TJ-any known issues on 20.04 with vlc 'stuck' in the notification area and refuses to quit? this is when it shows --started-from-file x/y/z.mp4 in the process list. If opening several video files ends up with multiple vlc icons there. What is weird is the vlc window can be shown/hidden BUT vlc's media>quit option doesn't work - nothing changes. The window-manager's Close option does re-hide the06:39
TJ-window but the process doesn't terminate06:40
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nanotubehowdy Unit193 :) could you check my message in #xfce-dev, and tell me what you think?14:49
Unit193nanotube: I don't really know, I looked to see if anyting was mapped that'd conflict witht F9, but doesn't seem to be.  I'd have to install it to check more.17:26
nanotubeUnit193: ok, thanks for checking it out. i guess i'll file a bug with xfce and see what they say. 22:09
Unit193Maybe I'll try to install it.22:10
Unit193nanotube: Yeah I really can't help you, this thing segfaults on me when I try to launch it.22:15
Unit193Ah, unset GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS  was the issue.22:18
Unit193nanotube: F9 works for me. :322:19
Unit193nanotube: grep F9 ~/.config/xfce4 /etc/xdg/xdg*/xfce4/ -R22:20
nanotubeUnit193: this is on a fresh xubuntu install, with no keyboard shortcut tweaks on the F* keys... 23:45
Unit193I am not on a fresh Xubuntu install, so would have to rely on you for the results of that grep. :323:46
Unit193nanotube: Can you give a specific testcase for me to try with the expected result?23:46
nanotubefresh xubuntu, install gromit-mpx, start gromit-mpx, (hit ok on the first-start dialog), then hit 'f9' and try drawing on screen. expected: you draw on screen. my observation: nothing happens.23:47
Unit193OK, so I can say I didn't reproduce that error with my setup. \o/23:48
nanotubehm, interesting. for me none of the F keys work, but if i start gromit-mpx with --key <letter> it works ok using that key.23:48
nanotubeif i paste the output of that grep F9 command, would you take a look and see if anyhting looks extra?23:49
Unit193Sure, though I'd expect it to differ in general.23:57

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