conjohi all-how would i rdns my nameserver, have viewed my /etc/resolve.conf and the name server looks nothing like my pihole suggested dns(router edited to use pihole dns(cloudfare) however /etc/resolve.conf says otherwise00:57
conjofrom cli00:57
rfmconjo, heres a post I found that shows cample of using nmcli to do this (do not try to edit /etc/resolv.conf anymore)01:01
conjoto any that wanna know <host+ipaddress>01:01
conjoty rfm01:01
conjoi wont lol will use systemctrl what evs but not before i have a good read01:02
rfmconjo, although I think I answered a question you didnt ask...01:02
pavlosdiskin: ps -eo vsize,cmd | grep chromium | grep -v grep | awk 'BEGIN{c=0} {c+=$1} END{print c}'01:03
conjonone the less ty rfm01:03
conjopavlos, rolf01:03
conjosoz pavlos01:04
pavlosdiskin: awk just sums up the first column of data, $101:06
sarnoldwb rfm, the last we saw was:01:13
sarnoldThu 15 01:02:57 < rfm> conjo, although I think I answered a question you didnt ask...01:13
sarnoldyou might have missed:01:13
sarnoldThu 15 01:03:41 < conjo> none the less ty rfm01:13
sarnoldconjo: sometimes people on irc disconnect with an error message that suggests they may not have seen everything before they quit01:14
sarnoldconjo: so I try to notice when people may have missed conversations, and share what I think they might have missed01:15
conjonice of you01:15
sarnoldI also try to notice when people say things that look like passwords, and let them know about it :) hehe01:16
conjolike identifying in the bloody channel lols01:16
conjoafter connection and idenifying already lols01:17
conjobeen there bought the postcard01:17
conjosarnold, you in ubuntu-offtopic if i may id like to ask a couple of questions01:18
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lapidaryI have a USB gig ethernet card, Realtek RTL8153 chipset, and it's not auto reconizing; I don't see it in lsusb01:28
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pavloslapidary: is it a usb to gigabit ethernet adapter?01:34
lapidaryah; it was my usb port.  It shows up on other ones01:34
lapidarythank you pavlos!01:34
pavloslapidary: no worries01:35
lapidaryokay, I need more help; it is a gigabit ethernet adapter.  I have the USB device; but it seems I need to compile the drivers?01:42
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lapidaryI'll try asking on another platform.  I tried isntalling the latest drivers from realtek; and I compiled the kernal mod.  Still no interface device01:57
lapidaryah ha!  ifconfig -a displayed it; then ifup gave me an ipv6 address; now I am only missing ipv4... I'm sure I can figure this out.02:06
Mibixstill getting  kernel: [432854.746808] nginx[812763]: segfault at 10 ip 00007faf21be3593 sp 00007fffeb6d2200 error 4 in libperl.so.5.30.0[7faf21b7b000+166000]02:25
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random1whats up04:20
matsamanque tal04:23
chosigI have a problem. I have a Dell Latitude E7240 laptop and every time I wake it up it says that the wifi has been turned off with the hardware switch and the only way to get it to work is to reboot04:24
TJ-chosig: sounds like an ACPI issue; there is a workaround that may fix it. See https://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html04:41
chosigTJ-: thanks, i'll look into it04:42
bassexhey guys05:23
bassexso is this place still active or no?05:25
lotuspsychjebassex: 24/705:34
lotuspsychjebassex: just ask your question into the channel and volunteers will assist you05:34
bassexwell im having issues with my amd radeon 5500 xt. i messed things up and decided to start fresh after about 6 months and went with groovy 20.10 but im still confused about video drivers for linux05:35
bassexthe amdgpu-pro drivers wont work because they havent released for 20.10 yet. i had them working on 20.04 but things were so messed up. i had read about mesa being faster so i tried to try that out...and no luck lol05:36
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bassexi just installed mesa-utils andim just not sure what all i need to install. i almosted installed libomesa6 but then read something saying it wasnt needed05:37
lotuspsychjebassex: well for amd cpus and graphics cards, we see often users needing latest kernels for recent hardware05:38
