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oerheksi see a kernel update, 5.4.0-5100:06
Lutinoerheks don't look ;)00:33
oerhekstoo late, applied00:34
KrausGreetings! Sorry to coldcall y'all but I'm wondering if any of the recent updates in the last.. oh, I don't know, 3-4 days might have upset hostname resolution over LAN? I'm on Ubuntu 20.04 (and Ubuntu Server 20.04 on another machine) and "something" happened to where I can't ping or SSH any internal hostnames, and the only thing I've changed on both machines were recent updates.01:34
rfmKraus, what do you use to resolve internal hostnames?01:39
rfmKraus, I'm right up to date and mDNS which is what I use still works fine01:41
KrausWell, everything is stock, if that helps. In fact one of the systems (my desktop) I barely finished installing maybe a month or so ago? So I haven't done any customization. I checked /etc/resolv.conf and the nameserver is set to the default I DID try following the advice of one askubuntu thread, which was to set it permanently to but even if I get the changes to stick after reboot, that still doesn't explain01:42
Krauswhy this issue sprung up in the first place. Since it's happening on two machines simultaneously, and since the only change I've made in the given timespan on second machine is apt upgrade, then I can only conclude this was the result of a recent update?01:42
signofzetayou know, I had the same issue for a day or so (20.04), but it's fixed itself. anything in apt update && apt upgrade -y?01:45
rfmKraus, well, last time something like this happened to me it was because my ISP decided to start providing a SOA record for .local on the DNS servers it provided, so a bad update is definitely not the only thing that can cause it.01:46
rfmKraus, what do you mean by "internal hostname", and can you still resolve non-internal hostnames?01:47
Krausrfm: A hostname inside my LAN, like another computer.01:47
KrausI can open my browser, go to google.com or wherever and that's working just fine. But if I try to SSH to my server host using the hostname rather than the IP, it ain't working.01:48
KrausCan't ping them either.01:48
KrausI know this problem is definitely only confined to my two ubuntu machines because I SSHed from my phone SSH app to the server using the hostname just fine.01:49
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KrausMoreover, I know the problem had to have happened between now and approx. 2-3 days ago because that's when I last SSHed to the server (to perform the upgrade)01:50
KrausSince that was the last command I ran on the machine, I can only conclude it was the upgrade that caused the issue--else, I have even bigger issues, heh. :P01:50
rfmKraus, trouble is I have no idea how you were resolving these names before.  What does the "hosts:" line in /etc/nsswitch.conf say?01:51
Krausrfm I don't know, is the problem. It's however the default method of resolving hostnames would be. How does Ubuntu resolve hostnames?01:52
KrausLet me check the line01:53
KrausOn my desktop: `hosts: files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns`01:54
KrausOn my server: `hosts: files dns`01:54
rfmKraus, aha, it's mDNS.  Do you enter these names as "somehost.local'?  or just a bare unqualified name?01:55
Krausbare unqualified. For instance: `ssh server` ('server' being the name of the server computer's hostname)01:56
KrausI've never done .local when mentioning a hostname01:56
Kraus(Didn't even know that was a thing!)01:56
KrausI tried doing it with .local attached to it just now and could not resolve. "Name or service not known"01:57
Kraus(and, it took a while before it came up with that error.)01:58
KrausWith the usual error, it's "Temporary failure in name resolution" and comes up immediately.01:58
rfmKraus, that's because you aren't running avahi on the server so all the mDNS calls timed out.01:58
KrausYeah. I mean I only have two computers. :) It's just a simple lil home network with a router.01:59
leftyfbKraus: systemd-resolve --status|grep "DNS Servers"01:59
leftyfbthat it?02:00
KrausThat's my router. The ubuntu default nameserver is apparently (as per a couple support threads I found online)02:00
leftyfbKraus: is the systemd-resolved caching daemon02:01
Krausleftyfb: What's that do?02:01
leftyfbcaches DNS02:01
