johnsonshi_Hi upstream folks, I realized that cloud-init recently began using pycloudlib for integration tests. Azure support for integration tests was just added in https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/60400:09
johnsonshi_Do you know where the integration tests are defined in? I've looked around pycloudlib and cloud-init, but can't seem to find where the suite of integration tests are defined.00:10
vijayendrarharper, smoser how can we set IPV6_FORCE_ACCEPT_RA to no from cloudinit, for any ipv6 static configuration. I see this set to yes by default, env: RHEL8, cloudinit-19.4, power hardware.08:47
vijayendrawe wanted to set IPV6_AUTOCONF=no in ipv6 interface in ifcfg-* files08:49
vijayendraabove is for static configuration of ipv609:18
meenafinal failing tests fixed, now it's time to start removing more duplicates and wrappers of generate_fallback_config()!12:55
amansi26smoser: Hi it will be great help if you can review the changeset https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/584/files14:42
rharpervijayendra: what does your network-config look like?  reading cloudinit/net/sysconfig.py:  IPV6_AUTOCONF defaults to no; except if the subnet is 'ipv6_slaac' or 'ipv6_dhcpv6-stateless';   the 'accept-ra' network config key translates to IPV6_FORCE_ACCEPT_RA on rhel;15:04
rharpervijayendra: I suggest you work with cloud-init devel net-convert  ; you can provide input config and it will render distro specific network config output to a directory so you can adjust the inputs to get your desired output15:05
blackboxswparide: minor merge conflict that will need sorting on https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/57615:33
blackboxswparide: and since Dan is about to land another PR  for Azure, might want to rebase off of tip of master once https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/590 lands15:34
blackboxswOdd_Bloke: is https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/590 ready?15:34
parideblackboxsw, +115:34
parideI'll rebase after #590 lands15:34
blackboxswCI passed on #590 now, and in approved state15:34
blackboxswBTW paride first time I've seen const used on argparse. Thanks for that15:35
paridenot that I knew it before using it there :P15:36
Odd_BlokeYep, #590 is the PR I referenced in stand-up as just waiting on CI; I've just merged it.15:54
Odd_Blokeparide: ^ #590 has landed.15:55
paridety Odd_Bloke15:56
meenawhat's const in python / argparse?16:49
vijayendrarharper, Looks like cloudinit did not any entry related to IPV6_AUTOCONF and IPV6FORWARDING17:11
vijayendrawhen no entry added IPV6_AUTOCONF seems to be yes and IPV6FORWARDING  is no17:11
vijayendraIf IPV6FORWARDING=yes, then IPV6_AUTOCONF will default to no.17:11
vijayendraIf IPV6FORWARDING=no, then IPV6_AUTOCONF will default to yes17:11
vijayendraconfigdrive metadata_json: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8HkQtzWFyh/17:11
vijayendracloud.cfg:  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KbNGjqHYYq/17:11
vijayendraifcfg-env3: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/CZvP3yGBGH/17:11
vijayendrarharper, ignore bootcmd in the cloud.cfg at the end17:13
vijayendrawas added that because I couldn't figure out other way17:13
rharpervijayendra: I don't know if there is a bug or if you want a different configuration; but given what we have from openstack in your network config; it's not clear to me how cloud-init can make a choice about the variables you want set or unset;17:54
vijayendrarharper, I did check code here cloudinit/net/sysconfig.py, it doesn't seems to have any key I can specify in network_data.json for the same17:56
rharperthe flow is network_data.json (parsed by cloudinit/sources/helpers/openstack.py:convert_net_json() into a network-v1 config -> (internal net state) -> sysconfig.py renders;  now; looking at network_data.json input ... what in that JSON indicates to cloud-init that it should configure IPV6 the way you want it to be configured?17:58
rharperI don't believe network_data.json from openstack is *specific* enough to let cloud-init know that IPV6 should enable/disable RAs for static addresses;17:58
rharperor anything at all about forwarding17:58
rharperso, what can cloud-init do here?17:59
vijayendrarharper, True, I did work with few changes in network_data.json like specifying accept_ra: no and mode: link-local etc... no success , I failed to construct a right network_data.json here to tell cloudinit to configure IPV6_AUTOCONF to no and  IPV6_FORCE_ACCEPT_RA to no18:02
rharperare you creating a custom config-drive  payload?  or is openstack generating this for you ?18:03
vijayendraopenstack generated one(with minor changes to it), I am working with cloud-init devel convert as shown here https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Tb5vk6SgT4/18:07
vijayendrarharper, currently trying to construct network_data.json to so that I can have sysconfig something like shown here https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/kPVP8JrZqH/18:10
rharperdo none of the typical modes work? it seems like you'd want one of the DHCP modes;  otherwise if you disable RA; how will you get next neighbor hop ?  you have no gateway provided, no ?18:13
rharpertypically we see, SLAAC, or DHCP6 (stateful or stateless);  and if you;re purely static I'd think you'd want to accept router advertisements for getting packets to/from the instance;  ?18:14
vijayendracurrently no ipv6 router, ipv6 interface is used for local lan communication b/w vms18:15
vijayendraits a static configuration18:15
rharperok, but what's wrong with enabling autoconf ?18:16
rharperif you have no routers doing advertisements, then it just sends out the request every so often; could be disabled separately from cloud-init (or in a runcmd )18:16
vijayendrawhen you enable autoconf  ra is enabled too. meaning without ipv6 router, ipv6 interface has few issues on RHEL18:17
rharperright, I know it enables RA; what issues?18:18
rharperit sends neighbor requests every so often and backs off ;  you can also disable RA via sysctl  commands18:18
vijayendraipv6 interface ip address fluctuates every now and then18:19
rharperthat doesn't sound right; you have a static ip; it does neighbor discovery to determine if the address is local or global ... but I wouldn't think the address actually changes;  that sounds like a serious bug18:19
rharperin any case; network_data.json doesn't have a "ipv6_static_no_ra" network type yet; so I don;t think cloud-init is ever going to render a config the way you want;18:20
vijayendrayes true. Let me share you ip a output for you which we were monitoring using some script18:22
rharperfixing up the rendered config later in boot with runcmd program might not help if you networking is unreliable until you can disable RA;  maybe bake a sysctl setting into the image?18:22
rharpervijayendra: I don't need to see it; it sounds like a RHEL bug; but maybe it is expected for ipv6 in some scenarios; I know a bit but not a ton on ipv6;18:22
vijayendrarharper, I did try sysctl settings like below but no success18:25
rharpersounds like a bug or the issue isn't related to ra; or that doesn't turn off RA the way its needed;18:29
vijayendrarharper, ok. but not sure of any other way right now. if you check nmcli -o connection show System\ env5 ---> ipv6.method auto even though we have static ip address. this has to be manual or link-local18:30
rharperwe don't configure nm directly18:30
rharperso that could be an nm bug as it's parsing sysconfig second hand18:31
aswinrHi. Looking to get this into the October SRU. Has been reviewed by AnhVoMSFT and signed off. Would appreciate review and help in getting this merged. https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/61320:41
meenawe have another SRU coming up??21:18
AnhVoMSFTI believe there's a tentative plan for an SRU end of October21:26

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