lotuspsychjebassex: on default ubuntu, amdgpu driver should get loaded automaticly on boot, if not we try to dig into dmesg logs05:38
bassexoh i see. so the reason i had to reinstall was because i installed the 5.9 kernel on 20.04 and started having serious issues and was not able to downgrade..im not sure why05:39
bassex20.10 is on 5.805:39
bassexyoure right.. this is from lsmod | grep amd05:40
bassexedac_mce_amd           32768  005:40
bassexamdgpu               5332992  2105:40
bassexkvm_amd               102400  005:40
bassexkvm                   724992  1 kvm_amd05:40
bassexiommu_v2               20480  1 amdgpu05:40
bassexgpu_sched              36864  1 amdgpu05:40
bassexttm                   102400  1 amdgpu05:40
bassexdrm_kms_helper        225280  1 amdgpu05:40
bassexi2c_algo_bit           16384  1 amdgpu05:40
bassexlotuspsychje: whoops05:41
bassexlotuspsychje: its been years since ive used irc lmao05:41
bassexits been sooo long since ive used irc. sorry05:42
lotuspsychjebassex: start with sudo lshw -C video to see if driver= loaded at bottom05:42
bassexlotuspsychje: configuration: driver=amdgpu latency=005:43
bassexlotuspsychje: product: Navi 14 [Radeon RX 5500/5500M / Pro 5500M]05:43
lotuspsychjebassex: that looks like its loaded05:43
bassexlotuspsychje: yeah i think youre right05:43
bassexlotuspsychje: lol. is there anything else i need to add with it though? or is that all?05:43
lotuspsychjebassex: if driver is loaded, things should work, but how recent is your cpu/card?05:44
bassexlotuspsychje: im extremely new to linux. as far as an every day user05:44
bassexjust bought it. ryzen 7 3800x or 3700x and a radeon rx 5500 xt 9gb05:44
bassexlotuspsychje: just bought it. ryzen 7 3800x or 3700x and a radeon rx 5500 xt 8gb05:45
lotuspsychjebassex: yeah well then your best bet are going as latest ubuntu releases and kernels possible05:45
lotuspsychjebassex: i would start with 20.10 with kernel 5.8 and see if you get your system smooth enough for your likings05:46
bassexlotuspsychje: so i should be good then? im on 20.10 and kernel 5.8 now05:46
bassexlotuspsychje: i was about to run a phoronix benchmark or whatever lol05:46
lotuspsychjebassex: well its hard to say from here, do you feel its running allright?05:47
lotuspsychjebassex: driver is loaded, try a few extreme graphics tests05:47
bassexlotuspsychje: i just reinstalled but i think so. im just trying to make sure i have any and all fucntionaly i can. im probably overthinking it. ive tried to go to linux fulltime a few times and it hasnt worked out but this time its been smooth..so far, until now at least05:47
bassexlotuspsychje: ah. i think i found the problem. im not in the render or video groups. is it video or videos?05:48
lotuspsychjebassex: video groups?05:49
bassexlotuspsychje: usergroup. maybe that was just the amdgpu proprietary...when i try to run kmscube it tells me permission denied05:49
bassexlotuspsychje: failed to set mode: Permission denied05:50
lotuspsychjebassex: needs sudo?05:50
bassexlotuspsychje: tried with and without05:51
lotuspsychjebassex: never used it myself, maybe more info in the manpage?05:51
bassexlotuspsychje: nix : problem with defaults entries ; TTY=pts/3 ; PWD=/home/nix ; USER=root ;05:51
bassexlotuspsychje: i do have that in the log..05:51
bassexlotuspsychje: i think there is an issue with my window manager. let me restart real quick though05:52
lotuspsychjebassex: from askubuntu; The demo was fine but in this case it must be run by using Ctrl+alt+F1 and ./ <path to demo>kmscube .05:53
bassexlotuspsychje: hmmm05:54
lotuspsychjetry the manpage bassex05:55
bassexlotuspsychje: control alt f1 takes me to the login screen. no terminal05:55
bassexlotuspsychje: ok will do. ty05:55
bassexlotuspsychje: there isnt one?05:56
lotuspsychjecould be, not all packages have one05:56
bassexlotuspsychje: hmm yeah im having tracker and file system issues. gonna restart05:58
dasbHi. Can I expect Ubuntu 20.04 to ever upgrade its libinput version? It's still running the same version it launched with and I need a new one.06:00
lotuspsychje!latest | dasb06:00
ubottudasb: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.06:00
dasbok thanks06:01
