BluesKajHi all11:48
ricktimmisHi /BluesKaj11:50
ricktimmisHello folks11:50
BluesKajhi ricktimmis11:51
ricktimmisI am trying to script up a way to launch an application installer for a mime type in a graphical way. As en example I click on a Blender file, but don;t have it installed, so I launch Discover but have it open up on Blender install page11:52
ricktimmisI got this far11:52
ricktimmisplasma-discover --search blender11:52
ricktimmisBut thought I'd ask here, as maybe I am barking up the wrong tree11:52
BluesKajafter the new kernal upgrade GG the activities manager is trying to show assigned apps in all activities with no option to channge to a previously assigned activity12:09
BluesKajThe repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu groovy Release' does not have a Release file13:15
RikMillsBluesKaj: because there are no packages in it for groovy yet13:31
BluesKajoops my mistake , not available for groovy, i should have checked 13:32
RikMillsBluesKaj: I have poked LP to hopefully generate a release file anyway. may take some time13:32
BluesKajno hurry RikMills, i'm still dealing with this activities bug anyway, it's damn annoying 13:33
BluesKajthe apps I've assigned to different activities in the pager are showing up in all activities 13:36
BluesKajeven tho I have them assigned to individual separate activities 13:37

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