discuss the way forward with someone who can possibly reimport the package to get the bug fixed in Ubuntu 20.04.20:10
rbasakPackages are team maintained in Ubuntu. There isn't a specific package maintainer apart from a subscribing team.20:11
rbasakSee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates if you want to propose an update to a package in 20.0420:11
sarnoldrelrod: you can file a bug with 'ubuntu-bug python-virtualenv'20:11
relrodGot it, thanks. I did see the SRU page, but I'm not familar enough with deb packaging that I feel comfortable with backporting the patch myself/going through the sponsorship process. Is it reasonable to go up through step 3 and have a maintainer take over, or will it be outright rejected without a patch attached?20:20
sarnoldrelrod: python-virtualenv is in universe, so it'll probably require a more active approach to getting a fix into the distribution, but do what you can20:22
* relrod nods20:23
relrodAlright, thanks :)20:23

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