lotuspsychjedasb: whats the reason you need a new version?06:01
dasbversion 1.15.6 allows flat acceleration profile on touchpads06:02
lotuspsychjedasb: you have an ubuntu bug on this?06:03
dasbIt's not a bug, it was a lack of a feature on libinput's part.06:04
dasbIf that's what you meant06:05
lotuspsychjedasb: ok, have you tryed a higher ubuntu release yet to see if the fix is there?06:05
bassexlotuspsychje: which higher release?06:05
dasbmmm, isn't 20.04 the latest?06:05
lotuspsychjedasb: you can try 20.1006:06
lotuspsychjebassex: that wasnt for you :p06:06
bassexlotuspsychje: thats what im saying...im on 20.10 lol06:06
bassexlotuspsychje: haha06:06
dasbOk. Maybe I'll try 20.10. Thanks.06:07
dasbI guess I'll wait until the 22th06:08
lotuspsychjedasb: liveusb also possible as a test06:09
notadeveloperhi is there a postit app for ubuntu?06:14
lotuspsychje!info tomboy | notadeveloper06:17
ubottunotadeveloper: Package tomboy does not exist in focal06:17
lotuspsychjeoh they might have dropped it for 20.0406:18
lotuspsychje!info gnote06:19
ubottugnote (source: gnote): desktop note taking program using Wiki style links. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.36.0-1 (focal), package size 3137 kB, installed size 11314 kB06:19
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diskinpavlos, I use 'atop' and it can group processes, so after running atop I press 'ampt' keys sequentially and the most memory-eating process is on top.07:03
bray90820No matter what I do I can't seem to remove files from the trash in 20.0407:04
bray90820~/.local/share/Trash shows nothing is in thre but the files are still there in the gui07:04
bray90820And when I try to remove them in the gui it says you do not have sufficient permissions to delete the file07:05
diskinbray90820, check https://askubuntu.com/questions/1133415/trash-bin-shows-files-that-arent-there07:12
bray90820Yeah thanks that was it07:14
bray90820The files were on a a samba server07:15
bray90820The second I mounted it the files disappeared07:15
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mlokpcHello, is the systemd-timesyncd conflict a Bionic specific issue?08:36
mlokpcconflict with NTP on boot08:37
xtaohmmm. (i'm on focal) but when i installed chrony it automatically disabled systemd-timesyncd and if i uninstall chrony it automatically re-enables it again08:38
mlokpcxtao: will check thank you08:39
xtaoobviously doesn't help your exact question as you are talking about bionic and ntpd. but just thought i'd mention how it probably should work08:40
mlokpcxtao: I thought perhaps just disabling systemd-timesyncd in the systemd service08:40
xtaothe difference might be because i used apt rather than apt-get. i wonder if that does anything more intelligent?08:41
mgedminno, apt/apt-get should not anything08:45
mgedmin /lib/systemd/system/ntp.service in bionic has Conflicts=systemd-timesyncd.service08:45
mgedminwhich AFAIU is the thing that disables timesyncd if you want to use ntpd instead08:45
xtaounfortunately they have disconnected now08:46
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adacIs there actually a way, so that I can have multiple ssh config files in different directories? If yes how?09:13
xtaossh -F configfile ?09:17
rk4ssh config files do have Match clauses, so you can have one file that picks the right variables depending on the hostname09:18
xtaoor that09:18
rk4[amongst other criteria, but i just use it by hostname]09:19
xtaome too. that's the best method assuming that's actually what you're trying to acheive09:19
mgedmin Include /path/to/ssh-config.d/*.conf ?09:20
adacxtao, rk4, mgedmin thanks for your suggestions. Will check!09:30
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grandfsoHello, I have UFW related quesiton. I have two network interfaces, one is public (eth0) and one which is private (eth1). I would like for example, to deny all incoming traffic on port 1234 from eth0, but allow all communications on eth0. I already tried to add something like "ufw deny in on eth0 to any port 1234", but it seems to be also blocking traffic from eth1. Can't figure out how achieve that with UFW.11:19
grandfso 11:19
grandfsosorry - ***but allow all communications on eth111:20
