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rbasakbryce: just came across     whitelist: Drop php-horde-*01:57
rbasakI never considered dropping things from the whitelist. We probably shouldn't, because then if there is an update then it won't hit the repository and that might mismatch user expectations.01:57
rbasakie. I think that once we import a package we shouldn't stop importing it.01:58
rbasakOne thing I intend to do is "auto-whitelist" anything for which a repository exists now01:58
rbasak(and then the whitelist wouldn't be necessary any more, since a one-off import would do the trick)01:58
rbasakAny opinion on that please?01:59
brycerbasak, php-* is super spotty in git ubuntu - a ton of the stack is in universe - so I think user expectations here are going to be negligible.  With php-horde-* in particular, it's dropped from focal and newer.  I'm not sure when it was first imported but at best we're talking xenial/bionic support at most.03:07
brycerbasak, php-horde-* comprises a ton of packages, so whitelisting that stack seemed rather bold.03:08
brycerbasak, anyway, I don't think it needs to be whitelisted, but it certainly doesn't bother me if you want to set policy of whitelist being non-reducible03:09
slyonHey, could somebody please trigger this test for me? https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/netplan.io/groovy/ppc64el – It failed due to timeouts on ppc64el, passed on all other architectures.06:53
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seb128slyon, hey, done now08:08
slyonthank you!08:25
LocutusOfBorgaleb, I mean, its in groovy now?08:44
sil2100mvo: hey! I think you usually dealt with DDTP updates for Ubuntu, right?13:05
sil2100Looking at https://code.launchpad.net/ddtp-ubuntu I don't see any for groovy, but I don't actually know if this is still used?13:05
mvosil2100: uh, it may mean I need to update that, it's all a bit annoying, in a meeting right now but let me try to run the machinery after the meeting, please ping me again if you have not heard back in 1h about progress13:23
sil2100mvo: thank you! Is there any documentation we could read up on that not to bother you next time? :)13:31
aleb<LocutusOfBorg "aleb, I mean, its in groovy now?"> Yes, thank you!20:02
Unit193This is late in the cycle I think, if there's a bugfix release that fixes a FTBFS with gcc-10, worth sync'ing?  It should be in the Xubuntu packageset if not seeded.22:09
Unit193Yeah, not seeded just in the 'supported' seed.22:09

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