lubot<teward001> Discourse going to explode again01:51
lubot<teward001> while I fix things01:51
lubot<teward001> (it needs updates!)01:51
lubot<teward001> kc2bez @tsimonq2 need me to kick PHab or you guys got it?01:51
tsimonq2I got it01:52
lubot<teward001> cool01:55
lubot<teward001> i'll handle discourse :P01:56
lubot<teward001> that's updated now01:58
lubot<teward001> so we're good there01:58
tsimonq2Hey wxl and/or kc2bez, do we have release notes started for 20.10 yet?03:10
wxl[m]Not me but they'd be in the blog repo if there were any03:37
tsimonq2We're so overdue to move to a static website 03:38
tsimonq2SO overdue.03:38
kc2bezI haven't started them yet tsimonq2 08:01
tsimonq2Okay 08:04
kc2bezI was going to start them in codimd I just haven't got there yet08:04
tsimonq2I'll get a task for migrating to a static site for next release ish08:09
tsimonq2That will make it much easier.08:09
tsimonq2And in the meantime we can definitely draft in CodiMD still08:10
wxlsomeone mentioned the idea that we should all collaborate on release notes, to which i replied we already have the option since the blog is under source control. since codi is kind of invisible, that would make that kind of hard17:22
wxl@tsimonq2: your upload failed to change the style in welcome.conf from json→xml17:31
wxlactually @aptghetto already pointed it out https://phab.lubuntu.me/rCALASETTINGS01c0bcafc8f3b7c089a7e7d9a6ca2cb4b793e00917:33
lubot<Leokolb> Calamares has me back home 20201015 ISO https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/calamares/+bug/189850117:35
kc2bezwxl I agree with the welcome thing but I question the automirror change since the python script that parses that is outside of Calamares. We would need to change that too.17:37
wxli agree on both fronts17:39
wxlEickmeyer[m]: was studio using cala in focal?18:01
Eickmeyer[m]wxl: Negative.18:01
wxlEickmeyer[m]: danke :)18:02
wxlbut you are in groovy right?18:02
wxlok the cala bug for the json issue is now triaged with an upstream bug18:18
lubot<Pzmxnkd> Does anyone use opensnitch in runit-init distros?19:16
lubot<kc2bez> We use systemd here in Lubuntu.19:18
lubot<Pzmxnkd> @kc2bez [We use systemd here in Lubuntu.], Yup, I can install opensnitch in Lubuntu.19:23
lubot<Pzmxnkd> Just I want to try it in runit distro, but fail.19:23
wxlperhaps you should join ##linux on irc and ask there as this has nothing to do with lubuntu development19:25
lubot<Pzmxnkd> @wxl [<wxl> perhaps you should join ##linux on irc and ask there as this has nothing t …], Thanks19:27
lubot<aptghetto> @kc2bez [<kc2bez> wxl I agree with the welcome thing but I question the automirror change …], If we don't change the url, we might get two different country codes (an inconsistent behaviour). … Therefore I recommend to change the logic of the automirror module. And maybe the needed country code is already in the calamares globalstor19:28
lubotage (one source of truth) and can be used directly without all the network overhead and exception handling.19:28
wxlactually that's a fantastic idea @aptghetto20:44
tsimonq2<kc2bez "wxl I agree with the welcome thi"> Agreed. That's what I ran into yesterday 20:53
tsimonq2We really need to upstream automirror20:53
tsimonq2That's something a little too drastic for this point in the cycle 20:54
wxlwe *could* make the change to pull the country code from the global store instead though. that should be pretty painless20:56
tsimonq2Agreed 20:57
wxlshould just result in a little trimming of `getcountrycode()`20:58
tsimonq2Feel free to send a diff. :)20:58
wxl^ @aptghetto XD20:58
lubot<kc2bez> I am +1 on all of that^21:32
guivercI'm convinced @Sudodus has workaround for 1899308 (groovy won't boot again) which impacts older boxes; I'll keep testing, but it impacts all (inc. ubuntu) and thumb-drives written with gnome-disks, mkusb...  workaround isn't quick22:58
* guiverc adds my current testing on this is mainly ubuntu now, hoping to get faster/more attention upstream, vorlon has weighed in now :)23:01
wxlif he's involved it will likely get fixed23:15
wxlespecially if its scope is larger than that other bug23:15
wxlthomas, too23:16

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