mhawashHello, when I install a new Ubuntu 18.04 EC2 instance, I want to install python2.7 using AWS UserData (basically, non-interactive script).  When I attempt to do so manually, a (pink) pop up comes up prompting to accept "Restart services during package upgrades without asking".  Python installing continues after I accept.  Because I want to do this immediately after creating the Ubuntu instance, I would like to accept thi11:23
mhawashs prompt from a script.  How can I do that?11:23
EriC^mhawash: how exactly are you installing python2.7? i dont know much about AWS11:28
EriC^sudo apt-get install python2.7 ?11:28
mhawashI start with sudo apt update, then sudo apt install python2.711:29
EriC^export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive11:29
EriC^apt-get -y install python2.711:29
EriC^give that a go11:29
mhawashOk give me a moment11:31
mhawashThanks @EriC^.  That seems to work11:35
EriC^mhawash: no problem11:35
rk4grandfso: tbh i use ufw when i'm lazy and only want to achieve trivial things, otherwise i reach for iptables or nftables, the latter has a very nice syntax [compared to iptables]11:36
BluesKajHi all11:48
bassexhey guys how can i fix the profiling with apparmor and snap? I just installed ubuntu 20.10 and was trying to install pycharm but i get pycharm-community requires classic confinement11:54
bassexi had the same issue with 20.04 but i was able to use most apps11:54
guivercbassex, ubuntu groovy (20.10) hasn't been released yet, so it belongs in #ubuntu+111:55
grandfsork4: makes sense, thanks for the comment.11:55
oerheksIf you understand and want to proceed repeat the command including       --classic.11:57
oerheksthe message is clear, sudo snap install pycharm-community --classic11:58
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bassexohh gotcha. i was installing from the software app but that makes sense. thank you12:08
bassexill post in +1 next time12:08
oerhekshave fun!12:09
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slowpokehi, i just booted ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-amd64.iso on a dl360 gen9 and after selecting the language in the text installer I was dropped to a shell (ubuntu-server@ubuntu-server:~$)12:55
slowpokehow can I restart the installer?12:55
lotuspsychjeslowpoke: you might ask the experts at #ubuntu-server12:55
oerheksuse the normal iso, not live?12:55
slowpokeoh fck, why is it live :<12:55
slowpokethe ubuntu download website has gotten me confused apparently12:56
oerhekslive is introduced to fix issues, when a server gives problems.12:56
slowpokebut live is what they offer as "Option 3" … https://ubuntu.com/download/server12:56
slowpokeall server images seem to be live? https://releases.ubuntu.com/20.04.1/12:57
mgedmin(a) live-server is the only supported server image for 20.04 AFAIY, but (b) it shouldn't randomly drop into a shell; that sounds like something crashed12:57
slowpokeno indication of any wrongdoing on dmesg, no coredumpctl in that environment12:58
mgedminask in #ubuntu-server maybe?  there are more knowledgeable people there12:58
slowpokeoh, apparently I just switched ttys12:59
slowpokemy bad12:59
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MrKeunerhi, is there an easy way to enlarge my /boot mounted disk partition?  /dev/sda1 in this case: https://gist.github.com/Kudret/bc0b2e7f1c79e1b899cbe456a15e1ca014:04
MrKeunerOr is it time for a fresh install?14:04
MrKeunerI am looking for magic I guess. But similar things happened so many times in the past with GNU/Linux. :)14:11
MrKeunerCan I create disk imageof sda2 store it on let's say on /dev/sdf. Repartiotion sda1 pretty much the same way except bigger /boot and write image on /dev/sdf to /dev/sda2?14:13
lotuspsychjeEriC^: ^^ duty calls14:14
MrKeunerWould it cause issue that image on /dev/sdf would be bigger than new sda2 size?14:14
MrKeunerOr only in case if those large bits were in use?14:14
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electrostronganyone deeply experienced with qemu/virsh/kvm in here right now? :)15:23
oerhekselectrostrong, ask your real question, wait and see?15:25
electrostrongis there a performance issue with disabling the hypervisor feature policy for a VM?15:25
