max12345hi, can someone help me identify the package/contribution location for the "preferred application" gui?08:55
gnrpmax12345: I don't know what you mean, but maybe you are referring to /etc/alternatives ?09:26
max12345gnrp: no, I mean this https://docs.xfce.org/xfce/exo/4.14/preferred-applications09:33
max12345I can't find where I would submit an issue/error or a patch to add an option to select prefered text editor09:33
gnrpmax12345: Ah, that's what you mean.09:37
gnrpcheck out /etc/alternatives/editor09:37
gnrpand the command update-alternatives09:37
gnrpI wouldn't know a way to do it via the gui09:38
gnrpe.g., run `update-alternatives --config editor`09:38
Maikmax12345: that what you want isn't xubuntu related but Xfce related, for issue/bug reports etc. check here: https://gitlab.xfce.org/explore/groups?sort=name_desc09:45
max12345Maik: alright!09:46
Maikfor more xfce related question you can also join #xfce and #xfce-dev09:47
max12345Maik: alright thanks, I found... something, and wrote a comment into the appropriate, already filed, bug.10:55
max12345...only took two hours.10:56
Maikyw :)10:57
dancesWithBikesHi guys, I am wondering about the difference between apt-get and the frontend ubuntu software. Obviously, those two are not the same. I find weechat using apt-cache search but not using the software frontend. Does anyone has a clue for the reason of the different behaviour?14:32
gnrpdancesWithBikes: No actualy answer, but in #ubuntu you might find more help. This is nto a xubuntu-related question14:33
gnrpjust a guess, never been using the software frontend from ubuntu: Is that maybe only snap packages?14:34
MaikdancesWithBikes: ubuntu software is basically a snap store afaik15:33
Maikat least, that's what it has become15:33
dancesWithBikesMaik: Thank you very much for sharing your experience.17:24

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