leftyfbit's not the issue ....02:01
KrausRight. The only reason that came up is because when I did an online search for "Temporary failure in name resolution"02:02
leftyfbKraus: what is the hostname you're trying to lookup?02:02
Krausleftyfb: The hostname of my server :) (and from my server, the hostname of my desktop.)02:03
leftyfbKraus: host <hostname>
rfmKraus, did you ever put entries in /etc/hosts for these?  (the server's name in the desktop's /etc/host, and vice versa?)02:05
leftyfbrfm: that is bot a good solution02:05
Krausrfm: I just did a `cat /etc/hosts` on both machines and they appear to be in there. I never did it manually so I'm guessing it was something automatic?02:06
rfmleftyfb, I'm not proposing it for a solution, I'm trying to figure out how it ever worked.02:07
leftyfbKraus: you probably saw the hostname for the machine you're checking from. You will not see the hostname for any other machine on the network unless you added it to /etc/hosts02:07
leftyfbKraus: host <hostname>
KrausAgain, the question: Why now? What changed in the last 48 hours where this suddenly became a problem?02:08
leftyfbKraus: can you please run the command above?02:08
KrausSorry, which one?02:08
leftyfbKraus: host <hostname>
leftyfbreplace <hostname> with the other machine on the network which you are trying to communicate with02:09
KrausOh! Sorry, my bad. The output is multiple lines. Which part am I paying attention to?02:09
leftyfbKraus: please pastebin the output02:09
leftyfbKraus: ok, now: host <hostname>02:11
Kraus(That's from the desktop)02:11
KrausHost redacted not found: 2(SERVFAIL)02:12
KrausSame message when trying that from the server over SSH02:13
leftyfbKraus: nmcli device show|grep DNS02:13
Krausleftyfb: device being literal?02:14
KrausIt's showing the IP4 and IP6.DNS[1]: ip addresses02:14
Kraus192.168.1.1 and the big long hex one.02:14
KrausOn the server, apparently I don't have the package for that command installed.02:15
* Kraus changes that!02:16
KrausAlright, typed it, nothing returned.02:16
leftyfbKraus: nmcli device show|grep -i domain  # on the desktop02:17
leftyfbKraus: nmcli is not meant to be run on a server. It talks to network-manager02:17
KrausIt's showing my ISP's gateway domain.02:17
Krauserr, maybe not the gateway but, yeah02:18
leftyfbthere's your issue02:18
KrausI don't even know what I did XD02:18
leftyfbKraus: edit /etc/resolv.conf # and remove the search line02:18
leftyfbI bet everything works after that02:18
Kraus.... So maybe.. wait.. why on earth. Charter's responsible for this somehow? On both machines?02:19
leftyfbKraus: the issue is your router giving out your ISP's domain as the search domain for all your clients02:19
leftyfbKraus: configure your router and blank out the domain or put in your own # you'll need to reboot machines02:20
signofzetai have charter (spectrum). what's their DNS server address? i'll check it for a second opinion.02:20
Krausleftyfb: One issue is going to be apparently in 20.04 we can no longer edit that file. systemd is now handling it.02:20
leftyfbKraus: this is just a test02:20
leftyfbKraus: you can edit it, but it gets overridden on boot02:20
KrausRight. I just removed the whole 'search' line and it still errors: `ssh: Could not resolve hostname redacted: Temporary failure in name resolution`02:21
leftyfbKraus: sudo systemctl restart systemd-resolved   # then edit resolv.conf , remove and try again02:22
Kraus(Systemd shall NEVER be resolved... *rimshots*) jk02:23
KrausDid sudo systemctl restart systemd-resolved, then edited it again, removed, still doesn't work.02:23
KrausI did originally change the to and it worked, but apparently the Ubuntu default is
leftyfbtry: host -4 <hostname>02:25
Krausnot found: 2(SERVFAIL)02:25
leftyfbtry: host -4 <hostname>
KrausThat worked, came up with the same deal as without the -402:26
leftyfbKraus: sudo lsof -i :5302:26
leftyfbmight need to pastebin that if it's more than 1 line02:26
Kraussignofzeta: Sorry, btw. I don't know what their DNS server address is?02:27
leftyfbKraus: something ain't right. It's acting like systemd-resolved is using the wrong nameserver or has multiple being given to it via DHCP.....02:29
leftyfbKraus: can you check the settings of your router and which DNS/nameserver(s) is being given out from DHCP?02:29