electrostrongas you can probably guess, some games now have kernel level "anti-cheat" drivers that they install and will not run under a virtual machine (Genshin Impact is the specific game).  I've disabled the hypervisor policy which now makes Windows 10 "think" it's running on base hardware15:27
oerheksnot sure it affects performance, may be just some tools like clipboard15:34
electrostrongthx oerheks - not sure if that applies though to kvm - there are no guest tools like in VMWare or some of the other solutions - by not informing the OS that it is running in a hypervisor, does the OS not use a proper timer, or are there other RTC impacts?15:43
Luistro_groovy gorilla (20.10)'s scheduled release is only one week away15:54
oerheksLuistro_, yes, until then, support in #ubuntu+116:03
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elias_aHas anyone else same problem: all text in SimpleScreenRecorder GUI is just black or blue boxes? I am using 20.04.16:51
oerheksmaybe a theme issue?16:51
elias_aOr language... I am using Finnish. I am running the default theme, though.16:52
aroonievery time on reboot of 20.04 i seem to have open gnome tweaks and re-enable 'map caps lock key to control'  anyway to make this happen automatically at boot?16:54
oerheksarooni, maybe this page is any help. storing those mapped keys https://medium.com/@saplos123456/persistent-keyboard-mapping-on-ubuntu-using-xmodmap-cd01ad828fcd17:05
rfmarooni, what I do is just put 'XKBOPTIONS=ctrl:nocaps"' in /etc/default/keyboard17:07
rfmarooni, (but this is for X.org, no idea if you're running Wayland.)17:08
rfmarooni, oops thats 'XKBOPTIONS="ctrl:nocaps"' of course17:10
mgedminelias_a: sounds like a font (or font cache) issue17:11
mgedmindiscourse has several threads about similar problems with snap-ified apps17:11
aroonimany thanks oerheks and rfm17:19
aroonii'm not sure what i'm using; its just the default window manager for 20.0417:19
rfmarooni, X.org is the default, you have to explicitly select wayland, so the /etc/default/keyboard should work for you (note it doesn't take effect until the next window server start)17:23
aroonirfm: and i assume the gnome tweak would then be allowed to run?  i want the caps lock to be mapped to control17:23
aroonibut it seems like it becomes a regular caps lock key every reboot17:24
oerheksyes, tweak does not store those combo's.17:24
aroonithanks for the exact  config to add17:25
rfmarooni, that option will set caps lock as control at boot.  you won't need to do anything in tweaks.17:25
aroonioh yay!17:25
aroonididnt realize that nocaps would mean control17:25
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rfmyeah, the option name isn't the clearest17:28
rfmarooni, all the possible options are documented in /usr/share/doc/keyboard-configuration/xorg.lst17:32
en1gmari use my phone as a wifi hotspot for my ubuntu laptops and rpi3b. since my cellular plans is unlimited H.S. Data and I only get 15GB Hot Spot I was wondering is there a way i can use my phone to rsync with ubuntu 20.04 amd64 desktop using the phones regular unlimited plan and then i can server the O.S. updates over the wifi hotspot network instead of each laptop using the hot spot data?17:40
en1gmai was just getting ubuntu daily image and then write that to flash drive and then install but thats not the best way to do it17:41
leftyfben1gma: what you are asking has almost nothing to do with ubuntu and everything to do with setting up a mirror or proxy on your phone.17:49
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en1gmaleftyfb thanks and you are correct. i think with the info you just gave me about mirror and proxy is perfect. thanks17:52
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elias_amgedmin: Ok. Thanks.18:02
elias_amgedmin: Could you give a link to such a conversation.18:05
oerhekselias_a, snap gives 0.1 2017 .. apt gives 0.3.11 https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/simplescreenrecorder18:11
oerheksmaybe worth checking if it is fixed?18:11
leibniz[m]I'm on Ubuntu 18.04. I think I have ccache installed. Do I need to add it to the path manually?18:19
oerheksleibniz[m], this page might be a help? https://stackoverflow.com/a/3463727218:22
