MexitHello,I just tested the latest image of Ubuntu 20.10. Unfortunately, there is no loopback.cfg file that allows the system to boot directly from the ISO image (through grub2).Will this be permanent?12:06
tomreynMexit: was there ever such a file in the past? why would it be needed to boot a system off the iso?12:08
Mexittomreyn: yes. This file has existed for as long as I can remember, including 20.04.This is a simplified version of the grub.cfg file with an additional kernel parameter: iso-scan/filename=$isofile.12:17
Mexitallow to boot Multiple ISO from USB via Grub212:17
oerheksisoboot? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot ~ https://askubuntu.com/questions/1186040/grub-command-loopback-loop-does-not-work-on-ubuntu-19-10   12:18
oerheksi hope this is not an UEFI machine12:18
Mexitoerheks: bios and UEFI. Yes, isoboot, but with this file you have original boot menus. Here my universal configfile for all ubuntu family: https://github.com/Mexit/MultiOS-USB/blob/master/config/ubuntu/ubuntu.cfg12:25
tomreynhmm i see, so there's /boot/grub/loopback.cfg in the Ubuntu Desktop 20.04.1 ISO12:32
tomreynalso in the Ubuntu Server (Live) 20.04.1 ISO12:32
tomreynMexit: maybe loopback.cfg is only added for proper releases. have you looked at the 20.10 beta?12:34
MexitIt is also missing there (20.10 beta)12:42
Mexittomreyn : This file was always, in every release12:43
tomreynhmm, maybe ask in #ubuntu-server, too (unlike #ubuntu-desktop they're open to "support" questions).12:44
tomreynor even file a bug12:45
tomreynthere's also #ubuntu-quality where developers might pick up on it12:46
tomreyni see you got a reply in #ubuntu-devel12:46
LuckyManI'm using flutter and android studio on 20.10, and when running a desktop app I have lots of Gtk errors.18:34
LuckyManand nothing is shown18:34
LuckyManonly a white window18:35
tomreynLuckyMan: and this version of the software, "flutter", is said to be compatible to (yet unreleased) ubuntu 20.10?18:41
oerhekshttps://snapcraft.io/install/flutter/ubuntu ???18:44
LuckyMantomreyn, I don't know, but since I'm learning desktop apps, I'm using the dev channel on flutter, so I guess they are probably developing to the next version of Ubuntu18:45
tomreynoh snap it's a snap18:47
tomreynwell, i guess that as long as you installed the snap using --classic, it can work.18:48
tomreynif it supports gtk3+ then the snap should automatically pull in all gtk3 libs that are needed to make it work.18:49
LuckyManit mostly works but when running, it gives Gtk errors, on a loop, and doesn't show anything18:49
LuckyManIdk if it has to do with Gtk or if has to do with the last flutter update, or if it has to do with 20.1018:51
tomreyni guess you could visit the developer website and look for support options there, or contact the flutter team: https://snapcraft.io/flutter18:51
LuckyManbut I also had lots of trouble latelly with android-studio (which I'm not using on 20.10) on 20.04 because of the last update.18:52

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