jrwrenwelp... you can finally use exfat and not fear patents: https://www.zdnet.com/article/open-invention-network-open-source-non-aggression-patents-now-covers-android-and-exfat/#ftag=RSSbaffb6812:49
jrwrenIt is only 15yrs or so late :p12:49
cmaloneyHonestly I wish more device manufacturers had gone with ext2-4 and thumbed their noses at MS13:21
cmaloneybut w/e.13:21
cmaloneyor some other non patent-encumbered FS that could have worked better with SD cards13:21
cmaloneyexFAT is kind of a hack13:21
jrwrencan't. can't read that in win.14:02
jrwrenbut they could have used an iso9660 variant.14:02
jrwrenwtf is that r/w version that was used in CDRW?14:03
cmaloneynot remembering14:06
jrwrenjoliet, but it was more than joliet.14:09
jrwrenoh... no... UDF14:10
jrwrenI'm thinking of UDF.14:10
jrwrenwindows support that.14:10
jrwrenso really... why should i care if tomtom got sued for using FAT... they should have used UDF. :p14:10
jrwrenPlausible relicensing to AGPL!  LOVE IT!14:14
cmaloneyYeah, I think that's brilliant14:16
cmaloneyhonestly I wish more code would do that14:17
waldo323i'd stepped away before the other responses came in, thanks for the suggestions jrwren18:51

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