oerhekssimular https://itectec.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-how-to-set-up-ccache/18:22
coconutwhen i select a partition for a filesystem which already exist(windows 10 on ntfs), and create is as /mnt/windows10, will that partition then get reformated?18:22
oerhekscoconut, no.18:23
EriC^coconut: you mean you're mounting it? sudo mount /dev/sd.. /mnt/windows10 ?18:23
oerheksEriC^, that is what i make out of it, yes.18:23
swiftestcatwhere can i get help with ubuntu?18:24
leftyfbcoconut: no, but it's best for you to always have a backup regardless18:24
leftyfb!support | swiftestcat18:24
ubottuswiftestcat: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com18:24
swiftestcatright, so i downloaded minecraft18:24
elias_aoerheks: TY18:24
swiftestcatwith sudo apt install minecraft18:24
swiftestcatand i can't hear any sound18:24
leftyfbswiftestcat: "minecraft is not a package name18:25
oerheksmicraft sound issues; F3+T reloads all resources, usually fixes sound issues18:26
leftyfbswiftestcat: how did you install minecraft? (it's not in the apt repos)18:27
swiftestcatwait, no, youre right18:27
swiftestcati used the .deb file18:27
swiftestcatfrom minecraft.net18:28
swiftestcatoerheks: f3+t where?18:28
coconutEriC^, no just in the installer18:29
coconutthanks oerheks18:29
elias_aoerheks: There seem to be two separate apps with almost same name. The one I want to have has a chinese author, the one that has version number 0.3.11 is written by Maarten Baert.18:29
leibniz[m]oerheks: thanks18:29
coconutleftyfb, i did made a backup (this time18:29
leftyfbswiftestcat: I would suggest removing that package and installing the snap called mc-installer. We cannot support packages from 3rd parties here.18:30
swiftestcatis mc-installer official?18:31
swiftestcatoerheks: i tried f3+t, it doesn't work.18:31
leftyfbswiftestcat: the snap version is the only way you'll be able to get support here. We cannot support a packages not available in the official repos18:32
leftyfbswiftestcat: I run the snap version and it works fine18:33
swiftestcathow do i delete the .deb file?18:33
leftyfbswiftestcat: sudo apt remove minecraft18:33
swiftestcatdo i just delete my .minecraft folder and everything is gone?18:33
mgedminelias_a: wrong discourse; it was on the snapcraft forum: https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/missing-fonts-on-some-distributions/1988018:33
oerheksswiftestcat, forums tell about default sink gets selected by Java, in PulseAudio18:34
oerhekselse i have no clue18:34
leftyfbswiftestcat: I told you how to remove the package18:34
swiftestcatit's not a package, it's a .deb file. since i'm downloading the snap, i want to remove the .deb file.18:35
Weebles42swiftestcat, use the Software app to install Minecraft. Search 'Minecraft'. The official one is at the top. Unless you want to tinker, stay away from manuall downloading .deb files18:35
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leftyfbswiftestcat: sudo apt remove minecraft18:35
elias_amgedmin: TY. Looks familiar...18:36
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Dunamsresizing windows or even scrolling in firefox is very laggy compares to Windows 10. I'm using the latest proprietary NVIDIA driver. KDE plasma 5.18, Ubuntu 20.04. Compositor using OpenGL3.1, GPU is RTX 2060. any idea what could be wrong?18:50
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Capprenticebot! say Hi.19:19
leftyfbCapprentice: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?19:21
CapprenticeYes. how to get the crux theme ?19:22
DanDevWhat is the best Dekstop for Ubuntu?19:25
leftyfb!ot | DanDev19:26
ubottuDanDev: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:26
coconutany reason for why dpkg wants to keep configuring secureboot while it is not enabled in uefi?19:35
GwalennHi, I get trouble with incremental backup wiht tar. After 3 backups, it says that the directory are renamed (?) and make like a full backup19:35
EriC^coconut: secureboot-db package?19:37
coconutEriC^, no just bumblebee-nvidia and mate-optimus19:38
coconutreally weird... it just keep intended for configuring uefi19:41
coconutsecure boot i mean19:41
zdorovoI'm having some issues where my wifi connection from my ubuntu laptop is about 10x slower than my wifi connection on my other devices19:43
