smkellatIs anybody going to try OLF in its virtual format this year?  Unless it is something like Movie Sign With The Mads virtual events have been hard to participate in from my perch here in Ashtabula.03:46
thafreakI attended the virtual PyOhio this year and it was pretty good, basically worked out like a movie watching party.13:10
thafreakBut really it only worked out because it happened on a saturday/sunday and so I had the time to sit and watch and join in on the discord13:11
thafreakAll talks were pre-recorded and streamed on youtube in order and the speakers took questions on discord13:12
thafreakLooks like OLF is a thursday-saturday so I probably won't join in virtually, we'll see13:13
dzho"join in on the discord"20:37
Unit193Yeah I'm old and cranky, I don't discord. :(20:38
dzhoone of the things that has dejected me the most about FOSS in the pandemic is seeing the trend towards "FOSS project using proprietary silos" turn over yet another deflection point in accelerating20:38
Unit193If it makes you feel better, the thing I'm associated with turned to mumble and etherpad for notes.20:39
Unit193Debian was using jitsi.20:39
dzhothere are bright spots, yes20:39
dzhoI need to find a CodiMD instance I want to use. 20:40
dzhohttps://libreho.st/ <-- this helps 20:41

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