mparilloThanks ricktimmis. I checked tonight and I did not see a way to add additional managers to the Facebook Account. As I wrote earlier, I thought Ovi owned it, but I may be mistaken.00:38
Mamarokhm, I know I have access to that Facebook account, let me see if I have more rights (I barely use Facebook)09:43
Mamarokso therer are 7 admins, Ovi, mparillo, Scarlett, sitter, subhajit, valorie and I09:50
Mamarokand Ovi made the site09:50
Mamarokbut all admins technically own it09:50
Mamarokricktimmis: I can give you acces I think, who are you on FB?09:53
Mamarokor send me a friend request on FB, I am Myriam Rita Schweingruber there09:58
Mamarokwould probably be a good idea if the council members all had access to the various media outlets, so giving access would be easier10:26
ricktimmisHi @Mamarok I've hopefully send you some info on FB10:37
Mamarokwhere did you send it to? Messenger or my site?10:39
ricktimmisNo Messenger of Facebook10:40
ricktimmisI could see an Add Friend button.10:40
ricktimmisI am not very good with FB10:40
ricktimmisit confuses me, the interface changes too much10:40
Mamarokyeah, Facebook wen from bad to worse, I hate it when I can't get a chronological order10:41
Mamarokno Friend request I can see from you, how about you give me a link to your site and I try?10:42
ricktimmisThis is me10:42
ricktimmisI'm the one with the LightSaber lol10:42
Mamarokok, I made you an admin as well, check if you got a notification10:47
Mamaroknormally reloading your site schould do the trick10:47
MamarokI made Harald and Scarlet editors, who else is not active anymore in the admin list?10:50
Mamarokovi and subhajit moved to editors as well, currently there are 4 counbcils members as admins, I would need to add Simon and Aaron10:56
RikMillsFYI, I am not on facebook10:56
ricktimmisAlright, got that bookmarked and setupm thanks @Mamarok10:58
MamarokI am, but barely use it, only to keep track of friends who are not elsewhere10:58
ricktimmisHopefully, you can just @me with anything you think News worthy you'd like published and I will get it set up10:59
ricktimmisOf course I'll also keep my eye peeled for stuff for the News pages and Social too10:59

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