KrausSure, let's see....02:29
KrausOkay so... DHCP...02:31
leftyfbKraus: DHCP settings/section, which nameserver(s) is it configured for?02:32
KrausYeah that's what I'm confused about. Which nameserver... well, under Internet Settings tab, Optional, Domain name: it's nv.charter.com.02:33
KrausIt's "optional" but yet doesn't let me edit the field, hm..02:34
KrausChecking other fields. I miss my old WRT02:34
leftyfbKraus: not internet settings. You want Local/LAN/DHCP02:34
KrausYeah, I figured, but that tab doesn't have any nameserver settings. It's got the Host name of the router itself, the IP address, subnet mask, then under DHCP, "Enabled", Start IP address, number of max users, the range, client lease time. Static DNS are all 0's.02:35
KrausI've never had to touch those before.02:36
leftyfbKraus: can you screenshot it? I'm guessing you should blank out all but one of the Static DNS entries and add in
KrausThe part that troubles me is none of it explains what changed?02:37
rfmKraus, while you're in there can you find the last boot/last install time for the router?  I'm beginning to think what changed is the ISP forced an update down onto it..02:37
KrausWell, this is my own personal router; not theirs; so they had better not.02:38
KrausAnd I did check the firmware updates, and for my router version (It's a WRT1900ACS v1) I'm fully up to date.02:39
leftyfbKraus: it seems like it was never properly configured in the first place and for whatever reason is passing DNS requests directly off to the ISP's assigned DNS and not doing resolutions itself as it should be02:39
leftyfbKraus: you want as the static DNS02:40
rfmNot worried about being out of date as having been rebooted since the desktop/server are, thus having the desktop/server have stale leases02:40
Krausleftyfb: If that's true, why can I SSH from my phone's SSH client into the server using the hostname with no problem?02:40
leftyfbKraus: the phone might have a DNS client that see's through the B.S.? :)02:41
leftyfbKraus: not sure. Either way, lets fix what we know not to be correct and go from there02:41
rfmYeah, the phone still working has to be an important clue.  for example the phone's probably renewed its lease more recently...02:41
KrausAlright, I think it needs those 0's in there because it reverted them back once I applied.02:42
leftyfbthe phone cannot be configured manually or properly troubleshooted and is an outlier and should be ignore for the time being02:42
KrausBut the first Static DNS is now my router.02:42
leftyfbKraus: reboot the desktop or reconnect to the network02:43
leftyfbKraus: if it's wired, just unplug the cable for about 10 seconds02:43
KrausAaaallllrighty, it worked.02:44
KrausLet me try from my server to the desktop...02:44
leftyfbif the server is getting it's network via DHCP, it will need to reconnect as well02:44
KrausYup, already on it02:45
Kraus(How do you disconnect from an ethernet card on ubuntu server from CLI?)02:45
leftyfbKraus: unplug the cable02:45
* Kraus 's body creaks and snaps at the joints as he climbs into the confines under his desk.02:46
leftyfbKraus: not easier to unplug from the router?02:47
leftyfbor switch02:47
KrausToo late but.. next time.02:47
KrausDidn't seem to work.02:47
KrausUnplugged the network cable for about 10 seconds and replugged it. It didn't even notice I was missing apparently. SSH connection is still intact02:48
leftyfbKraus: reboot?02:49
KrausSo, if I may be forgiven what I feel is something I should have understood for years being a geek but yet don't understand...02:49
KrausI need to ask. Why must the router's static DNS be its own IP address?02:50
KrausI feel like I don't have a full grasp of how DNS actually works, even though I've been online for decades.02:50
signofzetait's only because the router acts as a DNS forwarder (and hopefully a cache).  it depends on the router.02:53
leftyfbthey left02:53
KrausDon't know what just happened there..02:56
leftyfbKraus: what you configured was the static DNS your router will give to DHCP clients. Since your router is the DHCP server and local nameserver, you want it to tell DHCP clients to use it as the local nameserver and nothing else.02:56
KrausOkay so.. I see.. whatever I put there gets passed down to the computers connecting to the router......02:56
KrausI see...02:56
