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apwKelseyS, hey ... i believe you are applying for upload rights ... want to introduce yourself 14:57
KelseySHi apw, yes, I am very interested in getting my upload rights. My application and information is at the following: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KelseySkunberg/KernelUploadsApplication14:59
apwklebers, kamal, smb, any of you want to add anything to the application15:00
kamalapw, nothing to add, besides my wholehearted endorsement :-)15:01
klebersapw, nothing to add, I'm fine with it15:01
apwi have reviewed a bunch of Kelsey's uploads recently and have no concerns, and working with her I feel she shows appropriate fear.15:02
apwthen lets call a vote.  if we are not quorate I will follow through with other members and collate15:02
apwall in favour of Kelsey joining the kerenl uploaders15:03
apw+1 (proxy for smb who cannot be here)15:05
apwOk ... according to our rules I call that good15:06
KelseyS\o/ indeed! Thank you for your support all :) 15:07
klebersKelseyS, congrats!15:07
apwKelseyS, with no objections you are approved for the team.  I will sort out the paperwork.  Congratulations15:07
KelseySThank you! 15:07
apwanyone else wants to have their +1 listed get it to me in private thanks15:07
kamalKelseyS, congrats! (or . . . "sorry", as the case may be ;-))15:08
mhcerriKelseyS, congrats!15:08
truddcongratulations KelseyS!15:09
truddThanks apw15:09
KelseySThanks again all. Very excited - appreciate everyone's help getting to this point too. :) 15:12
tyhickscongrats, KelseyS! :)15:19
KelseySHey tyhicks! thank you :) Hope all has been good with you! 15:21
tyhicksall is good - thanks!15:21

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