lotuspsychjegood morning03:00
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daftykins\o how goes?03:59
bassexanybody here?05:25
lordievaderGood morning06:01
ducassegood morning06:02
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DarkTrickIs there a tool under ubuntu for debugging c/c++ code with the ability the examine the memory?12:40
DarkTrickI'd like to see how the stack changes in certain situations12:40
mgedmingdb?  not the friendliest user interface ever, but it has the capability12:41
DarkTrickmgedmin, I just tried that. Horrible. I'm searching for something more graphical12:44
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DarkTrickmgedmin, but nice idea to use gdb... so I just need to find a usable front end :)12:57
MaikDarkTrick: you know that support questions belong in #ubuntu and not here? We explained it the last time iirc. ;)13:52
Maikat least lotuspsychje did :)13:53
DarkTrickMaik, Well... that was not really a support question, so I thought it's more suitable here13:53
Maikit is a ubuntu support question13:54
DarkTrickI'm not really sure where the border is. A couple of times I wrote in ubuntu and was told I should not write that stuff there.13:54
Maikhere's the topic: Welcome to #ubuntu-discuss. This is a channel for high quality on-topic non-support discussions about Ubuntu | Non Ubuntu stuff to #ubuntu-offtopic or the relevant other channel | We follow the CoC at all times here | No ranting here please13:55
Maikclear enough imo13:55
DarkTrickMaik what would be an example topic for a  "high quality on-topic non-support discussion" ?13:55
lotuspsychjeits a thin red line indeed, most of the cases we reccomend software reccomends in -discuss13:56
Maiki see13:57
JimBuntuExample: I think the next release should include X, Y and Z in it.13:58
JimBuntuExample: I think Ubuntu is a bit better for me compared to X because of Y and Z reasons.13:59
DarkTrickThank you for the examples.14:00
DarkTrickSounds like "the" mailing list, but as chat14:01
JimBuntukind of like the mailing list, but don't expect anything to come of chat about Ubuntu in here. This is literally just a discussion place to talk about Ubuntu specifically, very useful for sharpening ideas by getting input from others though.14:27
hggdhDarkTrick: there are a few options -- ddd, cgdb,xxgdb for example. There are also IDEs that also support debugging14:30
DarkTrickhggdh, Thank you :) I used gdbgui a little but then resortet to booting up my old windows and run MSVS14:31
hggdhfor example, I used to run clion -- a C IDE that also had integrated debuggin14:31
DarkTrickhggdh, I didn't think of clion! Nice idea!14:32
hggdhmost of them will be based on gdb (which is the de-facto standard on Linux), but will try to make our lives easier (for some definition of "easier")14:32
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hggdhDarkTrick: oh, I forgot about MSVS -- there is 'code' that runs on Linux. It has debugging as well14:51
DarkTrickhggdh, vscode has not enough capability for that14:51
hggdhah. Sorry14:52
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oerheksmgedmin, there is the legacy mini iso, but we should not hand this out, right? http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/focal/main/installer-amd64/current/legacy-images/netboot/20:03
mgedminI'm not your boss? :)20:08
oerheksno, i mean; it has the old installer..20:08
sarnoldhand it out to whoever needs it, but it'll probably be helpful to let them know that it's unlikely to be produced in future releases20:15
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