leftyfbeverything work now?02:57
Krausyes, still many questions remain, like, WHY.02:58
leftyfbKraus: I think with the in your settings, your router was just forwarding all requests out to the internet. Not sure about the phone.02:58
KrausSo then, maybe... just speculating, perhaps there was a security update in Ubuntu that became like The Glitch that allowed Milton to keep getting his paychecks in Office Space?02:59
leftyfbKraus: negative03:00
leftyfbalright, I need to head out for the night03:00
KrausWell, thank you for your help, leftyfb03:01
KrausHelp from a total stranger is always much appreciated :)03:01
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underd0ghello world!03:21
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IndustrialHi! I am trying to run wine with WINEARCH=win64 wine program.exe but it says it created a ~/.wine and then it says its 32bit. How do I force creation of 64bit wine prefix?09:30
Industrialuname -a shows my OS is 64bit09:30
mgedminIndustrial: I think you need to apt install wine64 instead of wine09:31
Industriallol ok09:31
mgedminhm, no, wine depends on wine64 | wine32 (in focal), so it should pull in the 64-bit version by default09:32
mgedminI don't think I know enough about wine to be able to help you09:32
catphishwhat does the "Wait for network to be configured" job actually wait for?09:34
catphishi have a machine where the network *is* configured, but that job hangs the boot process, i'm trying to understand why09:35
mgedminmaybe it's waiting for a different network interface?09:39
mgedminI think it's basically waiting for a DHCP response, but I'm not 100% sure09:39
catphishoh, i see the problem, completely my fault, i have 2 netplan config files, one has a static configuration, and the other one has dhcp enabled09:41
mgedminone day maybe I'll understand why netplan exists09:44
catphishi love netplan, far superior to any of the previous network config systems in my opinion09:48
Niklas_Eis it not possible to install mysql?10:08
Niklas_Emysql-server that is10:09
Apachezany hints on how to search for what ubuntu spits out as shutdown messages? when I shutdown my computer I can briefly see 2 lines of text in the console output just before it shutsdown - how can I recover these two lines and be able to read them?10:15
Apachezis there something like  "journalctl -b but move 10 lines before boot" ?10:16
Apachezhighspeed camera to the rescue... wtf is "systemd-shutdown: Failed to finalize DM shutdown, ignoring" ?10:26
mgedminApachez: journalctl -b -1 -e, but that sort of assumes the messages are printed before journald stops and all your disks are unmounted10:29
mgedminno answers10:30
mgedminthere's some text in /usr/share/doc/systemd/README.Debian.gz that describes how you can debug shutdown problems10:32
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Apachezyes this box is using FDE10:48
mgedminI use FDE, but I can't say I've noticed this message10:49
mgedminI've noticed a scarier thing10:49
mgedminwhen I reboot, I see a bunch of characters like ąčęįėčąąęį in the top-left corner10:49
mgedminthese are different every time10:49
mgedminand I'm afraid they might be from me typing things in the GUI session10:50
mgedminas if something's snooping key events and printing all non-ASCII ones10:50
computer2000Hi guys can anyone please advice on my issue here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64351703/apache-virtual-hosts-on-ubuntu-20-04-vps11:02
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BluesKajHi all11:22
marcoagpintoHello BluesKaj11:43
BluesKajhi marcoagpinto11:44
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gebbioneinstalled the RTX 2070 but cannot get drivers to install without warnings on ubuntu ... i tried "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa" but fails because it cannot verify pubkey12:37
gebbionedo you know what is the best way to get them installed, also running the run file from nvidia gives warnings so i did not go ahead12:37
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gebbionetrying -> sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall now12:42
gebbioneseems to be promising12:42
madpropshow can I check if plasma 5.20 is available?12:43
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: ^^ one for you12:44
