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blahdeblahHi all, what's the right way to request backports of particular packages to be made available?  I'm looking for dnsmasq 2.81 or better for focal.10:16
blahdeblah(Alternatively, is there a low-friction way I can prepare my own by uploading the source debs from groovy into a PPA for focal?)10:16
xnoxblahdeblah:  backportpackage tool exists.... it can prepare no change backport & upload it to a ppa10:17
blahdeblahThanks xnox - I'll check it out10:17
blahdeblahxnox: Wow - that was super easy.  I expected it to be an arcane process, at the end of which my builds would be queued behind a bunch of distro rebuilds, but it just worked out of the box, and the builds whizzed through in a flash.  Thanks!11:41
xnoxblahdeblah:  distro rebuilds are prioritised below everything else.12:20
xnoxsecurity/new changeful builds are somewhat in the middle, of the mince.12:21
Laneyrbasak: git-ubuntu question... can I get a patches applied version of a package in the queue? it looks like 'queue sync' only creates an unapplied tag, right?15:11
LaneyI thought that would be a way to review the apparmor upload15:12
rbasakLaney: unfortunately not, sorry, but I'd like that too15:12
rbasakYou can hack something around gbp pq, but I usually do it manually15:13
rbasakI expect I'll implement it at some point15:13
Laneyalright, thanks15:15
ahasenacktjaalton: hi, what do you think about this for sssd:15:20
ahasenack  Condition: start condition failed at Wed 2020-10-14 15:19:51 UTC; 2s ago15:20
ahasenack             └─ ConditionFileNotEmpty=/etc/sssd/sssd.conf was not met15:20
ahasenackI know you said a while back you wouldn't add that to debian15:20
ahasenackpolicy and such, service must be able to start right after installation, etc15:20
ahasenackthere is also /etc/sssd/conf.d to look at, but I haven't see packages drop stuff in there yet15:21
tjaaltonahasenack: I don't know what "this" is? :)15:23
Laneykanashiro: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/prometheus-alertmanager/0.15.3+ds-3ubuntu1 <- woah, that's quite the timezone!15:30
rbasakI think git-ubuntu might balk at that :-/15:31
Laneypossible, I just got emailed about it by a script which was trying to parse it15:31
rbasakI have hit similar issues before in git-ubuntu. We do have a mechanism to deal with it but it needs manual intervention.15:40
rbasakLong term if it continues happening I intend to see if patching dak and Launchpad to reject these would be acceptable.15:40
* rbasak has also seen work done on the 30th of February and separately at 79 minutes past the hour and that sort of thing :-/15:41
LaneyWe imported the whole history of Ubuntu into UDD a few years ago - there's some wild stuff in there, indeed15:42
rbasakCrazy times15:49
ahasenacktjaalton: the ConditionFileNotEmpty in the sssd.service16:39
ahasenacktjaalton: so if there is no config, sssd is not started (and as such does not fail)16:39
tjaaltonahasenack: I need to think about it16:56
ahasenacktjaalton: so I troubleshooted https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sssd/+bug/189715318:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1897153 in sssd (Ubuntu) "Automount fails due to SSSD config (Groovy Gorilla)" [High,Confirmed]18:44
ahasenacktjaalton: I believe we can do better, but ultimately it's a configuration problem in his setup18:45
ahasenackhe is relying on a certain fallback behavior18:45
slyonHey, could somebody please re-trigger this build? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netplan.io/0.100-0ubuntu5/+build/20149128 – It failed due to a flaky dbus unit test18:45
ginggsslyon: .18:49
ahasenacktjaalton: his /etc/auto.master has a line like: " /mnt/GGData auto.DataVol1 --ghost"18:51
ahasenackthat syntax, when the map file (auto.DataVol1) does not have a path, is explicit for nsswitch.conf lookups18:51
ahasenacktjaalton: if there is no automount entry in nsswitch.conf, then autofs falls back to assuming the map file is in /etc18:52
slyonginggs: thank you!18:54
ginggsslyon: yw!18:55
ahasenackso the fix for that case is to use " /mnt/GGData /etc/auto.DataVol1 --ghost"18:56
alebLaney: LocutusOfBorg: A new point-release has been cut for Pitivi: 2020.09.1 and it's already packaged in Debian. Any chance you could pick it up before the freeze tomorrow?19:44
LocutusOfBorgaleb, .19:56
realtime-neilHow do I customize the efibootmgr label of an ubuntu installation?20:01
alebLocutusOfBorg: what do you mean?21:09

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