cabpahello, how do i add the Caps Lock and Num Lock key indicator on the panel?02:18
diogenes_!hi | manu151117:54
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billy-bezoshello there, can i ask a question here?18:19
billy-bezosim on xubuntu 20.04 and i have an Authentec AES2501 fingerprint sensor on my laptop18:19
billy-bezosi was wondering if there was a way to make it work for logins and stuff?18:19
pmjdebruijnyou'd need PAM integration I Guess18:20
pmjdebruijnhttps://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2020/04/ubuntu-fingerprint-scanner-login-desktop apparently regular Ubuntu improved support for that, not sure how that applies to xubuntu18:21
billy-bezosi see18:22
billy-bezosi tried installing fprintd by following the tutorial from aarch wiki18:22
billy-bezosbut it didnt really work18:22
pmjdebruijnyou'll need more than just a daemon18:23
pmjdebruijnyou need pam module, and an appliance to enroll your fingerprints18:23
pmjdebruijnthe daemon is mostly just some infrastructure piece to tie the other two pieces together18:23
billy-bezosi tried to install fingerprint-gui but it seems that i was discontinued and wont work for 20.0418:24
billy-bezoswill installing libfprint make it work?18:27
billy-bezossorry but i dont get how linux stuff works together yet : /18:27
pmjdebruijnlibpam-fprintd you'll need that18:32
pmjdebruijnapparently the enrollment thing is tied to gnome-control-center18:33
pmjdebruijnhttps://gitlab.freedesktop.org/3v1n0/fprintd-mock-runner that was linked on the page I pasted earlier18:33
billy-bezoslooks like i had installed libpam-fprintd already18:35
billy-bezosbut if i try fprintd-enrol it does not register my finger swipes and just kinda stays stuck18:36
billy-bezosalso if the enrollement gui thing is tied to gnome does that mean i cannot use it on xubuntu since its xfce?18:38
pmjdebruijnnot sure18:41
pmjdebruijnI've never tried it myself18:41
billy-bezosi see18:42
pmjdebruijnthe pam things might need to be enabled18:42
pmjdebruijnnot sure if merely installing it also enables it18:42
pmjdebruijnsudo pam-auth-update will tell you I guess18:42
pmjdebruijnkeep in mind you might end up locking yourself out, so keep a livecd handy :)18:42
billy-bezosi do have it on a flash drive just in case18:43
billy-bezosi think i did that command before18:44
billy-bezosnow it says that fingerprint authentication is enabled18:44
pmjdebruijnfprintd-list what does that say18:44
pmjdebruijnis fprintd currently running?18:44
billy-bezosfound 1 devicesDevice at /net/reactivated/Fprint/Device/0Using device /net/reactivated/Fprint/Device/0User bezos has no fingers enrolled for AuthenTec AES2501.18:45
billy-bezossorry for messed up formatting18:46
pmjdebruijnand 'fprintd-enroll bezos' just hangs?18:46
billy-bezosit says "Enrolling right index finger" as if its waiting for me to swipe my finger on it but it does not seem to register any swipes18:47
billy-bezosi know  that you have to do it maybe 10 times or something but still18:47
pmjdebruijnkeep doing it18:48
pmjdebruijnmaybe the sensor is just not that great18:48
pmjdebruijnrequire more passes18:48
billy-bezosits an older style one yeah def not great18:49
* pmjdebruijn has to run18:49
pmjdebruijngood luck18:49
billy-bezosbut i used it occasionally on windows and i know its "sweet" spot18:49
billy-bezosill keep trying then, thank you so much for the help and good night!18:49
bill-bezoshope im not nagging too much, but i have a more annoying problem19:13
bill-bezoswhen i suspend my laptop, it wakes up with glitchy graphics, and theres a 50/50 chance itll continue working just fine, or get stuck and make me have to force shutdown and reboot19:14
bill-bezosi read about it in the manual and it seems to be a common problem, but i was hoping there might be a way to fix it19:15
bill-bezosxubuntu 20.04 on an hp compaq 8510p with ati mobility radeon hd260019:15
bill-bezosis there any useful logs i can provide?19:15

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