Maikmadprops: it isn't and won't on ubuntu/kubuntu 20.10 afaik12:45
madpropsok how can I check that kind of versioning though. If I use apt-cache I get stuff like: kde-plasma-desktop/focal,now 5:104ubuntu4 amd64 [installed]12:45
madprops5:104 which is the incremental version12:45
madpropsbut that's not very useful12:46
BluesKajmadprops, are you referring to plasma 5.19.5?12:52
BluesKajif so best to wait til 21.10 release day Oct 2212:53
BluesKajerr 201.1012:53
BluesKajoops 20.1012:53
BluesKaji'm doing too many things at once here12:54
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HugLifeTiZHi there. So I've tried installing Xubuntu 20.04 from a live environment that crashed when installing the bootloader, and I've also tried doing a debootstrap-based installation from my working Xubuntu 18.04. Trying to boot Xubuntu 20.04 causes it to always hang at boot with "(1 out of 5) A start job is running for /dev/disk/by-partlabel/X" where X13:34
HugLifeTiZis *literally every single partition in my /etc/fstab.* What could be going wrong here?13:34
Ether_ManAnyone know where the Deluge ppa sets what user and group to run deluged as? I'm not finding the setting :/13:44
krytarikEther_Man: It seems the PPA packages don't do any system integration that you know from official builds..14:06
Ether_Mankrytarik: Right, but SOMETHING is telling it to run as the debian-deluged user and group... But I cannot find what. It's started by systemd, but there's no User statement in the unit :/14:07
krytarikWell, have you got an '/etc/default/deluge' from an official package perhaps?14:09
Ether_ManYes, but that only has the enabled var being set14:10
Ether_ManFound it... It's coded into the init script >_<14:12
krytarikYep, me too just now!14:12
Ether_ManHmm... If I want to move that to systemd where it actually makes sense... Would removing the --chuid here and adding User clauses to systemd work you think?14:14
krytarikI dunno personally, haven't fiddled with systemd much yet and not at all with deluge. >_<14:15
Ether_ManWell, it runs at least. Hopefully it will work properly too :)14:20
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BloBzhi all was wondering if anyone has recommendations on where to install virtualbox from official repo or from oracle will want guest addons to work14:29
BloBzEther_Man, late to the convo but are you having problems with aa or firejail by any chance14:33
ajayahmedFor everyone please, do you prefer black or white background in your terminal apps (bash, ssh etc)?14:34
BloBzwhat was the issue Ether_Man black14:34
BloBzhowd u solve14:34
Ether_ManJust needed to change the group deluge was running as so the files it created was owned by the common group for deluge, sonarr, radarr and so on...14:34
Ether_ManWhich I prefer depends mainly on time or day and/or the color of other apps running14:35
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rneesehey guys i need input on git pkgs15:22
rneeseI need a way to force a specific pkg not to be installed15:23
rneeseis there a way with apt/apt-get to force this15:23
hoferapt-mark --help >?15:26
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lokushello. i have two ubuntu kernel versions i would like to get the difference between (web interface, checkout a git repo, whatever..) could anyone tell me what is most straightforward way?15:35
oerhekslokus, you have 2 kernels, and you want the difference/ changelog? check out launchpad, for those changelogs15:52
lokusoerheks: yes. thanks15:59
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Sven_vBhi! I'm trying to set up a local mirror of the waterfox apt repository. My method works nicely for winehq, but with waterfox, when I "apt update" on Ubuntu focal amd64, it fetches /dists/xUbuntu_20.04/InRelease and /dists/xUbuntu_20.04/Release but doesn't even try to download /???/Packages or /???/Packages.gz. What might I be missing?16:25
Sven_vBIs it because there's no "Suite:" entry in https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/hawkeye116477:/waterfox/xUbuntu_20.04/Release ?16:25
Sven_vBit also doesn't have a Components: entry, maybe that's the problem16:28
oerheksSven_vB, no clue there, what guide do you follow?16:30
Sven_vBoerheks, I use debmirror with some URL rewriting to omit the dists/???/ part on the opensuse server16:31
