realtime-neilHow to I get an ubuntu installation to appear as anything but "ubuntu" in the efibootmgr?19:58
CarlFKrealtime-neil: there is a cli util that can rename it.. would that work for you?20:02
realtime-neilI think so; is it efibootmgr? :D20:03
CarlFKefibootmgr - manipulate the EFI Boot Manager20:03
realtime-neilWhy that's _exactly_ the tool my firmware vendor is ignoring! :D20:03
CarlFKreading the man page, it may not rename...20:04
realtime-neilWell, I'm sure deleting and re-creating would do the trick -- if my firmware wasn't preventing me from doing that, too.20:05
CarlFKi'm guessing you should grep the installer sources for efibootmgr, and hopefully find        -L | --label LABEL20:09
CarlFK              Boot manager display label (defaults to "Linux")20:09
realtime-neilCarlFK: how would one grep just those sources? Is that something I could do at codesearch.debian.net ?21:36
CarlFKrealtime-neil: i would get the sources locally. little surprised you don't have them already.  git clone ... and then "grep -rRecurisve/something ..."  or I now use ack so I don't have to remember the grep flags21:37
CarlFK"grep the installer sources"   ... aka do a string search over all the files in all the dirs21:38
realtime-neilCarlFK: to be clear, am I getting the sources for d-i, grub2, or efibootmgr21:38
CarlFK d-i22:27
CarlFKI have https://git.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer22:27
CarlFKdebian-installer$ ack efibootmgr22:28
CarlFKI poked around, I'm sure there is some clue, like something in build/config/x86.cfg  gets passed to grub-install22:37
CarlFKi give up.22:38
realtime-neilCarlFK: well, shucks; thanks for trying, at any rate22:54
mwhudsontry grub-installer maybe?23:23

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