zdorovoit's similarly much slower than when I plug in via ethernet19:43
zdorovoso I'm thinking maybe I should install new firmware for my wireless adapter19:43
zdorovoit's an intel 8265/8275 i guess19:44
zdorovoanyway I got to this git tree of intel wireless adapter firmware but I have no idea which of these versions I want or how to download the file https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git/tree/19:45
zdorovomy kernel version is 5.4.0-51-generic19:45
TJ-zdorovo: you need to check which firmware files the iwlwifi driver declares; those are the only firmwares it'll request for loading19:45
zdorovocan you help me do that?19:46
TJ-zdorovo: that driver covers many different chipsets so you'll need to figure out which firmware filenames are applicable to the device in the PC: " modinfo -F firmware iwlwifi "19:47
TJ-zdorovo: to get the exact details of the adapter: "lspci -nnk -d ::0280"  (0280 is the PCI device class for wifi )19:48
zdorovothanks! Here are some pastebins with the output19:49
zdorovoso the modinfo command included "iwlwifi-8265-36.ucode", which is the the latest 8265 ucode file on the intel website. Does that mean there's no new firmware for me to install?19:50
rexwincan you provide a minimal iso link for ubuntu?19:54
mgedminnote that mini.iso is not supported and not available for 20.0419:57
TJ-zdorovo: it may already be in the system; "dpkg -S iwlwifi-8265-36.ucode"19:59
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zdorovoTJ-: it says " linux-firmware: /lib/firmware/iwlwifi-8265-36.ucode20:02
TJ-zdorovo: so the file is installed, from the package linux-firmware, and thus no need to download it20:02
TJ-zdorovo: in which case it'll be loaded by the iwlwifi driver20:03
zdorovoTJ-: I see, thank you20:03
TJ-zdorovo: if the wired Ethernet is also slow then I doubt the wifi adapter is the cause20:04
zdorovoTJ-: no, the wired Ethernet is quite fast20:04
zdorovoTJ-: and all my other devices have a fast wifi connection, so I don't think it's an issue with the router20:04
TJ-zdorovo: oh, yeah, I see I misread your earlier comment20:04
adacHmm the night light mode works for the notebook monitor and my second monitor, but first main monitor it is not applied. Any ideas?20:04
TJ-zdorovo: there may be some clues in the logs20:05
zdorovoTJ-: that makes sense20:07
TJ-zdorovo: which band is the AP in, 2.4 or 5.x ?20:07
zdorovoI'm connected to the 5Ghz band, if that's what you mean?20:09
TJ-zdorovo: right, so possibly less likelyhood it is caused by congestion20:09
zdorovoTJ-: aha that makes sense20:10
TJ-zdorovo: firstly, check the reported bitrate with "iwconfig"20:10
zdorovoIt says 54 Mb/s20:10
TJ-zdorovo: that's quite slow unless the AP, or client, is locked to only do 802.1a rather than 802.1an or 802.1ac (MIMO)20:11
zdorovoTJ-: ooh interesting. I'm not sure why that would be the case20:13
TJ-zdorovo: " iw list" might reveal something since it'll report capabilities of the adapter and radio20:14
zdorovoTJ-: here's a new pastebin: https://pastebin.com/00ecSKtB20:15
mgedminI like wavemon for observing my wireless connection quality20:15
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zdorovoTJ-: it says "bitrate" and only lists numbers up to 54 Mbps...20:16
zdorovomgedmin: I hadn't heard of that, thanks for the tip!20:16
TJ-zdorovo: those are the non-HT standard bit rates20:17
TJ-zdorovo: try "iw <ifname> info" e.g. "iw wlp2s0 info"20:17
zdorovoTJ-: Here's the output: https://pastebin.com/W7cs6N8n20:19
zdorovoi hope that info isn't sensitive lol20:19
TJ-zdorovo: there's your reason: "width: 20 MHz (no HT)"20:19
TJ-it is apparently only using 802.1a 20MHz wide channels (no HT - high throughput aka wider channels)20:20
TJ-zdorovo: for comparison with mine: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/H9Q24KThW7/20:22
zdorovoTJ-: interesting! should I manually change the channel width?20:23
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TJ-zdorovo: I'm puzzled as to why it is using that, unless the 8265 can't do more20:24
zdorovoTJ-: I'm using a thinkpad x1 carbon from 2017.... it's supposed to have 802.11ac :|20:25