Sven_vBthe URL rewriting is only in the downloader part, so the local repo has dists/xUbuntu_20.04/ as debmirror expects16:32
Sven_vBI can make a temporary public copy if it helps16:33
oerhekshttps://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/hawkeye116477:/waterfox/xUbuntu_20.04/ the release files are here... but the site is awfully slow16:33
Sven_vBone reason why I'd like to mirror it. :-)16:34
Sven_vBdebmirror succeeds and the created files look good on the webspace, so I guess it's just a config problem. well, obviously it is, because if it were about missing files, the server logs would show at least an attempt to download them.16:35
Sven_vBmy apt source line is "deb http://waterfox.aptmirror.test/ xUbuntu_20.04 main", but there's no mention of "main" anywhere in Release. I'm currently researching how to put a wildcard instead.16:37
mgedminSven_vB: what's the `deb` line for using the upstream repo directly?16:40
mgedminthere are ways of referring to apt sources that use a single directory instead of several components16:40
Sven_vBI've no idea. I'll check16:40
mgedmin(iirc suite has to end in a / in that case)16:40
Sven_vB"deb http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/hawkeye116477:/waterfox/xUbuntu_20.04/ /" according to https://software.opensuse.org//download.html?project=home%3Ahawkeye116477%3Awaterfox&package=waterfox-classic-kpe , I'll try with that.16:43
mgedminyeah, that's a single-directory repo all right16:44
Sven_vBI'll adapt the layout on the mirror webspace16:45
Sven_vBif I'd want to change it to regular layout I guess I'll need to sign it with my own key, do I?16:47
mgedminif you want to tamper with the contents of the Release or InRelease file, yes16:48
mgedmin(any of the files actually)16:48
Sven_vBseems to work now. :-) thanks oerheks and mgedmin!16:52
oerhekshave fun!16:52
linuxsonhey guys, got a sticky issue with a sound card not working on a cheapy laptopp17:28
linuxsonanyone wanna give it a bang?17:28
oerhekslinuxson, share some details like ubuntu version, lspci output and laptop specs?17:31
linuxsonoerheks: hey, can do. which pastebin do I use?17:32
linuxsonoerheks: Its a cheapy Mecer laptop, bought on TakeAlot, will share link now to exact model17:33
linuxsonoerheks: Using Linux Lite v517:34
leftyfblinuxson: you'll need to seek support from "Linux Lite"17:34
oerheksmeh, no fork support17:34
nicomachusI upgraded from 18.04 to 20.04 along the normal path (prompted), and it seems to have really killed my wifi drivers. some debug info: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/J7gXvwXpMR/17:35
oerhekswe might not give a good answer :-P17:35
linuxsonoerheks: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bWvvcJm2BC/17:35
linuxsonah okay17:35
nicomachusI was able to get them working briefly by installing "rtl8821ce-dkms" but that seems to have been nixed on reboot, and doesn't fix now. I disabled SecureBoot after that.17:36
oerhekshttps://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=rtl8821ce-dkms ... oh17:36
nicomachusoerheks: oh?17:38
linuxsonoerheks: There is no more Linux Lite support on any IRC channels17:38
oerhekslinuxson, then try ##linux?17:38
linuxsonoerheks: cool17:39
HugLifeTiZHi there. So I've tried installing Xubuntu 20.04 from a live environment that crashed when installing the bootloader, and I've also tried doing a debootstrap-based installation from my working Xubuntu 18.04. Trying to boot Xubuntu 20.04 causes it to always hang at boot with "(1 out of 5) A start job is running for /dev/disk/by-partlabel/X" where X17:56
HugLifeTiZis *literally every single partition in my /etc/fstab.* What could be going wrong here? Is there some way I can try to figure out what it's trying to do?17:56
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nicomachusHugLifeTiZ: it's likely the filesystem checks. You can probably skip them with Control+C but if it's hanging that may indicate a problem.18:04
HugLifeTiZnicomachus: I can also just set all the fstab pass fields to 0 as well right?18:06
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Niklas_Ehor do I install roundcube for nginx?18:58
blue1Niklas_E: Did you try sudo apt install roundcube19:02
blue1I am not familiar with roundcube -- sorry I can't help19:03
oerhekstons of guides for roundcube, https://linoxide.com/linux-how-to/install-roundcube-webmail-ubuntu/ and there is #ubuntu-server too, for support19:05
leftyfbblue1: start with this https://www.linuxbabe.com/mail-server/install-roundcube-webmail-ubuntu-16-04-nginx-mariadb-php7   You might have to change things around a bit for later versions of ubuntu/php/nginx19:05
blue1that is a mail server?19:09
oerheksNiklas_E ^^19:09
oerheksand trouble with mailservices is; one needs to monitor it 24/719:09
blue1i messed with sendmail a long time ago19:10
fradI need to install ocrfeeder 0.8.3 and I have no idea. 2 options: clone from gitlab https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/ocrfeeder or install the tar.xz. Which one should I do and why?19:19
fradI assume gitlab is the prefered way, because I can update it easier than with tar.xz?19:19
oerheksi see ubuntu used the git repo https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ocrfeeder/19:21
fradlaunchpad = ppa oerheks ?19:26
leftyfboerheks: blue1: roundcube is not a mail server. It's just a web interface. For instance I run with with postfix(MTA) behind roundcube on a server.19:27
oerheksno, that list are our official packages19:27
oerheksnext groovy will have 0.8.319:27
oerheksso, yes, if you *need* to, build it yourself https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/ocrfeeder19:27
leftyfbfrad: why do you need 0.8.3 right now?19:28
fradleftyfb, i might not need to, I found gimagereader-gtk as a frontend and it works. Somehow I am unable to start ocrefeeder standalone if I want to read pdfs...19:29
leftyfbfrad: try 0.8.1 which is available in 18.04 and 18.10 and go from there19:30
fradleftyfb, I guess I need to explain myself better: I installed 0.8.2 from the repos (synaptic) and tried to use it to ocr a pdf file. It didn't work, as ocrfeeder does nothing with pdf files. It does not crash, but does nothing. After installing gimagereader, I can ocr pdf files19:31
fradI thought I had to install the latest ocrfeeder19:32
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DescriptionedHello, i am on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS, how i can share my screen "videos" from firefox etc, to my samsung smart tv (via wifi)20:39
oerheksthere is gnome-network-displays as flatpak https://flathub.org/apps/details/org.gnome.NetworkDisplays20:45
Descriptionedoerheks: it says "failed to install file: not supported"20:47
oerheksone needs to install flatpak tools first i guess. ugly. there is no deb or snap :-(20:47
oerheks!info flatpak20:49
ubottuflatpak (source: flatpak): Application deployment framework for desktop apps. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.5-0ubuntu0.1 (focal), package size 1041 kB, installed size 5579 kB20:49
Descriptionedoerheks: im trying it, i need to reboot, brb. thanks20:50
Descriptionedoerheks: failed to install file: authentication failed?? :(20:55
Descriptionedits crazy why developers dont make it build in option20:56
SteristI seem to have found trouble by trying to install a copy of ubuntu to an external drive.... problem seems to be grub21:10
Steristin the installer, I selected sdb as the destination for grub (sda already had grub but I didn't want any changes to sda)21:11
Steristupon rebooting, I get grub errors if the external drive is not connected, so it seems that changes were made to grub even though nothing related to sda was touched in my selections21:12
Steristchanges were made to sda**21:13
Descriptionedoerheks: i managed to install it but now it says "no wifi p2p adapters found" :S21:18
Descriptionedhow i enable wifi p2p on 20.04 lts ??21:25
Descriptionedhow i can enable wifi p2p?21:34
sunrunner20by having some patience22:00
sunrunner20and I've forgotten what to even google for. What's the ubuntu ZoL licensing kerfufful about?22:00
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tgagreetings. my chromium-browser seems to use 279GB of virtual memory. how abnormal is that and can I do anything about it?22:10
diskintga, hi, how are you checking that?22:21
pavlosdiskin: ps -eo pid,vsize | grep chromium22:45
pavlosdiskin: need to add cmd, ... ps -eo pid,vsize,cmd | grep chromium22:46
diskinpavlos, but then you need to sum all processes, right?22:56
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