TJ-zdorovo: but it is an 802.1ac device with 2x2 MIMO so capable of much more https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/94150/intel-dual-band-wireless-ac-8265.html20:25
Mibixwill these instructions of how to install from source work on ubuntu? http://www.cpan.org/src/20:26
zdorovooh no, they left20:29
zdorovowell, I have to run as well. I'll be back later....20:29
oerheksMibix, yes for an 'non-threaded perl' version, see https://perlmaven.com/how-to-build-perl-from-source-code20:30
waflessnethi !!20:32
Mibixoerheks ok but in sudo apt info it still says Version: 5.30.0-9build1 even after the sudo make install of the new version20:33
oerhekslogout/login maybe?20:34
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Mibixgrrr no20:37
oerheksif you added it to your path, and uninstalled the old one..20:38
Mibixnot sure how to do that20:39
rexwinI installed my ubuntu minimal as guest in virtualbox but cannot access it from my host machine20:39
Mibixif i do apt-get remove perl it looks like its going to uninstall so many programs i need as well20:39
pavlosrexwin: what network did you give to the guest (NAT, bridge, ...)?20:41
rexwinI will check that pavlos20:42
pavlosrexwin: if nat, your ip is probably, it can go out but cannot 'see' the host. If bridge, the guest will get an ip like host and they can ping each other. See table 6.1 in https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch06.html20:48
prionhey, i'm trying to use a font that i downloaded but i can't get it to work. i "un-disabled" bitmap fonts by deleting the no-bitmaps.conf file from /etc/fonts/conf.d and i put the font into my fonts directory20:57
prionwhen i run fc-list i can see it20:57
prionbut i can't use it in any applications20:58
rexwinI get from my virtbox and can ping from the host but cannot connect to it20:58
oerheksprion, after install, logout/login again?20:58
prionyes i rebooted20:59
pavlosrexwin: this is the VB's internal dhcp server, you need port fwd20:59
rexwinhow to disable firewall inside ubuntu20:59
crimson_kingUsing php-fpm with apache2 on Ubuntu, the error log paths you define in the virtual host configuration are respected. Does anyone know how Ubuntu accomplishes that by default, while other distributions such as Fedora don't?20:59
oerheksprion, then i guess that font is not suitable..20:59
pavlosrexwin: sudo ufw disable21:00
rexwinport fwd is greyed out21:00
oerheksnot sure why you deleted no-bitmaps.conf...21:00
pavlosrexwin: https://medium.com/nycdev/how-to-ssh-from-a-host-to-a-guest-vm-on-your-local-machine-6cb4c91acc2e21:01
prionoerheks: everywhere i've looked online has said it's necessary21:03
oerheksprion, i am not going to ask what font/url, i like to keep my no-bitmaps.conf21:05
merpnderpDoes Fortnite run in wine on Ubuntu?21:14
oerheksmerpnderp, check out #winehq and their database21:15
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu21:15
merpnderpthanks oerheks !!!21:15
geniiThe latest answer I can find to that is "mostly"21:15
Mibixso i guess when you do sudo make install you can never remove it?21:22
oerheksif done properly, you compiled the uninstaller too21:24
jeremy31Mibix: just have to be in the same directory and wiith any luck "sudo make uninstall" will work21:25
hyper_daveHow do I start xorg without nvidia?21:40
semitonesuse vesa?21:41
semitonesyou can use the kernel boot options nomodeset I think21:42
semitonesi forget what the right one is21:42
semitonesdon't listen to me21:42
oerheksreverse nvidia back to nouveau21:43
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zdorovoso I'm having really slow wifi on my laptop and we've determined the issue is probably that my bandwidth is set to 20MHz for some reason22:26
zdorovosee here: https://pastebin.com/W7cs6N8n22:26
zdorovodoes anyone know how to change this? Is this something my router controls or my laptop?22:26
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jeremy31zdorovo: that is on the wifi router side22:28
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Zero3Kis the redcl0ud that was on here the same one that made ControlMK, etc?22:59
pavloszdorovo: my lenovo laptop should similar output 20MHz but my connection is good. Can you install wavemon to check strength of signal?23:41

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